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  1. I just got a rather good deal for a NOS vintage Pilot Capless. This is the quite sought after 1970's aluminum bodied CN-400BS/CN-500BS version. While I don't usually succumb to the temptation of buying pens at this price, I was really drawn in by the packaging of this one that I end up pulling the trigger on it (it's still well below the price of a new current generation Capless, though). Now back to the packaging, I really like the cylindrical shape and free-standing layout. I think it complements the "futuristic" look of the pen very nicely. I'm not familiar enough about vintage Pilot packaging, but I haven't seen this type before. I've seen another NOS example of this pen sold here before, but it came with the regular style flip case with a leather-like exterior. And quick online search I did before buying also didn't turn out any leads, which just made me want to buy it more!
  2. I would like to share this free pattern I have written for making a fabric fountain pen wrap. The pattern requires a basic sewing machine, and introductory sewing skills; but it is not difficult to make. (You can also use it for other things, such as crochet hooks and double pointed knitting needles.) Wrap holds eight fountain pens, but you can easily adjust it to make it bigger if you want. The instructions are clearly written and accompanied by photos of every step. I have put a lot of work into writing the pattern, and ask that, as I am not selling it, you respect my copyright by not making items for sale from it. If you would like to share it, that is fine, but please keep its original format with the copyright information and authorship details intact. Links to my website for downloads are appreciated. Happy sewing, and please share any photos of cases that you make. The pattern can be downloaded here. http://www.nataliejaneprior.com/craft-2/fountain-pencrochet-hook.html
  3. Hey guys! During my recent travels to Japan, i found a unique wooden fountain pen case from Storio. I'd never heard of the brand before but the moment i saw the case i fell in love with the way it looked and felt, so I just had to get one! I thought I'd just shed some light on this relatively unknown brand, as i think this case is beautiful and worth every penny. It looks professional and sleek/ stealthy, yet is interesting enough to get anyone who lays eyes on it to start a conversation about it! If you guys are interested, i made a video review about it! Theres also a link to where to get one if youre interested! Let me know if you guys have any questions or comments about it! Edit; There seems to be an issue with the audio. I will update the post when i reupload a new one! Edit 2; Audio issue has been resolved!
  4. Hi everyone! I've had this case for about two days, so it's not so much a review as it is an overview, but even so, I figured I'd share. Last week, my in-laws gifted me a Pelikan M1000 as a college graduation gift, and I wanted a pen sleeve/case to keep it safe in my bag. I like to use my stuff, but I didn't want it getting all dinged up with all the odds and ends in my bag. The Pelikan case was too expensive for me, and so i headed over to Etsy to see if I could find something good. I came across a shop on there called Lepus Leather, which seemed to have some pretty good looking pen cases for about $18. They ranged from 1-5 pens in size and came in a variety of leather colors. I was afraid the big Pelikan wouldn't fit, so I messaged them and sent the dimensions, and they said they would make me a larger one at no extra charge. They also include monogramming in the cost. The work was fast, and a week later I was holding it my hand after it had come all the way from Poland. To try and rate it, I'll use the following categories: Looks : 5/5 It's really good looking. It looks really expensive. The monogramming it well done, and the font choice isn't something you see everyday. The stitching is a good color compared to the leather. Feel: 5/5 It's hard leather, and extremely thick, so there's pretty much no flex. I do photography for several leather bag makers, and can attest that it is good leather. The outside is smooth finished, and the inside is an extremely fine suede texture that should keep your pen scratch free. Functionality: 5/5 Being made specifically to hold an M1000, it does perfectly at this role. the flap top closes securely, and the case is sized ins such a way that the pen doesn't have to be forced in, but yet doesn't seem to rub or wiggle when shaken. A small cutout at the top allows the pen to be easily grasped by the finial to be removed. I also like that the back of the case is flat, so that it takes up very little space in my bag, being molded leather, it is crush resistant, and would easily protect a pen from a substantial fall. Cost: 6/5 For what you're getting, the price is insanely good. Like I said, I photograph leather goods as one of my side jobs, and so I understand the cost that goes into them. The case is very well made, and if I find myself in need of more cases, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from here again.
  5. I am looking for a pen (pocket) case that holds three pens, and in particular can hold a pen that is 6.5 in length capped. Do you have any recommendations?
  6. Hi Everyone, I stumbled upon this and thought I'd share: The Mosaic Italian Napa 24-pen case retails for $145, but is currently only $59.95. https://www.airlineintl.com/product/mosaic-italian-napa-24-pen-portfolio There is even free name engraving. Downside is it's only available in black.
  7. With the purchase of Ranga's pen, there was a problem with the storage and protection of this writing instrument... The pen of this producer is large - really oversized. Attempts to fit a few pen cases available in normal sales to the pen, turned out to be... moderately successful. It turned out that the most suitable case would be a custom-made product. After purchasing a two-chamber pen case, I made an order at Vaquero Manufacture (Warsaw, Poland). The craftsman asked about the dimensions of the writing instrument - and matched the product to individual wishes. Great craft - natural, strong-smelling brown leather. A small stitch, strong threads. The material is elastic, although solid and thick. Tasteful monogram - the font refers to the westerns (no wonder - Vaquero Manufacture produces, among others, holsters and cowboy belts). The pen case successfully stores Ranga 4c, Emperor or 3c. The pen is easily removed with two fingers - or by pushing from the bottom. It happens that I also carry Lamy 2000 in it - the pen does not slip automatically; just press the edges to comfortably get them out of the case.
  8. Hi to all, I'm an artisan specialised in hand-crafted watches and leather accessories from Barcelona and I'l like to introduce my new series of Traveler Fountain Pen Pouches. As a keen traveller I've always carried in my bag the travel journal along a bottle of Iroshizuku ink and a Lamy. For a while I just had both the pen and the ink inside a plastic, zip bag but started to wonder how could I keep my pen in a more stylish way, specially if I took with me not the Safari but the M1000 or the Falcon... So after few iterations and thousands of km travelled I'm really happy with the result: The outer layer is made out from genuine Horween Chromexcel horse hide leather, incredibly durable and with a beautiful pull-up effect and patina. Available in Black, dark Brown and Burgundy (No 8) they are to my opinion one of the best leathers to work with, really supple, silky and durable. Regarding the lining I use only the best Spanish goat leather which is incredibly smooth, available in a wide range of beautiful colors and will prevent the pens's plating or lacquer from rubbing/wearing. Then when it comes to stitching, I only do saddle stitching by hand using the highest quality waxed thread again in any colour (although I recommend to match the stitching with the lining for that "extra quality"). The picture attached features a Chromexcel Dark-Brown pouch with violet lining and fucsia stitching tailored to fit the M1000 but you can order yours in a generic size or request the case to be tailored to fit an specific pen at no extra cost (since all the unique pieces are crafted as ordered, there is no difference for us between tailored or generic size other than versatility to hold a range of pens). You can purchase them directly through my Etsy store or just contact me at info@monotimepieces.com for any combination that doesn't appear on the page https://www.etsy.com/es/listing/602887591 Kind regards, B
  9. A couple of months ago I ran across a pen case that was designed with pen slots at the top like a revolver's cylinder: http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/dMAAAOSwPe1UIdNF/s-l300.jpg (It's also possible that's what it looked like rolled-up, but I can't be sure.) It was available in different sizes including a triangle (for 3 pens), square (4 pens), pentagon (5 pens), etc. If I remember correctly it was made of ballistic nylon and not leather. Does anyone know what I'm referring to? My Googling is striking out with this...
  10. My desk drawer is getting pretty full of cases that hold only 1 or two pens and I am trying to remedy that. I have 6 every day pens that are in a daily rotation and 4 of them are Pelikan M8xx's. I've seen several zipper cases but many are faulted when it comes to bigger pens. I've seen several for over $100 too... There has to be a suitable option for less... looking for something that fully covers the pens, allows me to toss the case into a drawer and quickly open it the next day to select the pen du jour. My initial preference is one that opens like a book, has pockets vs elastic loops and a magnetic or flap closure (but a zipper works in a pinch.) Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.
  11. I found this artist's case for paints, brushes and other materials in a Japanese surplus store, and decided to convert it into another case for pens. Some of you will recall that I turned a similar case (a larger one) into a case for pens five years ago: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8224/8443280687_ab69f77bb1_z.jpg http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8355/8443285285_663d0c565e_z.jpg http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8512/8506094988_aebae6ea7e_z.jpg This was the case I used this time--older and narrower: Got some help from a handyman who varnished the case and installed the dividers (leftovers from a previous project, so they weren't tall enough to go all the way to the top, but they do the job). And here we go:
  12. What are your favorite absolutely scratch free pen sleeeves/cases for multiple everyday carry? Ive been using synthetic suede Omas individual pen sleeves in a clam shell old style grey leatherette Montegrappa box but the spring in the Montegrappa box has broken so its loose now. I want to carry 3-4 pens without worry of scratching when removing and inserting in the pen sleeve. Ive considered the Visconti zip case but the zipper crossing across the cap has me concerned. I picked up a $40 leather 4 pen sleeve but the liner was a little abrasive so I dont use it anymore. Please let me know what all of you pen professionals are using!
  13. Here is a wonderful EDC pen case made over here in the Philippines. This is sold in Everything Calligraphy, and their styles vary by season. The Spring 2017 line is my personal favorite, was hoping to get the 3-pen in Camel,but unfortunately ran out so i opted for the 2 pen version instead. Shown here is my TWSBI Eco, and my Pilot Metropolitan. They come in 1, 2 or 3 pen versions, and based on the descriptions the 1-pen version fits up to a montblan 149 (14.8mm diameter) while the 2/3-pen versions fit a Lamy 2000 (13mm diameter) They accommodate international orders via email and it is a little under 6 USD excluding shipping. the 3 pen version is a little under 9 USD. *edit - image attachment failed
  14. Hi everyone! I usually carry something like 5 spare cartridges in their orginal packaging in my backpack wherever I go. Problem is, after a while of being in there, the cardboard packaging more or less gets destroyed. Does anyone know of a company that makes a hard carry case for international long (or short for that matter) cartridges? Has somebody thought of a clever solution to this? I can't believe I would be the only one with this problem! Thank you all very much in advance! - 3nding
  15. I like carrying 2-3 pens around with me in my pocket but I always limit it to cheaper pens like the metropolitan or Jinhaos because I'm afraid to damage any of my more expensive pens. However, I would love to actually be able to use my Pilot custom heritage 91, and vanishing point, etc in classes to take notes considering I bought the things to actually use. I have the standard single pen slips that I will keep pens in but I'm afraid that sitting down and moving around etc that the pen being in my pocket might snap in two or be damaged since the pen slip doesn't really offer any rigidity, it just protects from scratches mostly. I've had a Jinhao 599 snap in two at the section in my pocket before so I'm not to trustworthy of putting my nicer pens in my pocket. I really want to be able to bring them around with me though and I don't want to keep them in my backpack for classes because I'm not always with it and don't want to risk them being stolen. I swear I either seen on here or heard on a podcast or youtube video mention of a single pen slip or maybe it was a 2-3 pen case that was leather but also had plastic inside to reinforce it and make it sturdier. I even thought about using a toothbrush case but they of course have no protection inside and the case its self would scratch my pen. Does anyone know who makes this case? or and I imagining things? Thanks
  16. Tomewilkinson

    Best Pen Case?

    Hi! I'm starting to build my collection, but want to take multiple pens out with me, how ever, as I am a student, I don't want to be lugging around a large case to keep my pens safe. So what would you guys suggest, I'm after a small(ish) case, which can hold 3 pens which will protect them from becoming scratched or crushed within my bag. Hopefully something like this exists. If not, anything similar will help. And all answers appreciated. Many thanks Tom
  17. Hello! I'm new to fountain pens. My fiance got me into them in an interesting way. She purchased a Lamy safari,I tried it and wasn't particularly interested. Later that week we are at a thrift store and I spot a little plastic case with some interesting looking pens. My intuition tells me they might be fountain pens and I can get them for her, it will really make her day. Turns out they were in fact fountain pens Parker 51 aeromatics to be exact. My fiance looked them up and told me all the history about them, and started of with these are the world's most desirable pens. Quoting the Parker add. Fast forward a month, and I've cleaned up the two parkers, purchased two 45's and nice lever fill parkette. My problem is that I'm a graduate student studying physics. I essentially need my pens all the time, but I feel bad about them jostling around in my bag. Also I've been carrying around a bottle of Quink praying that it doesn't shatter. Anyway,what i'm asking for is recommendations for an inexpensive pen case,(say less than 20$?) That is capable of holding 3-5 pens and a minimum of 3 ink sample vials(from gouletpens). Depending on the day, I may need to use any of black/blue/red in a pen. I've seen several cheapo pen case but none seem to be able to carry any amount of ink. Thanks in advance!
  18. Caeruleum

    Cases Used To Carry A Carène?

    I am considering to buy a Carène. Thus I wondered which cases I could use to carry it around. I would use this pen at home and probably in environments like a university. Which cases fit? Which cases do you think are good? Maybe: which cases match the design? I am looking forward for recommendations. I glanced at a simple case by Lamy ( http://www.lamyshop.com/lederwaren-lamy-a112.html ). Maybe some of you gained experience with this case?
  19. Drcollector

    Ladon Display Cases

    To the case savvy, Could anyone recommend a Ladon pen case? Apart from dimensions and etymology, no further information is available on retailers' websites. Ladon offers bold, colorful cases that look more like MoMA pieces than collectors' boxes, but gives no specifics of the materials or manufacturing process. They look like quality, but with prices upwards of 500USD and no reviewers, it's a tough call. Ladon Bolivar from La Couronne du Comte Ladon Carnevale Vivace from La Couronne du Comte
  20. Hello, Just wondering if anyone could tell me their personal preference for what to carry their fountain pens in? I'm looking for my boyfriend who uses fountain pens every day. He takes them to use at work and I'm thinking having some kind of carrying case would be a nice gift. I've looked at different types but I thought it best to ask those who use them what is the most practical or preferred way. Thanks for any input you have
  21. Hello! My brother has recently gotten me interested in fountain pens after getting me a TWSBI. I do some leatherwork as a hobby so naturally the two will be going together . Just wanted to share some things I've made in the past. I've posted this on the FB group but I'll be posting here as well. New projects will be added as they are completed! http://i.imgur.com/hkHtuzd.jpg http://i.imgur.com/CeQCWBZ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/qnTF2ui.jpg http://i.imgur.com/z58Mudc.jpg http://i.imgur.com/EQI206f.jpg http://i.imgur.com/8MeHIgg.jpg
  22. parthjpatel

    Pen Display Case

    Hello everyone, I was wandering if someone knows where to get a decent quality display case for 60 pens or more for a reasonable price. I see so few options out there, but they are soo expensive. I am looking for something that is less than five-hundred dollars. Thank You in advance for you suggestions. - Parth
  23. With a growing collection of pens comes a growing need to store said pens. Pens at home are kept in a glass top display, but the ones on duty require durable, lightweight, and stylish protection. I own a Visconti Dreamtouch triple case, a Markiaro single case, and a complimentary OMAS sleeve. I am looking for a leather case that can accommodate no more than four pens - preferably not a sleeve or a wrap, or anything in which the pens can make rough contact with each other. Any insight would be appreciated.
  24. Hi, I'm planning to buy a Visconti single pen case but I'm not sure if my MB Carlo Collodi or MB Gaius would fit in it. Any suggestions please? http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31xk%2B26uDlL._SY355_.jpg (similar to this one) Regards, Siddharth
  25. Hello Everyone, I found this reasonably priced pen case from China: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fountain-Pen-Roller-Pen-Brown-Coffee-Color-4-Pens-Case-Holder-/261419805754?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cddd5ac3a Has anyone tried buying similar cases (for similar prices) from Chinese sellers? I think it looks quite nice but I don't want it to break down in a few months, so any feedback would be great and any general comments/ suggestions for pen cases are welcome! Thanks!

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