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Found 24 results

  1. Paganini

    My First Vintage Pen... Maybe?

    By way of context... ...my girlfriend likes to do crosswords, and she has a habit of holding the pen with the cap off while she thinks. In the interest of getting her a pen that won't dry out, I've been on a Parker 51 style hooded-nib kick. I figured I'd get a cheap knock off or two for her to try so she could see if she likes that style. So a few days ago I bid on one of those "loose pen" lots from an eBay auction. Six pens for $15 is a pretty good day, any way you cut it. The first four pens where various HERO 616 / Jinhao 51A style pens, which was what I was after. The fifth pen
  2. Spoiler alert; my search for the ideal beginner's pen is over. Well at least for now 😅 This was a pen I got from the proprietor of one of UAE's two pen shops, Pens Corner, at the Pelikan Hub 2019 in Abu Dhabi. Though people consider this as an insanely inexpensive pen, I had to think over it for a while since my pen budget is pretty low and I am not accustomed to pens this size. People who know me well would know that I love oversized pens the most as majority of my pens are Indian oversizes in ebonite. So this pen was really a gamble, but I totally hit the jackpot with this one.
  3. In yesterday's mail, I received my long awaited XS Pocket Pen from @Enssodesign - a Kickstarter project from much earlier this year. Product fulfilment was delayed by several months due to a hold-up with Bock nibs (who've been giving some of their customers a horror run in the past 12 months or so) - but I finally received notice about a week ago that the pen was on its way, and... a week later, on the other side of the Pacific (and/or the Atlantic?), here it is! [Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way for this review - I joined the Kickstarter campaign early on, paid 'full pric
  4. AnnaZed

    Mystery Japanese Pocket Pen

    Hi all. I developed something of an excited passion for Japanese Pocket pens last year. A sometimes dizzy-headed buyer, I bought this: https://imgur.com/fpngallery/5bTXrSz It's a cute little pocket pen; so very nice, but who or what is 'Pioneer'?
  5. Hello everyone, I bought a Platinum Pocket Pen a few months ago whose model name I don't know but would love to find out. I look forward for help and thank you. I read some topics here on FPN on Platinum and Pilot pocket pens, found old advertisements but can't identify it assuredly. Some characteristics are: - made by Platinum - black body with gold trim - 14k nib - accepts modern Platinum cartdridges but not converters - lenght closed ~11,9cm, lenght open ~10,3cm, lenght posted ~14,9cm - the trim on the clip and cap looks more yellowish than the ring on the body Again, thanks fo
  6. Having just received the Stipula Passaporto Superleggera I thought a quick side-by-side review with the previous generation might be of interest (especially with the thread looking for a pocket pen). This also turns out to be my first attempt with images uploaded to FPN * (hmmm, not visible in "My Media" so I seem to need to do this the long way) First: packaging: I compare the box my Passaporto LE ebonite came in to that of the Passaporto Superleggera Stealth. The LE ebonite arrived in a box with enough space for four Passaporto pens, with a pull out drawer containing the manual, an ey
  7. Hi folks, I have a vintage Platignum pocket pen / long-short pen (is there another name I'm forgetting?). I don't know the model. It's a hard starter, and I'm not sure whether the nib is drying out overnight, or whether the ink isn't flowing well due to crud in the feed. I've given it several soak / flush cycles with Diamine ink removing solution, and when flicking the section with a tissue over the nib (using centripetal force to drive fluid quickly through the feed & nib) tiny dark flecks were left in the tissue, like minute particles of dried ink. So! I'd really like to remove the
  8. PenBBS appears about to launch their new pocket pen, the PenBBS 471. It's one of two pens we've been told to expect this month, the other being a new twisted polygonal metal pen. Pictures (and video) from Beini's Instagram account indicate it will be available in at least her traditionally exclusive colours of Niangao Is a Cat, Amber Is a Cat, and Silence (purple and blue). It has a few interesting attributes that distinguish it from other current offerings in the Chinese pocket pen market. For example, it takes the normal PenBBS nibs, meaning (cap room permitting) it can take standard si
  9. I received this unusual Sailor Pocket Pen. It was leaking between the metal and plastic part of its grip section but I managed to unscrew the metal part and seal it with shellac. The nib looks a bit like Lamy 2000 but most unusual is the clip. It looks like it is unfinished, made out of one thin piece of metal that is bent. It fits nicely if you clip it in your jeans but it is not tight enough to be secure in your shirt pocket. It is very small pen. Here it is compared to Sailor 1911 Standard, Pilot Elite 95s and Lamy Al Star. Nib is 14k but very wet. Too wet for my liking.
  10. javier26

    Sailor Pocket Pen

    I recently purchased a vintage Sailor Pocket pen. It arrived from Japan very dirty and I did a thorough cleanse and even soaked in soapy water. Nearly all visible old ink has been removed, but when I add ink cartridge, the pen will write for a short while and then becomes very dry with no ink. I suspect the feed has dried residual ink. I have looked for some details on disassembling the nib and feed, but find nothing. Can anyone help confirm if the nib is friction fit and can be pulled out through the front or is there some screwed in retainer in the section which must be removed first?
  11. Has anyone tried this Beast pocket pen that Bobby (no affiliation) is selling? https://www.etsy.com/listing/625198082/beast-fountain-pen-schmidt-f-nib?ref=shop_home_active_54 I like the look of it and I'm always interested in pocket pens, but at almost $50 it's a bit too expensive for an impulse purchase. So, does anyone know anything about it or have first-hand experience?
  12. I am going through my (too many) pens before deciding which pens I will give away or sell or simply store in the attics. Part 1: Ohto Tasche - a pocket pen from Japan. https://mkepens.blogspot.com/2018/07/not-expensive-pen-1-ohto-tasche-ff-10t.html Conclusion: it is a not expensive pen which I can theoretically* recommend. * Personally, however, I prefer the MB149-sized pens, even for pockets. (No advertisement, I own the pen.)
  13. Karas Kustoms

    Win It Before You Can Buy It

    We're giving away four sets of our forthcoming Starliner and Galaxie pens, part of our new Reaktor Line of Writing Instruments. We're on pace to give away 1,000 pens this year to anyone and everyone that participates in our monthly giveaways or our larger giveaways like this one. This giveaway is just the latest part of our 10 Year Anniversary and how we plan on celebrating it. If you want the details on our Reaktor Line of Writing Instruments, you can check out our YouTube playlist that covers all four of the pens we'll be releasing this summer. In the description of those videos you can look
  14. Oh ... this for you ladies ..... Well other than all the big names , China do had a school of small independent brand, and many fashion designer brand that made pens, most are OEM of others model but some do have their original design, and sometime you bump into something unique, interesting and well this happen to be one. This is the 里莜-莜米-Mini Fountain Pen. The brand 里莜 curiously had an English name "Liveinyou" No I am not writing it wrong , this is how the brand spell it in one word and " Live in you" is their marketing slogan. So this is in their 莜米 series , and the model is simply r
  15. If you ask me, I am not really much into pocket pens. But this is a pocket pen I could never ignore, thanks to the excellent reviews from none other than Hari. I doubt if it could be a desirable starter fountain pen, but I do find it as a great VFM, given the stunningly big 14k gold nib. And finally it is good friends with my MTN pen holder. Here is a copy of this review on my blog: Elite 95S Review The Elite 95S (or E95S in US) was released as Pilot’s 95th anniversary pen in 2013, sporting a Pilot 14k nib, which is larger than a standard Pilot#5 nib. The Elite S was originally a pocket pe
  16. jabberwock11

    Waldmann Pocket Fountain Pen

    The Exposition: A while ago I won a giveaway that was hosted for a Waldmann Pocket fountain pen. The giveaway asked folks to not only request a chance to win, but to also post the reasons why they felt that they needed the pen. I have to admit that I almost walked away from the competition without having even tried. I didn't really have any good reasons for why I NEEDED the pen, but I was quite taken with the little guy, so I decided to try something just a little bit different. I am a professional story teller (yes, I know that my grammar leaves something to be desired, but that's wh
  17. Hi! I bought two NOS Platinum Pocket Pens yesterday. I hope you could help me ID them. The Silver and Pink one has 18k stamped on the nib. The red one only has the P. Thanks very much!
  18. pedrosette

    Mystery Platinum

    Dear friends, I am relatively new to the fountain pen world. More of a writer than a collector. As my handwriting is tiny, I am interested in Japanese pens; until last week, I had been an exclusive Pilot user. Then I had the chance to buy a Platinum pocket pen at the Brazilian (I'm living in Rio de Janeiro) Facebook fountain pen classifieds. Thought it was a chance to have a look outside the Pilot world. The seller told me the pen had a really fine line, but when I tried it I thought it was too broad for me -- it is a medium nib. Still, I'm quite unable to find more info on this pen (which
  19. PenChalet

    50% Monteverde Mini Jewelria Pens

    We have the Monteverde Mini Jewelria fountain pens and rollerball pens at 50% Off while they last. These are great pocket pens. Very small and compact with the cap on but decent size when the cap is posted. Ideal for a pocket, purse or every day carry pen. Available in the green stripe or blue stripe. Each pen has a unique resin cap and no two are alike. Monteverde Mini Jewleria Fountain Pen Retail: $50.00 Sale: $25.00 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  20. I recently picked up my first pocket pen, a rather smashing Pilot Elite! The nib is marked H1276, which the excellent blog Crónicas Estilográficas tells me means Hiratsuka factory, December of 1976. The barrel code says "QB 08". Does that mean the pen body was made in the same factory in 1977, February 8th, or am I reading the guide incorrectly? http://i773.photobucket.com/albums/yy19/flounder2009/Pilot%20Elite%20Isaac%20Newton/Pilot%20Elite%20Isaac%20Newton%20barrel%20codes.jpg
  21. I am looking at buying a pocket pen and Kaweko has the Sport and Lilliput that look pretty good. I have a Parker Sonnet gold tipped medium nib which I love writing with (I write lightly). I am rather liking the look of the Liliput but I have a duple of questions: Do Kaweko use the same nibs for both the Sports and the Liliput? How do the gold-plated Sonnet and Kaweko nibs compare? Do the Kaweko broad nibs write any smoother than the medium nibs? Are the medium and broad nibs on the Sonnet and the Kaweko the same?
  22. yogalarva

    Kaweco Al-Sport

    Given that the photo set of unboxing this pen is one of my more popular blog posts, I figured I wouldn’t wait too long to write the review. Physical presence The Al-Sport is a metal version of the popular Kaweco Sport, which is a plastic pen. Both are designed to be ultraportable pocket pens that are short when capped but full size when posted. I’m not going to bore you with measurements, since you can easily find those all over on the internet. (If you want to see how this pen sizes up against other ones you are familiar with, check out this nifty tool from Goulet Pens.) Wh
  23. The Blue Knight

    Dex Compact Fountain Pen Review

    IntroI have lately been looking to add a few low cost everyday pens to my collection so when I saw the UK high street and online retailer "The Pen Shop" had launched a new range of low cost fountain pens I jumped at the opportunity to add something new to my collection. The new youth orientated pens are under the Brand Dex as a division of their existing Kingsley own brand pens. I’m not really sure what to think of the name Dex as a pen brand, but hey, I may be too old to appreciate it’s name appeal, perhaps they were trying to associate the name with the once popular 90's Dexter’s Laboratory
  24. Pilot Elite Pocket Pen (18k Gold Nib, Fine, Vintage) Review Ink: Diamine Monaco Red Paper: Rhodia No. 16 5x5 Grid I picked out this pen on ebay because I thought it looked very interesting. It was a used pen, and did not come with a box or converter, but it was in fairly good condition (it only had micro scratches). I fell in love with the design the moment I saw it, but to my horror I found that the pen did NOT write well. Thankfully, after a quick check with a loupe, I found that the tines did not have any space between them. I quickly fixed it and used it for a full day with several diffe

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