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  1. northstar

    Parker 75 Rainbow Fountain Pen

    Hello everyone, My "Eid" gift to myself, a very special and rare pen which is the Parker 75 Rainbow: Best regards, Northstar
  2. 1nkulus

    Dialog 3: Generation & Dry Out

    Does the Dialog 3 have two or three generations? Gen 1, No window to observe ink in converter. Gen 2, Added window to observe ink in converter. Gen 3 ??? AFAIK, there has been an improvement with the dry out issue. What sort of time frame when leaving the pen unused/uncapped?
  3. 1nkulus

    Cult Pens 10% Off For Fpd

    Cult pens are offering a 10% discount for FPD. Some prices have increased since the last promotion especially Pelikan. https://www.cultpens.com/c/q/explore/events--occasions/fountain-pen-day
  4. If So Which Nib Size Should I Get? My Action Is Like A Cross Between A Hook And A Sidewriter. Do you suggest the preppy or should I go with a Parker??
  5. Pelikan FP prices have increased within the last 2 days by varying %. The M805 Stresemann has gone from £300 to £329 and M1000 from £357 to £393.
  6. 1nkulus

    Cult Pens 10% Off Fp's

    Cult pens has 10% discount on a large selection of FP's including Pelikan, Lamy, GvFC etc. Great for foreign buyers with favorable FX rates, free worldwide shipping (over £50) and now an extra 10% off ex VAT prices. https://www.cultpens.com/c/q/special-offers/10-off-enthusiast-fountain-pens
  7. 1nkulus

    Pelikan Dry Out

    Just wanted to share. I had left my Pelikan filled with R&K Dokumentus unattended in it's pen case in the bottom drawer. 7 months on, instant start. No skipping and delightful as usual.
  8. Hi guys, I have been intrigued lately by Conid fp. I am considering buying it, but I am not sure if I should get the Regular, or Minimalist. They both take 2.5ml of ink inside which is great for what I do (use a lot of ink redlining architectural drawings). They both look cool. Minimalist however costs roughly $100 less than Regular. Have you had any experience with them, and do you think it is worth paying more for Regular? Thank you.
  9. Federalist Pens

    Federalist Pens Papers#11 (Nov. Blog)

    http://www.federalistpensonline.com/November-Update_b_31.html November Newsletter/Blog at Federalist Pens! - Fountain Pen Day/Columbus Pen Show Recap - New Pen Products= Online Pens, Mazzouli Pens, Pelikan Pens - Frank's Pledge to Pen Pals! Best! Frank Fed Pens
  10. CameronB

    New Member With An Objective

    Greetings! i'm Cam. I have a history of cheap FP usage, but have strayed. I stopped using when i ruined a white work shirt years ago... Today is a new day. I've been researching a major project I'm about to embark on, which will take years, and I keep finding myself on the fountain pen network, for guidance and research, so It makes sense to join. Hopefully my experience will enable me to return the favor... I begin with a BIG "THANK YOU", because much of my research has met with meaningful success as a result of the contributions & research of many members in the FPN. I owe y
  11. While perusing Badger and Blade yesterday (as it seems a number of us do), I found a running thread with this title and wondered if it could be adapted to FPs. So to break the ice, here's my starter for 10: Pen - Conway Stewart 58 - UK Ink - Pilot - Japan Paper - HP 32lb Letter - US (Yes, I did carry a ream back in hand luggage !) Notebook - Clairefontaine A5 - France Diary - W H Smiths mini leather A6 6-hole refillable - UK Is it a goer?
  12. Hey, I'm new to FP's so go easy if i get any lingo wrong. I cant decide between Noodler's Liberty Elysium, or Noodler's Baystate Blue. I will be using the ink in a Lamy Al-Star with a fine nib, and i will primarily be using it for school. I will usually be using cheaper/thinner paper so i need to know which ink has the best bleed through, and dry-time. I've heard the Baystate Blue stains pens alot but I'm not sure if i should worry about that since it will be one of the only ink's i use in the pen. I guess i could order some samples from Goulet, but i want to know some fellow fountain pen enth
  13. Eternal Gandhi is an inexpensive pen marketed by Aditya Birla Group at a price of Rs 990/- (US$15) to commemorate on of the greatest human beings of 20th century. A man who stood for equality, sharing, non-violence and truth as he believed all humans were created equal. His doctrines of Ahimsa (non-violence), Satyagraha (non co-operation) and Satya (truth) shook the foundations of British Empire. Mont Blanc produced a Mahatma Gandhi 241 pen to celebrate this great persona and his Dandi March of 241 miles but priced it so high that it became impossible for normal people like me to purchase it
  14. My mother just told this story about her and her father (my recently deceased grandfather). She said it was from the time when "you had to use Fountain pens, because there weren't any others." He'd sent her to the shop when she was a wee girl to get him a bottle of ink. My mum asked him what colour ink he wanted, and his sarcastic reply was green ink. So my mum went down the shop, and bought him a bottle of green ink. As a result, my grandfather wrote in green ink for a very long time. I'm not sure if my mother misunderstood my grandfather, or quite likely that my grandfather didn't real
  15. Friends i was wondering about this Fountain pen which i bought a year ago. I really liked this wonderful writing instrument and would like to buy another same. please help me out, which type of FP is this?
  16. Hello there! My name is Raymond, and I've been in to fountain pens for around 4-5 years now. Along those years, I've only amassed a small, humble collection of just five fountain pens and four bottles of ink. I apologize greatly for the terrible picture quality, as I only have a webcam to take pictures with. The pens here are (from left to right): Jinhao X450 in red/black with a Medium nibPilot Metropolitan in Black/Plain, with a Medium (Western fine) nibTWSBI Eco Black with a Fine nibPlatinum Preppy 03 with a Fine (Little thinner than Western extra fine) nib, eyedropper conversion.Finally
  17. I have been gifted this Waterman pen by a friend, and she tells me it isn't an expensive model, but I can't find out which model it is. Please can anyone identify it? The converter works but has a split in the metal near the front where it fits into the section. I know that it's a CF type of converter from the fitting, so I bought a new one. Sadly, although it fits into the section, it's a smaller diameter than this one that is split. I assume it will still work though. I know these converters aren't easily available.
  18. I am asking Indian and other FPNers on their opinions on Fp friendly paper in India. I generally use 75 gsm TNPL A4 copier paper and 70 gsm classmate notebooks. They are ok for EF/F(western) nibs with dry inks. Once, I use some wet inks, i get feathering and bleedthrough. So, in your opinion which is the best fp friendly paper. Is ledger paper ok and what should be the minimum gsm for it to be fp friendly(like should be more than 80 gsm )
  19. So here is my story of what I did with both my 146 and 149 75th anniversary fountain pens both with rose gold trim and MOP and limited to 1924 pieces. When I first bought them, they arrived with Med nibs and I used them for only short time before I opted for an EF nib size exchange. The service was excellent and both pens arrived back in less than 8 weeks. I started to use both of them and just could not get used to the way the tiny nib end would drag on the writing surface. I was completely bummed because I new at that point that I had made a terrible mistake in sending for an exchange.
  20. hi all! i'm a south florida resident, newly reacquainted with calligraphy and potted inks. waaay back in high school i had fiddled around with calligraphy. at Uni, a course on Illustration introduced me to the joys of ink and nibs. i've dabbled off and on with drawing in inks but never with actual fountain pens. which might become a new love. i'm on the verge! lol PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---currently own: 1. one lonely Sheaffer med nib FP. *(silver cap, acrylic body in what i like to refer to as "blacklight purple", thin body, small, requires posting). it writes like an abso
  21. Hey, I take a lot of notes at school, and usually carry cheap, lined paper sheets in my binder. My inks tend to have a lot of bleedthrough and feather on the cheap paper, and i was wondering if there is a company that sells lined paper sheets made for fountain pens. I know i could just use a notebook, but it makes it frustrating not being able to have individual sheets to work on. If anyone knows of any paper that would suit my needs, please leave a responce. Thanks Mutton
  22. khris210

    Gold Ones

    I've had a Parker 65 fountain pen for more than 30 years (12ct rolled gold, English made) I recently aquired a matching ball pen and pencil for £20 each and almost instantly lost the ball pen. On looking for a replacement, I found a gold 180 fountain pen and ball pen set (made in the USA) for £40. Is this the beginning of the end? I seem to have paid a very reasonable price for the 180 set, looking at Ebay. I also have an elderly Platignum which actually writes very nicely. I hope I can successfully upload some pics. Well here they are, not in the order I had hoped, and quite large. I have ide
  23. Hello there! Today i will be reviewing the pierre cardin "Masterpiece" fountain pen! It is a brand marketed by the Flair pens in India in associtation in design with the french fashion designer Pierre Cardin. First look at the pen and you will say "whoa!! is it a Mont blanc Meisterstuck 146 in there by mistake?!! :D" Well ofcourse not! but you will see what i mean as we get on with the review! (Also the name "Masterpiece" = "Meisterstuck") This is one of the most affordable good quality FPs in the market which also manages to give a hint of luxury of the higher end pens. Priced at around Rs 40
  24. Could you convert a MB Meistertuck 166 highlighter to a rollerball, ballpoint, or even a fountain pen? I've had my MB highlighter sitting in its harness for nearly two years and I've only used it a hand full of times since. But I use my RB every day.... Is it possible to convert?
  25. Hello Everybody, This is officially my first review on FPN and I am very excited about it. It is more like a cry of help, actually. Today, I would like to review a rather odd Sailor fountain pen that I bought a couple of months ago. What I learnt after numerous mails to the Sailor pen company and numerous hours of research on the internet is that this is a Sailor Parley/Parlay. It is from the 1950s and has a rather unusual 'joist' fitting on the barrel and tip section. There are no threads. Just a puzzle like matching shape on the barrel and the section. It comes with a very smooth 14k

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