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Found 16 results

  1. Want a letter, or feel like exercising your pens? Then here's a quick fix - get a letter right away and send a letter to the next person that posts after you. That's it, no long term commitment, just a letter for fun. The next person to post (international included) gets a letter from the person in the post before their own, but you must then send a letter to the next person to post after you, who then must send a letter to the next after them, and so on. Private Messager your mailing address to the person who posted before you, once you see that your post is actually next.Participate more than once if you like, but let's agree to send the previous letter before posting again.
  2. sharktm


    I will start with some background. I graduated from collage about a year ago and have really slowed in using my pens. I have recently really missed having a reason to put pen to paper and have started to look into getting into letter writing. Other then being of a generation where the pen has been mostly pushed aside for the latest iPhone leading to me not having the best handwriting I have one very dumb question. How important is it to use proper stationary? I only ask as I dont want to seem rude writing on plane printer paper or some other easily accessible paper as long as its not notebook paper.
  3. Aloha everyone. Status: I have been corresponding for awhile now. Always responding fairly promptly when a letter is received. And, never missing a response. In this way, I figured the person who I'm writing to would be in their comfort zone as far as how often to write, if I only equally respond. And, I'd be always attentive to be sure to respond with a well composed missive, most often with enclosed pictures to share since I'm a photographer. I also pay attention to letter lengths. There's no sense in my responding to a single half page written on both size with 4 full size Rhodia sheets written on both sides. And VS VS. I figured, this way, the other person sets the pace of disclosure and all that, and I'm happy with that. Partial results: Some correspondents are very regular and steady. A few develop great exchanges. Others perhaps lose interest in writing or fountain pens or :"who knows" over time and fade away. And, others, after an initial letter exchange simply stop for some unknown reason. Question: However. I had a though that what if the other correspondent simply forgot to write and instead of a monthly exchange, 2-3 months go by. Should I write a short letter to keep up, or simple realize that the other person is no longer interested in writing or has the time, etc?' I'm very meticulous in keeping track of things. Perhaps others are not? Exception: I did have one person not write in nearly a year, then a letter appeared and it was nice. But, who knows if what used to be a regular monthly exchange will resume. Unknown? Exception: One person went through a bad health patch and was not in the mood to write for nearly a year.. Yet, perhaps a cheerful inquiry note in the mail from a corespondent would bring cheer. Who knows? One can only guess? And, not pry. You can't tell the difference between no longer wanting to write or no longer able to write, etc. Exception: sometimes, there is a certain relationship established, at least early stages, and there's familiarity. Being human nature, we are concerned when someone does not respond in turn. Yet, it would seem intrusive to send a letter after already sending one without a response 2 months later. Like being a "pest"? Or needy? Question to the forum: 1. What is the proper etiquette for letter exchanges? 2. Do you write only when written to? 3. Is the letter exchange 1 for 1, equally reciprocal? 4. Is it natural for correspondents to come and go and a few endure over time? (perhaps like real life?) 5. An experienced correspondent once told me that snail mail correspondence is like a "slow conversation". That was nice and I took it as good advice. 6. How do you do your letter exchanges? 7. What are your protocols? 8. Other tips and thoughts and your experiences. Thanks everyone for your help and advice Aloha jim
  4. I've just become a member of The Letter Writers Alliance, thought it would be great to be part of this since I did allot of greeting cards and I like to write, specially with my fountain pens. Any of you part of this alliance? If so, what is your experience?
  5. goodpens

    Dear Flint Kids Project

    I recently learned about this Dear Flint Kids project and am really moved by the children who are organizing it. (The amazing young woman spearheading it also raises money for backpacks and school supplies, tickets for movies, and books--"A Wrinkle In Time" right now--to distribute in the community. More about her at http://www.lovewhatmatters.com/i-remember-my-mom-telling-us-to-not-drink-the-water-10-year-olds-terrifying-experience-with-flint-water-crisis/) I'm sharing this info for anyone who is looking to put their pens and ink to good use. No affiliation--other than inspiration. https://twitter.com/dearflintkids?lang=en The goal is to write to the children of Flint, Michigan, to let them know the the world sees and supports them, even as they still struggle to get clean water, among other basic needs. Send letters of encouragement to Flint Kids c/o: Mari Copeny PO Box 138 Flint, MI 48501
  6. Hi Pen Friends, Someone close to me is among the people in the current batch of letter requests posted at The World Needs More Love Letters. I'd love it if this person gets a huge outpouring of love and mail. Please consider writing! It is a great way to put all of your delicious, fun, gorgeous pens and ink to use! From their website: "The World Needs More Love Letters is a global organization using the power behind social media to write and mail letters to strangers all over the world. Not-for-profit and completely mission driven, we let anyone nominate someone in need of a love letter bundle. We pick stories that resonate. You get the chance to write a letter and mail it in. The task is small but the impact is greater than you can imagine." Information about the recipients, including mailing addresses: http://www.moreloveletters.com/the-letter-requests/. The postmark deadline for the current letter requests is September 5th. I'm not going to say which of the 6 people getting "bundles" is the one I know. It'd be great if that person gets lots of mail, but I also think the other 5 are super-deserving. (I'm writing to the others in this batch, too.) So please read through them and respond to the request that feels right to you. Or write to all 6! And keep an eye on the site for the next batch of requests; there is always a list posted (in spans of about 2 weeks at a time) of people who deserve letters from you. FAQs about the organization: http://www.moreloveletters.com/home-alt/ And remember that if you use up some of your ink and stationery, you have a good reason to buy more. Thanks!
  7. Kolagnostos

    Books That Include Snail Mail

    I seem to gravitate towards films that include letters somehow, but have found it has happened with BOOKS as well. Unfortunately I can’t sit still long enough to read books. (I feel terrible when I have to confess this to my correspondents who all seem to love reading!) But I do collect children’s books and have found that for such a small collection I have picked up several that in one form or another have something to do with Letters or Snail Mail. This thread is for Books only. (I’ve made a separate one for films). I’m hoping the members of FPN will help compile a list of Books that include Snail Mail as part of the story. (They don’t have to be children’s books. )
  8. Kolagnostos

    Films That Include Snail Mail

    My love of snail mail should be no surprise to me (although sometimes it is) because all my life when watching a film that somehow included Letters or Snail Mail my little ears would perk up. In the digital age, more than ever I find films that include Snail Mail absolutely enchanting! The more snail mail is written into the storyline, the more captivated I become. This thread is for Film only. (I’ve made a separate one for books). I’m hoping the members of FPN will help compile a list of Films that include Letters or Snail Mail. Thanks in advance for adding to the list!
  9. Hi! I'm Jocelyn, but I've also dubbed myself Miss Inky Fingers. I'm a 42 year old woman from Connecticut, in the US. I was introduced to fountain pens 5 moths ago, starting with disposables, a month later moving to Metropolitans, and now I've got a pretty hearty pen collection including one Pilot Falcon and a couple more mid range pens, plus a healthy allotment of workhorses (those cheap pens that deal with my crazy needs and inks well, like my Lamy Safary's, which don't clog from shimmering inks!). When current orders arrive, my collection will number 11 fountain pens, 2 glass dipping pens, and two calligraphy dip pens (just learning!). I'm just about to buy a nice vintage pen with a fine flex nib... I don't have one picked out yet (I have to wait to get my new credit card in a week or so to shop), but I'm crazy for flex writing and even the Falcon can't quiet pull it off, so vintage it will be. I REALLY want a "Ladies'" pen with a loop on the cap, but I'm not picky about cosmetics, I just want an excellent writer. I'm VERY excited that I got that credit approved because I'll get, in addition to the vintage, another falcon (this time F instead of B nib (oops!)), another stub (either a Conklin Duragraph or a Monteverde Intima, and one more Ahab. So, yah,, maxing that right out! My FAVORITE thing about fountain pens is INKSSSSS! When my current orders come in I'll have amassed about 35 bottles and I'm out of room but show now signs of stopping. There's always an exciting new hue or shade, or a feature I never imagined ink could have! My favorites of the moment are kosumosu (iroshizuku, a bubblegum pink) and Solferino (in the purple family, super vibrant!). **I'm going nuts for shading ink right now and also waterproof (but not bullet proof) non-black and non-blue inks... recommendations welcome!** My spare time is spent writing a lot of letters to pen-pals and friends I like to keep in touch with.. its replaced Facebook as my primary social communication. I'm always looking for new snail mail pen-pals if anyone is interested, leave me your mailing address and I'll send you a letter if you promise to write back! Well, that's me! Ready to participate instead of just checking here when I have questions! Bye! Miss Inky Fingers aka Jocelyn
  10. I just read a beautiful book, published this summer, about artists and their handwriting. I think it will interest many who follow this forum. It is like a really beautiful art exhibit, in book form. "Pen to Paper: Artists Handwritten Letters, from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art," edited with an introduction by Mary Savig. Reproductions of letters are included, along with brief biographical info about the artists, analysis of the handwriting and how it reflects that individual's approach to art, and other interesting bits. (Full typed transcriptions of the handwritten letters are also included at the back of the book.) I borrowed the book from the library. Hardcopies and a Kindle edition are available at: https://www.amazon.com/Pen-Paper-Handwritten-Smithsonians-Archives/dp/1616894628
  11. HRoberts_08


    Hi im looking for penpals and hope you could help me I hate to admit it but I have no friends due to my health for yrs now and recently been thinking about this and thought pen Palling would be a good idea to start from. I don't know if you can PM me or Skype me if you would like to write to me. But thank you for reading this I'm 28 I love my partner of 10 yrs and our son 8 yrs and is autistic which is why I'm happy for kids and teens to write to us too. So I'm not looking for love or anything like that just friends. I'm currently learning Calligraphy for an out for my health as i have sever Fibromyalgia and chronic pain in my hips but enough about that I love Fountain pens (and would love to learn more on them), Tattoos, Tigers, Silver Jewellery, Photography, most Art and Art Nuvo, Music is a must even though im hard of hearing in both ears i just look at it as an excuse to turn the volume up lol I cant wait to read from other people who love the same things i do see you soon I'm happy to receive letters ect . . . From all over the world from any age race and disability BUT must write in English though and can write as regularly as they like But I don't have fancy stationary yet and hope that doesn't bother you to much I'm also a bad speller due to dyslexia but its getting better, I spell how it sounds not what I think it should be if that makes sense
  12. Mister5

    Incowrimo 2016

    Just wondering if anyone is participating in incowrimo 2016, which will begin soon? I haven't seen any update on incowrimo.org I'll be happy to send my address via message for participants (or if you're looking for a pen pal).
  13. Fuzzy_Bear

    Snail Mail Letters

    I challenged my self 4 days ago. Write a personal letter, everyday, for a month. Anyone else want to join? I've done 6 in 5 days.
  14. eugene_krabs

    Lets Snail Mail Xmas Cards

    I'm kinda new to this forum but who likes to exchange xmas cards trough snail mail just let me know you can e-mail me at "damian13899@outlook.com" feel free to send me an message any time ill reply asap
  15. hi all! i'm a south florida resident, newly reacquainted with calligraphy and potted inks. waaay back in high school i had fiddled around with calligraphy. at Uni, a course on Illustration introduced me to the joys of ink and nibs. i've dabbled off and on with drawing in inks but never with actual fountain pens. which might become a new love. i'm on the verge! lol PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---currently own: 1. one lonely Sheaffer med nib FP. *(silver cap, acrylic body in what i like to refer to as "blacklight purple", thin body, small, requires posting). it writes like an absolute champ. tho the ink tends to feather a bit on cheap paper, it is too bold for everyday writing. i have NO clue what the model is, though i would like to. it was purchased back in.... ugh... 1997??? maybe? (i have vague hopes of finding a converter for it and making it a drawing pen. or just using pale, colored inks) ---soon to be in my collection: 1. Pilot Prera, solid, yellow, F nib 2. Pilot Kakuno, pale blue and white, F nib 3. *Pilot Prera Iro-Ai, demonstrator, Calligraphy/Italics nib 4. *Noodler Ahab, flex nib so i went on a spending (and researching) rampage. lol!! i started with just looking at nibs to add to my collection but then the FPs became a small obsession. the Iro-Ai and the Ahab i haven't officially ordered yet. i'm very interested in inks as well. colors, shaded inks, etc. so far i have a Noodlers waterproof black on the way. artwise, i need something that can stand up to watercolor, dontcha know. i seem to be showing a bias for Pilot but that isn't really true... was just looking for a pen that fit the needs, didn't break the bank, and that LOOKED NICE. looks aren't everything, but pen that writes beautifully is even better if you like the design. i read/watched reviews and the ones i chose seemed to be good bets. PEN SHOW!!!! i'm wondering if i should wait until the Miami pen show......... or if i should go ahead and pull the trigger, so to speak, and order up the last 2. i'm super interested in refurbed vintage pens, though i'm not sure if any are in the affordable range or if they are all hundreds of dollars. MISC i'm really interested in meeting new people from all over. and those that are interested in calligraphy and art uses of FPs. also, if anyone likes to do old school snail mail with their mad callig skillz (haha. or their non-skills. whichever. lol!), i think that could be a fun way to practice! NICE TO MEET YA!
  16. MissChief

    Round Robin Letter #2

    For anyone who has expressed an interest in forming another Round Robin Letter, here's where to sign up. A round-robin letter is one that circulates within a family or small group. Each person writes his/her contribution and forwards to the next on the list. The second person adds a page and forwards both pages to the third person. The third person adds a page and forwards all three, etc. When the envelope comes back to the first person, his/her original page is removed and replaced with a new one. The cycle continues. These are the parameters: SIX 8.5 x 11 inch pages of 20# paper plus one cheap lightweight envelope weighs one ounce. Therefore participation is limited to 6 people. (Anybody can set up round-robin letter 3, etc.) Each person may write only one page and must use 20# paper or lighter, but may write on the back of the alloted page. Letters must be forwarded within 3 days. If that's not possible for any reason, just mail the bundle and catch the next round. No bogging or hogging the letter. Letters may be international, so members must be willing to pay international postage for a full ounce. Remember that if you use heavier paper, you force everyone to pay for an extra ounce of postage, which becomes expensive for every other member of the group. If more than 6 people want to try a round-robin letter, I would encourage someone else to jump in and start a third.

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