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  1. I haven’t heard many people talk about this, so I just wanted to make those who are unaware now aware. Here is just a quick thing on some price comparisons. “Retail” price was taken from online fountain pen and ink retailers: DIAMINE 30ml Cult Pens- $2.47 Retail- $7.50 PELIKAN 4001 30ml Cult Pens- $4.82 Retail- $11.75 ROHRER & KLINGNER 50ml Cult Pens- $5 Retail- $11.95 PARKER QUINK 57ml Cult Pens- $5.21 Retail- $11.02 DIAMINE 80ml Cult Pens- $6.21 Retail- $14.95 WATERMAN 50
  2. From the album: First look

    All of these were delivered by DHL to my doorstep in Australia, less than seven days after placement and payment of their respective orders, which — including other items not shown here — were individually eligible for (this grade of) free shipping. Well done, Cult Pens! 👍

    © A Smug Dill

  3. Colour-wise, the comparison reminds me of Sailor Souboku vs Sailor Seiboku. Christine exhibits sheen, but not nearly as flamboyantly as Herbert.
  4. Another Diamine ink in the Cult Pen exclusive 'Deep Dark' range has arrived. If you have been looking for a very dark red ink, this one is for you. I absolutely love the colour and it is one of the few red inks I would use in the office. Oh, and it has both shading and sheen! Form an orderly queue now USAGE DAILY WRITER: I can see that BUSINESS USE: I would use it for all but the most formal of communications ILLUSTRATIONS: Not convinced that it stands out enough NOTES: Yes (in a dry environment, at least) PERSONAL: Very welcome LOVE LETTERS: Not really my speciality but I can see thi
  5. A Blast From The Past: Red Cashmere Fountain pen Ink is available exclusively at: United States: Lemur Inks ( www.lemurink.com ) United Kingdom: Cult Pens ( www.cultpens.com ) Australia: JustWrite ( www.justwrite.com.au ) Red Cashmere was originally developed as a powdered fountain pen ink back in 2014 as part of the SuSeMai project by the Th-INKing Outside the Bottle Group on the fountain Pen Network. Red Cashmere was developed by Kevin Watson and Dave Marshall from the JustWrite Pen Company and the Th-INKing Outside the Bottle Group provided extensive support, advice, testing an
  6. NickiStew

    Cult Pens Christine And Philip

    Cult Pens have 2 new extreme sheening inks to add to their collection - Christine and Philip. Appropriately named after the two leading lights at Diamine who have created them. When Maureen and Robert were released in 2018 I honestly thought that here are two extreme sheen inks that won't be bettered. Here we have a purple and deep teal, which appear to be the 'in' colours for 2019 but how do they fare? Philip (Purple) has no chromatic qualities and sheens a brown/gold. Christine (Teal) also shows limited chromatic qualities and sheens a deep red. As with Maureen and Robert they are both cr
  7. JustWrite Pen Company

    Blackstone Inks Now Available At Cult Pens In The Uk

    We're delighted to announce that Blackstone Inks are now available at Cult Pens in the UK. Cult Pens have been around since 2005, they have a huge range of pens, fountain pens and ink and they're as crazy about pens and ink as we are. Visit the Cult Pens website: https:www.cultpens.com
  8. Sheening inks have had centre stage for some while now and just as I thought that might change, along come these two characters. And I have to say, they are just that. Great names, Maureen and Robert, and very pretty too! Many congratulations to Cult Pens for going with yet another great Diamine product. Of note, The Cult Pen Deep Diamines are still one of my favourite ranges. But this is your money shot. When these two inks are blended together with water, reworked when semi dry with concentrated inks and then overwritten with bleach when dry – this is what you get and I like it! A LOT. (Al
  9. 1nkulus

    Cult Pens 10% Off For Fpd

    Cult pens are offering a 10% discount for FPD. Some prices have increased since the last promotion especially Pelikan. https://www.cultpens.com/c/q/explore/events--occasions/fountain-pen-day
  10. Pelikan FP prices have increased within the last 2 days by varying %. The M805 Stresemann has gone from £300 to £329 and M1000 from £357 to £393.
  11. 1nkulus

    Cult Pens 10% Off Fp's

    Cult pens has 10% discount on a large selection of FP's including Pelikan, Lamy, GvFC etc. Great for foreign buyers with favorable FX rates, free worldwide shipping (over £50) and now an extra 10% off ex VAT prices. https://www.cultpens.com/c/q/special-offers/10-off-enthusiast-fountain-pens
  12. I'm not really a purple fan. I do think this ink looks fantastic though, especially the green sheen and the texture from my Pilot Parallel 6mm. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-4IujqLCENIk/UtrBCchdV8I/AAAAAAAABR0/MeIXGI3DKIA/s1600/purple+2.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-7Ow0aBk5fBI/UtrBBfo4g-I/AAAAAAAABRo/_IQxuVQwhfU/s1600/purple+1.jpg No complaints with flow or lubrication. Water resistance is not great, but could leave something legible behind. Time will tell whether it's a pain to clean... Images from my blog.
  13. Cult Pens have some Atoma A4 & A5 refillable notebooks in their clearance section at the very reasonable price of £4.99 and £7.99: https://www.cultpens.com/c/q/special-offers/clearance I ordered three yesterday lunchtime, and they arrived this morning. Cult Pens do offer fantastic customer service - no affiliation, just a very satisfied customer. The Atoma notebooks are FP friendly, and available in lined or squared paper.
  14. My guess is that Cult Pens has quite a cult following in the UK. They apparently stock nearly everything they can get their hands on in the way of pens of all kinds, many inks. I have a feeling that if I spent much time on their website I'd end up with a fairly expensive cart of booty. Well they have Cult Pens ink made by Diamine. These are the "Deep Dark" inks, and they are not rebranded standard Diamine inks. The Deep Dark Brown has been rated by those in the know as the closest to the long-discontinued Parker Penman Mocha. But I personally could never justify to myself to order just a coupl
  15. My guess is that Cult Pens has quite a cult following in the UK. They apparently stock nearly everything they can get their hands on in the way of pens of all kinds, many inks. I have a feeling that if I spent much time on their website I'd end up with a fairly expensive cart of booty. Well they have Cult Pens ink made by Diamine. These are the "Deep Dark" inks, and they are not rebranded standard Diamine inks. The Deep Dark Brown has been rated by those in the know as the closest to the long-discontinued Parker Penman Mocha. But I personally could never justify to myself to order just a coupl
  16. A short while ago, the very nice people at Cult Pens suggested I'd like to have some new inks to play with. Who am I to refuse an offer like that? http://writerlywitterings.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/dsc_0001.jpg?w=640 Lots of inks side-by-sideA year ago I started to use Cult Pens' own Deep Dark Blue ink. This was a colour they designed to match their own logo, and it was made by Diamine in the UK (a brilliant firm with the best range of fountain pen inks, I think). I love Deep Dark Blue, and in fact it took over as my mainstay. I tend to have two or three pens with me while working, and
  17. I'm reviewing some of my inks. Cult Pens Deep Dark Orange was requested by mmg122 I would call it a dark or burnt orange. It's a very well behaved ink with some shading. I found it flowed smoothly across the page, and had no problems with lubrication in the pen I used. It's a very popular colour because it's a dark orange, and isn't too bright. This ink exhibits no showthrough or bleedthrough on my Tomoe River paper. This paper is slightly thicker than the standard TR paper DDO is a saturated ink and my fingers were stained after washing my hands. The water test on the review form shows t
  18. Just a quick one, as I bought some DDR to make up the postage when ordering DD Purple (oh noes, more ink). I've compared Red Dragon and Oxblood before on my blog. Difference between those and DDR is subtle, to say the least. Scans are a bit more saturated than normal light but you get the idea. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-oQquYmTTg6o/UtrBCjrNdqI/AAAAAAAABR4/9gUnwvHKEu8/s1600/red.jpg
  19. The old-style Plaisirs with body-coloured nibs are £4.50 each at Cult Pens! I have a green one that I use carbon black with and it works really well.
  20. Morning All, Just a quick comparison of the two fountain pens I use for work on a daily basis. Two similarly sized pens, both from quite different price points. The Pelikan M200 Cafe Creme and the Montblanc Hommage a Frederic Chopin: Although both write very smoothly, but you can feel the difference in the Montblanc; partly in its extra smoothness and definitely in its extra weight. It is the better finished of the two, with nice touches like metal threads when you separate the pen's body. They both start instantly, and only suffer the occasional an small skip if I'm writing very q
  21. I’d like to offer a Group Buy, but with small volumes. I’m thinking of placing two orders for the end of January: one from Diamine (or possibly Cult Pens), and one from Fountain Pen Hospital. Let me know how much you would want of which inks, and if enough people want enough of an ink to complete a bottle, I can guarantee you a vial with exactly the amount of ink you want without having to get a whole bottle. Unfortunately, I’ve got a limited budget, so if I can’t make up a full bottle’s worth, I can’t make any promises. I will add as many inks with partial requests as I can, and you
  22. Here's my current squad. There are a few more pens not inked and a few more inks not used, but these are combinations I've found to work perfectly. http://i.imgur.com/8WuvXQr.jpg Any questions about either pens or inks welcomed - it's half 5 in the morning here and I've been up over two hours already...
  23. http://www.cultpens.com/c/q/brands/platinum No affiliation - just a very satisfied repear customer. Get yourself a #3776 and knock £20 off £100! Get a pile of Preppys! Similar offers on Diplomat and maybe some more.
  24. Tom Traubert

    A Few New Inks...

    I've received a few new inks this month and have been pleasantly surprised by most of them. The first picture is a photograph, taken using my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and the second is a scan - I know which one I'll stick to in future! I had a torrid time with my Platinum Plaisir - I ordered a green one with a 0.5 nib. I loved the packaging and the presentation for a £10 pen, but unfortunately it behaved as such - scratchy and dry and horrible. A search of here and other places suggested this was an exception, so I bought myself 3 Preppys - a 0.5 green that would sit in my Plaisir's body if
  25. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a number of new lines from Kaweco, including their premium bottled inks, Liliput Brass, AL Sport Stonewashed, Deluxe Octagonal Pocket Clips, and best of all, and exclusively available at Cult Pens, the Eco Wild Raw Leather pouches. Kaweco have given us a number of interesting product finishes over the years, but none have been quite as unusual as the new AL Sport Stonewashed, available in black or blue. The premise is simple, take the popular AL Sport range and stonewash it like you would a pair of jeans. The result is a writing instrument that looks as

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