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Found 15 results

  1. Paperblanks makes beautiful notebooks and diaries with off-white paper. I've used various Paperblanks notebooks for journaling and found the paper to be of good quality. Not overly smooth (i.e. not coated), but well-behaved with all but the wettest fountain pens and with a nostalgic feel, like old paper. Having been so encouraged, I bought a 2019 diary from Paperblanks, in the expectation that the paper would be the same. Guess what? it isn't. At first glance and first feel, the paper appears to be the same as that used in their notebooks but in fact it responds totally different to fountain pen inks. I decided to do a quick test and got interesting results. On the positive side, this paper (despite being off-white) really brings out the colour of the ink. The colours are a joy to look at. Also the paper has a pleasantly "grainy" writing feel, a sort of texture that offers lots of control while still being pleasantly smooth. No fibers, no plasticy feel as with some coated papers, just a really nice writing experience. The degree of control also makes it easy to jot readable notes when on the move (cars, buses, trains, planes). On the negative side... As you can see, there's a profound "mottling effect" that's caused by the ink being absorbed into the paper in some spots, which leads to colour differences. The inks that mottle most also cause the most bleedthrough and are pretty much unusable. The Herbin inks fall in this category, which surprised me a bit because I consider Herbin inks to be extremely well-behaved. But not on this paper... The best-behaved inks on this paper, i.e. the ones with only very little mottling or no mottling at all, are Sailor Kiwa-Guro (bottom line in above image) and Platinum Blue-Black. Both are pigment inks. By far the wettest writing sample is from an '80s Sheaffer Targa M with Platinum Blue-Black: There's a ton of Platinum ink on the page, but zero mottling, zero showthrough, zero bleedthrough. Remarkable. The only non-pigment ink that comes close is Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black, which also doesn't mottle or absorb. Diamine Ancient Copper is also well-behaved on this 'difficult' paper. The purpose of this comparison is not to burn down Paperblanks diary paper, but to show how much inks differ from each other in how they interact with paper. Their properties really vary widely. The amount of ink deposited on the page (wetness) is *not* the deciding factor, it's really all about the chemical composition of the ink and how the paper responds to that.
  2. ridiculopathy

    Diary Written On Floorboards

    https://www.bbc.com/news/stories-44265475 Nothing to do with fountain pens...or ink...or fountain pen-friendly surfaces... but I found this BBC story on a diary written on floorboards by a carpenter in France from 1880-1881 to be fascinating. In my time here on FPN, I've read many a topic on peoples' opinions on keeping their journals/diaries for posterity. I'm curious to know whether stories like these affect your views or if it's just a different time now that it's easier for more people to document everything on the Internet, which is Forever.
  3. Sakura FP Gallery

    Hobonichi Techo Cousin And Techo Planner 2018 !

    The Hobonichi Techo planner and Techo Cousin arrive in October. New in Europe are the Techo Cousin A5 planners. Although this planner is printed in the Japanese language it is easy to use by anyone in the world. Something new to enjoy, Catherine. http://www.sakurafountainpengallery.com/en/boutique/hobonichi-notaboekjes-amp-papier.
  4. While perusing Badger and Blade yesterday (as it seems a number of us do), I found a running thread with this title and wondered if it could be adapted to FPs. So to break the ice, here's my starter for 10: Pen - Conway Stewart 58 - UK Ink - Pilot - Japan Paper - HP 32lb Letter - US (Yes, I did carry a ream back in hand luggage !) Notebook - Clairefontaine A5 - France Diary - W H Smiths mini leather A6 6-hole refillable - UK Is it a goer?
  5. julieanna27

    Tomoe River Diary

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows of a perpetual diary made with Tomoe River paper. There is a company in Australia that makes one, however shipping just costs too much to make it worth it, so I am looking for one made in the US. Thanks http://www.bookbindersonline.com.au/collections/notebooks-journals-tomoe-river-paper/products/3-year-diary-perpetual-diary-journal-by-midori
  6. Hi! I have diary where I write personal things and journal about general stuff. Wonder if roller ball pen would be suitable for documenting. I know that it has water-based ink and I used that one in the past I remeber. The result was that some water that spilled from glass and got on diary later washed my writings. The pen I used was not exactly with roller ball end but it was something that reminds a blue wick but plastic one. I don't know the correct term. Usually I use oil-based pens but wanted to switch to water-based roller ball pen because I heard that is gives smoother writing experience reminding fountain pen which I like but I don't think it's something I would take with me constantly. I am trying to look at this logically since diary is something I would probably want to look back to in the future and I don't know how will water-based ink hold on. Like I said, the pen I used once with it's water-based ink that washed out writings in my diary did not have that edge like roller ball pens do with rolling ball so I wonder if some of you here write with water inks in their diaries. Since this is general forum, I wonder if there is more appropriate forum here to discuss this sort of thing. I also want to talk about scrapbooks and journals. By the way, can anyone give me case scenarios when to use and not to use roller ball pen? We can have this discussion going here but it will be kind of you to point me to correct forum. Thanks
  7. My kickstarter project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/paperandsuch/simply-plain-journal-sketchbook-for-artists-creati' class='large blue awesome' target='_blank'> Simply Plain notebooks » Ends 21 Oct 2015. Thank you for looking!
  8. I ask this out of idle curiosity. Personally, I don't know any form of shorthand, and don't intend trying to learn. The train of thought was set off by contemplating all the notebooks I've filled with things that have little lasting value, even for me. Then I was reading how Samuel Pepys, whose 17th century diaries are now considered historically significant, kept them in a form of shorthand which was well known in his time, Shelton's Tachygraphy. That saved paper, and gave them a measure of security from people who hadn't learned that form of shorthand. So, does anyone keep their personal journal in shorthand, say Gregg or some other known method? Do you find a fountain pen (or dip pen) better suited for this than a ballpoint or rollerball? Does it save a great deal of paper? Just curious.
  9. Can anyone help me to ID this planner? The image is originally from this blog post on Design Sponge. It has everything I'm looking for: spiral-bound, weekly notebook format, dated but no hours, perforated corners, refillable... I've spent a few weeks so far googling my fingers off to no avail. Thought I'd try here to see if anyone has any idea what it is. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
  10. Hi all, Another review of under-the-radar stationery goodies: custom leather and half leather notebooks by BomoArt from Budapest, Hungary! I think I found them via another online shop carrying a small range of their products which looked very interesting, especially their notebooks They're combining a range of nostalgic/romantic/steam-punkish prints with leather spines of various colors to mix and match after your fancy (their web shop is pretty well made too!) Among others I picked this blank A5 notebook with dark brown leather spine and prints of a nostalgic aviary. The brand name is embossed at the back of every journal. Looks pretty classy. You can choose ruled or blank paper with various page counts. Each book has a ribbon bookmark and bright red end papers. Below you can see one of their thicker journals with 280 pages. Some of their motifs are quite kitschy for my taste but others are simply adorable like the balloons, the aviary or those roses. I love roses! I also ordered a small stationery box with 10 A4 sheets and 10 Din long envelopes. The box is a bit larger than the DL format - which is a pity because the A4 sheets come folded to fit into the box -, but beautifully made with some leather details. The envelopes are lined with the same balloon motif you can see on the box. The sheets are unprinted. The notebooks feel sturdy and well made. The covers are made of thick cardboard, the leather has a nice feel and isn't dyed to death. The paper doesn't disappoint either, it worked well with any ink and nib width I threw at it. (Especially that Danitrio and Diamine Asa Blue are a super wet killer combination) The blank books are A5 format whereas the lined ones are a little slimmer. Lines are light grey and unobtrusive. Beautiful products and at a rather low price point too (€17-20 for a half leather journal size A5). They also offer diaries, address books, giftwrap paper and all kinds of other papeterie stuff. I'm determined to get my daily diary for 2014 from them, probably with the balloon design. All books are handmade in Budapest and were made to my specifications. As usual no affiliation but a happy customer.
  11. I've planned this purchase for a very long time! I've written a little review of their BomoMemo lately, and this week I went back to the store to get my diary for 2015. http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141220/P1240075_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141220/P1240064_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141220/P1240058_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg As I wrote earlier in the other review, the paper designs have amazing detail and the leathers are beautiful as well! Everything they offer is hand-made and the quality is top notch. It just feels great in hand! http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141220/P1240061_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg On their webshop they offer MANY choices to suite your taste. On half leather bound things you can select from up to 32 paper designs, and form 8 leather colors. In the diaries the weekly layout is available in 5 sizes, the daily in 4 sizes. Full leather diaries are also available. Mine is a half leather bound daily diary in B7 size (12x17,6cm) http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141220/P1240047_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141220/P1240059_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141220/P1240051_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg The paper itself is pretty thin. I was a little afraid at first, but it's a very pleasant surprise! It does have a little texture, but takes inks really well! No bleed through, just show through (obviously), no mentionable feathering either. (except for the VP seen below. That pen can be really wet with the right ink) Drying time is pretty long! But it also means that sheeny inks can show their beauty! http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141220/P1240037_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141220/P1240040_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141220/P1240042_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141220/P1240046_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg So, again....I could not really be happier http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141219/P1230994_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg
  12. As my usual P1JP diary from Letts is no longer made, I am thinking of using a pocket-size Moleskine. However, I would like to know if the paper in these is suitable for average fountain-pen ink. In my diaries, I use Parker or Waterman black and blue-black most of the time, in a 45-year-old Parker 45 with fine italic nib. This combination has been fine on Letts paper, so I am hopeful it would work on Moleskine paper as well. Any advice appreciated, thank-you.
  13. Hi all, I mentioned a diary company in a recent thread, who produce diaries to order, starting from any month and in a range of sizes / time periods. My partner ordered a 18 month "Slimline" (just under A5) diary starting on the 30th of December 2013, and ending July the 5th 2015. You can choose layouts - page a day, week to view, 2 weeks to view, & others. This one has 7 days (all given equal spacing, no squeezing the weekend into the same space of a single weekday) on one page, and the facing page has a 5mm grid print. You can also have lines, or blank on the facing page (with this layout). There's also a diary layout with journalling pages in the back. (Basically, lots of options & flexibility). The diary also includes lots of other things - year overview, expenses tracker, general handy information, contact info, birthday logger - all sorts! I held off posting about it until I had a chance to test it with fountain pens - the paper isn't incredible, but it's handled my Lamy Safari EF filled with Diamine Asa Blue, a fine Parker 45 with Diamine Syrah, and a Platinum Plaisir without feathering or bleedthrough. I think it would cope with a wider nib, but not with anything really wet. The whole thing is printed & made in the UK, with PEFC paper. I have a discount code for 10% off, if anyone wants to use it just PM me! http://www.toaddiaries.co.uk/ Not affiliated etc etc.
  14. zokko

    New Diary.

    As my usual P1JP diary from Letts is no longer made, I am thinking of using a pocket-size Moleskine. However, I would like to know if the paper in these is suitable for average fountain-pen ink. In my diaries, I use Parker or Waterman black and blue-black most of the time, in a 45-year-old Parker 45 with fine italic nib. This combination has been fine on Letts paper, so I am hopeful it would work on Moleskine paper as well. Any advice appreciated, thank-you.
  15. Hello, I was wondering if anyone out there has any recommendations for diaries with fountain pen friendly paper. I am currently using an 18 month Moleskine, but I get pretty bad feathering and bleed-through with it. I am returning to work in the new year so would ideally have something with times in it, but will consider other options. Cheers Chloe

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