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  1. Karmachanic

    Conid News - Update

    Dear Conidfan, We are currently living through a period of uncertainty that we'll never forget. The first thing we want to say on behalf of everyone at Conid is that our thoughts are with you. Like many of you, we are trying to do what we can to help our customers and the larger community navigate this challenging time. At this moment we are still working hard to catch up and reduce our backlog. Of course we apply all social distancing measures, and all shipments are carried out with highest awareness for hygiene. As soon as we're ready for the relaunch of the Condipen, we'll inform you fi
  2. If you are somewhat obsessive, like me, then before you commit to a purchase over a particular threshold, you will conduct extensive research. So, before I completed the transaction for a Conid Minimalistica, I read every thread that included the term here, and on FPG and /r/fountainpens. The Conid brand is one that gets a lot of love from these communities, so there was quite a lot of material to wade through, and—specifically for the Minimalistica—not all of the comments were positive. In general, the negative perceptions around the pen were focussed on four areas: The Cap. T
  3. Hey guys. Just wanted to start a discussion about conid open orders to see if anyone else here has orders with them before they stopped accepting them. I placed mine in Aug 2019 and still havent gotten mine yet. Looking around on reddit and here, i see that there are some people with orders since july 2019 that havent gotten theirs either. Apparently they have posted an update here; https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/353199-conid-news-update/?hl=conid, but it honestly feels like the same old song and dance for the past few months even before covid happened. I get that covid has def
  4. First off, here are some photos: Nib: http://imgur.com/2vPuwy4Writing Sample: http://imgur.com/t7WFQ4XComparison with Sailor B: http://imgur.com/DW2lT1XHello all, I hope you are well during these strange times. Today I have a short review of my impressions of Sailor’s contemporary Naginata Togi Medium nib. I have been using it for the past month or so as a daily writer. Now, Sailor Naginata Togi nibs and I have a long relationship built upon longing and reluctance. I’ve always wanted one, since getting the chance to try one years ago. They write beautifully, but the prices have been getting a
  5. Hey guys! After almost a year of waiting, i finally received my grail pen i ordered back in August 2019, the conid bulkfiller regular! I made a video going over what came with my order, some of the available accessories and some general comments on the quality of the pen and how it writes. I made it to provide some insight into how Conid's quality has changed since their order stoppage, and to show you guys waiting on your open orders or are keen on ordering one when they reopen orders, what you can expect from the company! You can find my unboxing at this video link! Thanks so much g
  6. Hello everyone, hope your weeks are off to a fine start. I come to you today with a very specific question: is my Montblanc 146 nib scraping its shoulders on the inside of my Conid Minimalistica’s cap? I usually use my Minimalisticas with Sailor nibs, but I have a lovely 146 nib, which I’ve had ground to a CSI, that I occasionally swap in. My question springs from the slightest scraping sensation I can feel when capping the pen fitted with the aforementioned nib. Now, both of my Conid’s are the all Delrin AVDA Phi versions, so I am unable to actually see if the nib and the inner cap are in
  7. Hi all, I ordered a Conid K DCB DB SL TI on April 1st. I have since requested an update 3 times - with absolutely no signs of life. Is this normal for these guys? Yes, it says the lead time will be at least 10 weeks. Maybe the heat is getting to me, but hate being ignored by someone who has a grand of my money. What have people experienced with this outfit? Many thanks, Martin
  8. I’ve been thinking about Conid’s current offerings a lot, recently. Speculating about where the brand will go in the coming months and years. What do you want to see them focus on next, which direction do you think the brand will take? Personally, I hope they’re able to find the time to innovate, once they have their backlog under control and their process ironed out. I’m a huge fan of the Minimalistica, and would order one made in a nice celluloid or attractive resin in a heartbeat (though a friction-fit cap may not jive well with ‘fancier’ materials). Also an ink window on the Delrin model,
  9. https://gph.is/g/Z2mM7rW I am absolutely loving this combination at the moment. My current workhorse pen, a Conid Minimalistica AVDA Phi, outfitted with a Sailor B, writes perfectly for my hand. The nib certainly writes wetter than it would in a Sailor body, but by no means is it a firehose. It’s inked with Tsuki-yo and the paper used in the clip is Tomoe River (the thicker 68gsm) in a Breeze notebook made by Taroko Design.
  10. Hello all, this will be my first review here — my first post, for that matter — so do tell me if I need to make any changes to its format. the pen I am reviewing today is the Conid Minimalistica AVDA Phi Special edition. If that mouthful wasn’t enough, my specific configuration is: M BCB BB SL. Which essentially means it’s all Delrin. What’s unique about this special edition is the cigar shape of the pen, rounded finals as opposed to the usual flattop, and the engraved clip. I had been sweating over which Conid to order for a while, and deciding on this one was a slow process. I initially
  11. can anyone give me a heads up as to what gold #8 nibs people have swapped into their conid kingsize with a high level of compatibility ? thinking of buying a kingsize and wonder if there are options for nib swapping with this particular model ?
  12. Pause to Restart: https://www.conidpen.com/pause-to-restart/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Conid+Newsletter+November&utm_campaign=Conid+newsletter+November+2019
  13. I contacted Conid back in April '19 to ask when they expected to reintroduce the CAISO system to their Kingsize pens, and Jonas wrote back to say it is definitely coming back but gave no date, it's awaiting improved engineering.... Does anyone have any updated info on when this feature will be returning? And if you have a pen with it installed, is it worth waiting for?
  14. LudVinPen

    Hello From Belgium

    I have always liked to write with a fountain pen! But I work in an environment that is very unfriendly for fountain pens ... After a few falls I therefore stopped. I recently read an article in the newspaper about fountain pens, enough to get my way back. I now use some pens from Mount Blanc with the ink Lavender Purple. After I discovered that here in Belgium one of the top of the fountain pens is made, I immediately ordered my first Conid fountain pen. I'm really looking forward to it!
  15. A micro review of just received Conid AVDA. Nice jotting pad. Was not expecting this. Compared to Fred's pen. And again. Bock Pd nib. And here it is compared to an IPA.
  16. mikemargolis

    Conid Antwerppen

    So let me state first off, I am a huge Conid fan. I bought my Kingsize Bulkfiller in January 2015 and use it every day. Bought and sold a Minimalistica, didn't like that I couldn't see how much ink was in the pen. Also, I should tell you I just finished a project of writing the entire Bible out longhand, and have restarted again in Genesis. So, I write about an hour a day, I guess you could say I'm a power user... I have a ton of nice pens, but keep coming back to the Conids as my favorites. When they announced the Antwerppen, I knew I had to have one. And I wanted the regular size, sinc
  17. Hi All, The topic says it all - I love the design of the Conid Bulkfiller, and am rather committed to buying one soon. The only issue I'm having is exactly what to order - I think one of the nice things about Conid is that they're willing to discuss some customisation, and I've seen a few lovely images of Conid pens with sections, barrels, etc which are not the "standard" parts offered on the Conid webshop. I don't own many fountain pens - I like quality pens, and each one is an individual item I've painstakingly thought about before purchasing, both for appearance and performance. I'm no
  18. ## Introduction This is a review of the Conid Bulkfiller Regular which I have had over three years now. People often review their pens when the pen is new and they're excited, but I am interested in which pens stand the test of time in appeal, utility and resilience. The short version of this review is that this is the best fountain pen I have owned. It is the sole pen I keep continually inked, my "go-to" and my workhorse. The price is high but so is the value for money. My pen is now called the Regular model in the flat top variant. It is made of black Delrin with a medium titanium nib tha
  19. Table of Contents Motivation Introduction What came with the pen Styling Pen Material / Fitting Measurements Ergonomics Filling System Capping System Nib(s) Cost Communication Conclusion / TL:DR Motivation I've wanted, for a while, to try my hand on writing a longer work for a fountain pen. I originally planned to write a review rather than an overview for the Conid. Instead, I ended up writing a bulk of this on a lazy Sunday morning so I've decided to leave the review for later down the line. I did not take any care in editing this so please excuse any grammatical er
  20. Hi guys, I have been intrigued lately by Conid fp. I am considering buying it, but I am not sure if I should get the Regular, or Minimalist. They both take 2.5ml of ink inside which is great for what I do (use a lot of ink redlining architectural drawings). They both look cool. Minimalist however costs roughly $100 less than Regular. Have you had any experience with them, and do you think it is worth paying more for Regular? Thank you.
  21. Hi all. My apologies for being 'new' to the forum; I've lurked here for many years, and have digested countless reviews of pens and inks. My fountain pen journey began as a 16 year old, almost two decades ago, with a Waterman Phileas as a birthday present. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my youthful use cracked the section, and so for a long time I thought fountain pens were supposed to leak ink into the fingers. Needless to say, my passion quickly waned. Then in 2012 on an overseas trip, I impulse-bought a modern Sheaffer - which was a delight, and with a fine nib it was suddenly usable
  22. Dogpaws73

    A Conid On Its Way

    I finally got a few photos of my fountain pen from Belgium! This is going to be the longest week of waif ever!
  23. CONID currently does not sell the Kingsize Bulkfiller with the CAISO system - apparently they are ironing out some manufacturing issues. Based on email communication, it seems they will not be back until April at the earliest (six months from now). They do sell a non-CAISO Kingsize Bulkfiller, though, and it's €300 cheaper than the CAISO version used to sell for. My question is thus, mostly addressed to people who've tried a CAISO pen: is it worth the money and the extra wait, or should I just order the non-CAISO version? The cost is the lesser concern, since this is an expensive pen eithe
  24. See the photos here https://flic.kr/p/L6WAS1 The Conid company is not as widely known as others. If this is your first exposure to it, take a look at their website and read through their information. There are also numberous posts about their pens. I came across it a year ago and become very interested in their design/manufacturing capabilities and the advances they were making with fountain pen manufacturing. In a market that has had very few real advances over the years, it is really refreshing to see how they are using very tight tolerance manufacturing to bring their ideas to life. A
  25. I asked Conid whether an ebonite Minimalistica would be possible. Sadly I got a response of no because of stock logistics. Would anyone else be interested in an ebonite model for the pen?

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