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Found 9 results

  1. My gradma found this roller pen in somewhere in her house without any package or box and gave it to me anyone know where it made and what is the name of the series? as i search in google, i can only found this page talk about this pen: http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/shimadass1965/diary/200612210000/ but didn't mention about the name of this pen Seems Pierre Cardin is a brand made in China?
  2. Sheri Chander

    Review - Pierre Cardin - Veer

    Hi All, This is my first fountain pen review here on FPN and I am thankful to all who have posted reviews here earlier and showed us how exactly to do a pen review. I consider myself a complete novice when it comes to fountain pens, so any omissions and mistakes in the review are entirely due to my lack of knowledge in this field. Nonetheless, I would try to be completely honest and unbiased while attempting to review a pen. If you require any addition details, please do not hesitate to ask me for the same. The pen that I am going to review today is Pierre Cardin Veer. It is an inexpensive, plastic fountain pen being offered by Pierre Cardin in India. It comes in five colors as shown below and I would be reviewing the white version. The pen comes in a blister pack with two free cartridges and I took it out before taking any pictures of the same (sorry L). The word “Veer” means “The Brave” in Hindi, and as such it seems this pen would have to prove a lot in order to justify its name. http://www.pierrecardinpens.in/images/pens/exclusive11-11.jpg 1.Appearance & Design (Rating: 7 out of 10) The pen is quite simple and unorthodox but there isn't anything radical about the design. The design of this pen borrows heavily from Lamy Safari i.e. the uni-color plastic body, glossy finish and the ink window. The differences here are that the barrel, cap & grip are rounded and do not have triangular contour lines like the Lamy. The grip is made of black rubberized plastic with raised lines and having a matte finish. The clip is of metal with a glossy black paint finish to it. The top of the cap has the Pierre Cardin Logo, brand name and the word “Paris” (nationality of the Mr. Cardin) printed on to it. Overall, in this price range, the pen is OK and some might even find it kind of cool looking and unobtrusive. 2.Construction & Quality (Rating: 6 out of 10) Nothing great about the construction as such but it seems like that pen can take multiple hits and falls, and still would live to write another day. The design quality is not up to the mark as the clip seems somewhat bent towards the left. It is not possible to correct this as the cut of the metal forming the clip seems to be reason of this flaw rather than the common misalignment factor. Also the clip seems to be missing the etched Pierre Cardin name and the design of the nib is different as shown in the advert. 3.Weight and Dimensions (Rating: 8 out of 10) The Pen is very light, falling in the category of the lightest ones that I have ever used. I do not have a scale with me but this won’t be more than 30 grams in any way. The dimensions are as given below: Length Capped: 13.4 cm Length Un-Capped: 12.4 cm Length Posted: 15.4 cm Visible Nib Length: 17.5 mm Cap Diameter: 13.5 mm Barrel Diameter (Thickest): 12 mm 4.Nib and Performance (Rating: 8.5 out of 10) The nib is made of stainless steel and as such there is no flex in the nib. It has “Iridium Point Germany” etched on to it and I like the way the two etched lines run out from the feeder hole to form a V on the nib. The nib grade was not mentioned on the packaging but it writes somewhat towards medium. The feed is made of plastic and very generic in shape and size but does its work quite amicably. The pen writes very smooth and draws a clean neat line without any skipping or ink breaks. The only problem I faced with it was that it skipped a bit on a particular notebook (Camlin High Quality Notebook) that I used for the sample write-up but it was primarily due to the paper, as it is extra smooth and other pens too had the same problem on it. I tested the pen on a variety of other paper and I couldn't reproduce the problem. 5.Filling System (Rating: 8 out of 10) The pen comes with two small sized cartridges and should easily take the longer Parker cartridges too. I even managed to use a Camlin converter in the pen, so standard converters too would obviously work with it. Because of the ink window using this pen as an eye dropper is completely out of the question. 6.Cost and Value (Rating: 10 out of 10) The pen retails at Rs. 100 i.e. $1.70 approximately. Given the straightforward design and the nib performance I would say it is an absolute value-for-money pen. Moreover, given the fact you can buy it in five peppy colors means you can have a multi-color pen arsenal at your disposal for as low as Rs. 500 ($8.5). 7.Conclusion (Final Rating: 7.9 out of 10) I think Pierre Cardin have done a good job here and what they need is proper marketing for it to pick up in sales. I also found an advert video on you tube for the same but haven’t seen it anywhere on TV. This pen is somewhat similar in price to Jihao 599 which is available in India from ASA Pens for Rs. 175 ($3) and on eBay too. Obviously this is not a premium or even a mid-range pen but it can certainly be used as a daily driver if you write a lot and want something you can be completely careless with and maybe even loan out to friends and colleagues ;-). A writing sample (please ignore the sub-par handwriting) and the advert link are given below. Cheers, Sheri Chander Advert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko0Gqhm_ews Writing Sample
  3. Maybe it's not, but it must be bloody close. It goes for AUD$9.95 including delivery, two cartridges and a converter. How good is that? It's light, it's plastic, it's black and gold and it's wet wet wet; all things that make me happy. It has a Safari inspired cut-out ink window, a slip-on cap that makes a delightful 'plop' sound when it comes off and a very useable, fairly stylish pocket clip (old mate Pierre knows what he's doing). The nib feel is eerily similar to the Safari, but the grip is uncompromised by finger guides. It has discreet little ridges that gently caress your fingertips as your grip shifts while writing, it actually feels nice, not just neutral. Of course I didn't flush it out before use, just dived straight in. I know a lot of people consider that to be quite rash, but in my humble opinion, if a consumer grade pen like this can't come straight out of it's packaging and write with the included cartridge within a few seconds then it's really missed the mark. (I didn't use the included cartridge, but you know what I mean) ....Dare I say it..... ...I'm sweating and looking over my shoulder.... OK! My first impression is that it's better than my Safari. Whew. I'm ducking for cover, bring it on!
  4. CBNina

    Happy To Be Here

    Glad I found you and your members! We have acquired a collection of pens from Schaeffers to Montblancs that I know nothing about. I want to learn and to identify the pens we have. I have pictures but I need to learn how to down size them. In the meantime here is part of the collection. What is not listed here are some select pens I can't identify but will photograph this week. Happy to be here! 2 - Colibri fountain pens 4 - Montblanc 3 - Not Sure 5 - Parker 1 - Pierre Cardin 5 - Schaeffer (including 1 pen and pencil set) and 11 - Waterman Pens Hope to post pictures soon!
  5. I have already posted a written review for the pen here:https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/267666-pierre-cardin-masterpiece-fp-review-with-pictures-a-mont-blanc-for-the-starters/ But now as i have also done a video review which i think is better, I thought of sharing it! Do share your views and comments and also like it if you find it useful or fun! Here is the link: http://youtu.be/OJ7gQu2Ogps
  6. Hello there! Today i will be reviewing the pierre cardin "Masterpiece" fountain pen! It is a brand marketed by the Flair pens in India in associtation in design with the french fashion designer Pierre Cardin. First look at the pen and you will say "whoa!! is it a Mont blanc Meisterstuck 146 in there by mistake?!! :D" Well ofcourse not! but you will see what i mean as we get on with the review! (Also the name "Masterpiece" = "Meisterstuck") This is one of the most affordable good quality FPs in the market which also manages to give a hint of luxury of the higher end pens. Priced at around Rs 400 ($6.75) in India as in may 2014, It is a must-have for starters! So, lets move on, shall we?.... The pen comes with four standard short cartrideges in a nice tin box with a transparent plastic window. The red velvet plastic pen holder can be taken out and the case can be used as a pen box. Now you see what i meant by "Whoa! a Mont blanc?!" The design is clearly Mont blanc inspired with the pocket clip, the center band and the cigar shaped body. Which is a rather classical FP design anyway. The cap is a clip-on type cap and not screw type. The pen feels quite nice in the hand and the body plastic built quality is very nice with polished lacquer feel to it. The clip, the center band, the barrel threads, and all other golden accents are made of metal which adds a decent amount of weight and feel to the pen. The pen is well balanced even when posted and posts quite securely giving a robust feel. The clip and the center band. The pen posted (and yes! i am working on my handwriting! ) The two-tone steel nib too is quite impressive and smooth with nice engraveing on it. It is a M nib with consistent ink flow. Size-wise it is fairly big as well, giving a richer feel to the pen on the whole even while writing. This isnt one of those "creepy" iridium point germany nibs...it is indeed a quality one. And anyway not all IPG nibs are bad. The section has a smooth taper towards the nib with a mild concave curvature making it pleasant to hold. The pen also comes with a standard converter pre-fitted into it, making it a very user-friendly package on the whole (with 4 spare ink cartridges in the box). Now, moving to the final writing sample..The feathering seen on the paper is because it is a low quality paper and nothing to do with the ink. i tried the pen with diffrent inks and it did not have a single issue with the flow or writing! So, in the concluding statement, i would like to say it is a really good pen package on the whole for everyone! It gives the feeling of using a high end pen without the fear of loosing or damaging it in everyday use. Thats because of its price. Secondly, those who are starting out with FPs and want a really good, reliable writer...this is IT! No doubt about it! ofcourse there are other brands..but this is the complete pen package i have seen so far in this price range. With the classic design, the great looking pen case the 4 spare ink cartridges and the converter...you can never go wrong! So...just go and get it if you can! Simple as that! You will not be disappointed! Hope this review was useful!. Please share through comments and ask any question that you might have regarding the pen! I will be glad to know your views or suggestion! I will be coming up with other reviews for the FPs in my collection later....till then, HAVE A NICE DAY AND KEEP WRITING!
  7. One says Pierre Cardin the other says nothing but is very cute. I hope someone can direct me tp cartridges or converter. Do all types of pens accept a Lamy converter ? First one says Pierre Cardin but have not found any docuemntation about it. Only a photo with no description in the intenet. Also a gift from persons who knew I love pens, any type. Second t image is of a fountain pen with no ID in any place. Iguess those were made with design in mind, maybe not highly engineered. Anyway I like it and was agift which I appreciate. Both says Iridium point. Thank you for any help.
  8. Okay, so I have a Pierre Cardin mechanical pencil, one where you twist the top to get the lead out. I dropped it today and the plastic on the inside (where the top plastic cap screws in) cracked. Whenever I try to screw the top in tightly/get more lead out, the crack opens and as a result, I can't get the lead out. I've tried to super glue the crack, but it's not holding. Any other tips?
  9. Hello everyone:Not so long ago I purchased this Pierre Cardin vermeil. Reminded me very much to something known and looking for and comparing it with a normal Aurora Hastil I found that they are very similar. Does anyone have more info on this model? Does Pierre Cardin manufacture own pens? Are there more Aurora Hastil disguised under other brands (apart from the well known Montblanc Vip)?Between both pens there are differences like the clip, end caps and brands. I have attached some pictures.

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