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Found 19 results

  1. It's probably for the better that OMAS is no longer with us... marketing executives would never let pens like this leave the factory! Much too 'sedate' for the modern consumer, I'm sure... 2003 Paragon Royal Blue celluloid (LVMH era) and 1934 Extra Permanio tortoise shell celluloid (La Stilografica - Bologna origin)
  2. Hello, I got this pen last year, and its one of the extremely rare instances where I buy a pen other than FP, but I couldn't resist this beauty, this edition is limited to only 100 pieces. Best regards.
  3. I just picked up one of these about a week or so ago. Ive been trying to get one for almost 6 months now and out of nowhere, one was available from Bryant at a fair price these days. I jumped on it and pulled the trigger! Ive only started collecting Omas pens about 2 years ago and have had to make up ground quickly. First impression. This pen is extremely elegant with the diamond like carbon purple/bronze color and rose gold trim! Very exquisite! The nib and trim is a pink gold instead of red gold and very fitting for the look of the whole package. When I first saw it, I felt that it
  4. I found a kitchen scale laying around the house tonight so I weighed some inked pens for fun. The silver vermeil section on the brown arco really seems to add some weight! The Titanium Omas Paragon came in at 41.29G Omas new style brown arco Paragon at 49.88G Visconti Millionaire at 55.97G Lamy Studio at 32.96G
  5. I've fulfilled a pen bucket list item tonight my friends! I've been actively bidding on/searching for an Omas Titanium Paragon in bronze PVD for 6 months now. There's a seller on eBay that seems to have several of these but with the diamond encrusted cap band. He has the listed buy it now for an insane price but every few months, he'll put one up on auction no reserve. I've been tracking prices to plan my bids accordingly but prices just keep going up exponentially! Pen emporium has one of these listed without the diamond cap band for a fixed price but they want about the last sale price for o
  6. Not exactly your prettiest pen or your best writer but the pen that you get along with the best. The one you would never flip for whatever reasons ignoring sentimental value. An absolute keeper. For me it's my Omas Paragon Ludovico Einaudi signature edition with a broad nib. I know we have pens on the opposite spectrum that have been combative every step of the way for no reason at all. I have one in mind right now so there must be something to this both positive and negative. I ordered this Omas new after they went under. It was one of their last pens and the only year of the "sign
  7. DanceOfLight

    Omas - Which Would You Send Back ?

    A bunch of Omas that were offered at significantly (IMHO of course) reduced prices, have landed on my desk. I can afford to keep 3, so the rest would need to go back. The wish, of course is to keep all of them, but my banker vehemently disagrees. Do note that all of them were offered around the same price around 375 Euro equivalent, except for the c/c filler which is reduced further. All of them new/un-used/un-inked The question is : Which of these would you send back and why #1 Paragon - Art Deco Limited Edition - Piston fill - Gold Trim - Stub #2 Paragon - Art Deco Limited Edition - Pist
  8. http://s32.postimg.org/cpjbqsuo5/IMG_1532.jpg
  9. Just as I said in the Milord review, this is the review of The Paragon edition of the Einaudi signature line from this year. I have spent a fair bit of time writing with the pen to make sure that the impressions I give are as good as I can give, especially regarding the ergonomics, which is the main reason I switched models in the first place. As always, I will put a plug in for Einaudi's music, it is calming and wonderful to listen to, and as I've said before, given how much I like his music, this was a must buy for me. Dimensions Length capped - 150mm Length uncapped - 135mm Nib length
  10. Drcollector

    Omas Paragon Old Style Bad Odor

    I recently purchased what was described as a NOS Paragon. It writes very well, but there is a mysterious odor emanating from the nib and the cap. If I had to describe it, I would say it smells like a rusty toolbox and stale bread. My Paragon has an 18k gold nib with gold/orange plating. This plating appears to have worn at some places, and I suspect that it is the source of the odor. Any insight would be appreciated.
  11. Friends, The moment might have arrived for me to make another purchase. As a birthday gift to myself I'm thinking of something special. Possible options are Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal Swirls, OMAS Paragon Arco Bronze/Brown, Danitrio Mikado. I had also considered the amazing Conway Stewart Churchill, but those are very hard to come by these days and they are not piston fillers. As you probably guessed, I like big pens, with a a hefty section. The winner will become my daily writer, replacing my Montegrappa Emblema in red celluloid. It's very beautiful but the nib is too small and the s
  12. Susan3141

    Discolored Omas Paragon Arco?

    Hi all, I just received an Omas Paragon Arco. It's a 2002 model. My question is this: I thought the beautiful glowing wood-like colors were supposed to go all around the pen. On this pen there are two sides that exhibit the glowing, beautiful gold and brown colors, and two sides that are dark brown striped. Did I get a discolored Arco? Or is this normal? It's hard to show the dramatic difference in the colors in the photos, but hopefully you can see what I mean. Now, if I don't put the cap on just perfectly, nothing lines up. I am not happy with the coloration, because I expected it to be
  13. Now this is how to pack a boxed pen for trans-atlantic shipping. Almost six feet of 14 inch wide bubble wrap, plus about five feet of five inch wide wrap on each side in a FedEx Express medium box. The pen inside the display box is wrapped in tissue that is taped. I know there are other probably easier and equally effective ways to pack for shipping. I was just impressed by the attention to detail in the wrapping process. It took me a few minutes to cut through it and perhaps longer for the shipper to wrap and tape it. Stay tuned for photos of the pen.
  14. Hi guys, I got my NOS Omas Paragon Saft Green today, and have a favor to ask. I found that the cap cannot fully close on the barrel, which will leave a gap between the cap and barrel when I close the pen. Did Omas leave the pen like this on purpose or there is a problem with the pen? Thanks!
  15. Hi, I just purchased what seems to be a black (used/NOS) Omas Paragon with Greek key design on the cap and section. No date stamp. The capped pen measures 14,3mm/5,6". No tag on the barrel, "Omas" on the cap. The big friction fit two-tone nib appears to be a stub with a little flex but has NO nib grade and NO gold k value on it ... ? I wonder if anyone can help me date or even identify the pen? Maybe this helps ... it seems the cap shrank a little since it turns tight near the end and the greek key cap band feels somewhat loose - older vegetable resin? Thx!
  16. a.zy.lee

    Omas Questions

    I recently discovered Omas pens but I don't understand which pens are which. Some of theme are called "Arte Italiana," some are just called "Italiana" and some are called "Arco." Another term I know of is "Milord." Are they all part of the same series? What do the different terms mean? All these pens look similar, however. The only differences I can see are differently shaped grip sections and colour. Why are the grip sections different? I know that "Paragon" attached to the name means it's oversize. Do all Omas pens have a Paragon option? I also know many of them are limited edition. Are ther
  17. I was playing with my lightbox and decided to photograph my entire Italian pen collection, which amounts to a grand total of two pens from OMAS and Delta. http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2180/13053976833_dbe5846875_b.jpg The OMAS Paragon in Maroon/Rose Gold Trim. The distinctive 12-faceted pen body is meant to resemble a 12-sided Greek Doric column. http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2677/13053842765_2314b152d6_b.jpg The maroon cotton resin body and the rose gold section match perfectly. http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3832/12944875214_bdbccedf2e_b.jpg The Delta Stanfuffo Grande Circo. The cellul
  18. esteroids

    Please Help Date My Paragon

    I have this bronze arco Paragon, 141 or 142 mm, BB nib, with no year stamped on the section (or anywhere else I can find) It has a black box (no ink) with a black booklet and black paper outer box. I'm curious about it's age, and know next to nothing about Omas. I have another identical pen (B nib) dated 1998 on the section, with an off white box that says "Collezione Celluloide" on the tray (no ink) with a tan booklet and tan paper outer box. Please, can you help me with the unmarked pen? And do I have the boxes mixed up? After looking through the threads I'm wondering if there was an
  19. Still missing : solid white gold/platinum, one dark kind of exotic wood, arlecchino club, pearl grey.

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