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Found 18 results

  1. Here are pics of my latest pen, the Sailor King of Pen with Sakura Nagare maki-e. Lots of raden and gold dust. My 6 year old daughter really likes it. I really like it. Has a broad nib. Writes okay if I give it some pressure at a lower angle than what is natural for me. Need to work it myself or perhaps seek out a nib meister although usually do my own nib work for the past decade or so. While the writing performance is not ideal for me the pen is still a stunner and after adjustment should make for an excellent pen because the KOP is an excellent pen. Packaging is premium and everything ab
  2. Hello everyone! I'm new to Fountain Pen Network, and what has drawn me here is the expertise of the members who frequent the forums here. I would like to participate more in the future, but I do have an immediate question of the community. Please tell me if I've included anything in this post that are against the rules. I recently acquired this Sailor 1911 King of Pen from England. The seller informed me that her father (its previous owner) died recently and that he was an avid pen collector. She is slowly selling the collection apparently because none of the family is that interested in the
  3. Normally, I go in for urushi pens these days but when I saw this one in person, and more importantly, wrote with it I had to have it. This is an all ebonite King of Pen in a unique pattern they call Blue Wave. The included card says that it is coated three times with urushi but it still smells of ebonite so who knows. A press release also said the grip section was PMMA, which is extremely unlikely to be the case. Anyway, this is a King of Pen and as such has the large 21k nib, the giant feed, and the small converter. As I've said before it really is a perfect pen. This one, however, is more pe
  4. JonnyTex

    King Of Pen Section Swap?

    I have an ebonite King of Pen I love. Anybody know if I could swap its section (the section, itself, is plastic) with a Pro Gear King of Pen? I'm thinking if I were to get another King of Pen down the road, I would probably want a Pro Gear since the ebonite model looks just about like the 1911 KOP. It seems logical to me that all the KOP sections would be identical (except for color, etc.) Thanks!
  5. Because I adore the nib in my King of Pen more than any other nib I've had and because I can't seem to shake the craving for another one (as if, had I a second one, I could write with one in each hand, a double pleasure), I have been looking at Sailor's urushi Kings of Pen. For weeks and weeks I thought about the green one (https://www.nibs.com/pens/sailor/sailor-king-pen-green-urushi ). Then, hearing that in certain lights the green showed shades I wouldn't necessarily like (a cold, grayish teal or a greenish yellow), I began thinking about the blue instead. Googling around, I see the blue
  6. Hey Guys! I need some help identifying the model of a pen that I recently purchased. Here's what I know: this is a 2010 Sailor Prime Minister Sakura Nagare commissioned by the prime minister for unpensioned WWII veterans. I need some help identifying what model it is. It was listed as a Profit, but I dont believe the seller knew exactly what model it was. I have found that others like this are the King of Pen model, but I believe I have also seen other sizes. I would also love to hear any other information (ie how many were made, how many different sizes there were, etc etc). Any h
  7. shuuemura

    Battle Of The Big Reds

    Battle of the Big Reds http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5480/11931434345_5ea0b7cbff_b.jpg From top to bottom: Sailor King of Pen in Crimson Urushi, Namiki Emperor in Vermilion Urushi, Namiki Yukari Royale in Vermilion Urushi. They are resting on a Nakaya three-pen pillow in Kuro-Tamenuri Urushi. Introduction In his excellent comparative review of four black urushi pens, rhk had shared with us his opinion of the Namiki Yukari Royale versus the Sailor King of Pen. In yet another great review, rubyeyespenlover had waxed lyrical about the beauty of the Namiki Emperor. Yours truly has reviewed the
  8. It happened during a seemingly innocuous totally normal visit to my pen AD. There were a bunch of pens in front of me for evaluation. Armando Simoni, Danitrio, Wahl Eversharp, AP Limited, Sailor King of Pen in black resin, etc. Then, out of the blue, come three boxes holding none other than the Sailor King of Pen in urushi. Two were in Bordeaux urushi and one was in red. All had medium nibs as I recall. It was like manna from heaven. When I saw the red one it was all over. I did not even dip test the nib or pass go. I’ll take it and ink it up with Pilot Iroshizuku Take-sumi please. **please
  9. Katsoccer92

    King Of Pen Ebonite Maintenance

    Hey everybody! I've been a long time user, but first time ever posting anything on FPN. You guys are all great resources. Anyway, I've recently bought a Sailor King of Pen Ebonite (still not here yet), and I wondering what's the best way to maintain the pen so it doesn't discolor or smell, and the usual do's and dont's of having an ebonite pen. Thanks for all your help so far! Katsoccer92
  10. Sailor King of Pen PROFIT Sailor fountain pens owe their company name to an American sailor who first showed his fountain pen to the company’s founder. A lovely story whose reliability I have not confirmed. As Sailor is the name of the FP brand, I would have thought a maritime rank would be a more suitable name for the company’s flagship pen. For example, instead of the King, what about the Sailor Admiral? Regarding the regal title, King of Pen, the name makes me cringe. On Sailor’s website, this line of pens is titled ‘The King of Pens’. Yet the pen is engraved with ‘The King of Pe
  11. Sailor King of Pen in Crimson Urushi http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2835/9594362537_0c4578f4c5_b.jpg Sailor King of Pen resting on a Nakaya three-pen pillow in Kuro-Tamenuri. Lacquered tamenuri ink bottle rest is from Nagasawa Pen Style Den in Kobe, Japan. Writing pad is from Midori. Having owned this particular pen for four years already, I thought it was high time that I reviewed it. Since many great reviews of the Sailor KOP have already been written, I'll just focus on the aspects of this pen that make it special for me. Introduction Back in 2009, like many fellow FPN-ers I was swept
  12. Hello friends. Up for review today are two Classic Pens LB5 fountain pens with Sailor Nagahara Cross Point nibs. The two finishes are Kouseki (Metal Ore) in Diamond Brown and Tairiku (Continent) in Amethyst Mauve. There have been a lot of words exchanged as of late regarding these pens so I decided to offer my own thoughts, too, which hopefully will provide additional context and perspective. Stephen Brown (Hey there!), Matt Armstrong from the Pen Habit (we met at DC 2016 and he's a cool guy), David from Figboot On Pens, and many others have already weighed in on these pens--some expressing t
  13. Appearance & Design (10) – Large, simple, and elegant. Beautiful contrast between mirror finish on the ebonite and the rhodium plating on the simple section ring, nib, and clip. Construction & Quality (10) – Well constructed. Wonderfully smooth threading between section and barrel. O-ring on section gives a confident tight connection when threading in section to barrel. Flawless polished finish on the ebonite that looks to be at least a mile deep. The ebonite has excellent hand feel - warm to the touch - begs to be used (this is even before one considers the nib). Weight & Dimensio
  14. Hello, I placed an order for what would have been my grail pen (OMAS Brown Arco Milord with a broad nib); however, it is looking like the retailer is going to be unable to fulfill it (RIP OMAS). As they were unable to fill it, they have offered to refund the purchase price, or replace the pen in the order. I find myself drawn to the Sailor King of Pen Pro Gear Sky Blue; however, there does not seem to be a lot of information about the KOP Pro Gear on FPN. I am a bit hesitant to order though, mostly due to the size of the pen. I am worried that it will not be long enough to use unposted
  15. Just a quick poll. Have a couple extra dollars that I fell into and am considering these two pens. Which would you go for and why?
  16. Here is my contribution to the thread, a few pictures I took last week. You will find more on my boutique 123stylo.com, opening 1st of October :-) Any comments are really welcome! I'm trying my best to capture the pens beauty, without photoshop editing. Cheers from Switzerland! http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w499/123chrono/IMG_2607%20-%20copie_zpspo41piza.png http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w499/123chrono/IMG_2540%20-%20copie_zps5vfu5spl.png http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w499/123chrono/IMG_2668%20-%20copie_zpsmuhx8uk3.png http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w499/123chro
  17. I have heard very conflicting things about this. Some say that the resin with gold trim KOP was the old version, and that this was updated to the ebonite trim less model after Montblanc threatened Sailor with legal action. However, on Sailor's website the resin with gold trim KOP is still listed, and I saw on one particular website a Sailor ebonite with gold trim KOP which was listed as discontinued, with a separate resin version still being displayed.
  18. Hello FPN! I firmly believe that to enjoy your new pen, you have to have a good range of approved inks for coupling. There are certain inks that I believe "works" and "not-work" through a purely aesthetic judgement... With that said, new to my stable is a Sailor KOP - black ebonite. I am having a very difficult time finding an ink colour that goes well with this big black pen! I want to ask you...What ink(s) do you have in your black pen? (pictures with both the ink/pen combo will give you bonus brownies points!) Thanks everyone!

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