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Found 11 results

  1. Edward Selender

    Feedback with Pelikan M600

    So I have a black and red Pelikan M600 I pruchased about April 2023. I have been using Pilot Iroshizuku Crimson Glory Vine ink with the pen, as my understanding is that the Iroshizuku ink is a good ink and can be used with the Pelikan or any fountain pen. Also, I feel the color pairs well with the pen. However, my pen has a medium nib and it seems to me this pen has a lot of feedback. From my online research and other queries, I thought the Pelikan Souveran pens were supposed to have very little feedback, especially with the medium nib. I also have a green/white special edition M605. With the M605, which I had to send back to Chartpak three times, because it was skipping, which they denied (I sent them a writing sample as evidence). The M605 writes very smooth and wet, with less feedback, but I use the Pelikan Edelstein sapphire blue ink with the M605. I actually like a little feedback (My Montblanc special edition Le Petit Prince and the Fox le classique has a little feedback), but lately, the feedback with the Pelikan M600 seems to bother me more. I brought the M600 to someone who owns a nice gift shop that sells Pelikans, and the owner checked my M600 and think it writes well. Would I have less feedback if I were to use the Edelstein ink with my M600 and is what I am feeling normal ?
  2. Hello! My name is Michael Benham and recent member to FPN. Since high school, through college and all these years past, I’ve always liked and carried nice pencils and pens. Now almost exclusively I prefer to carry and have fountain pens. In these latter few years, I’ve ramped up my collection of pens, mostly mid to low-end caliber pens, my most expensive being a Cross Century II gun metal/gold. In this time I came across a couple handmade pens on Etsy that I liked because of the nice wood and acrylic barrels. I then discovered that these were kit pens, Vertex pen kits from Penn State to be exact. I thought, because of my creative juices associated with being a graphic designer/photographer who is the son of an engineer, that I could make my own pens. To be quite honest, I didn’t, and still don’t, have the finances to commit to buying my own lathe, and even more so, don’t have the time and patience to commit to turning my own barrels and caps for these kits. I was not deterred though, and thought that there’s got to be some ready-made or easily customized materials out there that I could fashion my own pen barrels for these kits. So I bought a few of the kits that required only a barrel (Vertex, Presimo, and Raw) and went down to the local Ace hardware store and basically walked around looking for anything that I thought would work and look cool as a pen. I’ve now broaden my search to Amazon and various tubes, pipes, straws, etc. I believe I now have around 30+ unique pens made and have managed to even expand into pens that need cap material. Although, I’m not entirely sold on them yet. So basically, in a quite long-winded way, my post is in search of feedback of whether these pens would be of interest to buyers, general consumer to even fountain pen connoisseurs? If so, what would a fair price would possibly be? And furthermore, any advice, experience into how best to sell and get these out to potential consumers? Bearing in mind that this is completely something that would be on the side, and not a main source of income, on top of being a new father to twins! Thank you in advance for any help, thoughts, you may offer. Peace, Michael - Minneapolis, MN
  3. cipherMagala

    Hallo From Austria

    Hey everybody, until last year I mainly watched Youtube-videos, sometimes red reviews online and bought way to many TWSBIs but now I finally signed up here! I have a question on where to post certain stuff on this forum: I recently created a website and I'd be really interested in hearing some feedback! I'm just not sure where to i'm supposed to post. (If this is important, it's basically a fountain pen search that doesn't sell anything but just links to stores. The URL is www.fpfinder.com) Thank you in advance! Cipher
  4. IMHO, this is an (i)deal fountain pen: vintage Waterman Ideal 52 with Waterman's Awesome Brown Thus far the nib/feed combination has superseded all other writing experiences from the collection of Aurora, Bock, Jowo, Sailor, Parker, Pilot, Sheaffer, Wahl Eversharp... to name a few... Is there a non-vintage modern equivalent?What is your ideal fountain pen writing experience?
  5. R_Bones

    Feedback And Its Nature

    Hey all! My first post around here I recently received an unexpected windfall from work and decided to try pens from two brands I had not previously tried; one of which was a pen I had been particularly lusting after for quite some time. In this process, I also excluded a pen because its particular brand had a reputation for "scratchy" nibs... and I am now second guessing all this after what I received. So earlier this week I received in the mail a Sailor Pro Gear with rhodium accents and a lovely bicolour 21K nib (broad). I also received, which I was far more excited about, a Pelikan M805 Vibrant Blue, also with a broad nib. Most of what I had read about Pelikan nibs was that they felt like butter writing on glass, and most of what I had read about Sailor nibs was that they had "feedback" but were generally well-adjusted from the box and provided a pleasant writing experience. After inking the Sailor up, I noticed: -it puts ink onto paper with absolutely zero pressure; IE touch the nib to the paper and you can write -it feels a little like a fine mechanical pencil when I write with it - not at all unpleasant, but very different from my two Lamy 2000's or my Pilot Custom 823, which feel like... what I would imagine a fountain pen to feel like (IE nothing, if the paper is good) -it is extremely wet, yet somehow lays down a finer line than my Lamy 2000 medium nib although to be fair, I had expected something like this after reading about Japanese vs western nibs After inking up the Pelikan however... -I have to exert pressure (although to be fair not much) to make it apply ink to paper -when writing, it does *not* feel like a mechanical pencil like the Sailor... however nor does it feel like my two Lamy nibs (both 2000's, one medium and one extra fine) or my Pilot broad nib - it feels sluggish and although it does feel "smooth", it feels smooth in the same way your nib would feel if it were made of bacon fat writing on wax paper... it's smooth to be sure, but slow at the same time, and sluggish -it has definite stubbish qualities! Which although neither my Pilot nor Sailor have, both my Lamy nibs do, which leads me to believe Germans grind their nibs rather differently than other people... and I do like it My question is... Is "feedback" what some people equate to as "scratchiness"... because if so, this Sailor nib I just got is in absolutely no way unpleasant to write with. In fact, it is an absolute *joy* to write with - zero pressure required (why I got into fountain pens, I recently started having to take a lot of notes at my work and my hand cramps with ballpoint pens) and it writes beautifully. And it is nice and bouncy if you accidentally have a ballpoint moment and apply a bit of pressure by accident; you just get a fat line and a lot of ink where you had that moment When I got my Pilot 823 with a broad nib there was something definitely "off" with it, and lo and behold, the tines were not quite aligned right... it would write, but it felt scratchy on the downstroke. I spent a bit of time myself (I am blessed in having not just a loupe, but a Wild Heerburg microscope... which some nibmeisters might be jealous of ) and now that the tines are aligned, it will lay down ink with zero pressure (like my two Lamy nibs), and lacks the pencil-like feel that the Sailor nib has (again, like my Lamy nibs). I hemmed and hawed for a long time about the Vibrant Blue M805 and the Aurora 88 Nebulosa... and in the end I opted for the Pelikan a little bit because of ease of cleaning and such, but also the "scratchiness" reputation of Aurora scared me off a bit. But... my favourite two colours are purple and blue (in that order)... so my heart is still with the Nebulosa. And after writing with a Sailor nib that is both renowned for being "smooth" yet "feedbacky"... I wonder what to expect. What nibs do you find "feedbacky"? Or "scratchy"? Now that I have adjusted my Pilot #15 broad it is very smooth and feels like glass on good paper; it also feels pretty smooth on cheapo work paper. My Lamy 2000 XF requires zero pressure on good paper and writes smoothly on those; I have to be careful on cheap copy paper with it but if I am careful, it lays down a proper super fine line for margin comments and such. My favourite of the ones I own however is hands down my Lamy 2000 medium... on a smooth paper like Rhodia it feels like there isn't even paper underneath it; on cheapo paper it doesn't require the care the XF nib does and just writes comfortably, and it is wet, stubby, and easy to write with in a way no ballpoint of rollerball pen ever provided me with. I will probably do a comparison of all these nibs at some point as a result of this Anyway... "feedback" and "scratchiness" turned me off of one of my grail pens... and now I doubt it. Thoughts?
  6. Big thanks to Atsu, also know on eBay as cool-japan. A wonderful seller; they got me three Sailor Kingdom Note inks to me in the US in about a week and at better pricing on eBay. Also thanks to saskia_madding for the links that led me to Atsu: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/261536-about-my-reviews/ eBay store: http://stores.ebay.com/japaneseproductsonlinestore/ The Gmail address is cooljapan21 If anyone is interested, I purchased the following: Nipponia nippon Tanna japonensis Garrulus lidthi
  7. jclewis33

    Custom 74 Nib Feedback

    Just bought a new Custom 74. The softer nib is taking some getting used to, it is not bad though. What I am wondering is: Does yours have any feedback on the nib? I have read several reviews that talk about the nib being smooth, but mine seems a little scratchy. Not digging into the paper scratchy just not as buttery smooth as I thought with this pen. Feels kinda like I am writing with a pencil at times. Thoughts?
  8. Frinck

    Creating Feedback In A Nib

    Hi everyone, This is my first proper post, so please go easy on me Personally, I love that feel of feedback in a nib. However, the nibs I've smoothed always end up being too smooth for my taste. Sometimes even buttery smooth. I can't seem to find the balance between scratchy and super-smooth. I recently bought a Kaweco AL Sport with a Fine nib and this had precisely the level of feedback I like. My goal is to create a similar feel of feedback in my other nibs, but am not sure how to do this. Can anyone advise on how to create feedback, without making it scratchy please? Warm regards, Al.
  9. http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ6448.jpg Would any of you calligraphic masters be willing to provide a gentle critique of the above sample and give me a clue as to what to work on to improve? I recently purchased my first dip pen and have been attempting this type of writing for just a short while. Before I go forward, I'd like to make sure I don't cement bad habits with my practice. The problems I see with my own writing include inconsistent/improper spacing between letters and words and a shaky/indecisive hand. There are also some letters that I'm really not happy with, including lowercase f, y, w, and k. Lastly, it seems my natural, comfortable slant angle is about 35 degrees, much more upright than traditional copperplate or spencerian slant. I've attempted to write over a slant guide, but it seems to make my penmanship worse. Do I just need practice? I did not use a guide for the sample. Sample was written with a Tachikawa G nib and comic holder with Iroshizuku Kiri-same ink on O. Crown Mill Pure Cotton paper. I realize I might get better lines and control with a real calligraphy ink, but I'd like to stick with fountain pen inks as I have a Desiderata pen on order. Thanks for looking!
  10. Which pen give you the best writing feedback? Famous examples, Aurora I am talking about pleasant feedback Looking forward to all your replies
  11. Hey FPN'ers, I just made a post over on the G+ fountain page about making a case for carrying around four ink bottles to gage response, and one of the users made a really interesting suggestion. He said he wouldn't want anything the size of a actual glass bottle, but would want something more like the Goulet ink sample vials. I think his suggestion is awesome and would work with the design I already make for my pen cases. What I would like to know is how many ink vials would people want to be able to carry around with them? Also, if you would want a different type of marterial from the fleece/raw silk combo? I also think it would be worth while, if there are more than two ink vials, to include a strip of vynal type material above the ink vials so that users could write the ink name on a small label and place it there and easily remove/apply a new label when they change their regular inks. What do people think? Would anyone be interested in that? Cheers, Phil

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