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  1. bchambers

    Hello from Utah

    Hello My name is Bob. My first exposure to fountain pens was after my grandmother passed away in 1986. I was helping to clean out her garage and found an old fountain pen that my father used in school. I was so intrigued by it that I couldn't put it down. I was in 9th grade at the time. Got made fun of by my "friends" whenever I used it so I threw it away... :( Many years later I was walking through a store and saw a cross fountain pen in titanium with gold accents that I loved and purchased in an XF nib. Loved that pen until it got lost in a move. Currently using a pilot prera with an italic nib, two metropolitans (one fine and one medium). I am wanting to move up the scale a little and have been researching the Eversharp Skyline, Parker 51, and the Sheaffer snorkels. But I don't know much about vintage and it is a bit scary to me and don't know where to look and don't want to be taken advantage of. Looking forward to reading and learning from this forum! Thanks Bob
  2. porchcouch

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hi! I've been drawing with fountain pens for a few years now! I have drawn with a Pilot Prera almost everyday since I got it in Japan in 2017. This morning I discovered it was missing. It lived a very good life, I haven't lost all hope that it will turn up. I hope it does, I love that pen and have drawn countless things with it. Its always with me. I must push on however, i'm tackling a white whale drawing and I figured what better to draw with than my grail pen. I have a Montegrappa Reminiscence that's been sitting unused for almost a year, I polish it and it has pen cleaner and a converter however the converter doesn't fit, so as well ascertaining knowledge from those more versed than myself, I'd like to figure out how to draw with my lovely pen. It's silver and hexagonal with no markings and amazing threads. I think it's a beauty. Anyway, Thank you for having me, i'm excited to be here! Soso
  3. Ambivalent

    2015 Days

    It took me 2015 days. From finishing my registration on the FPN to my introduction post. Fun fact, 2015 is also the year I signed up. Hello everyone, 2015 days is a long time to dive deeeeep into a hobby, and that’s what I’ve done. From my first fountain pen that my brother gave me, a Rotring 600, I was hooked and didn’t stop to use them until today. The Rotring was joint by more and more pens, inks and paper throughout the years. I started to appreciate different nib sizes, pen materials and finishes. Stop me if you have heard this before… While Instagram is a good platform to find inspiration and contribute to the same hobby, its not the same experience as having longer conversations and a huge archive. Happy to start reading and posten on the fountain pen network. I see you all in the 🧵. Greeting from Germany Ambi P.S. yes I had to write in school with a Lamy FP.
  4. Hello to the FPN from just-off-centre-of-anywhere! Udny is a parish of Aberdeenshire and, at 57 degrees N, is ridiculously far north for an inhabited area. In fact if we were somewhere else in the world we might be half way between Moscow and St Petersburg, or sinking slowly into the middle of Hudson Bay. I’m a farmer eking a living from a hillful of prime Aberdeenshire land, (by which I mean stones and water) and I collect fountain pens to take my mind off it. In particular, I’d like to thank the moderator for letting me in here. I hadn’t expected that.
  5. Moullineaux

    Hello From Nelson, Ga

    Hello All, Looking forward to the interactions.
  6. Egydrakar


    Hello, I am not new to fountain pens at all, I am using fountain pens for years, I have some ventage pens which I got from my father, meanly parker 51 & 21, and some shefar also. In last few years I got lamy safari & lamy 2000 ( which I love a lot), pilot vanishing point, Conklin All American and Duragraph and parker dufold classic big red. I am checking this fourm for long time, and finaly joind it.
  7. TaylorJ

    Greetings From Virginia

    Hi all, Taylor here. I am a 29-year-old fountain pen newbie, stationery junkie, 3D modeler/VR engineer and artist. I have always loved pens, hand-writing, paper planning, journaling, and so on, but for some reason never had a fountain pen until very recently. Didn't have one at all until my birthday in June, when I was gifted a blue LAMY Al-Star. I used it for about 4 months, LOVED it, and then it got destroyed due to my cluelessness...Now I've ordered a new Al-Star (in Graphite) and have my eye on a TWSBI 580ALR as my next one. I'm a newbie but I really enjoy the whole fountain pen experience. I think it actually benefits the battle to keep hand-writing (and handwriting/cursive) alive, because it allows the nerdier among us to really get technical and tinker and customize our writing experience. I'm a 3D modeler/VR engineer in my day job, so go figure, of course I love the technical side of it. I'm hoping to just learn and nerd out here. -Taylor
  8. Arrivistepen

    Hello From Pittsburg ==>Ca<==

    Hello, I’m George, in Pittsburg (via San Francisco), California. I started my journey around the world of pens less than 6 months ago (when I moved to Pittsburg!). I enjoy an eclectic collection: kit pens, volume produced pens Levenger/Monteverde/Libelle, the “where the hell did this come from” pens, and some from makers discussed widely here in the FPN (Omas, Delta, Conway Stewart, Stipula, Pelikan etc.) I like to have (but not always) a BP/RB mate to a Fountain pen, they keep each other company. I’m not a pen snob, but I don’t use Bic’s. I like to travel, mainly internationally (off to Japan & Vietnam later this month). I had a career in Technology, now working in Real Estate. These are gross generalities/stereotypes however: I like the design of Italian pens, the functionality & sturdiness of German Pens, the price and "innovation" of Chinese pens, and the creative engineering of pens like the Pilot Vanishing point. I’m looking forward to being a contributing member of this great community!
  9. Quizman

    Hello From Sevierville Tn

    Hello all, Have been using your site for about 5 years as I research and continue my FP hobby. Unlike some of my past hobbies, Which I get bored with, the FP obsession continues! Helps to liven up work and relax at the same time! Everyone here seems to be friendly and helpful. I don't really know anyone or know of a FP shop near East tn to talk pens, so Looking forward to learning and collecting with you all!
  10. Bojangle

    Hello From South Wales Uk

    Hi everyone, Great to be part of this community. I am pretty new to fountain pens but my obsessive nature means I have already bought a whole bunch of low cost fountain pens to explore. I really would like to find people to write too so that I can enjoy using these amazing pens. I love to travel and my favourite location is New England in the USA although I have been very fortunate and travelled to many countries. My pen habit started when I was given a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck as an award where I worked, it was a slow burn because the Pen was very scratchy but I persevered and recently it suddenly became very smooth to write with and that was the flame that lit the blue touch paper! Looking forward to taking part and hoping to find out how to do some serious Snail Mail Malc
  11. I decided that after much time, I should probably make an FPN account and fall deeper into this addition/hobby.
  12. Tonyhavana

    Hello From San Antonio, Texas

    Though new to the joy of writing with a fountain pen (less than a year), I am falling down the rabbit hole fast! I inherited my Grandfather's Parker Vacumatic and before investing in restoring it I decided to see if I'd even enjoy writing with a fountain pen. 19 fountain pens and 14 bottles of ink later, I'm now looking for a well-skilled, reasonably priced, vintage pen restorer who can return my Grandfather's pen to it's former glory. Recommendations, testimonies, and referrals are most welcome. Cheers!
  13. moosta8

    Hello From Mauritius

    Hello guys... I think I might be the only fountain pen user and fanatic on my small Island. Not easy to enjoy your hobby when the best FP stationery shops here try to sell you crappy (my opinion) Parkers and Sheaffer. So the best way to have access to the new goodies is online buying. Anyway take care all of you. Cheers, Moosta8
  14. Hi all, I'm new here, and newish to fountain pens. That is to say, any years ago I dabbled and was disappointed. Now I'm back and more knowledgable and know why it didn't go well back when. And disappointment is no longer my circumstance. Well, except for my wish for more time and money so I can learn and purchase and write and write and write. So very happy to be here! -gabaroo
  15. Hello my name is Clay and I'm a complete noob to pens in general (especially fountain pens.) The reason I'm "new" to pens is I was born with cerebral palsy and due to that I've used computers to write everything but my name and a couple sentences. I used to hate using pens and pencils to physically write things due to how hard it was physically and also I do not have good handwriting at all. I have come to realize here recently I enjoy writing with pens when the pen "glides" over the paper. Keep in mind the pens I used were not even true Ball point either. So I started to do research and discovered fountain pens. I know that it is a learning curve when it comes writing with fountain pens but I feel up to the challenge. I want to start enjoying putting ink on paper cause the way I see it, the words you write in ink gives the paper soul. I'm looking for a durable beginner fountain pen around $10 (prefer non-disposable) and to give you an idea I've tried the Pilot Varsity. I enjoyed the experience that the Pilot Varsity gave me, but I'm just not fond of disposable pens! Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance, Clay
  16. neilshaw


    Hi I am Neil from Kolkata India. Excited to join the FPN and look forward to interacting on this forum. Just got up a vintage 149 in bad shape and need advice on the same.
  17. Hello, My name is Rick. I have been using Fountain Pens for almost 2 years. My use of them came from an illness I suffered in February of 2015 causing nerve damage to my body and hands that causes pain when trying to put pressure through my fingers. Because of that pain, using a ballpoint was next to impossible, and lets face it, Fountain Pens are way cooler than rollerball! I have heard a lot about this site from Reddit and YouTube, but have never been here to see whats up. Not even to lurk. I figured if I was going to check it out, I would dive right into the community. So here I am, Rick
  18. Dogpaws73

    Hello From Alfred, Ny

    Hello all! I live in Alfred, NY and a newcomer to fountain pens in general. A very tiny town (village) that is in the middle of nowhere but has two large colleges across from one another. I've been doing some calligraphy for a few years and wanted to try something a little different from my dip and Pilot Parallel pens. I've gotten a TWSBI and a Karas Kustoms pen, but went ahead and splurged for a Conid Bulkfiller Regular. Having a hard time waiting for them pen to ship and arrive at the end of this month! I believe I've exhausted all videos on Youtube about the Conid and trying hard to keep my attention focused on patience. Thank for letting me join the community and will definitely post photos of men when it comes! James
  19. PaperRabbit

    Hello From Mexico! C:

    Hi everyone!! Fountain pen newbie here!! I just discovered this new wonderful world and have started my collection with a Pilot Metropolitan in Retro Pop Purple, and a Lamy Safari in Charcoal, both pens have medium nibs. Hoping to add one more pen soon and start messing around with inks. I use my pens for both drawing and writing, though I do more drawing than writing. I'm still in the process of experimenting and getting to know my pens and the inks I managed to find in my area. Glad to be here with you all! Cheers! <3
  20. Alliejay


    Hello all! My name is Allie and I am relatively new to the fountain pen world and quickly becoming an addict. I had a fountain pen when I was a child, but when the cartridges ran out, so did my fun. I have rediscovered them now and am venturing into different filling systems and bottled inks. I look forward to learning about this hobby from those who have more experience than me.
  21. nitinarora8

    Hello From India

    Hi Everyone Myself from India. Excited to join FPN after reading lot of information about my new hobby of starting again with Fountain Pens. I have started with Pilot Metropolitan , Lamy Safari (the dark Lilac color), Baoer 388 and Baoer 507. I have started with Water man Serenity Blue and also Private Reserve Midnight Blues. Looking forward to lot of interactions with everyone here. Thanks Nitin Arora
  22. jacobgmusic

    Hello From Chicago!

    Hello Everyone! I'm Jacob from Chicago. I'm new-ish in the fountain pen world. I have a few entry level pens and a few inks. I hope to expand my collection and save up to buy a pretty special pen, maybe a Pilot 823 or a Pelikan M100. I have an obsession with Diamine inks. ( Regency Blue is my favorite). I love to learn about fountain pens and their history.
  23. Hello from Macclesfield, England. I came upon FPN on my search for information on which fountain pen to buy and have finally joined the community. Tasked with writing wedding thank you cards, I found I could no longer write legibly after years of excessive computer use. I decided to do something about it and embarked on a quest to improve my penmanship. It started with a Lamy Al-Star where I experimented with nibs, then it has gone a little out of hand with my Twsbi 580AL silver, the 580AL Lava and now 580AL Green. So that's a little about me. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  24. Kolagnostos

    Hello And Howdy

    Hello, Glad to be here. I write a lot in correspondence (domestic/international). I appreciate the digital age and its handiness at times, but tangible written correspondence needs to continue. Getting back into written correspondence improved my penmanship, which I hadn't anticipated. Oh happy day! This and the love of snail mail made me dust off my ink dip nibs. —Then started the love affair of calligraphy and ink! A few months ago one of my correspondents in Colorado challenged me to try fountain pens. Just for trial purposes I got two. So here I am venturing into pen and paper alike... I have more paper than fountain pens! I've been planning to attend a pen show, alas the weather might keep me from attending. But I'd like my next fountain pen to have a good deal of flex in the nib, as I so love my ink dip nibs too. I enjoy the craft of tangible writing and love to learn new things. Happy to be here and glean from the knowledgeable folk.
  25. First I’d like to say hello! My name’s Ava Marie. Born and raised in the south (little German town right outside Austin, TX), but I live and breathe in Portland, OR. I’ve loved pens since I was very young. I would see your typical ‘Unused Corporate Desk Pen Set'™ while roaming the halls of IBM’s Austin campus with my mom in the 90s. I always got so excited when she let me pick up and inspect them. I wanted to understand them and just...create. Writing eluded for a lot of reasons, but being dyslexic & dysgraphic tend to be the top 2 on the board. I’ve always hated anything that required picking up a pen as it all got worse. So I just put it all out of my mind and carried my laptop everywhere for 15 years. Though I was never caught without my trusty Parker Jotter (guess it’s in my blood, eh?). ——— Last year marked the end of that extra 5 pounds I walked around with all day when I needed to take notes quietly in a few seminars I was planning to attend. I finally revisited writing and took a new approach this time. I started to rummage through old letters from friends and family…comparing my letter forms to the ones I liked in those pages. I formed my own set of “rules” for myself on how to write each letter. Now I’ve formed that bond with analogue I wanted as a kid (even managed to find it somewhat as an adult, being a tube amp & vinyl nut, too). Every day of my life is full of ink on paper now, and it feels great. ——— But for the sake of keeping this somewhat brief I’ll just show you how far the rabbit hole has taken me so far without the help (and I’m sure enabling nature) of FPN so far. Really happy to be here to learn more and maybe even pass a few tidbits of my own on. http://i.imgur.com/v8xM1Aa.jpg?2 My 'Daily Drivers' right now are the Pilot Heritage 92 (Fine Nib, Noodler's 'Borealis Black'), the Lamy Al-Star (1.9 Stub, Diamine's 'Imperial Purple'), and a little prototype of my own fitted with an EF Bock 250 (between the VP & Urushi Brush) sporting Pilot's Standard Blue.

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