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Found 16 results

  1. Hello everyone, apperciate your kindness and input here. I bought two Aurora Internazionale on my trip to Japan a while ago, but I think due to all kinds of accidents, and the bank I kept them in got water damage in the vault. I observed some wear and scratches created by shipments. (Which is like a small amount on the and the end of the pen) So I would like to send my pens through Kenro to Aurora, I asked Kenro if Aurora could offer a repolishing of the pen, and they said yes. But I do not know if Aurora is willing to do an overhaul for the two Internazionale since they are sitting in a moistured environment for a while, so there may be something terrible happening to those metal components on the cap or so. And got some minor wear and scratches on the surface. I was just wondering if anyone would help me with this question. I also wonder what kind of packaging I should do when I ship them to Kenro, and in what type of packaging will they send back? Well... Although Internazionale may not be the most valuable Aurora, its old Duofold appearance and limited nature are indeed leveling up my concern and cause me to worry about these issues.
  2. About a month ago, I friend of mine sent his Duofold ballpoint for service to Parker. The pen didn't work for some reason and was just a few months out of warranty, so he decided to sent it directly to Parker in France in order to have it serviced. The pen returned just this week and much to his surprise, it was returned stating that Parker NO LONGER repairs pens or pencils. If under warranty, they might replace the product with a similar one; out of warranty they are offering a 50% discount on any other Parker, Waterman or Rotring product of his choice! Can you believe this?
  3. I'm considering getting an M805 online, due to the significant price differences from the other websites or retail stores ($480-600+). Cultpens.com and Niche Pens seem to be selling them around $330 (at current exchange rates). Amazon sells them for sub $300. (A month or so ago, before the GPB jumped on Brexit hopes, it was even better at $280 odd, with online coupons). I've read the Chartpak in the US does not honor warranty service for pens bought with the online retailers. Is that true? (I had them do a warranty service on my M605 I bought from Pam Braun, years ago). Any experiences positive or otherwise helpful. Why the huge variation in prices? Why would I buy a Pelikan for $600 odd if I can buy it for almost half that from a reputed online retailer? Even if I have to send it to a nibmeister for adjustment, I'll still be saving money. (Both my Pelikan purchases in the past had flow issues). What am I missing? I don't buy that many pens, and this is going to be a special thing, so want to be sure. Leery of amazon.com, as one never knows who's selling it and if genuine or not... Do cultpens and Niche Pens do a basic dip test before sending it?
  4. Ink_Blob

    Question About Lamy Warranty

    I brought an extra fine Lamy Safari about three months ago and noticed right out of the box that it was scratchy to the point of ripping out paper fibers onto the tines. Thinking that it was probably due to the pen not being broken in yet, I didn't go to the shop to get it changed since the warranty card said there was a two year guarantee against manufacturing defects. Recently, I finally went back since the issue has not gone away and they told me nibs were not under the two year warranty. Apparently I had to go back within three days to get them changed. Is this really the case for Lamy? Or a case of the retailer being shady? Thanks in advance!
  5. latifkosu

    Inaccessibility Of Cross Pens

    Hey there everybody. I really don't want to start using here with a post like this but i am really peeved off. I've sent my Cross Spire Black Caviar to warranty here in Turkey at October 2017. They said that they wrote an e-mail to Cross Germany about my pen and its warranty. They are still waiting an answer from Germany about my pen. In these passed 4 months i wrote myself to customer realtions, warranty service and all the possible mail adresses i can find from the company. But there ise nothing i receive. I like to ask that is there anyone work in Cross Pens or did anybody experienced this procedure before?
  6. QuantumMisa

    What To Do With Defective Aurora?

    Hello, folks. I would appreciate your input here. After a few years of coveting, I finally bought an Aurora Luna limited edition fountain pen during the holiday shopping season. The pen is thrillingly beautiful, but the one I received had some issues. The two main issues were: 1, there was an extra "cut" on the underside of the nib, and 2, there was some kind of residue (glue?) where the ink window meets the body of the pen. I sent it back to the vendor, who has now determined that it is defective and is asking me whether I want to have it sent to Aurora for repair. Normally, I would just get a replacement pen. But this is a limited edition, and I have not been able to find another reliable source for the pen. I really want to have a Luna--ideally, one with good fit and finish, but I also worry that something would go wrong in sending it for repair. Has anyone here had experience with Aurora warranty/repair work, and how did it go? Or should I just keep the pen as-is and try to mod the nib later (and just live with the glue residue defect)? Alternatively, do you know anywhere else where I could buy a Luna?
  7. ek-hornbeck

    Twsbi Service Is Spectacular

    There are lots of reasons why I like TWSBI pens. One is their outrageous price/performance -- other pens of similar quality are an integer multiplier more expensive.They are attractive. That's a second-order effect, but it's a plus, if you spend a lot of time using a pen.They are quality pens: well balanced, feel good in the hand, and they write well.Yet, if I damage or lose one, I'm only out fifty bucks. So I'm willing to stick a TWSBI in my pocket when I head out to work in a coffee shop; I'm not frightened into leaving the pen in my office. This makes them pens that you use, not simply pens that you admire in a showcase.A major reason I use them is that they are designed to be disassembled. This is critical for me, because I use nano-pigment inks. The whole point of using a pen, for me, is permanence. But inks that are waterproof, resist organic solvents, don't bleach, don't fade under sunlight and are highly saturated in color imply more maintenance and cleaning, else they will clog up my pen. It's easy to strip a TWSBI down to its component parts once a year and flush them under running water, soak them overnight in Koh-i-noor pen cleaner, or drop them in an ultrasonic cleaner. In particular, being able to do this to the feed of the pen is really valuable. TWSBI pens are perfect for people who want to use nano-pigment inks.But there's one more reason to buy a TWSBI pen: for $50, you get something like a personal relationship with the people at the company. It feels like the act of purchasing the pen bought you admittance to a private club. The service is incredible. I sent the following email to TWSBI support this morning: From: "E. K. Hornbeck" To: twsbiinc@gmail.com Subject: Seek spare parts for damaged pen Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2017 10:42:50 -0500 I have a TWSBI 580, which I have enjoyed very much -- it is a *great* pen. Tonight, my five-year old child destroyed it: somehow, she managed to shove the cap on so hard it jumped over the threads, jammed on the barrel, and then sheared off at the metal ring on the lip of the cap. Everything on the pen is perfectly fine except the barrel and the cap. This, to be clear, very much falls under the category of "not covered by warranty" -- my daughter is a destructive force who should rightly be classed as a weapon of mass destruction. Would it be possible for me to purchase a new barrel and cap? Thank you. Prof. E. K. HornbeckI sent this on a Saturday morning. I got the following reply: From: Philip Wang <twsbiinc@gmail.com> Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2017 07:44:03 -0800 Subject: Re: Seek spare parts for damaged pen To: "E. K. Hornbeck" E.K., no worries, what is your shipping address and phone number? We can send you a spare cap and barrel. You just have to pay for shipping. Note the time-stamp on Philip's message: that's a minute and thirteen seconds turnaround time. $900 doesn't get you that kind of relationship with Montblanc or Pelikan. Or free parts. Just sayin'. -E. K.
  8. I am looking at a local Montblanc being sold, and the owner sent me an image of a warranty card that he has. It looks like this: Now to be honest, I've never seen anything like it. But to be fair he's selling a set, that comes with leather Montblanc goods too, so maybe this card is for that, I don't know. I've only ever seen the card that comes with the pen at the back of the service guide booklet. The seller said that he got it as a present from his company and never used it. Seems like a legit reason at least.
  9. I am looking at a local Montblanc being sold, and the owner sent me an image of a warranty card that he has. It looks like this: Now to be honest, I've never seen anything like it. But to be fair he's selling a set, that comes with leather Montblanc goods too, so maybe this card is for that, I don't know. The seller said that he got it as a present from his company and never used it. Seems like a legit reason at least.
  10. Earlier last week, I received a newly acquired Lamy 2000 that I purchased 'New' on eBay (here's the link I bought the pen from in case anyone's curious). All was fine with the pen, but the nib was a bit scratchy and a tad out of alignment. Being the "do it yourself" kind of guy, I figured I'd give a go at realigning the tines by using my fingertips and finger nails and to my success, I realigned the nib successfully! However, the pen does feel a bit scratchy, so I am intending on using 12,000 grit micro mesh (only) to smooth the nib out to my liking. My question is this: By purchasing my pen (new) from eBay, have I voided my warranty with Lamy (I am located in the USA, so I imagine I'll go through Lamy USA?)? By realigning the tines with my fingertips and finger nails, have I voided my warranty? By smoothing my nib out with 12,000 grit micro mesh, will I void my warranty? If I have a problem with parts of the pen NOT related to the nib, will Lamy still honor their warranty (i.e. replace a cap, fix the piston, etc...)? And lastly, if I indeed have voided my warranty by doing any of the above procedures, can, and if so, how does Lamy (and other pen manufacturers, for that matter) tell if you've voided your warranty by realigning your tines and/or smoothing your nib with micro mesh? As I'm sure any of you can assume, I am asking this question because while I want a glassy smooth feeling out of my Lamy 2000 nib, I also want to make sure I will be/can be covered in case any problems occur with my pen. Returning the pen isn't much of an option, as I don't want to have to hassle with return shipping, wait for a new pen to arrive, and receive another Lamy 2000 with a defective nib. Thank you so much for reading through this wall of text and I hope you have a great day! tl;dr: does realigning tines void warranty? does polishing nib with micro mesh void warranty? are other non-nib parts honored by warranty still? will lamy be able to tell I've realigned the tines and/or polished the nib with 12000 grit micro mesh?
  11. I seldom saw a Parker 51 pen's guarantee card come with a stamp until my friend showed his pen which was bought in 1972. Amazing! Do your Parker 51 warranty card come with a stamp? If so, show it through your photo! I also want to know the shops' names and watch their warranty stamps' design!
  12. egglorru

    Help With Waterman Warranty?

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to the fountain pen world, and I've started gentle (Noodler's pens, a starter calligraphy kit, some Jin-Haos) and I've decided to make the Waterman Carene my first (more) expensive pen. I've found some good new in box models on ebay but they don't have the Fine nib I want - I was wondering if anyone knew if the Waterman warranty and nib exchange service only covers the original buyer or if any owner of the pen with the warranty booklet was covered for service? Secondarily, if anyone on here is looking to sell a Waterman Carene with a Fine nib in good condition for ~$150 used I'm quite interested
  13. I noticed the following disclaimer in the box of my Sailor 1911 Black Luster (sic) pen and would like comments, please. Are they just covering themselves, like Montblanc? I don't think that 'standard' inks like Diamine; Pelikan 4001; Waterman; Quink and Sheaffer Skrip would do any harm whatsoever, so just wanted the opinion of you lot out there. I can see their point but one might avoid certain inks in some pens anyway. No need to mention names!
  14. This pen found it's way to my door via the Yafa outlet website. I had a coupon code for 10% off, and was in the mood for a Conklin pen, and this one was on their website for a decent price as a prototype color. The pen was shipped promptly, and well packaged. The box that it came in was a standard Conklin box.....blue, too big for the pen, lined with cheap satin-like material, and held the pen in place for shipping. First impressions: This pen looked gorgeous. I really liked the "snowflake" appearance of the material, and it reminded me of granite or snowflake obsidian. The pen was light, and the curves "made sense" in my hand. In other words, it felt nice. I really liked the Conklin clip with the spring system. It's a neat style of clip that holds firmly, but doesn't feel like it will tear into a shirt. The gold "crescent" inlay was a nice touch and showed an attention to detail that I wasn't expecting. I flushed the pen thoroughly, and then plugged in a cartridge. I wrote with the pen for a full day at work without any problems. I put the pen in my pen case for 2 days, and then took it out again to write with. That's when I noticed that the area where you hold the pen was turning black. Uh oh! I unscrewed the nib section, and sure enough the ink had leaked inside of the pen, and dribbled between the nib holder insert and the nib holder (an odd place). Straight to the sink for a thorough flushing! I threw away the cartridge and figured that it might have been an old one (it had shipped with the pen) that Conklin had forgotten about. No worries as I switched straight away to the threaded converter. I then loaded the pen with Noodler's purple and spent a day writing. I was rotating with 2 other pens at the time, so this one went back in the pen case. The pens are stored horizontally. Two days later I retrieved this pen from the case. There was purple in the cap. Yikes! Back to the sink, flushing the pen again. I thought maybe I had improperly installed the converter. I rinsed the pen out and flushed using pen flush. Now there was a black AND a purple stain inside of the nib holder (and outside the black plastic insert tube). I loaded the pen with Diamine Wild Strawberry ink after re-assembling very carefully. I let it sit for two days and did not see any staining, so I thought that it was now properly inked. I started to write this review on a Rhodia pad, and the pen started skipping and stopping. I had to turn the converter nob to urge some ink out into the feed. While writing the review, I bent the nib. Just the left hand tine. By now, I had a few other fountain pens, and had never had another one leak (including two other Conklins), and no other bent nibs. Hmmm.....something wasn't right. So I de-inked the pen, flushed the nib section and noticed some red staining now. This was becoming a colorful pen. I pulled the nib and the feed. I tried massaging the nib back into shape, and got it pretty much back to normal, but could not get the pen to write. I almost through it in the trash at that point. I ordered up a Heritance nib (inexpensive in a 5mm size) and mounted it. This time with Private Reserve DC Blue. The pen wrote great for a day. 2 days later and.....it's another in the series of "super dry start, skips, doesn't write, writes heavy after turning the knob on the converter and stains". The nib is outstanding. For what I paid (I think about 8 bucks shipped), it's an awesome nib. Smooth, with a hint of flex. And it did not bend while writing with it :-) I've tried very hard to like this pen. The ergonomics are great, the new nib is smooth, but it's just not a reliable pen. I've sinced tried some J. Herbin ink (Larmes de Cassis color) and it didn't change a thing (except add a pretty purple stain). I'm guessing that this is a feed problem (maybe? I dunno), but the leak between the nib holder section and the full black plastic insert bothers me. Ink should not be able to get in there. Summary: Appearance 10/10 - Really a pretty pen. I like the black and white flakes. Wetness: 3/10 - it's wet only when you force ink into the feed. And then only for a short time. Smoothness of nib: 2/10 AND 8.5/10 - Stock nib was scratchy and it bent. Heritance nib felt great! Not as smooth as some other brands, but definitely nothing to sneeze at. Ergonomics: 10/10 - It feels great in the hand! Sealing (how well the cap seals against drying out): 1/10 - I'm including the sealing of the converter and/or ink cartridges in this. The pen dries out quickly, and the ink doesn't seal well. Boo. Weight: 9/10 - It's a lighter weight pen with a little bit of balanced weight. Posted, it's long. Unposted, it feels fine. Overall: 3/10 - A pen in it's very basic form should be able to put ink on paper. I have other pens (Conklin, Edison, Lamy) that can manage this task. The Symetrik cannot. I sent an email to Conklin via their website and did NOT get a reply. I like the feel of the pen. I like the look of the pen. I would like to use the pen. I'm putting this one in my "Lessons Learned" file.
  15. Hi all, I actually created an account to ask this question. 2 Years ago I bought a Nemosine Singularity and all was good. For the price point it wrote shockingly smooth. Over Christmas I bought a Nemosine Fission, gunmetal and used it as a daily journal writer starting in March. Loved the screw on aspect which helped prevent dry out, thought it was a great pen for the under $30 price and I heard nothing but good things about their warranty and responses. So in June, and mind you this pen has never been removed from the house and was only on my bed side, cap was never roughly handled, never dropped and... I screwed it closed while going to bed and noticed the body was out of alignment. Upon inspection (and a serious WTH) come to notice that the cap ring, which also holds the threads to screw the cap on busted off from the cap. Ok So I got out my Nemosine Box and got the information slip inside and emailed their info address (moreso as they describe their warranty as to apply to feed tubes and the like and not you know the cap-so I was not sure it was covered) and received no response. Emailed them again 4 days later, no response. Sent them a snail mail letter and have received no response. That all started three weeks ago. I have received no response, and even checked all Spam filters and email rules to see if I missed something. What annoys me even more about this is, I received a Franklin-Christoph Piper as a birthday gift in end of May and it wrote horribly and I emailed them regarding Nib issues and it was a response in under an hour with instructions on what to do and they would fix it for me for free. My question is, do I bother to just send the pen in with the $5 and hope they fix it and send it back, or just chalk the whole Nemosine Brand off as a loss and a learning experience and just buy Franklin-Christoph from now on? Should I throw good money in the form of the $5 after bad on a pen I spent less then $30 on but I have no idea if they will even fix it or cut my losses and just throw it away?
  16. I've wanted a Namiki Falcon for months but kept finding other pens to try as having to import the pen put me off due to the potential Customs charges. I found out last week that I could order a Namiki Falcon(resin) from Amazon.com and VAT/Customs charges were added on by Amazon so there would be no surprise charges when the pen went through UK customs. Using Amazons Global Shipping meant that the pen would only cost me a total of £100 and I knew that by using Amazon I had great after sales service if needed, so I went ahead and ordered one. The pen arrived Friday and so far I'm loving it, it has the new screw converter with the metal widget to help ink flow, it's very light so great for long drawing sessions and the flexy fine nib is everything I hoped it would be Waffle over the question I have is about the Namiki 3 year warranty, has anyone in the UK who has bought a Namiki Falcon(resin) sent off the warranty card or did you not bother? The card is laid out for a US address(state/zip etc) so I'm wondering if using a UK address would void the warranty anyway?

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