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  1. A Smug Dill

    Comparing multiple PenBBS nibs

    From the album: Nib comparisons

    I'd forgotten that I'd posted this here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/355075-penbbs-extra-fine-nibs/

    © A Smug Dill

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  2. A Smug Dill

    Comparing multiple PenBBS nibs' output

    From the album: Nib comparisons

    © A Smug Dill

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  3. poorplanning

    Nemosine Blue Snowball Nebula Twinkle

    I ordered a sample of Nemosine's new Blue Snowball Nebula Twinkle from Goulet to try out. My first impression was that there is a scary amount of glitter in even the small sample vial. I wouldn't put it into a pen I was scared to dismantle for cleaning. Unfortunately, the picture doesn't show it well. Sticking with the brand, I loaded it up in a Nemosine Singularity with an 0.8mm stub and made it a part of my daily carry kit for several days. The ink is sparkly. Even on cheap paper, if you look at it right, it shows up. Carrying my pen nib up resulted in a visible ring of glitter around the piston. I recommend agitating the ink before you write (with due care, of course). Surprisingly, the feed didn't seem to suffer at all. I disassembled the pen after a good flush and didn't notice any particulates, and there was no hard start or skipping with this ink. This ink has minimal water resistance, and seems to do best on paper that doesn't quickly absorb it (for the sparkly effect, you want the sparkles to stay on top of the paper). On normal paper, it dries well. It's not the smoothest ink, which I attribute to the glitter.
  4. The giveaway offer: One new, never-inked and never-dipped Nemosine Singularity Obsidian demonstrator with steel F nib in its original retail packaging (with a compatible but no ink cartridges included), as it was supplied to me when I bought it from Pen Chalet late last year (for US$9 apiece); you pay for postage. I'll be sending it using a tracked parcel service from Australia Post, so that means A$8.55 for a flat-rate Parcel Post 500g satchel to anywhere in Australia; to anywhere else (including New Zealand), it'd be more than the price I paid for the pen in the first place. The reason: Before I bought and used my first Nemosine Singularity pen, I was skeptical about how good the product is in spite of the 'accolades' online, on the basis that those declaring it great value for money seemed to predominantly be doing it from a (minority and biased) American perspective shipping charges (or lack thereof for US customers) were generally not factored into account when considering whether it's worth acquiring on its own, and I felt it wasn't pitched against other Taiwan-made or Chinese-made pens for shipping-excluded-pricing assessment of value for money. I bought my first Obsidian demonstrator from Pen Chalet on a lark, while I was ordering something else, so the marginal (international!) shipping cost for the unit was effectively nil, and I was delightfully surprised and positively impressed by it, and so I ordered a whole bunch more, with the intention of giving most of them away eventually. Having been in that position myself, I understand a lot of would-be buyers among the majority of fountain pen users worldwide and certainly the subset in Australia may have baulked at shipping charges for a single unit (especially if bought directly from Nemosine.com) that is more than the discounted price of the pen. Especially now that Nemosine is moving away from selling its pens through retailers, and the Singularity has been discontinued as a model, those who want to try one cannot easily acquire one any more, and those who are already fans may also find it difficult to buy extra units. My previous attempt to buy one at a 'reasonable' price on eBay ended in frustration, a full refund and a pen that does not resemble or relate to a Nemosine Singularity in any way. (Yet another unused pen for me to give away separately, some other day.) So especially in consideration of Australian fountain pen hobbyists I'm offering one of my surplus Nemosine Singularity Obsidian demonstrator pens as a giveaway, and you don't have to pay international shipping charges or a price for the product to get your hands on one; just what Australia Post charges as a minimum for its Parcel Post service. To be fair, if a New Zealander or UK resident wants it badly enough because it cannot be easily bought any more, I'll consider them on equal footing with anyone else who expresses interest in the offer, as long as I'm not wearing any of the postage charges to send it; the pen itself is my gift to the recipient, because one cannot just buy a new one these days easily even at the old retail price. The selection process: I'll use a random number generator to decide randomly between all those who express interest and agree to pay for tracked parcel postage from Sydney, Australia for the item in this thread by 23:59 Australian Eastern Standard Time on 30 June 2019. If nobody expresses interest in this thread by that time, the offer will be withdrawn/cancelled. Terms and conditions: The item is supplied as-is, in the retail packaging as it was supplied to me by Pen Chalet, with no warranty on my part, although Nemosine's own unique warranty code for the unit will be supplied on the slip inside the retail packaging. I'll check (and in fact, have already eyeballed through a magnifying visor) that the cap of the giveaway pen does not have cracks around the rim of the cap out of the box others have reported, but I do believe those cracks can develop with use, as they have on my aqua Singularity demonstrator. I will not be testing the nib on the giveaway unit before sending it off because it's brand new, but out of the (bottom four in the photo above) four Singularity pens I've inked and used (all with F nibs), none had a dud nib out of the box, and I'm happy enough with how narrow the lines they put on the page are. What I'll say is the plastic on the demonstrators are prone to scratching, and all of the caps of the demonstrators including the brand new ones shown have some visible micro-scratches on the inside of the caps on arrival, and so does the giveaway unit. Please pay the postage charges by PayPal to me before I send it; if tracking shows the package was never delivered to you, I'll refund you, since I'm not looking to pocket any of the money myself, but am in fact giving away with no strings attached what it cost me to acquire the pen in the first place. Given the almost total lack of interest in my previous giveaway when I offered to pay for the postage, let's see how this PIF goes! Edit: Added mention of Nemosine's unique warranty code inside the retail package
  5. PenChalet

    Nemosine Fountain Pens On Sale

    We have discounted the Nemosine Singularity fountain pens while supplies last. These pens retail for $24.99 and are on sale for $9.99. Great starter pens, available in an assortment of great colors.
  6. I'd appreciate any insights/feedback about cost-effective German replacement nibs... I've purchased about a dozen Jinhao x750 and x450 pens and have enjoyed swapping out the stock medium nibs for fine. I was going to buy some Goulet nibs from Jowo but then found Knox and Nemosine nibs for half the price. They are also German-made and I have been pleased with how they write. I've also read about Bock nibs but haven't tried any. Does anyone have experience with these various brands/makers of nibs and how they compare? Thanks! Najeeb
  7. After scanning Fountain Pen Network’s reviews sections, I discovered that the Nemosine Singularity didn’t have a review. The Singularity is one of my favorite pens and my everyday carry so I took it upon myself to write one. This is my first review but I hope it adds some value for anyone looking to purchase this pen. I personally think the Singularity is the best entry level pen available. Appearance and design: 8 The Nemosine Singularity comes in a number of colors and options. Some are demonstrators like mine, but many are non-demonstrators in a lot of color options. There are even new designs like the blue marble version Nemosine released about a month ago which I may buy too. The ends of the pen are mostly flat but have a slight conical shape. The clear plastic with the chrome colored metal looks really sharp and modern. In particular, the design on the nib is really nice. There is a butterfly shaped scroll pattern on it. I decided to give it an 8 out of 10 simply because it’s not as flashy as other more expensive pens. But I think it is a very attractive design for an entry level pen. Construction and quality: 7 The pen feels very solid and high quality. Nemosine even provides a 3 year warranty which is an extraordinary value for a pen at this price point. I have had this pen for five months and have not had any issues with it. The one problem other reviews note is about the barrel. On the Singularity, both the cap and the barrel screw onto the section of the pen. This means that it’s possible the barrel will screw off the pen instead of the cap. This has never happened to me accidentally, but I can make it happen intentionally if I screw the cap onto the pen too tight. It’s easy to correct if it does happen to you though. That’s the only reason why I gave the pen a 7 of out 10 on quality. Weight and Dimensions: 10 I personally find this pen to be a great weight and size. From the picture above, you can see that it’s roughly the same size as the Lamy Safari and Pilot Metropolitan. The Singularity is a nice 17g posted and 10g unposted. I usually post the pen. The nib is roughly a #6 size Jowo nib which is larger than the Safari and Metropolitan nibs so if you like a larger nib, this could be a good inexpensive pen for you. I gave this pen a 10 out of 10 for its light weight and large nib. Nib and performance: 8 Of entry level pens, this is my favorite nib. Even the other people at the pen meetups I go to are surprised how well this inexpensive pen writes. It is much smoother than my many Pilot Metropolitans and my Lamy Safari. Even though it is smoother than other entry level nibs, it does have a hint of unpleasant feedback when I write an upstroke. The nib also dries out if I leave the pen uncapped for a few minutes during a meeting, but it starts writing again after 2-3 downstrokes. Still, I find this pen much more enjoyable to use compared to my Metropolitan and Safari in meetings. The nib feels like writing with a TWSBI nib except in a larger size. I find it to be the best writing experience of all of my steel nib pens. The Singularity is available in EF, F, M, B, 0.6mm stub, and 0.8mm stub. All are steel nibs. I purchased a M nib which writes about equivalent in line width to my Lamy Safari B nib. There is also no line variation, but I don’t expect that from this pen. I am giving the Singularity an 8 out of 10 because of the slight toothiness and dryness. But otherwise it’s one of my favorite nibs in my collection. Certainly more of a favorite than my other entry level pens. Filling system and maintenance: 10 The Singularity is one of my easiest to maintain pens. It is a cartridge/converter pen that uses short standard international converters. It is also possible to eyedropper this pen if you want a massive ink capacity. Cleaning is easy since it’s cartridge/converter. Just flush water through the nib and convert. Since my pen is a demonstrator, I can easily get ink out of the cap with a Qtip. Absolutely easy to maintain and fill so 10 out of 10! Cost and value: 10 This is where the Nemosine Singularity excels! I would give it 15 points here if I could. The pen retails for roughly $20. I got mine from Goulet Pens for $19.99 and couldn’t be happier. I have many other pens that are in the < $150 price point that I don’t like as much as the Singularity. All other pens in our collection fall behind the Singularity, including my TWSBI Mini AL ($60), Platinum PTL-5000a ($64), Monteverde Invincia Deluxe ($108), Pilot Prera ($56), Pilot Metropolitan ($18.50), and Lamy Safari ($29.60). Once I get to the $150+ price on pens, that is where I start to see better writing experiences compared to the Singularity. For example, my fiancee’s Pilot Vanishing Point and my Pilot Custom 823 are preferred to this pen. Otherwise, I think the Nemosine Singularity is the best cost per dollar under $100. 10 out of 10! Overall and conclusion: 53/60 A 53 out of 60 seems like a low score, but I am trying to keep my score in the context of all pens I’ve used, including Lamy 2000s and Pelikan M800s (which would get 57+ points). Those pens are very expensive. The Nemosine Singularity is not. I think a 53 point score for a $20 pen is outstanding value. The Singularity is my everyday carry at work. At this price point, I’m not worried if I lose it, a coworker “borrows” it and destroys the nib, or if it gets dropped. But I still love writing with it.
  8. I unexpectedly got some pens parts in the mail today (several days early. Thanks Goulet!) and proceeded to form my newest creation: a Stylomine 303 with working accordian sac, a Nemosine 0.8 mm reentry nib, and a Noodler's Ahab feed. It works! Now all I need to do is find a breather tube that fits so that its ink capacity can be maximum!
  9. em_the_pen

    Goulet Haul

    Just got these in the mail. So excited! Though I may have gone a little overboard on the ink samples...
  10. Are Nemosine's M nibs appreciably wider than those of my Pilot Metropolitan M? (And if they are, how do they tend to write out of the box?) Looking for something wider than my Pilot's Japanese M nib, yet inexpensive, and the Metro-lookalike Neutrino model caught my eye.
  11. Honeybadgers

    Nemosine Neptune Blue

    Onwards with my Nemosine reviews! Neptune is the farthest known planet in our solar system, with an orbital period of over 160 years. Invisible to the naked eye, it was the only planet found by mathematical prediction and first observed in 1846 Neptune blue is more of a pastel blue, quite similar to the color of neptune itself. The pictures are a bit more violet than they should be due to my slightly yellow desk lamp. The color is not bright and vivid, but it's well saturated and has some lovely mild red sheen. It's extremely well behaved on bad paper, with mild-medium water resistance, I'd call the color quite similar to noodler's polar blue with its slate color, though this has some moderate, nice shading, along with the sheen, this is an excellent everyday ink. flow is wet and smooth. Absolutely a must-have ink, particularly for $8 a bottle. Very well behaved, everyday color that has some mild red sheen when you're using it on the good stuff, quick dry times (sorry no test in here, it's about 10-15 seconds on rhodia) and overall just ticks a lot of boxes without being eye-searing. A nice slate/dusky blue indeed, and another winner. Every Nemosine Ink I've tried so far has been fantastic in color and performance. I couldn't think of any particularly good quotes related to neptune, so I just went with one from oscar winning comedian Steven Wright. The box it comes in is simple - Raised "NEMOSINE" one one side. Another has a small sticker with the color and the location of ink manufacture, Slovenia. It does bother me slightly that the stickers on most of these bottles are not adhered with much care. The bottles are fantastic. Heavy, sturdy glass with a wide mouth, quality cap with an inner liner that stays adhered and doesn't pop loose like sailor. Easy to fill from, pelikan and J. Herbin could learn from Nemosine. I like that the bottles are both understated yet classy, and love that the bottles have the geographical coordinates of where they were bottled ( Pittsburgh, PA) Beautiful, saturated blue awaits. Slightly more purple in this image than it should be, it looks almost royal blue here, but I assure you, it's a very true blue. modest shading, but it's there in an EF nib. A moderate amount of the ink comes up, but remains quite legible. You can see the outline of the red sheen on the glass pen (which is not the wettest glass pen I've seen, it's actually just like a regular, juicy M) More shading. Some sheen is visible, but it's mild. The cap of the L on Lamy with a 1.1 stub shows a lot of sheen. Definitely still legible if wet. Glass nib garbage paper test (this is actually kind of a hard test, the glass pen can lay down some very wet lines) As you can see, this stuff don't feather! Close enough to zero showthrough that I'd say any paper of any better quality would be a zero.
  12. Honeybadgers

    Nemosine Aeolis Palus Red

    Being a huge sci-fi and space buff, when Nemosine launched a line of ten inks all with space themes, I couldn't help but buy them all. Unfortunately, Goulet sold out of Alpha Centauri (they have at the time of this writing, restocked it today) so I was forced to buy from Nemosine directly. They billed me immediately but never shipped. I sent two emails, both going unresponded, but two full weeks later they shipped (I presume they were simply out of stock, but a simple email letting me know would have been great when I had contacted them twice) and I was pleased to see that they tossed in a free M nib singularity! So delay and poor communication aside, I am happy with my order. Aeolis Palus is a plain between the north edge of the Gale crater and the northern foothills of Aeolis Mons on Mars, a region explored by the rover Curiosity. This ink has thusfar been another winner. It's a very true, neutral red. Bright, but not eye searing. it's a very wet flowing ink, very smooth, with good shading, decent manners on awful paper, and actually looks to have the barest amount of a black sheen outlining very wet writing nibs (much more visible in the ink smear) Zero water resistance, ~15 seconds washed it almost completely away. Dry times are exceptional, 10-15 seconds in my wet EF nib. Overall, I really like this. it's a lovely neutral red, similar to diamine firestorm red without the shimmer, some nice shading, this would be a great color for grading papers or writing letters. I sometimes use red in my patient charts since they are very visible and contrasted in the various boxes. This ink reminded me of bright red blood. Thus, a quote from Warhammer 40k. The box is extremely basic. Nemosine's logo is raised on one side Another side has a small sticker indicating what color it is, along with the location of the ink's manufacture, Slovenia. The label of the bottle is simple, clean, and elegant, and includes the geographical coordinates of the ink's bottling (Pittsburgh Pennsylvania) which is a nice nerdy touch. Someone should send Neil DeGrasse Tyson this ink set, since he's really into space themed fountain pens. Don't mind the slightly raised label, that was from me getting it caught on the edge of the box when I put it back in. The labels are well adhered, the cap seals nicely and doesn't get dried-stuck like sailor's awful bottles. I quite like the design of the bottle as well, it's hefty and solidly made, and would look very presentable on a desk. ​The mouth is quite wide for such a small bottle, able to accommodate any sized pen And now for the writing samples. All Lamy nibs stuck on a CP-1, my go-to for these ink reviews. It's a fairly wet flowing pen, with the 1.1 a medium-dry nib. All the ink seemed to come right off the page. Almost nothing left behind (ignore the blue smear, that's from the paper towel I also used on the Alpha Centauri review) Nice shading. On some dots you get hints of the dark outline/sheen that forms around the wet spots. Much more subdued when writing cursive. The ink smear was quite dramatic. And your obligatory garbage paper sample. As long as you don't need to write on both sides, it's very usable, feathering is well controlled. Better copy paper is probably fine for double side, this is the worst paper I've ever been able to find.
  13. Honeybadgers

    Nemosine Alpha Centauri

    Being a huge sci-fi and space buff, when Nemosine launched a line of ten inks all with space themes, I couldn't help but buy them all. Unfortunately, Goulet sold out of this particular ink (they have at the time of this writing, restocked it today) so I was forced to buy from Nemosine directly. They billed me immediately but never shipped. I sent two emails, both going unresponded, but two full weeks later they shipped (I presume they were simply out of stock, but a simple email letting me know would have been great when I had contacted them twice) and I was pleased to see that they tossed in a free M nib singularity! So delay and poor communication aside, I am happy with my order. I'm even more happy with this ink. It's GORGEOUS. A lovely, dusky purple with some moderate, yet very present gold sheen, good manners on awful paper, moderate shading, good flow, and some water resistance. I have yet to get to the rest of the inks beyond the Aeolis Palus Red and Blue Snowball Nebula twinkle, but thusfar, they're all winners, and this in particular is just fantastic. Dry times seem a little long for rhodia, but on anything more absorbant, dry times are near-instant. The boxes are simple, with a small sticker mentioning the name of the ink, which is made in Slovenia. The nemosine name is present in raised letters. Not the most interesting box, but for $8/bottle and a really lovely bottle itself, I'm not complaining. The geographical coordinates of Nemosine's bottling location is indicated on the bottle (a street in Pittsburgh, PA), along with a nice, clean bottle with a wide mouth and a great, simple label. I give the bottle design high marks, it's thin enough to be quite usable until it gets low, and I enjoy the shape, giving the ink the appearance of floating. It's no mont blanc or iroshizuku bottle, but it's quite high up on my list of favorite bottle designs. The lid screws securely and doesn't get the inner seal stuck like a sailor or pilot bottle. 35ml of ink is a somewhat small amount, but I do appreciate the low price of $8 per bottle, and I'll probably pick up a second bottle of the colors I like most. Now on to the ink - all of my Nemosine reviews will have some sort of space or sci-fi theme. First I thought of was Apollo 13 and Tom Hanks's propensity for calamity while traveling. This is a great everyday ink, saturated enough to be clearly visible, well behaved in all the nibs of my CP-1. I was quite surprised at the water resistance. the water sat there for a good 20-30 seconds and the lines are very legible. I like how the sheen kind of permeates all of the letter in a very subtle manner. it's absolutely lovely, without being over the top. The color honestly reminds me of a duskier version of Lamy Dark Lilac. I love vivid, bright colors, but this slightly muted lavender is just perfect for me. When you're printing with a wet nib, the sheen is much more pronounced. Another shot of that lovely, pervasive and mild gold sheen showing up all through the ink, not just the edges. And a sample of the absolute worst paper I've ever been able to find. It's a few steps above toilet paper, and yet the feathering is quite controlled in the very wet EF nib. Showthrough was minimal and slight bleedthrough. Bear in mind this paper is INSANELY thin and very, very bad. Highly, highly recommended. Thusfar all three I've tested have been knocked right out of the ballpark and will be used regularly.
  14. Honeybadgers

    Nemosine Coruscant Blue

    Continuing my ink reviews of the Nemosine space themed inks. From what I could research, Coruscant is just a Star Wars thing with no real astrological meaning. Feel free to correct me if I'm incorrect in that regard. Thus, my quote is from Yoda. Overall this ink is very much a purple-leaning royal blue. More violet than noodlers baystate blue, but not as purple as Alpha Centauri (comparison shown) There's a very mild amount of blackish, reddish/gold sheen that is only visible on very wet writing, and the saturation is very high. Water resistance is medium - everything's legible after a 30 second soak. Flow is good, all of these nemosine inks are quite wet and smooth thusfar. They even have enough surface tension to play nice with my dip nibs. Feathering/showthrough is very little, not quite as great as alpha centauri, but solid nonetheless and this ink could easily be used in a wet F or medium/dry M on really bad paper. Would I recommend this ink? You bet. A screaming deal, these colors are fantastic, the price is excellent, the bottles are lovely and well made, if you are buying a first nemosine ink I would still recommend Alpha Centauri for its glorious golden sheen, but thusfar not a single one hasn't been really excellent. A really nice everyday royal blue with some usable amounts of water resistance. Box is simple. Raised "NEMOSINE" logo on one side. Small sticker indicating color and that the inks were brewed in Slovenia Bottle design is awesome. Large mouth, narrow bottle. J. Herbin and pelikan could learn a lot from this bottle design for small quantities of ink. bottle is quite heavy glass and the label has the geographical coordinates of the place it was bottled - Pittsburgh, PA. Lovely, high saturation violet royal blue. all nibs are lamy steel, EF to 1.1 stub. Most are quite wet, the stub is medium. Note the impressive water resistance. and quick dry times (much quicker than alpha centauri) pretty exciting smear test, lots of blue violet color. Nice saturation with good shading. the bleed/show/feathering is only on garbage paper. Rhodia and decent laserjet paper have zero issues. the sheen comes out bigtime on the drip. That's not wet nor is it smearing, that's the sheen effect. the sheen is barely visible. This would be mostly visible in extremely wet nibs and nonexistant in medium/dry nibs. These lamy nibs are medium/wet Moderate-good shading. Wetter nibs will see less. Less ink came up than I'd have expected. A wet swab from a dip nib of alpha centauri. You can see the color difference in how much more purple it is, along with the more vivid gold sheen. pretty exciting smear test, lots of blue violet color.
  15. phillieskjk

    #5 Replacement Nibs

    I was looking to buy eleven number five loose nibs. Does anybody have a list of all the people who sell such nibs? Also, is there any way to get #5 JOWO nibs without the feed? Thanks, Phillieskjk
  16. Hello all! This would be my first post here on the FPN, and my registration happily coincides my receipt of this pen. So, not finding very many reviews of it, I think I'll make one now to help others who are interested in this model. Pen: Nemosine Singularity 0.6mm italic stub demonstrator. Length: 136mm capped, 124mm uncapped, 145mm posted. Price: 14.99USD from xfountainpens.com Ink used: Unknown brand, reddish copper color. Paper used: National graph paper. First, some pictures! http://i.imgur.com/7WaqTNB.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/k95UkNk.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/35w3iXq.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/aVOebvW.jpg I think this is an attractive pen. Now, as far as demonstrators, there are certainly nicer pens; if you have the money, go a tier up and get a TWSBI Diamond. But this is still a good pen. The nib is a steel Bülow, and proudly declares that it is "Made in Germany", underneath that lovely etched design that resembles a butterfly. It's large, as Bülow nibs often are, and looks very nice. It's not THE nicest steel nib I've seen, but it looks good enough to fool someone into thinking that this is a better pen than it really it is, so if you're on a budget and trying to impress at work, that's a plus. While it is a plastic pen, the steel bands that serve to reinforce it keep it from looking like a cheap plastic pen, again making this a nice looking instrument for those who don't want to spend too much. But enough about the looks, they're for naught if it doesn't write well. After all, that's what a pen is really for, right? Let's talk pen. Pen is good. Here's a few samples of writing.http://i.imgur.com/EGa1CQJ.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/gr1sAlL.jpg Pardon my cursive, still learning. The paper is a National brand graph notebook dug out of an attic. I'm afraid it's no longer in production. The ink was a gift, and unfortunately the bottle has no branding on it, so I have no idea where to buy it. However, the color is not quite the same as these pictures, and I think that in person it very much resembles Diamine Ancient Copper. Apologies for the blue seeping through from the other side, I'm conservative with paper and didn't want to start a new page yet. As you can see, the stub adds a little bit of flair. Not a great deal of line variation, but enough that you can tell it's an italic if you look. I imagine the 0.8mm of the same line would provide a more dramatic effect. It's a bit scratchy and dry, so be prepared to modify it a bit. The scratching proved to be a bit of a problem, as this usually well-behaved paper began to feather due to the nib causing tiny tears as I wrote. It's not as bad with a light hand (which you should be using!) and roman scripts, but see here on this text where I have to pull down often: http://i.imgur.com/H6c9bZX.jpg?1 Gets pretty bad here, huh? I'm going to get out my 1200 grit Arkansas stone and have at it later, but I figured the review should be about as it is straight from the box. Speaking of out of the box, I commend the packaging. It's just a cardboard rectangle that fits the dimensions of the pen, nothing special, but the contents are above standard. It comes with a booklet on how to clean the pen, advising that one should do so before first use and when changing inks, as well as instructions on loading it with both cartridges and the included converter. Now this was not news to me, as I have already had pens before this one, and I'm sure it isn't news to most of you reading. But if this went to a newbie to fountain pens, the included info would be helpful. It comes with six (six!) of these black Jinhao cartridges (For those of you unaware, Bülow/Nemosine/Knox/Jinhao are all related companies and use parts from the same manufacturers), which was a shame because I do not use cartridges. I did however give these to my mother, who owns a Jinhao which these fit and prefers cartridges, so they did not go to waste. The converter was a nice surprise in terms of appearance. I expected the cheap international converters that come with Jinhao pens, but the Singularity's converter is sturdier. It has a very smooth plunger mechanism secured to the tube with a broad steel band. It tapers slightly towards the section, but it still has a decent ink volume at approximately 0.75ccs. The suction is not superb right off, I recommend adding some grease to this one. I realize that's standard for some of you, but you should still know that this is not a perfect converter in that regard. My verdict? I'd rate this at six out of ten. It's not a bad pen. On the contrary, if you're up for a few standard tweaks (open the tines, smooth the tip, grease the converter) for this price I recommend it. But it's not tip-top. It's pretty and it feels sturdy, so I'd carry it with me, but it's not a very enjoyable writing experience without changing the pen first. I hope this helped. Again, this is my first review, so if there's anything I should add or any questions about the pen, do tell!
  17. I just got a Nemosine Singularity with the 0.8mm italic nib, and I think I'll like the nib a lot but the glaring design flaw* in the pen is going to drive me nuts sooner or later. Anyone happen to know of any compatible pen bodies for this nib? * the design flaw for those who don't know the pen: the cap screws onto the section (instead of the body like basically every other screw cap) so when you unscrew the cap you have a chance that the body just unscrews from the section instead.
  18. I need help. The barrel of my Nemosine Singularity is screwed on so tight I can't get it to budge. I've tried putting it under cold water, cold water and soap, paper towels, Clorox wipes, and even a little rubber shaped hand that we use to open jars. Nothing is helping this time so it is sitting in my drawer. I would like to change the cartridge eventually. At least cartridge is still full despite not in use for 1-3 months!
  19. I need help. The barrel of my Nemosine Singularity is screwed on so tight I can't get it to budge. I've tried putting it under cold water, cold water and soap, paper towels, Clorox wipes, and even a little rubber shaped hand that we use to open jars. Nothing is helping this time so it is sitting in my drawer. I would like to change the cartridge eventually. At least cartridge is still full despite not in use for 1-3 months!
  20. Armand.D

    Scabiosa Or Not ?

    Hello all, I am currently hesitating between wide posibilities about a great ink/pen combo for crappy paper. In fact I am planning to work everyday with this set : FPR Triveni Jr / Sailor Jentle BlueLamy Safari F / PR Fiesta red (to underline)Pilot parallel / ...? (for big titles) (at home) + This for crappy paper, and I woud like also for less big titles, so like this I will be able to have a pen for two different purposes (better for me and my wallet, mostly more convenient if the ink will be with the Parallel). The inks : I am here to ask you if Scabiosa would be a great competitor, but what annoy me is that it will be very dry (I've tried Salix for comparison) among with a narrow-nibbed pen... My crappy paper → Cheap feathering-prone school copy paper, and it is more to make little notes on texts with highlighting. Otherwise I wondered about blacks before, and I have currently Perle noire but not tested in narrow-nibs (I thinked to a 78G but with con-50 I think that for the price there are better options).I can also order some samples of X-feather or Noodler's black for example. I don't know if there are more to consider, maybe more polyvalent about the flow or drying time, I am open to other colour than black/ "classic" colours, I want it to be distinguable and readable easily. Scabiosa interested me because before I was thinking about Herbin PDL, I would love to use it everyday ! You will surely recommend me basic inks like watermans, pilot.. (no judgments) I guess. About pens : I am talking about narrow-nibs (F,EF) because this is what I am used to (western F), and because I think that for this purpose it is more adapted. I have thinked about the Nemosine Singularity, not very expensive but I don't need/want to spend really much more, this might be good because of the nib choices : Does 0.6/0.8 Italic on this would work well (flow) with Scabiosa ? (also Knox K35 possible) If yes, super good, otherwise does my Safari with a 1.1 would be too wide for this purpose, I have not tested the nib yet ? If Scabiosa is that dry maybe with a western M nib the line will be not too big and the flow good ? Or do you have other pens to recommend ? Finally : Maybe I am confused, but there are a lot of options and I hope that you will be able to help me in this choice. Hoping this thread is readable, Thank you !
  21. This is a review of the Nemosine Fission Gunmetal with a .8mm Stub Nib. Sorry for my poor penmenship, the reason why I got into fountain pens was to work on my handwriting and learn cursive. My one gripe with the pen is that sometimes it is overly dry to the point where it isn't a smooth writing experiance. Perhaps with time the nib will adjust? The pilot metro (fine nib) and Jinhao x450 (medium) are shown to give you an example of how the nib writes. I think the pilot writes a little finer, but the Jinhao is very similar to the downstroke of the pen As far as weight, a lot of people say this is a heavy fountain pen, but I actually like the weight and don't think it's that heavy. The Jinhao is actually a little heavier to give you an example. It's roughly the same size as the Jinhao, but has a wider girth. I wish the nib was a little more wet but that's something that can be fixed with alignment. I've noticed that sometimes it's really smooth and wetter, and then a few minutes later it'll start skipping every now and then. The line variation is pretty good as you can see in the pictures, however when I first got the pen (before opening the tines a little) the side strokes railroaded a lot. Great pen, I got it for $25. Comes with a converter and six blue ink cartridges that work well. I ordered it from Goldspot.com and happened to land on a promotion where for 1 penny I got my name engraved on the cap for fun
  22. I've never held a working fountain pen, and am ordering my first one. I've decided on a Nemosine Singularity from Goldspot because they have all the colors and are approximately the same price as xFountainPens. I've read a lot about the pens being a bit dry, possibly due to nib, converter or ink issues, so, knowing absolutely nothing about ink, except it has lots of pretty colors, does anyone have a suggestion for a good black-ish ink? Also, would a Monteverde converter fit the Singularity? (Just in case I don't like the one it comes with, and I am NOT ready to experiment with eye-dropper conversion.) I'm going to ask for a Lamy CP1 or Pur for Christmas, but I can't wait to try a pen! ...or maybe a couple Monteverde Artistas.
  23. Hey guys, Just a quick video about the Nemosine Singularity. Can't say I can recommend this pen at this point. Check out the video and let me know what you think... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXMwWLyJpWc
  24. Hi all, I actually created an account to ask this question. 2 Years ago I bought a Nemosine Singularity and all was good. For the price point it wrote shockingly smooth. Over Christmas I bought a Nemosine Fission, gunmetal and used it as a daily journal writer starting in March. Loved the screw on aspect which helped prevent dry out, thought it was a great pen for the under $30 price and I heard nothing but good things about their warranty and responses. So in June, and mind you this pen has never been removed from the house and was only on my bed side, cap was never roughly handled, never dropped and... I screwed it closed while going to bed and noticed the body was out of alignment. Upon inspection (and a serious WTH) come to notice that the cap ring, which also holds the threads to screw the cap on busted off from the cap. Ok So I got out my Nemosine Box and got the information slip inside and emailed their info address (moreso as they describe their warranty as to apply to feed tubes and the like and not you know the cap-so I was not sure it was covered) and received no response. Emailed them again 4 days later, no response. Sent them a snail mail letter and have received no response. That all started three weeks ago. I have received no response, and even checked all Spam filters and email rules to see if I missed something. What annoys me even more about this is, I received a Franklin-Christoph Piper as a birthday gift in end of May and it wrote horribly and I emailed them regarding Nib issues and it was a response in under an hour with instructions on what to do and they would fix it for me for free. My question is, do I bother to just send the pen in with the $5 and hope they fix it and send it back, or just chalk the whole Nemosine Brand off as a loss and a learning experience and just buy Franklin-Christoph from now on? Should I throw good money in the form of the $5 after bad on a pen I spent less then $30 on but I have no idea if they will even fix it or cut my losses and just throw it away?
  25. artibasos

    Eta On Nemosine Neutrino?

    Also, price/details would be nice. I'm a neutrino physicist; buying this pen seems like a must.

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