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Found 23 results

  1. Papier Plume - Calle Real (New Orleans Collection) Papier Plume is a stationary shop in New Orleans, that's best known on this forum for their "New Orleans Inks", that celebrate the rich colours and history of the city. One of their inks in this series is Calle Real, a nice-looking member of the royal blue family. Calle Real is named after the corresponding street in New Orleans. I won't repeat the interesting history behind the name here, but refer instead to the excellent review of Jackokun (highly recommended). Personally I'm not a fan of plain blue inks, but I liked this o
  2. InkShift - Kaweco Palm Green to Royal Blue Just for the fun of it, I decided to do a project exploring what happens when you move progressively from one ink colour to another. For now, I'm restricting myself to inks from the same manufacturer - mainly to avoid nasty chemical surprises. My hope is that some of these "inkshifts" result in interesting colours that I can use to write/draw with. And besides... it's just fun to watch one ink colour morph into another one. Palm Green and Royal Blue are regular Kaweco inks, but not especially interesting. As far as I know, Kaweco has no teal inks in
  3. sansenri

    Royal Navy? Blue

    In times of forced confinement my mixing experiments proceed. With the last Pelikan purchase (M101N Blue-grey) another 50 ml bottle of Royal blue came bundled in the box. So I'm checking out another Royal mix... This time I started with the aim to slightly darken Royal blue, but not to the extent of a blue black. Some of my Edelstein mixes have worked quite well (in terms of ink compatibilities) and I was curious to see whether mixing an Edelstein with a 4001 would maintain the same compatibility (they are both Pelikan inks after all). I used my by now standard method of two clean metered
  4. sansenri

    Royal Mix

    I like Pelikan Royal blue. I started writing with this ink and have used it for many years without ever using any other, in the era of one pen / one ink. I still like how it behaves and looks. It's just a pity it tends to fade and on some papers more than others tends to look somewhat washed out. I like the colour shade, I know it tends slightly towards purple, but then again it would not be Royal otherwise. I also like how it flows, the fact that it's quite dry on absorbent paper, and can shade nicely especially on coated paper. Since I also like Pelikan pens, with time I have built up quite
  5. I have been thinking about mixing relatively inexpensive inks from India to produce something I can use in my writing. I have to be conservative with my choice of ink for official use- only black/blue-black, and my writing should be somewhat impervious to water damage. In my personal use, I prefer a vibrant, unusual blue ink. I have two ink mixes ready for experimentation. I. 3 parts of Daytone Turquoise Blue + 1 part of Camlin Royal Blue = Custom Blue. II. 3 parts of Daytone Calligraphy Black + 1 part of Camlin Permanent Black = Custom Black. The first photograph below is how the in
  6. taranthatsme

    Camlin Royal Blue Ink

    This is my first ink review, and it's going to be CAMLIN ROYAL BLUE! I saw this as one of the requested inks, so I gave it a shot! Constructive critics, are always welcome! Here you go![ attachment=466681:camlin royal blue .pdf] Right. It comes in a 60 mL bottle, and is dye based, costs around 20 INR or .30 Dollars. I have covered the rest in the attachment. SCORES: 1. Saturation: 4 / 5. It isn't the same throughout, as the colour varies over a few days. 2. Drying: 3 / 5. As you can see from the drying test, it isn't very great. 3. Smoothness: 4.5 / 5. It feels brillian
  7. For some reason I've never been much drawn to the Pelikan inks though I know they have their fans. But I got a bottle of the 4001 Konigsblau (King's Blue) with a pen purchase, and thought I'd give it a try. There's nothing bad about this ink, but it just didn't excite me. I've heard reasonably good things about the 4001 lineup, so it could just be that I didn't have the right pen for it with the right nib. This review done with a Pelikan M201 (. This review done with a Lamy Al-Star (M). This review done with a Pelikan M201 (. Worked pretty well here. A straight up blue dye. Not v
  8. L'Artisan Pastellier Callifolio - Bleu Azur L'Artisan Pastellier is a small company in southern France that specialises in natural pigments, and offers customers authentic and reliable products in beautiful colours based on mineral or vegetable pigments. In a collaboration with Loic Rainouard from Styloplume.net, the chemist Didier Boinnard from L'Artisan Pastellier created the line of Callifolio fountain pen inks. These pastel-coloured inks are traditionally crafted, and can be freely mixed and matched. Overall these inks are only moderately saturated, and have low water-resistance. Th
  9. J. Herbin - Éclat de Saphir La Société Herbin, Maître Cirier à Paris, was established in 1670. This makes J. Herbin probably the oldest name among European ink makers. Today, Herbin produces a range of beautiful fountain pen and calligraphy inks, writing instruments, gift sets and accessories. Herbin inks are made in France, and the finishing touches on the bottles are still done by hand in Paris. J. Herbin is probably best known for their inks in the "La Perle des Encres" series. In this review, I take a closer look at Éclat de Saphir - a good-looking blue-with-a-bit-of-purple ink, that to
  10. Morbus Curiositas

    S T Dupont Bleu Royal / Royal Blue

    S T Dupont Royal Blue http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a617/Morbus_Curiositas/ST%20Dupont%20Bleu%20Royal/Bottlefpn_zpsa1508dc1.jpg http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a617/Morbus_Curiositas/ST%20Dupont%20Bleu%20Royal/STDCHRomatoFPN_zps3e619015.jpg Dear FPN Friends, This fancy looking bottled was given to me received it from the Divine Fountain Pen heros down here http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a617/Morbus_Curiositas/LCC/RikenDennis_zps9e771077.jpg Rik van Doornmalen (middle) and Dennis van De Graaf (right) of the Fountain Pen heaven called http://i1286.photobu
  11. I recently purchased a few standard (60ml) ink pots of the camlin royal blue ink. As soon as i laid down the first line. I noticed that the colour has been changed. I had purchased a few ink pots from Mumbai and the other from Ahmedabad. I noticed that no matter the location, the colour now is different than the previous ink. (Both have manufacturing dates of around mid-late 2014) The change is ever so mild, but it is noticeable none the less. The newer colour has become more of a uniform blue which is a bit lighter in hue. The earlier colour had a purple-grey undertone to it which made it a
  12. Howdy folks! I am looking for a bottle of Indian Royal Blue ink which will not fade with time. I am not interested in iron gall based ink(s). I will use it primarily for taking down notes. Thanks in advance
  13. Honeybadgers

    Nemosine Coruscant Blue

    Continuing my ink reviews of the Nemosine space themed inks. From what I could research, Coruscant is just a Star Wars thing with no real astrological meaning. Feel free to correct me if I'm incorrect in that regard. Thus, my quote is from Yoda. Overall this ink is very much a purple-leaning royal blue. More violet than noodlers baystate blue, but not as purple as Alpha Centauri (comparison shown) There's a very mild amount of blackish, reddish/gold sheen that is only visible on very wet writing, and the saturation is very high. Water resistance is medium - everything's legible after a 3
  14. I am a fan of sheening inks, and this is the king of them. At a very reasonable price I had to try it out, and I am glad I did. On Rhodia: On Tomoe River A4 A lot of the files are too big, so I put together an album: https://imgur.com/a/73uby
  15. I recently purchased a few standard (60ml) ink pots of the camlin royal blue ink. As soon as i laid down the first line. I noticed that the colour has been changed. I had purchased a few ink pots from Mumbai and the other from Ahmedabad. I noticed that no matter the location, the colour now is different than the previous ink. (Both have manufacturing dates of around mid-late 2014) The change is ever so mild, but it is noticeable none the less. The newer colour has become more of a uniform blue which is a bit lighter in hue. The earlier colour had a purple-grey undertone to it which made it a
  16. rkpai

    Bril Inks

    I live in Hyderabad, India. Bril Royal Blue is available in a few stores, but mostly the date of manufacture is 2009 or 2010. Is it safe to use it in Indian ebonites (ASA, Gem, Deccan) ?. I have used a batch manufactured in 2009 in ASA Athlete, ASA I Can and the Gama Raja, did not have any issues, but I am wondering if they will cause any long term damage (corrosion of feed, clogging channels, harm the ebonite). Has anyone faced any such issues with Bril's Royal Blue ink? I ask the store owners if they can pull out some new stock, but in most cases either they don't have it or they give t
  17. I bought (on-line) a bottle of Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue last month but the seller contacted me after a couple of days apologising for an inventory mistake: they were fresh out of Royal Blue. He offered me Blue-Black, but I don't like blue-blacks, so we settled on a bottle of 4001 Turquoise. Also, he sent me a 62.5 ml bottle of 4001 Brilliant Brown as ways of compensation, which I think was nice. Before these bottles arrived, I kept thinking "OK, I can work with the turquoise... but what am I gonna do with brown ink!?" Well... after I inked pens with both and wrote some, I'm seeing this as the
  18. akszugor

    De Atramentis: Royal Blue

    http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/De-Atramentis-Royal-Blue-nazwa.png Present test ink De Atramentis Royal Blue with traditional shade of blue, so-called. royal blue. The ink writing poetry. Pen glides smoothly across the paper. Good drying time and you still want more? Ink recommendable. Producent: De Atramentis Series, colour: Royal Blue Pen: Waterman Hemisphere "F" Paper: Image Volume 80 g / cm2 Specifications: Flow rate: good Lubrication: good Bleed through: possible point Shading: noticeable Feathering: unnoticeable Saturation: very good Ink drying time: ~ 5 sec. A
  19. Hi Fellow Pen Appreciators I have recently bought a bottle of Diamine Royal blue and when I opened it I notices spots or patches of oily something floating on top of the ink. It makes up a shiny reflective and very slightly rainbow-y layer. The ink itself is rather dark and the thing on the surface really reminds me of spilled oil on the seas. Is it a precursor or a warning of the feared SITB? Or is it normal I just never met it before? (I'm a newbie to bottled inks and pretty new to fountian pens as well...) Since then I've seen something a bit similar to that in my Diamine Asa blue, but
  20. Jamerelbe

    Toucan Royal Blue Ink

    When I decided to review a few of my preferred inks in the Toucan range, I wasn't going to bother with this one - the first time I trialled it (about 4 months ago?) I was seriously unimpressed. To unsaturated, and too 'bluey-green', to be called a 'Royal' blue. I wasn't a great fan of the Bright Blue either, though, till someone suggested I try it in a Noodler's pen - and suddenly I discovered I was dealing with a different ink. So I thought it was worth revisiting the 'Royal' Blue - and I wasn't disappointed. It's still not my favourite ink - as you'll see in the comparisons, the three bl
  21. I tried to find my answer by doing a search, but the title of the thread tells why that failed me. I've been partial to Noodlers—why? The first bottled ink I tried was Noodlers Heart of Midnight, and I have never needed anything else. But I am expanding my palette. I want an ink that does not have bleed through problems with copy paper (my employer prints letterhead one at a time from the computer), and dries a brilliant royal blue. Is there such an ink? Thanks!
  22. misslucy107

    Which Color Carene Is This?

    Looking at two ads on eBay for a Carene, one described as "velvet purple" and the other one as "velvet blue", the purple one looks more like blue to me and the blue one more like grey or even black. I know colors can look completely different in a different light and it can be hard to distinguish from photos, but which colors do you think they are?
  23. I bought a 2 oz. bottle of Faber-Castell Royal Blue ink a month or so ago (for a touch under $5.50) and quite like it. There's nothing either remarkable or dislikable about it. The saturation is just right and flows very well; not sure whether it has any lubricating property. The bottle curiously is a replica of the Pelikan 4001 and I wonder if the two source the ink off the same manufacturer? I hope not, because the Pelikan has (as I gathered from the posts here) notoriety for fading away completely... Experiences of others who may have been using F-C RB for a longer duration would be wel

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