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Found 16 results

  1. I ordered a bottle of Apache Sunset on Amazon and my FPR Guru is arriving soon. I only have two bottles of ink, Parker Quink Black ink and Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue. I saw people using inks that resemble the 4001 Royal blue greatly to flex. That's when I thought, perhaps there is no need to buy another bottle of ink for my flex nib while I'm waiting for my Apache Sunset. I have zero experience with flex pen inks, so please tell me whether the 4001 is suitable for flex pens, if not, are there any cheap alternatives? Cheers, Ian
  2. The Good Captain

    Some Blue-Black Soak Tests

    Dueing this wonderful period with no pubs/bars/restaurants and the like open, I thought I'd just scan some of my currently-inked Blue-Black inks. I do have others around but these were the first pens that came to hand. I wasn't totally surprised at the results but in one case, quite a bit. As usual, they were done on some pretty-awful paper I got from the University where I used to work which was made into small square pads. It's probably 90GSM. Soaked for 30 minutes then rinsed and dried. The biggest surprise came from the Pelikan 4001 that was in the long cartridge - it still retains most of its colour, unlike my favourite bottled version. However, that pen was filled some time ago so could be a little 'long in the tooth' - a bit like me! The Platinum stayed true to form, being visually really a 'dark blue' and the Pilot is a little paler. Edelstein & Sailor are about right - somewhat blurred but reasonable legible and would probably behave better if only subjected to a liquid spill. The 4001 Violet was only included as I've recently inked a new addition with it and haven't really done this test on it before.
  3. Hello again to all my FPN friends, I happened to have 2 pens of similar flow and nib size inked with these and thought it might be helpful to compare them. Both are iron-gall inks and somewhat similar in color. However, at least in my experience, Hero 232 is much drier than Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black. It's so dry that it stopped flowing at all in the pen I used for this comparison once the converter wasn't completely full. The dryness may be due to high iron gall content. I assume this because when I flushed the pen, there was a notable strong smell of fresh blood that I've only experienced before with the super-charged iron gall ink ESSRI. Hero 232 usually has the same smell many other Chinese inks, as well as Pilot Blue-Black, but when mixed with water in the sink the iron smell took over. So all you vampires out there will probably enjoy Hero 232. General observations: - The Hero is drier than the Pelikan. - The Hero is darker and more saturated than the Pelikan. - The Pelikan shades easier than the Hero. - The Hero can produce a nice, deep indigo when fully saturated, slightly reminiscent of my favorite Kung Te-Chung. - In China, the Hero is one tenth the price of the Pelikan. - Both are iron gall inks, but not so much as to harm your pens or leave sediment behind. - On absorbent paper, both are almost completely waterproof. The Hero looked completely unchanged, but some slight fading with the Pelikan. - Both are great inks if you have wet pens. The pen used for the Hero 232 writing is a Pelikan P30 with soft 14k broad nib. The pen used for Pelikan Blue-Black writing is an ebonite FPR Himalaya fitted with an extremely flexible steel Artus/Degussa oblique broad ("BS") nib and feed. I just scribbled this out on a cheap notepad, so I don't know how different they would look on better papers like TR or Rhodia. Comparison Close-ups: Hero 232 Close-up: Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black Close-ups:
  4. For some reason I've never been much drawn to the Pelikan inks though I know they have their fans. But I got a bottle of the 4001 Konigsblau (King's Blue) with a pen purchase, and thought I'd give it a try. There's nothing bad about this ink, but it just didn't excite me. I've heard reasonably good things about the 4001 lineup, so it could just be that I didn't have the right pen for it with the right nib. This review done with a Pelikan M201 (. This review done with a Lamy Al-Star (M). This review done with a Pelikan M201 (. Worked pretty well here. A straight up blue dye. Not very waterproof, but that wasn't expected.
  5. As the title suggests, what is in 4001 that makes it so special? I've just done a little comparison of some of my favourites. The inks don't need any special introductions and as usual, the paper that was wet had been soaked for about 30 minutes then rinsed before drying.
  6. This is one of my oldest inks, and nothing much remains in the bottle, but it still looks bright. I probably got it because it was one of the few locally available and cheap; I never got along with this colour but there's nothing wrong with it and it doesn't mean others can't appreciate it, to me it looks like a perfect bright green. I'm not sure it's as widely available or cheap these days. I'm sorry if you can see Mandarin written on the other side but it still gives a good idea of what this ink looks like; it took me three attempts to get the brightness right, and it still might be brighter than on this shot. First row of other colours: Ama Iro, Kon Peki, Souten, Équinoxe 6, Tsuyu Kusa. Second row: Ina Ho, Lie de Thé, Yama Guri, Ajisai, Asa Gao. Third row: Verde muschiato, Vert Empire, Chiku Rin, Inti, Mandarin. Fourth row: Perle Noire, Rouge hematite, Poppy red, Orange Indien. Ffith row: Perle Noire japanese EF, Verdigris.
  7. Should anyone try mixing the Pelikan 4001 black ink, and the Pelikan Fount India ink, what you get is the wet characteristics of the 4001 but a bit darker when it eventually dries (until it gets wet again, and then you get a bigger mess). The combination gives you the weaker features of both inks, not the best. Although it's a nice black, it's probably best avoided. This experiment was prompted by the fact that the boxes of the inks are almost identical and I may not have been paying requisite attention when refilling (and couldn't find any discussions of this mixture when googling it).
  8. I thought I'd share an ink mix which I am really enjoying at the moment (I hope this is the correct sub forum). I bought a bottle of Pelikan 4001 Turquoise because I wanted something different in my blue ink collection, however I found it to be un useable for my office work; far too light and bright. In my ink draw I had a bottle of Pelikan Blue Black to hand so I used an empty cleaned out Pelikan Edelstein bottle and combined measures of the two in order to make a fantastic ink which I can use in the office. This ink is within my personal boundaries of what is "office friendly", obviously everyone is different, but this works for me and I thought I would share. I've been using this for aprox. 2 months and I've had no clogging issues, and the mixed contents of the Edelstein bottle appears to be fine. Let me know your thoughts??? http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a633/MattRegan/Photo%2020-07-2015%2017%2001%2002_zpsp6swcjpb.jpg http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a633/MattRegan/Photo%2020-07-2015%2017%2027%2034_zpsp5lttj0p.jpg http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a633/MattRegan/Photo%2020-07-2015%2017%2027%2053_zpsptus3o5a.jpg http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a633/MattRegan/Photo%2020-07-2015%2017%2002%2003_zpstupsalbk.jpg
  9. visvamitra

    Brilliant Green - Pelikan 4001

    The 4001 ink is a well-established brand by Pelikan from the very first beginning of the company. It was first mentioned in a price-list from 1897 and proved its worth within all the years. Ink 4001 was registered as a number only, during years there was plenty of colors on the market. However in recent years the line didn't change at all. Happily Pelikan decided to invest not only in Edelstein line but also in 4001 (much cheaper) line and introduced new ink (Dark Green) in January 2016. You may find it interesting that Pelikan 4001s are the only inks that can be bought practically in every B&M store in Poland. At the moment the line consists of Blue - BlackBrilliant BlackBrilliant BrownBrilliant GreenBrilliant RedDark GreenPink (cartridges only)Royal BlueTurquoiseVioletPelikan Brilliant Green isn't as names would suggest, "brilliant". The color is rather on the dull side and a bit washed out too. The saturation is somewhere in between low and medium. It's well behaved, doesn't cause any bleedthrough and it glides quite well across the paper although it feels a bit dry. The thing is this color is generic and extremely boring. Drops of ink on kitchen towel Software ID Tomoe River, Kaweco Classic Sport, B Leuchtturm 1917, Kaweco Classic Sport, B Leuchtturm 1917, Kaweco Classic Sport, B Comparison
  10. Hi guys, just a quick comparison. DIamine Prussian Blue vs. Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black. In normal pens with "normal" nibs, bothe fine :-) For me, if that would be a blind test, those inks are about the same, DIamine is a bit more wet but the shade is very similar. I am curious what would broader nib do with these.
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, I checked the repair Q&A forum but my questions are a bit more general I think so I decided to post here. Background: I'm new to "proper" fountain pens, used a fountain pen for decades as a kid and young adult, always liked that smoothness and speed featherweight pressure facilitates. Now I use Pilot Metropolitan - Fine nib. I was using Pilot black ink (see picture attached) that I got with it. Works like a charm. Extremely light pressure, high speed writing is a breeze and smooth. I saw the Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue which I used for decades is still made and around so I promptly got a bottle and to my surprise, it caused a lot of problems. Issue: Pen required a lot more pressure all of a sudden. Really heavy pressure to the point of severly slowing down my writing. Even having to repeat some characters because they just got lost. Terrible to the point of uselessness. With medium pressure it would manage extremely thin lines or none at all. It would work okay if I flush it (with a drop of water still in the system) and a refill. I use a rubber bladder converter that came with the pen. Nib is fine. I checked it, it's fine and changed ink back to pilot black and everything is smooth again.Is this normal, is the Pelikan 4001 ink just so "dry"/thick it just won't work with this type of pen?Is this pen generally known to be so sensitive? (because I doubt products like this Pelikan ink would stay on the market if most pens didn't work with it)or do I have a different problem with the pen that I haven't addressed?If's this pen being fussy, any recommendations on more ink-tolerant pens?If I have to limit my choice of ink to only the most wet ones, any recommendations? Looking for blue/blue-black. Thanks in advance, z. edits: clarity
  12. I bought (on-line) a bottle of Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue last month but the seller contacted me after a couple of days apologising for an inventory mistake: they were fresh out of Royal Blue. He offered me Blue-Black, but I don't like blue-blacks, so we settled on a bottle of 4001 Turquoise. Also, he sent me a 62.5 ml bottle of 4001 Brilliant Brown as ways of compensation, which I think was nice. Before these bottles arrived, I kept thinking "OK, I can work with the turquoise... but what am I gonna do with brown ink!?" Well... after I inked pens with both and wrote some, I'm seeing this as the Brilliant Brown being the replacement for the Blue-Black with the Turquoise bottle as compensation! I guess I'm a fan of brown inks now.
  13. Just got back from a shopping trip to Oxford St in London - I stopped by the pen section of Selfridges (ground floor) and saw a fantastic bargain - packs of 6 standard international sized catridges down from £2.40 to 50p. Don't think you can get it online but they had a couple of boxes full of packs in various colours in the store. The assistant told me that they were selling off all of the 4001 ink as they won't be carrying it in the future. I don't have any affiliation with the shop but just wanted to let people know. Enjoy! Philip
  14. I am looking for at black ink to use with my Lamy Safari. I have 2 nibs (fine and medium), both are very wet writers, I have tried with Diamine Jet Black and Onyx black. They both feather a lot with the Safari and Onyx Black takes up to a minute to dry. I am not trying to bash the two Diamine inks - they are wonderful in my Picasso pens, but they do not go well with my Safari. I have inked the Safari with Pelikan 4001 Blueblack and that is just perfect; clear outline and almost instant drying. So my question is, if the 4001 Brilliant Black is as dry as the Blueblack? Or if someone could recommend a good, black (DRY) alternative...
  15. Hi Everybody! Hi doctor Nick! I recently found out that LOVE turquoise as an ink color! I was looking at these two brands specifically and can't seem to fine any review of the two from the same person (I can't tell from different people as scanning methods and setting change) I was going to have this ink as a sort-or companion ink to use instead of my Noodler's Eel Turquoise if It works better in a different pen- okay...maybe I just want a different turquoise...too Has anyone here tried both and could tell me (or pics ...jk...) how they look and there writing characteristics? (wetness...smoothness?) I suppose drying time because I'm left handed...but then again...all inks seem to dry slow in the sketchbook If this matters at all- The pens I will use this in are Parker Vector - Fine Parker Frontier - Medium (a dry writer from what I have read?) Pilot Metropolitan - Medium Thank you! edit : I draw a LOT ... and I tend to use this as a sketching color to be inked over...but It's a good writing color too! (I've been using ballpoints...may I burn) and I use walmart linedpaper...but the made in mexico kind seems to be a bit FP friendly so very little worry there- teehee

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