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Found 21 results

  1. This is not sponsored or compensated in any way, I am just very happy with the great service provided by Yasukazu Hagiwara of Tokyo Pen Shop Quill (Asahiyakami Bunguten Co. Ltd). He responded quickly to my emails about what his store carried, prices, shipping costs, and several other questions I had. He also shipped my order very quickly and it was incredibly well packed, so everything inside was in perfect condition. I have never been so impressed with any seller of anything as I have been with Tokyo Pen Shop Quill.
  2. brinda55

    Ancora Pens From Italy

    Hello forum members. It has been sometime for me as I have not purchased any new pens as yet. However, I have been dwelling on Ancora pens for a little while. I have been on their website, mostly Russian but I think these pens are still made in Italy. I am interested in their latest Titanic and the Handle models. I have found very little in terms of reviews, quality, after care and also retailers stocking these in the UK. Any direction would be grateful.
  3. penman88

    Montblanc 254

    so i came accross this nice little montblanc 254, I believe from the 50's or 60's. so I looked around and I cant seem to find much information on the pen? any reviews, advice, info or opinions are most welcome and of course the contentious issue of pricing any help would be great
  4. After scanning Fountain Pen Network’s reviews sections, I discovered that the Nemosine Singularity didn’t have a review. The Singularity is one of my favorite pens and my everyday carry so I took it upon myself to write one. This is my first review but I hope it adds some value for anyone looking to purchase this pen. I personally think the Singularity is the best entry level pen available. Appearance and design: 8 The Nemosine Singularity comes in a number of colors and options. Some are demonstrators like mine, but many are non-demonstrators in a lot of color options. There are even new designs like the blue marble version Nemosine released about a month ago which I may buy too. The ends of the pen are mostly flat but have a slight conical shape. The clear plastic with the chrome colored metal looks really sharp and modern. In particular, the design on the nib is really nice. There is a butterfly shaped scroll pattern on it. I decided to give it an 8 out of 10 simply because it’s not as flashy as other more expensive pens. But I think it is a very attractive design for an entry level pen. Construction and quality: 7 The pen feels very solid and high quality. Nemosine even provides a 3 year warranty which is an extraordinary value for a pen at this price point. I have had this pen for five months and have not had any issues with it. The one problem other reviews note is about the barrel. On the Singularity, both the cap and the barrel screw onto the section of the pen. This means that it’s possible the barrel will screw off the pen instead of the cap. This has never happened to me accidentally, but I can make it happen intentionally if I screw the cap onto the pen too tight. It’s easy to correct if it does happen to you though. That’s the only reason why I gave the pen a 7 of out 10 on quality. Weight and Dimensions: 10 I personally find this pen to be a great weight and size. From the picture above, you can see that it’s roughly the same size as the Lamy Safari and Pilot Metropolitan. The Singularity is a nice 17g posted and 10g unposted. I usually post the pen. The nib is roughly a #6 size Jowo nib which is larger than the Safari and Metropolitan nibs so if you like a larger nib, this could be a good inexpensive pen for you. I gave this pen a 10 out of 10 for its light weight and large nib. Nib and performance: 8 Of entry level pens, this is my favorite nib. Even the other people at the pen meetups I go to are surprised how well this inexpensive pen writes. It is much smoother than my many Pilot Metropolitans and my Lamy Safari. Even though it is smoother than other entry level nibs, it does have a hint of unpleasant feedback when I write an upstroke. The nib also dries out if I leave the pen uncapped for a few minutes during a meeting, but it starts writing again after 2-3 downstrokes. Still, I find this pen much more enjoyable to use compared to my Metropolitan and Safari in meetings. The nib feels like writing with a TWSBI nib except in a larger size. I find it to be the best writing experience of all of my steel nib pens. The Singularity is available in EF, F, M, B, 0.6mm stub, and 0.8mm stub. All are steel nibs. I purchased a M nib which writes about equivalent in line width to my Lamy Safari B nib. There is also no line variation, but I don’t expect that from this pen. I am giving the Singularity an 8 out of 10 because of the slight toothiness and dryness. But otherwise it’s one of my favorite nibs in my collection. Certainly more of a favorite than my other entry level pens. Filling system and maintenance: 10 The Singularity is one of my easiest to maintain pens. It is a cartridge/converter pen that uses short standard international converters. It is also possible to eyedropper this pen if you want a massive ink capacity. Cleaning is easy since it’s cartridge/converter. Just flush water through the nib and convert. Since my pen is a demonstrator, I can easily get ink out of the cap with a Qtip. Absolutely easy to maintain and fill so 10 out of 10! Cost and value: 10 This is where the Nemosine Singularity excels! I would give it 15 points here if I could. The pen retails for roughly $20. I got mine from Goulet Pens for $19.99 and couldn’t be happier. I have many other pens that are in the < $150 price point that I don’t like as much as the Singularity. All other pens in our collection fall behind the Singularity, including my TWSBI Mini AL ($60), Platinum PTL-5000a ($64), Monteverde Invincia Deluxe ($108), Pilot Prera ($56), Pilot Metropolitan ($18.50), and Lamy Safari ($29.60). Once I get to the $150+ price on pens, that is where I start to see better writing experiences compared to the Singularity. For example, my fiancee’s Pilot Vanishing Point and my Pilot Custom 823 are preferred to this pen. Otherwise, I think the Nemosine Singularity is the best cost per dollar under $100. 10 out of 10! Overall and conclusion: 53/60 A 53 out of 60 seems like a low score, but I am trying to keep my score in the context of all pens I’ve used, including Lamy 2000s and Pelikan M800s (which would get 57+ points). Those pens are very expensive. The Nemosine Singularity is not. I think a 53 point score for a $20 pen is outstanding value. The Singularity is my everyday carry at work. At this price point, I’m not worried if I lose it, a coworker “borrows” it and destroys the nib, or if it gets dropped. But I still love writing with it.
  5. chromantic

    Levenger Fireball - Brief Review

    ​Here's a quick handwritten review of Levenger Fireball. Sadly, this ink has been discontinued but I was fortunate enough to come across a bottle on ebay. Color is nice and strong without appearing super-saturated (like Sailor), more red than orange to my eye; scan is maybe a teensy bit darker than on the page. Flow is good - medium, I'd say - and it dries pretty fast even on BnR. While I said drying in the nib didn't seem to be a problem, I did have a hard start at the very end there at "Only" from pausing too long. It does exhibit some shading, though no sheen a la Claret or Cardinal Red. Best of all, virtually no bleed-through! Even on the cheap and nasty memo book (10lb, maybe 12lb), bleeding was very slight, just a few spots, more show than bleed really. A very pleasant surprise after my experience with Claret. Though I initially tested it on my little BnR spiral that I use as my ink log, this was written on a Blue Sky SmartNotes spiral from Walmart. Pen used is a cheapo PaperMate stick-type C/C school pen with a folded nib that I'd call a solid medium. As reds go, this one's nice (would be good for grading as the color stands out on the page); it's a shame Levenger scotched it. Not sure how much use this will get as I don't use red a lot but I'll definitely go through this fill since I don't have a bright red currently in rotation.
  6. oregano

    Aurora Optima Rossa

    Has anyone purchased the new Optima color, Aurora Optima Rossa? When it was announced, I thought it would be a hot commodity since (as far as I can tell) the 75th anniversary pen in the same finish was very popular. But since then, I haven't seen any threads about it. I am very curious to see it in person, and waiting for my local pen store to get it in stock. It's a flashy color for sure, but oh so fun! So far, the only places on the web I've seen pictures are: https://www.gouletpens.com/aurora-optima-fountain-pen-rossa-chrome-broad/p/AU-996CR-B and on the nibsmith.com.
  7. The two minute guys have posted a review video of yet another Indian flex pen, once again made by Kanwrite, which is called the Kanwrite Standard Flex Fountain Pen. First things first, here is the review: Now, like last time, i don't know if this pen is sold by Noodlers (under its brand name) in USA or not. But it looks like a great flex pen.. I have done some research on the pen - it was manufactured by Kanwrite in 2009 and is the companies most compact fountain pen. And its very cheap for a flex pen, and the guy claims it is as good as Noodlers Ahab. Even if it is not, i think it is going to be a great introduction to the world of flex pens. Does anyone own this pen? Is it good? Please share your experience here. I am getting it from the seller and hoping to get a discount on the price and great review by the guy, btw. Kudos to him
  8. First of all, i would like to thank SnehSab for posting all my other "pen reviews" on my behalf. I have been very occupied with my work, and i am glad he did that for me. I really appreciate it And now, i would like to share with you the new review that i have just posted. Its of an amazing "Indian fountain pen" named the Glare T7. Here's the video review: Now, this pen is indeed the costliest Lamy Safari's lookalikes, but still for that price, it amazing value for money. Everything about this pen is amazing - its extremely solid build, premium transparent resin body, great looks, the way it sits in the hands and finally - the way it writes. Its an extremely good "Fine Nib" that lays down a SUPER SMOOTH, WET and DARK line.So, i think for $15, it's a great pen and I highly recommend it. P.S. The link of the pen is in the description box. Also, please do like the video if you find it useful
  9. Looks like the t2mr guys have posted one more review, this time of a very popular pen called Noodlers Ahab. I just received it in my inbox. Didn't know Noodlers Ahab is made in India. Its called Kanwrite Heritage Flex Pen, it seems. I did check the seller's shop on ebay and he has this pen in a range of colors. Btw, here is the review: I don't understand one thing. These guys call themselves 'the two minute reviews', but this review is of 9 minutes . Nonetheless, i love their style of review .
  10. Hey there.... After a long time, the two minute reviews guy has come up with a new video introducing us to a new Indian Fountain Pen company called Glare Pens. The above video is a hands of review of the following 3 pens... Glare 71 - which, according to me, in one word looks amazing. Its nib reminded me of Jinhao 450 and i have seen him write with it in the video and i think it writes very well.. and its a medium nib (not broad like Jinhao 450). Glate T7 looks like Lamy Safari and similar Chinese pens by Jinhao and Hero. But, according to him this one feels richer than even the Safari. Now, thats a tall claim but he has great things to say about the way it writes. He has just been using the pen for a couple of days, and it is already his favourite writer.. I really want to order it now. There is also a fountain pen with roller ball nib i.e. called T7 ( C ) that accepts cartridges and converter. Its very interesting and he seems to enjoy writing with it too. But i will wait for him to do a full review of the pen before thinking about whether i will purchase it or not. Anyways, all 3 pens look very nice. I agree with him that they look too beautiful and more like German pens than Indian. Feels proud to see new age Indian Fountain Pen manufacturers are coming up such exciting pens.
  11. Just received a transparent Jinhao 599 green demonstrator and looking for ideas or suggestions for green inks to try before selecting it's permanent filling partner. Wondered what green inks users here would suggest. What were their favorites? Ones they had the most fun with or ones that work well for everyday use without feathering and bleed through. I'd appreciate sample writing or even swabs in the inks you're discussing and a bit of feedback on why you suggest the ink, who made it, and what it cost you. So far I have no green inks except Emerald of Chivor, which doesn't really shine in medium pens or those that aren't especially wet. So looking for options. Any input and suggestions are welcomed and Thanks in advance for any help. Looking for a good ink to fill this beauty. Currently Considering: J Herbin apple green scented ink. For fun and the scented aspect. Lamy Lime green cheap and fun.
  12. Curious what Fountain Pen friendly envelopes fellow pensters use when writing their pen-pals. Tell the rest of us what envelope you use, why and where you get them and what they cost. If possible, post links and pictures of the envelopes, but unused and perhaps with writing on them. Looking forward to seeing what others use when writing their pen pals and where they get them.
  13. I take a look at at classic - Sheaffer Valiant Vac Filler. This pen got to me wrong: 1. Seller put "Sheaffer Balance" in the description on Evil Bay 2. It was leaking when I tried to use it. After fixing it however this turns out to be a superb pen and it is currently on daily rotation. Watch it here.
  14. I agree with the reviewer. Although, its good and fun to write with the medium nib Platinum preppy but i use it more to mark things in my journal than actually writing with it. Which one is your favorite Platinum Preppy: the medium one or the fine one?
  15. The t2mr guys have posted one more review on their youtube channel, this time of the mighty Pilot's most underrated pen - The Pilot ED or as they call it the Non Self Filling Fountain Pen. Here is the video review: Even i have this pen with me. My medium nib is also very fine, finer than the Metropolitan (like the reviewer said). Anyways, i simply adore it. Even though, Metropolitan is a better looking pen, but this one's pretty light and reminds me of my old Hero Pens. I got it an year ago for Rs.400 from a local store. Now, the rates have increased (a lot), but i still think this pen is worth 600-700. Its a Pilot afterall
  16. Hey guys... Its been a long time since i have been on FPN. I felt like i needed a break from the pens world, for the moment. But just now, i saw a notification of a new video in my inbox. Its "the two minutes" guys review of the good old Platinum Preppy... Here have a look: I m so happy with the way this video has been shot. I used to adore Matt Armstrong for the way he showed the pens in his review, but this guys has taken it a step ahead. Asthetically beautiful review. And this review has made me take out my Baby Pink Platinum Preppy from my closet. I havent tried many colors of this pen, because of high price, but the purple one from the video looks kinda cool. How's yellow? Has anyone tried it? I think it is too light.
  17. THRobinson

    Making A Journal

    Hey guys... decided to take my ink review form (thread) and modify it for A4 paper (ie. Clairefontaine stationery) with space at the left for a hole punch so fits in a binder nicely. Then, make a series of matching sheets for pen reviews, nibs reviews, ink recipes, and general notes. That way I can print what I need, when I need it, and have a nice journal with a consistent look divided into sections. Then, of course, post the PDF's for people who may want them, or if I can find a place like BLURB that will print onto a good quality paper like Clairefontaine, maybe print off a limited bunch for FPN members. Just spit-ballin'.... Anyways... my point... I was hoping people could post some links of good examples, or list what they like to see on review forms and such. So far I only have experience with the ink review form. I have no idea what to include in pen or nib reviews, or what people do in their own journals. Basically, research/gathering right now. I'm browsing through the reviews online here, but, any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  18. If you haven't seen this, prepare to enjoy a brilliant send-up of every fountain pen review video on YouTube. Full of nice touches, such as using the back of a bank statement envelope instead of Rhodia or Tomoe River.
  19. I have posted a few scans here and there on FPN. I have tried to scan multiple pages at once so posts would be self-consistent at much as possible. However, it has been on my mind whether I should do something to try to help viewers get the most accurate representation of the color. I see three main options: Do nothing. Hopefully the scanner is fairly well calibrated. Always try to include standard "reference" colors that hopefully will let people draw their own opinions about the color quality of the scan. (Most useful it the user is familiar with the reference color). Adjust the image to accurately. For me personally, I have the originals of what I post on paper, so I do not need the scans and am not really affected by their accuracy. If I post images it is for the benefit of others, so I am curious what people here find helpful or would like to see. Member Sandy1 is the only one I know to color correct her posts on FPN. I seem to recall from when I watched Fountain Pen 101 that Brian said GouletPen's Swab Shop are also color corrected scans. If I wanted to color correct images, I would need to acquire a "target" that contained known colors so that software could compare the result of scanning the target against the expected value to build a profile for correction. Since there is a non-zero cost for a target, I wanted to see if the result would be something that even mattered or would be useful to people.
  20. Hey all, This is one of my first times posting so sorry if I'm doing anything annoying or wrong, but I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this notebook company called Write Notepads & Co.? They're based out of Baltimore, which seems really cool since I'm in the area. Kind of a total letterpress junkie so I'm already in love. It says on their website that they work with fountain pens, but I couldn't find any reviews except this one on Inkdepenence. The coolest thing is they have some for LEFTIES...like, what?! I'm a righty but I would so get these as gifts if they're any good. I'm just not sure if this company is legit...was thinking about ordering some if others have had any experience. I've followed Inkdependence for a while but I'm just still on the fence about it, especially because I'd probably get the larger size and would want to order a few to balance out the cost of shipping. It doesn't say what kind of paper they use so I'm a little iffy on it. Seems like the lined kind have a teensy bit of ghosting with wetter inks, but I'm mostly interested in the plain paper. So has anyone heard of this company or bought from them before? And if not, does anyone know of any other brands/suggestions for good-quality letterpressed notebooks suitable for fountain pens? I would really prefer if they were made in the US. I like spiral-bound, but I'm open to perfect-bound too. Again sorry if being a total noob! Thanks in advance!
  21. I have been planning on buying the m205 red-silver, I really love the pelikan pens, i own a m200 and it is the best in my collection, should I buy it? I would like some reviews.

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