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Found 23 results

  1. Sailor Nagasawa Proske and Sailor Profit Standard (also known in the West as 1911 Standard) are essentially the same pen model. But there are some differences including price so I thought I will make a quick comparison. The one difference is clear plastic on Nagasawa. It feels cheaper compared to Black plastic on Standard Sailor or clear plastic on King Pro Gear. It may be my judgement is clouded by receiving my Nagasawa Proske with grip section already cracked. I think someone in the factory over tighten the pen. Expensive pens that look cheap or understated are my preference so if it woul
  2. Eight Eleven units of the Sailor Profit Black Luster fountain pen with ruthenium-plated 21K gold Medium nibs (model 11-3048-420), and one unit with Fine nib (model 11-3048-220), are available on Amazon.co.jp – sold and fulfilled by Amazon.co.jp – at the moment for ¥19,755 each. That works out to approximately A$251, or US$179, by the current exchange rates. That's a drop of 10% since I placed my order for one with a Fine nib not even 24 hours ago, and it was a pain in the butt trying to cancel it (since Amazon.co.jp advised it was unable to intercept the dispatch) and re-buy at this price. I
  3. Hi guys. I've been enjoying this hobby for just more than a year. Since I've really got into this hobby, I planned that I'm gonna try all the high-end production line pens of major brands. Up to now, I've tried Montblanc 146, Aurora 88, a lot of Viscontis, Pilot 823, Pelikan M800, etc. I prefer broader nibs, so I didn't care for the Japanese pens. But Pilot 823 which is my most recent purchase completely changed my mind: It was too good to skip. So I'm now eager to try Japanese pens with broad nib as much as I can. My next try will be Sailor. Because I love soft gold nibs, 1911 larg
  4. whalebiologist

    Leaky Sailor 1911

    Somehow my 1911 has pulled ink inside of the section while sitting in my pen case, and is quite obvious as it's a demonstrator. So far I have had no luck getting the ink out. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated http://i.imgur.com/UAXIY29.jpg
  5. Driften

    Decided To Try Out Sailor

    I have several pilots (74-M, 91-F, 92-FM) along with other brands (Pelikan, TWSBI, Bexley), but have been thinking about a Platinum or Sailor. I decided to try out the Sailor 1911 Profit with the 14k MF nib. I like my Pilot FM better then F or M so I hope the MF will be a good choice in this case. I normally go for F in german made nibs. The 1911 looked like I has a more comfortable section for how I hold a pen, then the Platinum. I got it off eBay from Asian Treasure Hunt with converter for $69 plus shipping. I guess I will know how I like it in a week or so when it gets here from Japan.
  6. janicec

    Sailor 1911S Or 1911L?

    Hi I'm currently deciding on whether I should get a sailor 1911S or a 1911L. I've heard people commenting that the 1911L has a smoother nib. Does anyone know if it's worth it to spend the money to get the 1911L or should I just stick to the 1911S? If there are any better options from other brands, please do tell me. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi friends, I am hoping for some help identifying this Sailor pen that I got as a graduation gift last year. It seems to be made from resin and has the 1911 14k nib. I'm not familiar with Sailor pens at all. This was bought in Japan (if it makes a difference). I currently don't have a converter in this pen, and I'm wondering which Sailor converter to use with this pen as it's quite short in length. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, I'm interesting to buy a Sailor with Naginata Togi nib, but I wonder that does the Naginata Togi nib in Sailor 1911 large/full size difference to the Naginata Togi nib in the King of Pen? The price is much difference, but both has ones that include Naginata Togi nib. Does it the same or are there any difference? Thank you for the answer in advance, Sahatat
  9. Hello everyone, I am currently investigating before getting a Sailor 1911 and since I do not have access at the moment to some pen shop that has Sailor pens for testing, I kindly ask fellow fountain pen enthusiasts here to help me decide and perhaps someone kind enough to provide some writing samples as described below: Same paper, same ink, same phrase written in turn with a Salior 21K Medium nib, Sailor 14K Medium nib, and if possible to better help me gauge their relative width, follow these by either a Sailor 14K Fine or a Pilot Vanishing Point Fine. And of course any additional "s
  10. andymcc

    Replacement Sailor 1911 Feed?

    I recently purchased a Sailor 1911 that has a damaged feed, I was unaware that both the feed and nib were damaged when I purchased the pen. The nib writes ok but thicker than it should but it is usable, it also looks like someone has burnt the tip of the feed for some reason although it works I think a new one would help the pen and support the nib a bit better. I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to buy replacement feeds for Sailor pens?
  11. The new Sailor 1911s Highlighter Fountain Pen is now available for sale at Pen Chalet: https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/fountain_pens/sailor_1911S_highlighter_fountain_pen.html The Sailor 1911 Highlighter is made with a yellowish-green demonstrator cap and barrel to match the ink. The pen comes complete with a bottle of Sailor Jentle yellow highlighter ink and a Sailor converter in a nice gift box. The pen is equipped with a Sailor 14k gold Zoom nib that lays down a nice thick line.
  12. I recently acquired two demonstrators, one made by Sailor and one by Platinum. They are very similar visually and they both sport a B nib. I am going to provide a comparative review. The two demonstrator pens are: 1) A Sailor 1911 Profit in large size (14cm) 2) A Platinum 3776 Century special edition Censke for Nagasawa Pen Style Den (a major stationery trader with its main branches located in Kobe). The pen is already sold out, but there are plenty of other 3776 Century demonstrators that I would assume behave in a similar fashion). 1. Appearance (Platinum left, Sailor right) A
  13. The first gold pen I bought was a Sailor 1911S. Because I am interested in matching pen and pencil sets, I went looking for a 1911 pencil. I found one, but for some reason its design was never updated, so it matches the old-style 1911 pen, not the new one. For those who may not know, Sailor at some point-- I’m not sure when—redesigned its popular 1911 line. The 1911 used to have a simpler nib engraving, a gold-plated ring at the bottom of the section instead of the top of the section as the current pens, and only one cap band as opposed to the two of current pens. Also, the color of the gold f
  14. I noticed the following disclaimer in the box of my Sailor 1911 Black Luster (sic) pen and would like comments, please. Are they just covering themselves, like Montblanc? I don't think that 'standard' inks like Diamine; Pelikan 4001; Waterman; Quink and Sheaffer Skrip would do any harm whatsoever, so just wanted the opinion of you lot out there. I can see their point but one might avoid certain inks in some pens anyway. No need to mention names!
  15. VillersCotterets

    Sailor Realo Disassembly & Maintenance

    Good morning, I am considering purshasing a Sailor Pro Gear REALO piston filler. I haven't found anywhere instructions for the disassembly of the piston mechanism, nor how easy it is to clean the reservoir. Any help, video, link or testimony would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  16. RPKER

    Sailor Customer Service

    Ok, so I'm pretty new here. I recently purchased a Sailor pen from a small shop in Sasebo Japan and I really love this pen. HOWEVER, the shop I bought the pen in some how lost or did not include the cartridge converter, ink and instructions that usually come with a Sailor pen. Well, I know a thing or two about the Japanese culture so I jumped on over to the Sailor web site ( http://www.sailorpen.com ) and found the contact info for customer service. VERY RESPONSIVE!!! And very polite. I only asked for the instructions but they included the cartridge converter and a couple of ink cartridges a
  17. freewheelingvagabond

    A Question About Sailor 1911 Sizes

    I see that there are two sizes - medium/'standard' and large/full-size, ignoring the "realo" piston filler model. I am not familiar with these sizes, but am familiar with the Sapporo standard (or Pro-Gear slim, distinct from Sapporo mini) and Pro-Gear standard sizes. My question is what is roughly the size of the 1911 medium/standard model when compared the Pro-Gear standard? Are these two similarly sized pens? Thanks, and I apologise if this has been answered in the past.
  18. I originally posted the full version of this review on my blog; this is an abridged version with fewer pictures and different formatting. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-XeITJ5CH_8E/U64LhmAlUlI/AAAAAAAAAUs/RC2sRcyg9R8/s1600/DSC_0326.JPG Specifications: Brand: Sailor Model: 1911 Mid-Size (Also known as the 1911 S or 1911 Standard) Body Material: Resin (Plastic)Colour: Blue with gold trim and black accents (Also available in black, burgundy/ maroon, red, yellow, ivory, and demonstrator with gold trim; black and burgundy also available with Rhodium trim and 21k nibs for $238) Trim: Gold Length (capp
  19. Sailor 1911 Profit, Fine Nib, Ivory Body I realize there are several reviews of the Sailor 1911 Profit, but I don't seem to see many pictures of the ivory body. I decided to put in my two cents and also have some reference pictures available for anyone else who wants to check out the pen before buying. The pictures I have seen prior to receiving this pen made it difficult to determine whether or not the pen was a bright white or a true ivory. I can happily say that it's a lovely off white colour and that I am very pleased with it. What follows is my picture heavy mini review. I would highly re
  20. wnclee

    Pilot Help Soon...

    Hello. I need your sage advice please. SOON if available please. I am not to familiar with Japanese-made pens, and have an opportunity to purchase a burgundy, M nib 21k from the late 20th century ( as described) by the seller on eBay. Good price 2 @ $51 USD. Can anyone elaborate here. I am familiar with the 1911 Anniv. Ed., but not this. Looked it up and cannot find any info on a 1910 series from Pilot, Period. Thanks for your help, LeRoy P.S. Is there a way to directly email < or > at FPN?
  21. Earlier today I received a Sailor 1911 Profit with a steel music nib. These can be picked up very cheaply now - I paid £35 inclusive of shipping, which I think is great value. The music nib is something of a cursive stub, gives a good bit of line variation and writes with Sailor's usual level of smoothness. It's not the wettest pen I've come across, but this isn't something that can't be changed to suit with minimum fuss. The nib is gold plated steel, but still features the usual attractive (in my opinion) Sailor engraving. It writes with a bit of a dry, scratchy sound to it, but there
  22. Brand new to the FPN forums after purchasing a Visconti Homo Sapiens bronze maxi with medium nib. I purchased it with a bottle of Pilot iroshizuku tsukushi ink. The biggest selling point (beyond its uniqueness) was that it seems to readily cling to my fingertips more than any other eon, and I found it easier to hold. I was surprised to find that it seemed to skip when starting a vertical downstroke, but wondered if it might be the paper (I was writing in a Moleskine).... I tried again on a sheet of regular notebook paper and the pen did not skip at all. I haven't yet tried it in a Graphic

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