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Found 10 results

  1. I have this Sheaffer Flat Top Lady with features that are difficult to explain. The pen is 4.5" long and marked "Lady" on the nib. The single tone nib and pinned lever are early 1930s Flat Top features while the humped flat ball clip suggest 1934 or later. The third line of the barrel imprint has the common "DEC 10.12-JAN. 27-OCT. 20 - NOV. 24" patent dates. The feed is flat serrated, with broad and widely spaced notches. There is no white dot on this pen. Is this a correct cap and barrel combination? The absence of the white dot seems odd.
  2. Hi Sheaffer Fans, I'm wondering if this pen is a Sheaffer Balance. Trying to increase my PIQ (Pen I.Q.), as well as identify this modern Sheaffer. I am in love with the Sheaffer Balance and continue the easter egg hunt for them. I'm thinking NOT, but not sure if my observations bear this out. Also, I have not been able to identify what Sheaffer model it might be, so a few of your brain cycles on this would be appreciated. Other resources to assist in identification would also be greatly appreciated. My observations: Seems like the right shape (although not as 'pointy' as the Balance on the ends, seems LESS Balanced! ), Clip seems to be different than the Balance pictures, with the White Dot on it - not on the cap directly It is a matte black - and cannot find any reference or example of this finish offering as a BalanceNib looks like SS w/ , marked Sheaffer M (Seems like it could be a "low end" offering)Thank you for any assistance in increasing my PIQ, and figuring out what model this pen is. Regards, George
  3. I am thinking that this Sheaffer white dot is a flat top lever filler from somewhere around 1930, plus or minus. On the barrel is: W.A. SHEAFFER PATENT AUG 25, 08 FT. MADISON IA USA DEC 10 12 - JAN 27-OCT 20 - NOV 24 14 Anything else anyone can add?
  4. I have a vintage pen set I need help identifying. Thank you so very much.
  5. ADEMiller

    Vintage Sheaffer Vac-Fill...

    Hello all! I know this has been answered on a few other threads, but I could use some more help. So I bought a Sheaffer vac-fil with a triumph nib and was wondering the best way to go about making it write. The pen is in semi working order, but the piston hasn't been greased in about 50, so it's stiff (don't want to force it) From what I have read, it sounds like the nib unit needs to be removed, so how is the best way to do this (without a ton of fancy equipment)? Also what is all this about "packing material" what is it? does it need to be replaced? Thanks, Alexander
  6. I just recently bought a Canadian Sheaffer with the following description on it. W.A. Sheaffer Pen Co Malton, Ontario. It is a lever pen so I assume it's a balance, but I'm a bit confused about the white dot because it's at the end of the clip. Or so it seems because the white dot has been pretty much scraped off from wear. I want to know more about this pen if anybody has any information on it like when it's made. My guess is that it was made in the 1950's since it's a lever pen and since Malton Ontario started producing pens around that time. I also forgot to mention that it's got a Fineline Made in Canada 14k 585 Nib. Please let me know if anyone can give me more information. Thanks a bunch!!!
  7. TXKat

    Which Model Is This, Pls!

    Looking for help please as the penhero site has me totally confused now! i have a Sheaffer Touchdown, but based on the cap, I'm confused as to whether this is a Crest or a Crest Deluxe or neither? The cap is right, BUT it doesn't have a white dot on the cap. It's on the end of the body. Is this the wrong cap for this pen?? Why couldn't these crazy pen companies stick to their own models...without variations, lolol! Ugh! Can anyone help identify this pen? Lever Filler Black Conical Lifetime Nib...14K, says Sheaffer's, no serial number 1/10 14K Gold Filled cap - Made in U.S.A. 4 step vertical lines on cap Barrel stamped with 1750 Won't let me post photos.....grrr!
  8. Okay, I'm at a loss and my newbie inexperience with Sheaffer pens is showing! I need help from all of you, please. My sleuthing has not gotten me very far so I'm turning to the experts here to determine if my free, 'thank you' pen is correct or a couple of parts cobbled together. Bought a great little Waterman Vest pen off the bay and when it arrived, there was a BONUS pen added as a thank you. How cool is that! Here is where it gets interesting...she thought, and I am almost agreeing, that the pen looks married. Either that or the barrel is ambered or stained. I've not done anything to/with it as it's a vacuum filler and I'm clueless on these. I'm pretty clueless on Sheaffers as my stuff is normally the most obscure, cheapest stuff ever made for a one time school class, sold at a drug store and found in the junk drawer!!! Here is the pen I'm wondering about. I know it's a vacuum filler, i know it's Sheaffer White Dot and I know it's a Lifetime nib with a number...but... ...do top and bottom match correctly? I have since discovered it IS ambered and you can see through it when held to the light. Is the nib correct? Is this a Balance or something else. Timeframe for age (I think it's a '35 based soley on the hump clip shown. (Maybe someone changed the clip???) Worth restoring? I am coming to the experts as I R Not 1! Any help is appreciated!! Thank you!! (Update: The pen inks from what I can tell, well, it's still writing, but I don't see ink IN it. Hmmmm.) Attached Images
  9. Mardi13

    Os Or Not?

    I am hoping that this is an OS, but would welcome opinions: http://www.ebay.com/itm/201083410221?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  10. JeffPDX2

    Family Heirloom Info Requested

    My wife's father passed just about 25 years ago. In a box of 'stuff' that one of his daughters kept, this pen turned up. (see below for images) I took it apart, replaced the sac, and put it into working order. It is priceless to my wife; being able to hold the same pen that her father used working a milk truck delivery route in Pittsburgh, Pa in the pre-WW-II time frame is very special to her. I seek a little more information. From research I have done, I have determined that it is a jade Lifetime Flat Top White Dot. According to an article on Pen Trace that I found, the clip puts it sometime after 1922. The white dot puts it sometime after 1923, the serial number on the nib (0396277) puts it sometime after 1926. My best guess is that it is circa 1928, give or take a year either way. I tried to get a picture of the inscription on the barrel, but failed to produce anything I can post. The inscription reads: W. A. Sheaffer Co. Pat AUG 25 08 Fort Madison, Iowa USA DEC 10.12 - JAN 27 - OCT 20 - NOV 24.14 The double band seems kind of unique; I haven't found many images of a pen of this size with the double bands on the cap. My questions: Do you agree with my identification of its age?It is a short pen, as you can see from the photo. Can anyone tell me anything about this size? What term would Shaeffer use to describe it?The pen is not for sale, but I am curious about the value. My best estimate is about $75 to $100; does that sound accurate?As far as the lifetime warranty.....it writes like a champ. I'm kind of proud of my repair job. :-) Here are some more pictures:

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