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  1. Dear fellow Montblanc fans, We made an overview video about the new Montblanc Great Masters Red Python edition which was recently launched by Montblanc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtUOv6iq8Oo What do you think of this new addition of the Great Masters series? Which one is your favorite in this series?
  2. Hello everyone, This is my first post back after being away from FPN for a very, very long time and I come seeking your help. I need a new blue ink. I was in love with Montblanc Meisterstuck Diamond Blue ink (see review here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/225885-montblanc-meisterstuck-diamond/) and I am drawing to the end of my supply. I liked its' subdued colouring and how it shaded. In a way it sort of reminded me of old recipe Sheaffer Blue. So I now seek your collective knowledge and help. What blue do you suggest I use that either: 1. comes close in appearan
  3. It all started on a very warm summer's day in July of 2016. I was working out of Shanghai at that time, and was going to a mall close by to meet a friend for lunch. It so happened that there was a promotion by Montblanc of their heritage rouge et noir line right on the main atrium on the ground floor of the mall which I completely chanced into. While waiting for my friend, I was browsing around their exhibits and lo and behold, spotted the famous, or rather infamous Axel, Montblanc's resident nib guru. I recognized him by face because Tom K at that time shared his experience getting a bespoke
  4. My Meisterstück leaks where the barrel splits. How easy is it to seal this with beeswax, is it simple to separate? The red arrow shows the leak.
  5. Hello, I wanted to buy this Meisterstück Le Petit Prince & Fox Classique Ballpoint Pen for a while. It's my first ever Mont Blanc pen. I am new to the high end pen world and have limited budget... I found it on Amazon sold by RD Brands, came shipped from Israel and was about 150$ below MSRP. I decided to buy it there... After some readings, I now doubt I have a fake / replica product... I have the box that looks authentic, a serial number starting with "MBL...", Made in Germany / METAL inscription, I also weighted it and appears spot on. I emailed the vendor, they say it's authen
  6. nuria

    Vintage Model To Identify

    Hello, My mother give me my grandfather's fountain pen and now I would like to know what model and what year it is. I've been searching in forums but I didn't find this model. It has MASTERPIECE name in the cap and two small round holes. The number 26 at the bottom and the number 14C in the pen nib in addition to the tipical 1840 M marc. Can anyone give me some information? Thank you.
  7. Finally! https://appelboom.com/montblanc-meisterstuck-gt-149-calligraphy-flex-fountain-pen-119699/ Available from september. It seems to have 2 safety restrictions: Under pressure ink flow is cut or starved. Downstroke only. Line width goes from about 0.3 mm (EF) to 1.6 mm (BB). Many of you are more competent than me for commentaries. There are 2 new inks as well. + 2 new decorated pens as well. Good news anyway.
  8. Hi! So I believe I have a pretty rare Meisterstuck as I can not find it anywhere online! Essentially it is the same as this pen, except its a rollerball. https://www.penporium.com/MONTBLANC-144-SOLITAIRE-SOLID-GOLD-FOUNTAIN-PEN-p/3009.htm The closest thing I can find to my pen is actually from an image posted on this very forum! https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/uploads/imgs/fpn_1314297331__aumb.jpg My pen is very similar to the "163SG" except it does not have the black portion on the bottom, the design continues all the way down the pen. Does anyone have any information on my p
  9. Hi, I recently purchased one 90 years Meisterstuck 145 on ebay at price $650, nib B. I used to write with 145 a lot since I have small hands and I cannot handle any larger size fountain pens. So to my understanding to this familiar series, everything is fine and it should be a genuine one. However, as the following pictures can show that, the lower ring of the cap has a missing part, as you can see in the last picture, or I can say it is partially damaged. I am just really curious whether that totally disproves that it is genuine? Is this really rare to find? Please help! By the way, I also wa
  10. Best greetings to all, I have been the proud owner of a Meisterstuck 147 for over 20 years. During a recent trip, the cartridge holder of my pen went missing. (please read was stolen) It is a detachable part, simply screwed to the end cap. However, Mont-Blanc does not sell replacement and i find strange to have to send my pen to a service center to screw on a detachable part. Could anyone point me in the right direction to acquire a new cartridge holder (genuine would be preferable but i may have to consider options) It is the double-cartridge model. as per the picture Many thanks
  11. Loved the MB's flagship pen review by Betweenthelines. And then realized, I was yet to post a review on FPN for the lesser one, the 146. As for me, I came across a real Montblanc pretty much later in life, though used to love a pen called Camlin Premier during school days. It came with a 1-pen leather pouch, an additional screw-fit nib and it did have those striped ink windows. I say I loved it, but never wrote with it since it belonged to my dad and I was a small kid. Back in 1999-2000, it cost around USD 5.00 and it was a hefty price tag for any locally made fountain pen. Later I did real
  12. PRELUDE I was looking to gift my dad with a Montblanc pen for a long time. And it had to be a new one. Personally, I had bought a pre-owned MB 146 (the only pre-owned in my small collection), and I am more or less happy with it. It’s kind of ineffable but the right shape with the right balance, encompassed within a classical look seemed missing in some luxury pens, which I own. Personally, I feel that any pen above $ 100 is never a VFM and it’s rather a self-indulgence in fooling myself when I order one more expensive pen. May be it’s just applying theory of brand relativity when I try to co
  13. aliflee

    Montblanc 149 Real Or Fake

    Hi Guys, Just having a look on eBay, an online retail shop selling the Meisterstuck 149 Red Gold. They have two of these and many other various Montblanc pens, wonder if you could let me know if it is legitimate or not. Here is the link below: http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/381255645201?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 Kind Regards,
  14. OsborneUK

    Can Anyone Identify My Mont Blanc?

    I recently acquired this Mont Blanc Meisterstück from a family member and have no true interest in keeping it. If anyone has any idea of the model, year, price and where to sell I would greatly appreciate it. Around the top of the pen labels XY2006108 Metal GERMANY And near the bottom MONT BLANC - MEISTERSTÜCK Ive attached a few photos - It has no box. Shoot me a pm or just comment below, thanks 👍🏻
  15. truphae_inc

    Montblanc & Meissen

    We took some new iPhone photos of our Meisterstucks from the Meissen porcelain partnership. It was pretty crazy to read that these porcelain artisans have to go through years of training, with the process of each pen taking several months. Do you guys have positive feelings toward handpainted pieces like these for your collections, or prefer the more traditional Montblanc looks?
  16. sanjinp


    Hello all! Not new to fountain pens, but new to Montblanc (finally!). I acquired a Meisterstuck 146 Le Grand, unused, but with the signature engraving on the cap that I can not decipher. It is really very nicely done so I am wondering is it a certain edition or just a very neat personalization? I trust you will know. Thanks!
  17. This is more of a question being put to "fans". My wife recently gave me a MB 149 90th Anniversary FP for my birthday; frankly, I believe it was mismarked due to the surprisingly low price for this out of production specialty pen, but no matter. The nib was an "F", which I gave a whirl, but since I preferred a larger nib and it was within the allotted timeframe, we had it returned to the MB factory for a "Medium" nib replacement after assurances were given that yes, it would be replaced with another special 90th anniversary nib. It came back a couple weeks ago with a "90" nib that appears
  18. Napostrophe

    Montblanc Meisterstuck 146 Set Value?

    Hello. I recently got my hands on a complete Meisterstuck 146 set (Fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint, and mechanical pencil, all black with gold trim) and was wondering: about how much is the whole set worth? They've all been used before but are in nearly mint condition (though the boxes for the ballpoint and mechanical pencil are missing). Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
  19. L129


    Hey Community In 2003 my Dad purchased a pencil case from a junk market for 5€. In it there were 4 pencils which were selled with the case. Years later in 2010 he took a closer look into the case and found this: http://hammerweb.selfhost.eu/L129_5.JPG He took an even closer look and found an embossed L 129 at one of the pens. He is not very famliar with computers and the internet, but he found out that these are Mont Blanc pens and the one with the L 129 seemed to be quite old. So he asked me if can make a research on it. And I did. I wrote to Mont Blanc Germany and Walter Kleinhorst who
  20. Long-time lurker. Dropped by after viewing a pre-loved (possible) 146 in a local shop. It's up for sale for £150, but subject to offers. It comes in a nice square box with a bottle of black ink (dated 2013, use by?). The inside of the box is somewhat stained by different colours of ink in the pen storage and bottle storage areas, as though the ink bottle has been replaced when the bottle was wet or the pen put away or taken out by inky fingers. There is a GERMANY mark on the cap ring, a blue/grey non-slatted ink window and MONTBLANC MEISTERSTUCK 146 on the barrel, but I have yet to get
  21. TyrionBean

    A Few Mb Questions

    Hi there, I have had this Mont Blanc pen for nearly 20 years and I've only started getting back into writing with it after 10+ years of neglect. I've moved around a hell of a lot in the last 10 years or so (a few different countries etc...) and a lot of my things are in storage. I have the box in storage but I can't get to it. I had a few questions, if anyone is kind enough to answer. 1) Does anyone know what size this is? I honestly don't remember the size at all from when it was given to me. I know the details are in the box but that's a few thousand miles away right now. 2) I think
  22. This Meisterstuck LeGrand is on sale again at Jet.com. https://jet.com/product/Montblanc-Meisterstuck-Platinum-Line-LeGrand-Ballpoint-Pen-7569/e8d07d64146f49f580353d74357ec6df The sale price is $279.99 and with promo code "TRIPLE15" you get an additional 15% off (but it maxes at a $30 discount) for a final price of $249.99. Jet.com's products are fulfilled by Jet or other companies. When I ordered the pen a couple weeks ago, it was sent to me from JacobTime.com. I researched both companies, and felt safe enough to purchase a grey market pen from them. Jet.com has a thirty-day return
  23. Austingal

    Hello From Texas

    Greetings all or, y'all or all y'all, Earlier this week, I bought my first fountain pen since elementary school; a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck, 146 Solitaire Doue. After a lot of careful study on the FPN about spotting fakes, I bought mine on Ebay. It arrived never before inked. I have since inked it. I believe the nib to be a medium or a broad, hard to say without a comparator. I suspect the silver cap is stainless steel and not sterling, not marked, although it does have a number on the clip which might indicate information about the metal content of the cap. I've attached a photo. Looki
  24. Hello, I am looking to buy a Meisterstuck ballpoint to go with the Meisterstuck Classique fountain pen I got as a gift and I found this one. It looks legit to me, maybe a little old, but no big 'fake' alarms. Could you please tip in and and tell me what you think? Is it original or is it a fake? It is listed for about 100$, and has the markings Germany and MB101285. Images: https://imgur.com/a/nytpp Thank you, Marc
  25. Ricardocruz

    Hello From Porto, Portugal

    Hello everybody! Ive learned to write with a rather regular Pelikan pen in 1978. Because of that Ive always loved fountain pens, specially Montblanc models. Last week Ive found a second-hand 144 M nib in an online shop. Ive bought it and got quite happy with it. However, I felt I needed something else... So I went to a retail store here and got a real treat. Ive bought a brand new Montblanc 149 90th Anniversary Edition with a F nib. Im extremely happy with it, as you might guess! Cheers!

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