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Found 16 results

  1. A Smug Dill

    Montblanc 146 with Calligraphy nib

    From the album: First look

    I know I said I wouldn't get this, if for no other reason that it's a Montblanc.

    © A Smug Dill

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  2. I have recently got a new Montblanc 146 EF via ebay bidding and it was quiet a good deal. I am currently looking for nib adjustment to both of my Montblanc 146s: one in EF and one in F. It is very likely that I will have them being taken care of at the SF pen show. I want to share with you guys some close-ups I took for the 146 nibs. I also included my brief thoughts of the nibs and a comparison of these nibs to the other pens I own. I also included a small writing sample at the end. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you! The Montblanc 146 in F Through the fountainpennetwork website, I was told that this pen was the model from the late 90s. I absolutely enjoyed the grind of the nib. It has a very special shape and I absolutely enjoyed it. The very slight feedback of the nib makes me never want to stop writing with it. I have to say that when it comes to smoothness vs. feedback, this pen is my absolute best – there is no second. The only issue I have with it is that after writing with it for a long period of time, the flow of it could decrease and it causes hard-starting issues. My current solution is to prime the feed by using the piston. It is impressive to note that I actually prime the feed even if the pen hasn’t hard-start yet. I have to say that I enjoy a bit wetter feel - it allows the ink to show it’s beautiful color variations. The Montblanc 146 in EF Through what I have learned so far, I believe this pen is manufactured quite recently. It has a very different grind than the older Montblanc nibs. Instead of looking like a “tear-drop” like my other 146 in F, the nib is flatter and more square-like. Although I never own any italic nib, the quite different writing experience makes this 146 seem like one to me. It is very fine - as fine as my Justus 95 in F. When writing in my most comfortable angle (about 45 degrees from the surface of the paper), I found the horizontal strokes are slightly narrower than the vertical ones. Furthermore, when writing with a smaller angle to the paper, I found it gives me a wider line - it can be as wide as the 146 in F. The nib also has very characteristic feedback. The feedback is less than my Sailor 1911L in MF while more obvious than my Justus 95 in F. To put the thoughts together, this nib is rather special. I like it. However, I have to actively think about “how to write well” when I use it - different from my 146 in F, which I can just write with more ease. The solution to this in my mind is to probably make it a bit smoother and wetter. I obviously need more suggestions on this since I’m not very sure about it. Comparing these to pens to my other pens I will talk about what I like about my other pens in this section so that you can have a better understanding of what I enjoy. First is my Lamy 2000 in EF. It is very smooth and the perfect has the wetness. The width of the pen is perfect. The downside is that it is can scratch the paper when slightly rotated and the weight of the pen is not the best for me (on the light side) When it comes to my Pilot Justus 95 in F, I have to say it is near perfect for me. The pen is smooth and writes as soon as it touches the paper. I love how sensitive the nib is and enjoy the wetness of it when it is set to the softest setting. The only downside of the pen is that I would prefer a piston filling mechanism than a converter. I also want to talk briefly about my Custom 823 in M and Sailor 1911L in MF. The 823 is my most smooth nib and it can hard start sometimes (which I am also interested in fixing, I also would prefer a slightly finer nib). The Sailor 1911L is very wet, and I love it. I also enjoy its special feedback - but I would not want that on every nib of my pens. Short writing example:
  3. I just got this Montblanc 146 F nib fountain pen from a ebay bid. It was claimed to be new. It looked new too. But the nib was misaligned. You can see in the picture. I spend about an hour and I was able to realign the tines. I am very new to Montblanc and this is the first ever Montblanc pen of mine. I need some help conforming its authenticity. I got it for $251 plus $15 shipping from Italy to California. There were no one placing bid until the very end of the listing. Some one else placed bid before me. I won in the end. Thank you guys! Note that I did use a strong flashlight to illuminate the cap and saw that the material of the cap did had dark red light emission. The weight of this 146 is very similar to my Pilot custom 823. I would say this 146 is a tiny bit heavier. Lastly, I could NOT find "Pix" ANYWHERE on this pen. I will attach a lot of picture here just to make more opportunities for you too look at the details of my new pen. Pictures:
  4. blackfinger

    First Montblanc Pen. Is It Real?

    Hello everyone. This is my first post, so apologies in advance for any mistakes I decided to buy my first fountain pen with a gold nib and this Montblanc 146 seems to be in a good price and condition (apart from the beaten up box which will go in the bin). I did some research and it looks real to me, but I wish someone more knowledgeable could confirm it. So... does it look real?
  5. This Meisterstuck LeGrand is on sale again at Jet.com. https://jet.com/product/Montblanc-Meisterstuck-Platinum-Line-LeGrand-Ballpoint-Pen-7569/e8d07d64146f49f580353d74357ec6df The sale price is $279.99 and with promo code "TRIPLE15" you get an additional 15% off (but it maxes at a $30 discount) for a final price of $249.99. Jet.com's products are fulfilled by Jet or other companies. When I ordered the pen a couple weeks ago, it was sent to me from JacobTime.com. I researched both companies, and felt safe enough to purchase a grey market pen from them. Jet.com has a thirty-day return policy as well, so it gives you time to check out the merchandise and decide if you want to keep it. JacobTime also had good online reviews as well as a good BBB standing in New York. I have a question out on the forum to verify some of the details of the pen and packaging I received, but I am fairly certain it is an authentic pen. At 48% off the MSRP, I was willing to pay to check it knowing I can still return it. Hope this helps someone else get a great deal too if you're in the market for a grey MB. I just tried the pricing again at 12:30 AM Pacific on 8/10/16 and it is still valid. I have no affiliation with Jet.com or JacobTime.com or Montblanc!
  6. Hello, I know the pros and cons of purchasing grey market. I just purchased a 7569 - Meisterstuck Platinum Line LeGrand Ballpoint Pen from Jacobtime.com I am in the process of deciding if everything looks authentic. They have a 30-day return policy, so that is a plus to me. Their online reviews are mostly positive, and they have an A rating out of New York. I have noticed a few items that seem interesting to me, and thought I would put it out here to see if anyone else has had the same experiences. The pen was not shrink-wrapped, but taped in a plastic bag basically. The tape and plastic were of the type that you could tell if they had been opened, so I am thinking that is to indicate it is factory fresh possibly? The only sticker on the outside did not have the serial number to the pen - is this a bad thing? It did have a number on it, and also the word "New" printed on the sticker. Has anyone seen that before? That seems strange to me. The pen was in a white cardboard outer box with the Montblanc logo on it. No stickers on the white box. The inner pen box looks and feels authentic, but I have nothing to compare it to. The warranty booklet looks and feels authentic. The warranty card is not filled out. As to the pen. On the underside of the clip, it has "Made in Germany" and the word "Metal". The serial number is on the outside of the clip band. I do not want to put it in the post here to give the bad guys a good number to work from, but is there a standard format to follow such as "MB" then letter, number, number, etc.; or letter, letter, number, etc.?? I assume the bad guys know the format anyway, so I don't know if this does me any good anyway, just to know the format. Like I said, JacobTime.com is supposed to be a grey dealer, but I did have these questions arise. I do not live near a boutique to take it into to have it checked. I tried to get some pictures to post, but I could not get any close-up shots that would be of any good as far as authentication. Sorry for such a lengthy post! I'd really appreciate any comments or suggestions as far as whether this pen sounds authentic, or screams "fake". Thank you for any help.
  7. BarneyTheOwl

    Montblanc Legrand 146; Real Or Fake?

    Dear members, First of all I want to introduce myself. I am a medical student who is almost graduating. For some time now I am exploring the wonderful world of fountainpens and since my tutor has expanded his collection with a beautiful Montblanc Etoile fountainpen, I have fallen in love with the Montblanc series and the way they write. I decided to have a look on the internet for an affordable, secondhand Montblanc fountainpen. Yesterday I saw a nice 146 LeGrand model online for sale. The advertisement says it’s a vintage model, dated around the 1990’s. Apparently it has a singed 'W. Germany' on the top. Unfortunately no box or receipts are included. As non-expierenced as I am, it is hard for me to check/verify whether this pen is real or fake I included some pictures the seller sent me and would like to ask you if you could say anything about the authenticity. The price is 150 euro’s. If it is a genuine one and worth the price, I consider buying it Many thanks in advance and looking forward to your comments!Greetings from Holland.
  8. I recently had a Mont Blanc Diamond LeGrand fail. The pen was in my travel bag on a trip. When I opened the bag and checked my pen holder, I noticed the barrel had broken off at the end. Either the bag took a sharp impact or the barrel failed. I contacted a local Mont Blanc authorized dealer regarding repair and they indicated there was no option for repair. It was purchased in 2011 in the UK from Herrod's who is an authorized dealer and all of the paperwork, receipts, and boxes are still in my possession. The dealer indicated the pen did not have a repair option and I should look at a new pen. Seems crazy for an $600 pen. The diamond cap and other parts are all still intact. The barrel failed at the spring on the back end. I simply want to order a replacement barrel, not an entirely new pen. What are my options and any suggestions as to an Authorized Dealer who may be able to get parts? Thank you. Chris
  9. Good Evening! I've been carrying an MB 162 rollerball throughout my life - school, work, and now the Army (yikes!). It's a nice-looking pen. It's ostentatious at times. It's refined at others. I recently broke it whilst running - dropped and then crushed it with my foot. I was deeply troubled. Not by my expected sadness but by a realization. The pen, more specifically, this Montblanc, is just a concept. Whether it is good or bad, worth the trouble or not, it is my concept. And thus it really shouldn't mean anything - and your pens really shouldn't mean anything. Who says they're even pens? You do. And I do (I used my 162 to dig a hole once but that's a different story). I thus feel disheartened I've grown so attached to this pen. But I have. It's my concept. But I shouldn't be. Sigh...we stylophiles are odd people. We are, without concept, very odd people. Enjoy these toys without attachment, if you can. Just my 0.02 cents. Yours Sincerely, Nurmy Wormy PS - I'm looking for a replacement. I will say this without reservation. If you would have one you're willing to donate to me, I will donate some money straight back at you. I am a little low on cash though, but I'm attached.
  10. Hey all! Once upon a time, not so long ago, I had a 145 Chopin with a fine nib. I loved the pen's look, and the size was nice, but I never liked the nib. At times, I felt the nib on my old beater Pilot Metropolitan was better than this one. So I sold the pen and vowed to stay away from Montblanc for as long as I could, which was just under two months. I decided to look into used 146s and found one for the right price. The seller did not know the nib size, except that it was an oblique. I've had it for about a week and have fallen in love with this oblique nib, to the point that I may consider moving towards obliques from this point on. I've read over and over that it's nearly impossible to give modern Montblancs a nib size just by looking at them and seeing a writing comparison. With that being said, to those of you who own oblique Montblancs, what does this look like? The feed has a small letter D, which I doubt will lend any help to identifying nib size. Also, I've read on here that it's darn near impossible to find a counterfeit Montblanc piston filler, and while I'm not having any doubts about this pen, I am curious as to if Montblanc is putting "Pix", "GERMANY" and "metal" on the back of the cap clips. I've seen Pix and GERMANY, but haven't heard of "metal" (lowercase) being on the back of these clips. Help and thanks!
  11. In the new red gold series of Montblanc, the LeGrand mechanical pencil misses. There is only the tiny Classique MP and that doesn't match the red gold 149. Should one look for a replating service on a gold LeGrand MP or are there other solutions possible?
  12. dmvara

    My Opinion Of Midsize Tribute

    I really wish that Montblanc would have come out with a black resin midsize tribute pen. I am scratching my head as to why they only made a white lacquer one. I also like the geometric midsize pen they released, but it's a bit flashy and would have snatched one up in a heart beat if it had been sterling silver instead. I really like the midsize because for me the legrand can be a bit weighty at times for lengthy writing and the classique just doesn't cut it for me. It's just too small, but that is just my opinion. I did ask the montblanc sales manager if they would be releasing more in the midsize and she was pretty confident they would for the solitaire lineup, but who knows. So I will just stick with my legrand for now and wait and see. I might see if I can find a used geometric somewhere because the price point is a bit much for my taste since I am not totally enthralled by the color of the pen. I can honestly say that Montblanc will miss a huge marketing opportunity if they don't bring out more midsize pens because I think there are many people like myself who fall in between the legrand and the classique as far as taste and preference is concerned. How does everyone else feel? David
  13. william2001

    New Montblanc Pen

    This is my new Montblanc Meisterstuck LeGrand 90th Anniversary Edition fountain pen. What do you guys think about it? Testing some pens: And, I got the LeGrand Fine Nib -William S. Park EDIT: Thanks, dad.
  14. Hey everyone! So, in the past month or so that I've been active on the forum, I've really fallen in love with you all. I've been thinking of a way to show it and, as the title suggests, I think I came up with a great one. From now until September 30th, if you grab one of the "Ultimate Pen Polish" kits, you will get an entry to win a BRAND NEW Montblanc LeGrand Fountain pen. http://i.imgur.com/ZJQCtE5.jpg As always, you will get the FPN discount of ~20% off, as well as free domestic shipping, at-cost international shipping, and a free micro-fiber polishing cloth! And, of course, you will still be getting the same kit as before: enough for ~50 uses! http://i.imgur.com/qQNPbsF.jpg Since it's obvious that there is a 99.99% chance I will be losing a great deal of money with this contest, you might be wondering why I am doing it. Two reasons: First, I want to show you all that I am here for the "long haul" and that I truly consider myself part of the community. I've loved our jibs and PMs back and forth, etc. Second, I want to get the "Ultimate Pen Polish" in the hands of more people. Everyone who has used it so far loves it, and I know that the more people use it, the more people will talk about it to others! To get your hand in the cookie jar, use the following link. If you are international, make sure to select it from the dropdown under the arrow: >>> ***CLICK HERE TO GRAB A KIT AND ENTER TO WIN A MONTBLANC LEGRAND (146)*** <<< Let me know if you have any questions! ps. Obviously Montblanc, the company, has nothing to do at all with this promotion!
  15. william2001

    90 Years. 149, Classique, Or Legrand?

    I am planning to buy a Montblanc Meisterstuck 90 Years fountain pen. Should I buy 149, Classique, or LeGrand? Thanks in advance, William S. Park

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