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Found 15 results

  1. Tinpanalleybluesman

    Pelikan 120

    Hi lovely people, Yesterday I have purchased a fountain pen, about which the seller didn't know to tell me much about. The only thing he knew was that supposedly was owned by his dad. I have asked him if he knows what was the production year, he said that he doesn't know, but that he things it's a "newer date". All over this pen is written ' Pelikan 120 '. I am not sure if it's actually Pelikan 120 or Pelikan M120 ( production year 2016 ), because it looks in a pretty good condition for a pen that would be produced back in 1955-1965 or so. There is no number at the bottom part of the barrel ( which some of them had ). It's 125mm long ( like Pelikan 120 should be, unlike Pelikan m120 which is 130 mm long in total ). This probably is not Pelikan 120 M&K ( 1973-1977 ) because it's shorter in total lenght, plus M&K have some different features. So if anyone have a clue if this could be the genuine Pelikan 120, or what should I look for - give me some suggestions please. ( I still haven't even tried if it's "working" or not ... ) Thank you in advance ! Best regards - Tinpanalleybluesman.
  2. Hi, I would like to buy a second hand Montegrappa fountain pen (about 500 Euros). I've contacting the seller asking to send me more pictures with his fountain pen and to provide me more information about the fountain pen he sells. He said that the fountain pen is a present and he has not a certificate for the fountain pen. Please help me to identify the fountain pen. I am looking for information about price and if the fountain pen is authentic. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello, I wanted to buy this Meisterstück Le Petit Prince & Fox Classique Ballpoint Pen for a while. It's my first ever Mont Blanc pen. I am new to the high end pen world and have limited budget... I found it on Amazon sold by RD Brands, came shipped from Israel and was about 150$ below MSRP. I decided to buy it there... After some readings, I now doubt I have a fake / replica product... I have the box that looks authentic, a serial number starting with "MBL...", Made in Germany / METAL inscription, I also weighted it and appears spot on. I emailed the vendor, they say it's authentic as well, they procure in bulk from an authorized seller, not being an authorized seller of their own. What do you all think? Real or Fake? Thank you so much!
  4. RayCornett

    Serial Number Engraving And Font

    I am used to seeing a more digital looking fond with serifs and more angular font. Is this good? EDIT- I forgot to mention previously that the owner did have this 149 serviced by Montblanc and has that paperwork.
  5. Hi all, Ive been using fountain pens for a while, but fairly new to Montblanc pens. Im thinking about purchasing a consigned pen from what seems like a reputable seller. Has anyone seen this particular pen before, or know if there are any dead giveaways on its authenticity, and what might be a fair price. It seems to be a 144 Doué from what I can tell, but any help would be me much appreciated. Thanks! V
  6. A-damreview

    Is This Legit? Can Find It Anywhere

    Hello everyone, thanks for the help. I recently won an Ebay auction for a burgundy Montblanc No. 12 and wanted to know if this model even comes in burgundy.
  7. I have the option to get this from a seller that doesn't seem able to take proper photos Does this look like an authentic 146 nib?
  8. Ronz9

    Yep, I Did It--Ebay

    You ever done something and almost instantly thought, damn that was dumb? How about doing that twice within hours? Yeah, me too. Most recently on eBay. Went there just to look and came away with less money and owning...something. It'd be great if i knew what I bought. I've come here for years and watched members display understanding of all ,manner of writing instruments that borders on obsession. OK, more than obsession. And it would've been just wonderful if I'd thought to post all this before buying anything. But i didn't, very unfortunately. Hopefully someone can clue me in on what I now possibly own. Buys were on different continents within days of one another. I'll label them Pen 1 and Pen 2. Both were sold as Hommage A' WG Mozart editions. I got my doubts, as they say. Pros: Both came with blank "Your Personal MB Guide". Printing is so simple I don't know if anyone can tell the validity of any printed guides that carry no dealer sale stamp. Neither of mine did, and they look identical. All engraving on both pens is very precise. Both are the smaller length / breadth MB the company still sells commemorating Wolfgang. The MB name engraved on the gold bands shows great precision, same with the nibs in all respects, as far as I can see. Every place either pen could be finished shows as very well polished and detailed. The clips are well detailed and polished to within an inch of their lives. Both white snow caps are precisely edged and appear to be dead centered and correct in size. Both clip rings carry letter / number combinations that appear to be laser engraved. Definitely not stamped or force cut into the metal somehow. Precise numbers and letters, country of origin, etc. And one even shows PIX with a trademark inside the clip. Cons: Here to find out. Just nothing sticks out--if anything did, I wouldn't be here begging for help from folks far more knowledgeable than I am. All this is in the poorly shot pictures attached (sorry about the quality). Pen 1--MB 1 in the pictures--is all black with gold and came in a beautiful box with an unopened CD (straight from Best Buy no doubt) and two layers for pen presentation. The top layer is for a single pen with the same "Homm A WGA" print found on the outer box. Lifting that tray reveals another tray with spaces for 4 more pens of like size. See pictures. Serial number is XI 1066978. GERMANY is opposite the SN. Nothing else on the ring in between those 2. Inside the clip is smoothly polished and finished, but no trademark, no PIX, etc While I know that's not a death sentence, I'd feel much better with it there. Pen 2--MB 2 in the pictures--is black, with gold rings and with a silver cap. The cap looks real to me--carefully cut and carries silver stamps you can see in the pictures. It's cap ring shows serial number of BP 1018350 with METAL 2 opposite. In between and directly opposite the gold clip is FRANCE (which is engraved lower than the S/N or METAL 2--so low that it's letters almost touch the bottom of the clip ring--but the fonts and engraving look exactly the same as the other two on each side of it). And inside the clip is a precisely raised PIX in italic type flowing script followed by a microscopic circled R for trademark. PIX is raised, not engraved or etched. I had to loupe it to see it. If anyone can tell me what I own, I'm guessing they're on here. I could walk down the Strip here in Las Vegas to one of the two MB stores and talk to someone--they're exceedingly nice and helpful to the extent they know. Verifying MB doesn't seem to be one of those things. Pls take a look at the pictures and any help is greatly (greatly) appreciated. Either way, thanks for years of happy reading and amazing insight.
  9. Hi I have a Franz Kafka ballpoint, given as a gift. I have read much about authenticity and fakes so wanted to ask for some expert opinion. I have looked all over the web, made comparisons, studied detailed imagery etc. I thought the learned people here could advise. I attach some close up pics. Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, just joined the forum, this is my first post. I have recently bought a MontBlanc fountain pen at a reputable antiques shop here in Switzerland. The seller told me it was around 20y old. I have a few questions regarding this model and would welcome your thoughts as to its authenticity. I have attached a few pictures. Here are my observations 1) The pen shows "Germany" and serial number "[DELETED]" on the top band of the cap (not "West Germany" so the pen is not older than 1991) 2) Engraved "Meisterstuck - MontBlanc" on the bottom band of the cap. No model number eg 146 between "Meisterstuck" and "MontBlanc" 3) No "pix" engraved on the underside of the clip 4) The nib is two-color, with "4810", the montblanc logo, "14K" and "Montblanc" engraved from top to bottom. 5) The tank is transparent when looked through light 6) Dimensions: 14.2cm capped, 12.4cm uncapped (approximately) Am a bit concerned about the lack of "pix" under the clip and the absence of the model number on the band. Curious to hear what people think. Thanks for your help.
  11. Does your Siena pen pouch also come with this "washing label" inside, or is this a recent addition from Montblanc?
  12. Hi, I bought a Mint Meisterstuck Rollerball pen on ebay. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=171707401540&alt=web The seller's communication was pretty good and the condition of this pen was good either. I have tested the direct light transparency test of the resin material and the result was yes. However, by looking thoroughly this pen, I found something uncertain that require you Experts guy's judgement. ※ Because I'm not allowed to post pictures on this forum, I need to use the links for the images. My apologies. 1. Engraving under Clip. I know that some of the models have "Made in Germany" under the clip. But looking at the quality of the letter, I have question on it. [image link] https://imageshack.com/i/ey9TK3AHj 2. Montblanc engraving on the ring. The engraved letter seems to be a bit shoddy. Do I have too suspicious eyes? [image link] https://imageshack.com/i/ipISPAYrj 3. Germany engraving on the head of the clip To me, it seems to be a bit weird. I hope I'm wrong. [image link] https://imageshack.com/i/eyVitp2Bj I need our fountainpennetworkers' precious opinion on this matter. Thank you so much.
  13. It's nothing to do with me. I'm not the buyer nor the seller but please give me your authenticity impressions of this pen I know for sure that's not an authentic converter, and I know how I would vote, but I would like to see what you all think.
  14. Hi, I realise this forum is for fountain pens. But can't find details on a ballpoint and thought someone here may know about it- or point me to somewhere where I can read more. I'm giving a S.T. Dupont Olympio Ballpoint as a gift, as I can't afford a new one I've opted for a second hand one. I believed that S.T. Dupont wasn't the sort of brand that attracted counterfeiters, however after doing some research I've become concerned. Are fake ballpoints common? Is there anyway to detect one? Should the leaf logo be etched on to the lacquer as in the case of the fountain pen? A few ads have said that the pen has the leaf logo- but show no pictures of it and all seem to be using the same text- including serial number and typo. So I'm not giving them much weight. I read on another forum thread that an article has been written about ST Dupont authenticity- but I can't get the link to work. I have attached some photos. Thank you (in advance) for taking the time to consider this, Katie *edited to add full size pics
  15. There is a great discussion going on at Sales Of Fountain Pens X Mechanical Watches. The question concerns the relative growth rates of fountain pen collecting v mechanical watch collecting. Over fifty interesting responses so far with insights into specific rewards and emotional satisfactions of each obsession. The discussion raises a question in my mind that probably isn't germane to the active discussion, and that may be inappropriate to this particular venue. If not appropriate, I hope the editor will sinply not put up this post as I don't want to be a troll. Here goes. I am as many may be, overwhelmed with opportunities to both absorb and disperse measages. And the means of both have decome increasingly pure digital. And, if not digital than new forms of mechanical that have nearly replaced the ollder forms of expression. Hand-written communication in analog format - instrument on -paper- is the point of this wonderful site. The meta questions become very particular, ink, FPs, BPs, RBs, paper and the pros and cons of the many offerings. Yet within analog. Watches have their many charms and attractions to express time. From decoration to accuracy to mechanical v battery movements, the opportunirty for expression is enormous. But what is the person/user/collector looking for beyond the depth of collection, fun of the search, care and maintenance of the objects? I think that it is a need for authenticity. the real, at a time when reality becomes more and more virtual. OK. My very peculiar experiences that raises this point. I'm an old guy, Williamsin the '50s, a working career in communications. I've seen and experienceda a number of the changeovers at first hand in printing, design, photography, television, radio, writing techniques, and reproduction. And now I have this reaction to virtual reality. I want more authentic experiences. I'm not talking about children, marriage, career, and all of the experiences that come along with living the life. There is no doubt that they are authentic. I simply find myself needing to write with a pen and ink, rather than a BP or RB, because the pen and ink goes back to my first experiences of real and authentic in writing and reading messages from people I knew. I have bought mechanical watches because I want to wind then to know that Time can indeed 'wind down'. I've just dusted off my film camera and equipment because I want the feel of capturing an image mechanically that I will see as an analog print on paper. I am starting to stop and sketch scenes i pen and ink rather than pull out my phone. I am not trying to be a Luddite. I believe that the new technical achievements have opened our world beyond our imagination. I need, however, to be able to have some small physical portion of my surroundings that I can define as 'real' in other and older terms.

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