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  1. I have a friend who goes there a lot, hence the question.
  2. OsborneUK

    Can Anyone Identify My Mont Blanc?

    I recently acquired this Mont Blanc Meisterstück from a family member and have no true interest in keeping it. If anyone has any idea of the model, year, price and where to sell I would greatly appreciate it. Around the top of the pen labels XY2006108 Metal GERMANY And near the bottom MONT BLANC - MEISTERSTÜCK Ive attached a few photos - It has no box. Shoot me a pm or just comment below, thanks 👍🏻
  3. Napostrophe

    Montblanc Meisterstuck 146 Set Value?

    Hello. I recently got my hands on a complete Meisterstuck 146 set (Fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint, and mechanical pencil, all black with gold trim) and was wondering: about how much is the whole set worth? They've all been used before but are in nearly mint condition (though the boxes for the ballpoint and mechanical pencil are missing). Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hello. I recently got my hands on a complete Meisterstuck 146 set (Fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint, and mechanical pencil, all black with gold trim) and was wondering: about how much is the whole set worth? They've all been used before but are in nearly mint condition (though the boxes for the ballpoint and mechanical pencil are missing). Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I am not sure if someone has already shared this before. but, i came across this interesting article about Pelikan's pricing strategy in for US customers and how it may help the consumer. Good news for Pelikan collectors ! https://thepelikansperch.com/2017/10/06/pelikan-north-american-price-decrease/
  6. It appears Lamy in the USA has a new distributer and prices went up. Basic things like converters and ink are in the 15-20% range. Pens and other items less, but the dollar amounts are high. This is unfortunate after the LE ink debacles for the past couple of years coupled with the EF nib issues. Link from Goulet Blog: http://blog.gouletpens.com/2017/08/lamy-news-and-price-changes.html
  7. Uncial

    Kobe Price Increase

    For a little while now I've been happily buying a bottle of Kobe ink every other month. They came in at about 16.99 with free shipping. Seemed reasonable enough and they usually slipped in under the attention of the import duties due to everything on the label being in Japanese. Today though, I was left in shock. They are now 27.99! That's almost double the price. I didn't notice the huge price jump or see anyone mention it. I'm not sure I really want to pay that price for ink; especially when there are so many others around that are under a tenner and are good inks. Does anyone know of a UK o
  8. I am relatively new to the fountianpenworld and I've been lurking in the low range section for quite a while and I decided to step up get some mid range fountain pens. I got most of my pens from Goulet but my biggest problem with Goulet is that Im not in amerika Im actually not even in the Eu, I live in switzerland which makes the shipping costs a real pain in the ass (last itme I paid 30US Dollar for the shipping) I decided to get a Pilot Custom 74 and a Stella 90s thats when I discovered Japan import via Amazon. The pens sold on Amazon are really way cheaper for me than buying them from Go
  9. I have a Parker pen that is in immaculate condition and from the Ryder Cup in 1993. It has been sitting on a draw for a prolonged period of time and has never been used. I would really appreciate someone's help as to how much it is worth. It is a fountain pen and not a roller and has some IBM branding on the lid. I really appreciate the help, thank you.
  10. Amirography

    Black Ink: The Cheaper The Better?

    Hey guys. After a lot of exploring between different colors, I'm sensing a pattern specially about black inks. It seems to me that the rule of thumb is that cheaper the ink, the more wonderful it is. I tried Caran D'ache (very disappointing, behaved well, but nothing special) Montblanc (Better than Caran D'ache, not impressing still) Lamy (Great bottle, the same as mont-blanc, behaves well, nothing impressive) parker Quint (impressive ink, behaves awesomely, no special properties). But the most awesome experience I've had (and still have) is with Pelikan Brilliant black. Which here is the ch
  11. Hi, I am new to this site and had a question regarding MB prices. I was bought a MB Meisterstuck Rollerball by my team at work, back in 2008. As our birthday budget back then was around £150-180, I assume that this is how much they cost then (I think that I also bought a Starwalker Rollerball as a gift, around then, at a similar price). Is this correct? I ask because I have just looked at the MB website and it looks like the same pen now costs £330?! I realise that it was 8 years ago, but could they really double the price in 8 years? Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, I need to get some information about My MB fountain pen. I have to sell one MB lennon and another Mahatma Ghandi to buy another one fountain pen. Unfortunately the piston are broken on the both fountain pen... I've contacted MB services to get a price for the reparation but as it is a limited edition they cannot give me an estimation unless I send them the pens. So I'd like know how could it cost to repair its? Before all I need to know the estimation of the fountain pens, someone know how does it cost now or where is ti possible to get this information?
  13. northstar

    How Much?

    Hello, Does anyone recall the price of a bottle of Parker Penman when it was in production (before it got discontinued)? Best regards.
  14. Hi everyone, I inherited these pens a few years ago and I must admit I don't know much about them at all. I admire their beauty and workmanship. I think I will keep one for myself and try to sell the others on this forum (in the appropriate section, of course). However, before I can begin, I need to price them. Will someone please help me with a price range for each of the sets below? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Omas 1930 fountain pen http://i61.tinypic.com/rji1rk.jpg http://i57.tinypic.com/168t05e.jpg http://i60.tinypic.com/1o2fis.jpg http://i61.tinypic.com/21l2vkj.jpg
  15. Hello came across a ad that was on ebay for 1997 Yardoled.Since this will be my first would just like some help on if this a good purchase and if it is worth the price? Any help will be greatly appreciated...Thanks in advance http://www.ebay.com/itm/261965114773?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  16. Bklyn

    Vintage Doufold/big Red

    Hi all: I am a bit new here and not sure of were to go so I thought I might put a question out there. I am interested in a Doufold for my first vintage pen. I was wondering if eBay is the best place. I was also wondering what an older pen might cost. Am I in the $200.00 range? Any help greatly appreciated.
  17. Hi! I'm about to put on sale Pelikan's 75th Anniversary LE in a mint condition (never used, all boxes etc) with a good discount and kind of can't decide on price. It was sold at Bonham's for $6875 (http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/21816/lot/1304/) in December'14, whereas at Penporium it is listed for $18500 (http://www.penporium.com/product-p/574.htm). So, in my opinion $7K is pretty low, but at the same time $18,5K is quite a number. If I am not mistaken, the MSRP was around 7500 Euro initially, but after submitting the pen to the market, Pelikan managers stated that the initial MSRP sugge
  18. If there is such a thing Inwould like to know. This is the opposite of this trail|. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/283726-expensive-looking-inexpensive-pens/#entry3258953
  19. I hope it's okay to post this type of question. I have a 149 that I wish to sell in the Classifieds. But it isn't perfect, it has flow issues, had them from the start. (I bought it two years ago so it's a bit late to go back to the seller now.) The feed does not seem to keep up with the nib, and it varies between quite wet and somewhat dry, and occasionally even skips. I've tried the usual non-invasive remedies -- different inks, soaking, flushing with a bit of washing-up liquid in water, etc. At the end of the day the pen is just too big for me and I don't enjoy using it anyway, which is wh
  20. a.zy.lee

    Half-Price Iroshizuku In Uk!

    Let me start by saying that I have NO affiliation with Amazon or the retailers selling these Pilot Iroshizuku inks On Amazon UK, if you search "iroshizuku", you can find almost the whole range for around only £15! Normally, one would have to pay around £30 for these. They're even shipped for free! I'm not sure if these retailers ship to other countries for free or sell elsewhere for the same price. So, if you want an Iroshizuku ink, but haven't gotten one because of the price, you're in luck! Unfortunately, the prices do change from time to time, but you can track the prices using http://uk.
  21. Hello everyone, So as my summer vacation is almost at a close, and my travels abroad are sadly coming to an end, I've realized that I have enough left over spending money in my budget for a new pen! 76 dollars, which may not seem like much to spend on a pen, but keep in mind that my small collection is limited to pens in the Lamy Safari range. I've decided to go from small price range, to medium sized (40-70 dollars) with my new purchase, but I'm not sure what to get, and was wondering if you all could help me out. Some things to keep in mind: I'm a student, and would preferably like to tote
  22. What price do pen shops and retailers pay for an M800 before selling on to the end user? Just curious..
  23. Jared

    Bottled Ink Cost - Per Ml

    I really like how The Writing Desk shows the cost of ink for sale per ml. Perhaps this is in part to push the sale of their own rebottled Diamine ink at a lower cost, but it helps me see the overall cost vs volume. Looking at the Goulet Pens website, here are the current costs per milliliter of bottled ink for the most common and available brands in the US: Aurora - 45ml, $15.00, $.33 per ml DeAtramentis - 35ml, $12.50, $.36 per ml Delta - 30ml, , $15.00, $.50 per ml Diamine - 80ml, $12.75, $.16 per ml - 30ml Registrars, $15.50, $.52 per ml - 100ml Registr
  24. I'm relatively new to fountain pens, and I was wondering if I could get some advice from the more experienced veterans Assuming working condition, one or two scratches or dings, no engraving, how much would you expect/be willing to pay for the following pens in good enough condition? Parker 21 Parker 45 Parker 51 Parker 61 and any other vintage Parker pens I missed
  25. william2001

    Paper Price

    Just a quick and short question: Why is some paper more expensive than others? I heard that the quality of expensive paper is better (obviously), but what are the benefits of writing in a good quality and expensive paper? Is it smoother or something? Thanks.

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