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  1. My girlfriend has one of those purple "retro-pop" Pilot Metros with a transplanted 1.1 stub nib from a Plumix. She keeps complaining that it's "leaking," which seems to mean that when she uncaps it to use it there's ink all over the section, so she gets inky fingers. I've inspected it fairly closely over the course of several weeks and I can't find anything wrong with it - no cracks in the section, the nib/feed is sitting properly, I've swapped out a couple of different cartridges / converters, etc., all the usual suspects. I have noticed on my own two Metros that a substantial quantity of ink appears to pool under the hood of the nib, sometimes even working its way around to the under side of the feed. If you give either pen a pretty good shake ink will come splashing out and splatter all over your paper. I realize that fountain pens should, generally, be treated gently. However, my other similarly priced pens do not exhibit this behavior - I have a Platinum Plaisir (F), a Kaweco Classic Sport (1.1 stub), and a Parker Urban (M) inked up in daily use and they do not splatter when shook. My suspicion is that there is something about the design of the Metro that leads to this ink pool forming (since I observe it in all three of our pens) and that in my girlfriend's case, living as it does in the pen-loop of her padfolio, at various points throughout the day her pen is sometimes jostled, leading to ink from the pool spraying all over the interior of the cap. I know this is a cheap pen, but she really loves it, and I would like to make it useable for her, if I can. Has anyone else observed this phenomenon or come up with a way to solve it? Thanks! - N
  2. Hello. I have a pen that I got for a gift, which I think is a Pilot Metropolitan, so I filled it with Noodler's 54th Massachusetts. Today, I carried the pen in one of my pockets, and soon, I realized that ink was leaking out of the pen. Not only is the nib and the grip completely covered in ink, the ink is actually coming out through the closed cap and staining everything in my pocket. What's going on? How can I fix this? Thank you for any help you are able to provide. I have attached some photos. Edit: grammar
  3. eronavbj

    Ahab Leaks Uncontrollably

    Anyone else having leakage problems with the Noodler's AHAB? Mine is new (present from my daughter in October), and has a nice, wet surprise for me at various times when I uncap it. This has happened about four times now, despite cleaning and refilling. I contacted Noodler's and they said, "We might need to send you a new feed. Is there too much space between the feed and section?" I sent them photos. That was a month ago. I've heard nothing since. I've heard this is a good company to deal with. Any opinions?
  4. analogy

    Sheaffer Craftsman Pen Sac

    Hello, Although I figured out that my Sheaffer Craftsman takes in the standard #15 pen sac from PenSac Company, I still have following questions, 1. Which is better - necked pen sac or the regular tubular pen sac? 2. Is it mandatory to apply sac cement or I can stretch opening of sac and rely on its elasticity and the barrel opening to keep it in place? 3. What causes a leaky Sheaffer? Is the correctness of installing pen sac directly proportional to ink leaking from feed area? Thanks for reading. analogy
  5. Hey everyone, I bought a Lamy Aion about a week ago. I know people have polarizing opinions on the design of this pen, but I'm purely looking for your experience with how it performs. I can't seem to find any others with these issues, so I'm trying to determine if I need to send it back or not. I'm looking for input in two areas: 1. At random times, when I uncap the pen there's often ink blobs on the nib, and sometimes the section (see photo). There's some air pressure when capping the pen, so my guess is that uncapping the pen has enough suction that sometimes it's pulling out some ink from the feed - but if that's true, and it's part of the pen design, that's a pretty big flaw. My Lamy 2000 has never exhibited this issue. I'm not dropping the pen or banging it around on my desk I'm not even carrying it around in a backpack or anything - it's just sitting on my desk. I've also had the pen inked with two different inks so I don't think the type of ink has anything to do with it. 2. The nib seems to be loose. Since the only other Lamy pen I own is a 2000, I have no experience with these Z50 style nibs, but it seems to "wiggle" back and forth such that the nib isn't centered with the feed (see photo - which also just happened to exhibit my first problem when I uncapped to take the photo!). It doesn't affect the writing, however, so I'm just curious if others are seeing the same thing or not. Thanks for your time! This is my first topic post on The FPN - I really love the community here Cheers!
  6. akrohn2010

    Leaky Vac Mini

    Long story short: I bought a TWSBI Vac mini since I love my Eco and was looking for a travel pen, figured this fit the bill. Just took it with me to a vacation in Costa Rica, filled with Noodlers Blue-Black, to journal while we're here and it keeps leaking. On the flight out I made sure to give it a FULL fill (using Brian Goulet's technique), and stored it nib up on the plane. When I uncapped it I got a handful of ink around the section and cap. Figured this was bound to happen despite my best efforts and shrugged it off. A couple days later it is still leaking, even after sitting in our room all day without any movement or pressure changes. Seems every time I uncap it to journal there is a smattering of ink inside the section and cap. Anyone have a similar experience or know what might be the problem? Perhaps I filled it TOO full or might have a crack in the plastic I can't see? I have kept the blind cap screwed down and sealed when not in use and unscrew it when writing. Any help is appreciated! Enjoy writing with this pen but surprised at its consistent leakage. ~AK PS - any of you looking for a getaway soon should seriously consider Costa Rica, it is an incredible place...Pura Vida!
  7. I noticed some ink on my Pilot metropolitan's converter when I opened it up yesterday, I cleaned the ink off and tried to fill it but got some ink on my hands from touching the converter and this is after cleaning the ink off so I tried to fill it with a piece of paper over the converter and found that the paper was inky after refilling the pen. I suspect the converter is leaking, it also looks really squashed and is not coming all the way back to its original state when squeezed. Since I am relatively new to fountain pens, is there any way to fix this and is this a normal problem? Also, where can I find another squeeze converter, I've heard the twist ones have a much smaller ink capacity.
  8. Uncial

    Parker 51

    ....and another one turns to mush. My Parker 51 Vac has had its little rubber buttony thingy replaced for the second time in two years. Maybe this isn't bad going considering the poor quality of rubber sacs and vac units these days, but this time it has left me with a bit of a pain. It's sucking and vac-ing ok but when I fill it with ink it's leaking down through the nib and a little out from the hood section (possibly even the barrel seal, hard to tell with so much ink on my fingers). I can't remember putting silicone grease in any of the threads the last time, but perhaps I did. My question is should I? Will this halt the leaking?
  9. Ages ago (and no doubt past its warranty even if I could remember where I bought it) I got a Pilot MR (European version of the Metropolitan). It's a cartridge pen although last week I bought the right converter. And although I really liked the nib, and found it comfortable - and I have tiny hands so I don't find many FPs just right for me - I somehow sidelined it. Anyway recently got it back out, with a view to maybe adding a converter and trying my new Diamine Registrars' in it. As it's a Medium that writes fairly fine, and also the nib/feed can be totally removed to be cleaned. I used a standard international cartridge in it (not Pilot's own brand as the European ones take the standard cartridges) and lo and behold, it leaked. Not a little. A lot. The entire cartridge worth of ink was, the next day, dumped in the pen top. Really annoying. I pulled it apart, cleaned it and put it back together. Being careful to line up the feed centrally to the slit in the nib. Again - another leak. By the next day, about half the cartridge. A quick look online told me that people have had problems not pushing the feed and nib right back as far as they'll go, into the section. So I tried that, this time. No leak for a day. Then a miniscule leak. I took the cap of and placed it in a small bottle, upright to see how much it leaked and also see if I could figure out where the ink is coming from. But today - again - it has dumped most of the cartridge out. Now I am pretty sure it is not leaking from round the cartridge. It is somewhere on the nib. Or the bottom of the section... I looked with a magnifier but I can't see any hairline cracks. I really want to use this pen as I find it comfortable to use and I like the nib. I don't have any other Pilot pens I can make a Frankenpen with. I thought I'd solved it when I pushed the feed really as far as it could possibly go into the section but it only stayed continent a couple of days. And am still not sure where it's leaking from. Anyone got any ideas? Or is it a lemon?
  10. Hi, I am wanting to buy a flex pen I can take on my book tour. There will be lots of travel (including airplanes) and probably a bit of getting knocked about in my bag. Would the FPR Guru leak all over my stuff? My original plan was to take my Safari (which I bought primarily for it's durability), but am now thinking I'd like my autographs to have a bit more flourish!
  11. I want to love this pen, I really do. Named after one of my favourite characters in the Mahabharata this pen seems to have taken a vow of celibacy against writing. It's a HUGE green and black ripple with a friction fit nib and feed (although it can take considerable force to get the nib in and out). I filled it first with Noodler's Cactus Fruit - perhaps not the best idea to fill and eyedropper with an eel ink, but hey, it leaked......everywhere. Left on it's side, with numerous other inks in it, it has leaked all of its contents. The nib has been snugly fitted, tightly fitted and stuffed in with all the power of Bhishma's chariot. Still, it leaks. Now the only thing I am not doing is putting grease on the threads of the grip and barrel screws, but I don;t think that should matter; perhaps it does! Have I just got a bad one, or am I missing something?
  12. oberyn

    Twsbi Eco Leaking

    As the title says my Eco's nib/feed is leaking. :'( I accidentally dropped it onto the floor (thankfully with the cap on) then after a day or so I used the pen and noticed that the cap had a lot of ink in it because it dripped onto the car seat. I tried pushing the feed in and it worked for some time but it started leaking again. How do you suppose I go about fixing it?
  13. gammada

    Decided To Call It Quit On Lamy

    Ever since I came back to the fountain pen world, I've been attached to the Lamy brand to the point of collecting more than 22 examples of Safaris and Al-Stars. Unfortunately, my experience with the Al-Stars has been very disappointing recently and so has been the poor quality of their customer service. The first issue I had was with a Bluegreen Al-star that had been inked for the first time with Emeraud de Chivor. While trying to swap the nib, the entire feeder came out causing a big mess over my work, a jammed feeder (while trying to push it back in a hurry, remember the pen was leaking) and a damaged nib. I promptly send pictures to Lamy Germany to tell them about this, they in turn, send my request to the local Lamy distributor which contacted me to sell me replacement parts. The way I see it, I didn't do anything odd or wrong with the pen so it was their responsibility to fix this under warranty (the pen was not even a year old) and yet, I discovered to my dismay that locally Lamy offers only 3 months of warranty! I was using tape to swap said nib, something I've done quite frequently with all my Lamy pens in our 3 year story. Never before with a feeder coming along with them. I thought I might have gotten a lemon, so I kept purchasing their pens. Then the other day, I noticed that my fingers where full of ink while using my Pearl Al-star (again, first inking). Turns out, the pen leaks all of the converter's ink into the cap even when the pen is left unused and in an upright position on my pen holder. I have cleaned the pen, reassembled everything back and used another ink to see if something changed, but no, still leaks ink like hell. Both the converter and the pen are brand new, so normal wear and tear need not apply. But what really made me steer away from Lamy, was Kaweco's outstanding customer support that dealt with me directly and until a happy outcome was reached. Customer support elsewhere might be better, but a Global brand is supposed to give the same brand experience everywhere, not only in selected areas, let alone same warranty terms.
  14. Hey everyone, I recently bought a Sheaffer Legacy Heritage (pictured) and for some reason it leaks from the converter and into the barrel. It doesn't actually leak out of the nib, and I only ever see the ink when I unscrew the barrel but, as I'm sure you can appreciate, this is annoying regardless. I currently have Mont Blanc Irish Green in there. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the ink properties, but I don't think it's done this with any other ink before. Another thing I'm thinking it might be is the temperature. I walk to and from school every day, and at the moment (here in the UK), it's extremely cold. In fact - it was even snowing here today (I'll only take one pen to school tomorrow I think and make sure I keep it warm). Could a low temperature make the pen leak a little? It's fine sitting on my desk at the moment. I've written with it and there are no leaks, until I get to school and have a look inside the barrel to find ink over the converter.
  15. Hi. I got this National Controllor button filler pen of an auction, but the filler leaks a little around the button. Does anyone know how to fix this? It is a really nice pen with a nice flexy degussa 14k nib. /Pether
  16. Hello All, I have recently bought a vintage Waterman 92 (see pics). Pen was said to have been serviced and new sac installed. The only apparent flaw I saw was the broken head on the lever - the lever still works fine. However, after I inked it up (Diamine Green/Black for reference), I noticed that it was easily the wettest pen I have written with. I barely shook the pen forward and what had to have been half the ink in the sac fell straight out onto the paper. I did the same to produce the ink drop in the pictures. I will be disassembling the pen shortly - I hope I don't find that the feed is destroyed or something. I can imagine this is a fairly common problem with old lever-filling sac-pens. Is there a fix? Thanks
  17. Hey everyone! A quick search didn't seem to turn up any relevant results, so here I am. A month or two ago, I picked up a Parker Sonnet on a whim (in my neck of the woods, we unfortunately don't have any dedicated fountain pen stores, but my local Staples carries a few of the less-expensive offerings from Parker's product line.) It's the stainless-steel version with a gold-plated steel nib—I opted for a medium. All in all, it's a nice-looking pen for under $100. However, I've noticed that I often find myself using a Q-tip to soak up excess ink that accumulates inside of the cap when the pen is closed. It's problematic because I like to post this particular pen. If I don't regularly clean the cap, it leaves residual ink on the end of the pen, menacing whatever shirt or jacket I'm wearing. I use Noodler's Black in the pen—my typical go-to ink. I suspect that this ink might not be viscous enough for the Sonnet, but I'm uncertain. I don't presently have another ink for comparison. Has anyone else run into this problem before? If yes, have you been able to combat it somehow? I'd greatly appreciate any and all suggestions! Regards, Dustin
  18. So recently I went to Greece on Holiday. I wanted an fp with me, so I decided to experiment with my new Eco. I inked it full before the flight with Noodlers Black. The nib was kept up during climb to the cruise altitude of ~35,000ft(obviously the cabin pressure has a significantly lower 'altitude'). During the 4hr flight I used the pen in the cruise and saw no leakage in the cap or ink on the nib. After descent and landing into a hot climate (33C) I saw no troubles. After my stay in Greece the pen had been used a fair bit and a good amount of ink had been used (1/3 ish). This is where I was hoping for some leaky fun on the plane. I decided I'd go all out; I'd be brave and go against my morals and my guy instinct. I went nib down. And, well, and. Nothing happened. No spontaneous combustion, no high energy explosion, not even any ink spillage. The TWSBI Eco is a pretty good flyer, and didn't get air sickness and spill everywhere.
  19. Dear all, I'm new to the forum. This is my first post. I hope I'm posting this inquiry to the correct board. I have a Waterman Edson fountain pen with a broad nib. It is in perfect condition and is rarely used. Unfortunately, I discovered that the nib "creeps", when the pen is held vertically. The leakage can be substantial if I ink the pen and hold it in a vertical position; ink would slowly gather at the tip of the nib, and even form a tiny drop and fall from it. If I slightly tilt the pen to its normal writing position, this problem is alleviated. However, the nib would then become excessively wet when inked up freshly and used for normal writing. Also, I noted that when I use a converter to ink up the pen, as I turn the knob of the converter, the ink is not being drawn up as it is supposed to. Thus, I cannot fill the ink up to the converter's full capacity, but can only fill to less than one third of the converter's visible capacity. I'm not sure if any of you have encountered this problem before with a Waterman Edson and if there is an easy fix. Or would you recommend that I send it back to Waterman for repair or nib exchange. Although the warranty card says "lifetime warranty", this is an old pen (looks brand new), and I'm not sure if Waterman would honor that. I've read online that years ago Waterman changed its policy and annulled the lifetime warranty on its pens. Any input would be appreciated, as I really would like to start using this pen instead of just putting it away in my collection. Thank you.
  20. Exile

    Leaking Rotring 600

    Hi, A year or two ago I bought a second hand Rotring 600 fountain pen with a fine nib. I LOVE this pen and do all of my creative writing with it. It writes like a dream, isn't too wet, flows perfectly across the page, has a nice weight, everything is perfect. Until about two months ago. The pen has always had a 'singing nib' that I learned to ignore, but then it seemed to spring a leak just underneath the grip. I always manage to get ink on my hands when I write but I would find the crease in between my thumb and forefinger absolutely black. Similarly, when leaving the pen with the cap on, the inside of the cap would be wet when I took it off. I sent it off to a repairman and he managed to fix the singing nib but, after several tries, could not fix the leak. He recommended I get a replacement part. However, as many of you will know, the Rotring 600 is no longer in production and replacement parts are extremely rare. I have contacted Rotring themselves and they gave me a list of repair guys, but I wanted to know if any of you wonderful people might know where I can get a replacement part. I've attached a photo to show where the leak is (just above the screw thread). If anybody can help it would be massively appreciated. Thanks.
  21. I was getting ready for work this week and my Le Grand Fountain pen got knocked off my dresser and landed flat on the wooden floor. There are no visible ctracks. Unfortunately I am getting ink on my fingers after the mishap. Any ideas? Thanks!
  22. akshaydashrath

    Leak With A New Platinum 3776 Century

    Hello, I have a new Platinum 3776 Century and it appears to be leaking from the space between the nib and the body. I've used it for a few days and on one ocassion it emptied the entire converter into the cap and when I opened the cap all the ink poured over my hands and clothes . Pic of the leak. Has anyone seen anything like this?
  23. civil

    Parker Classic, Leaking Or Not?

    Hello. Someone gave me a Parker Classic with a medium nib sometime ago. I had some difficulties getting it to work right with an international cartridge with Monteverde ink in several colors, always leaking, didn't write quite right. Switched to Parker Quink ink black, same issues, plus it didn't look black but gray. Then I got a Parker converter, and was amazed to find that the gray looking Parker Quink ink transformed into a beautiful black ink, almost as dark as Noodler's black, just from adding the Parker converter alone. The leaks greatly diminished also, but did not quite go away. I wondered whether silicone grease applied somewhere on the nib would help, but hesitated to experiment. Then I read about someone having leak issues with a Parker 180 and the Quink ink, which he claimed they went away when he switched to a drier ink, Sheafer I think (the 180 and the Classic use the same nib, I am told). So I switched to Noodler's blue, the driest ink I currently one, per experience with other pens. All leak issues went away, and it writes a rather wet line at that! So the question is, do I have a problem or not? While I am glad to have a combination that works, I am not happy that a Parker pen doesn't work with a Parker ink supposedly designed for it. Any thoughts on this issue appreciated. P.S. On the leak issue, it made some difference whether I inked the converter from the nib, or with a syringe, and whether the pen was completely dry of all water after a rinse. In the current non leaking situation, I filled the converter directly, avoiding the nib, and started with a completely dry pen, so I am not entirely sure the leak is fixed since I took steps to avoid it.
  24. Lanep

    Reform Pen Leaking

    Hi everyone, About a week ago I found an abandoned fountain pen in my drawer. I decided I'll try and make it work, since it always had a problem which I could never fix. The problem is that the ink seems to be leaking, but I don't know where from. I tried cleaning it, I soaked it the entire day in lukewarm water to clean its system from ink, then I filled a cartridge with water to test if it leaks. The water obviously has different characteristics than ink, so it seemed not to leak then (or I didn't notice it, since it's water). After that I put a usual ink cartridge in it to see if it still leaks. Well, it leaked. I took some photos of it so you can see how it leaks, if it's any use. I can't find the source of the leakage, it's not where the cartridge is, so it must be somewhere near the nib. Is there a possibility it cracked somewhere? When I leave it standing with its cap on, and when I open it the second day, it's mysteriously covered in ink like in the photo. It writes normally (not too thick), but a bit light because of the water experiment. Can I fix this anyhow? Thank you Here are the photos: http://s9.postimg.org/o4dkh6l6z/IMG_3118.jpg http://s9.postimg.org/ftrr9cpmz/IMG_3121.jpg http://s9.postimg.org/4nsuunq2z/IMG_3122.jpg http://s9.postimg.org/e1u70pgwb/IMG_3123.jpg http://s9.postimg.org/sstkcdadn/IMG_3124.jpg
  25. Dear all, I have this rOtring Initial Pen which I find a very nice writer... as long as I stick to cartridge inks. My pen didn't come with a converter. I dislike cartridge ink... So I thougt: let's put in a standard convertor to solve this. But as soon as I put in my Faber Castell converter (which I thought was a standard international system) my rOtring start to leaks like I hardly ever seen a pen leaking before. My thumb and middelfinger litterly become soaked with ink. (ieuw!) The inks comes out just between the black plastic thingy at the end of the section and the metal part of the section (see also the attached image). I don't even really touch the black plastic, but touching the end of the metal apperently is already bringing out the flow. Could this be caused by using the wrong converter? I only can buy the rOtring converters in the shops here in a package of 10 (which I find quite bizarre by the way) and ordering online would make it very pricely due to shipping cost. And I don't want to invest that money in this pen, if the problem is that it's just not that converter-friendly somehow. Does any one has experience with none-rOtring converters in the Initial (do you see the same misery? And does it do okay with a rOtring converter?) or has an idea what's happening or what I could do different? Could it be the Faber Castell converter not being as standard international as I thought?

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