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Found 3 results

  1. RustyDarkMatter

    Review Of Lamy Aion

    Greetings everyone, I ordinarily only do video reviews but I thought I would give a shot at writing out my feelings about my favorite pen. I was able to purchase a Lamy Aion early because I live in Germany. I have owned my Lamy Aion since Mid August and it is my #1 choice for my EDC. I have broken down my major talking points that I have talked about my video (I will link at the bottom of my text review) Looks (3/10): Overall the looks of the Lamy Aion are very boring. All one color (either black or olive...which is really like a metal color) except for the clip which is a shiny metal. Only subtly does the clip have a small Lamy logo on the side of it. Other than that there are no frills, lines, curves or anything to break up the minimalist looks of this pen. If it were anything that would make me reach for a different pen it would be the looks just because it doesn't inspire anything, it is simply the look of a tool that you are going to use. Construction (10/10): The Aion is constructed of Aluminum. It feels solid in the hand. The aluminum has a brushed finish to it, but the "grooves" are fine enough where you won't feel it in your hands, but if you rub your fingernail from side to side you will be able to file down your nails with it. The body is very resistant to scratches and does not show any finger prints. Cap (9/10): The cap also has the same brushed aluminum finish with no other flair or flashy things on it. This cap is a "pop-cap" and it is removed relatively easily and can easily be removed with one hand. Due to the abrasive nature of the body the cap cannot be "flicked" off with the thumb, but that is probably not the best practice to do anyway. One major flaw is when putting the cap back on; If the cap is not lined up perfectly the lip of the pen will make contact with a ridge inside the cap and completely prevent the pen from going inside the cap. Regardless of how much pressure you put on the misaligned pair neither will budge. While this is not a huge issue, it happens more often than I would care for (especially when trying to cap it while not looking). Clip (10/10):As functional as a clip can get. there is a generous amount of space between the top of the clip and the body of the cap allowing for most clothing to slide underneath without extra effort or careful positioning. The other thing that makes this clip extra functional is there is extra material past the hinging point which allows you to position it between your finger when grabbing the cap to open the clip even further. This is very useful when putting the pen on a loose piece of clothing or on a lanyard or something similar. Grip section (10/10): Both the most comfortable and functional grips that I've owned on a pen. It is fatter than some of my other pens which I really enjoy. I have found that too many pens go to too fine of a point in their grip sections which cramps my hands. I have found that the gradual taper of the Aion is exactly what I find most comfortable. In addition to the shape constructed slightly different than the rest of the body. Instead of it being brushed aluminum, the grip section is "rough" like sea-glass so it is less abrasive than the body and it is very comfortable to hold. It is also extremely grippy. As a daily work horse pen I cannot always control the environment that I use my pen in, sometimes it is hot and my fingers are sweaty or I might need to write something in the middle of me eating lunch. And in every situation even with greasy potato chip fingers I get a firm and confident grip with the Aion. Nib (10/10): I know to some the standard Lamy steel nibs are a great and to some they are bad. To me I think the EF and the F are wonderful for daily writing. Yes, if you are looking for something with a lot of line variation during everyday writing these nibs will not suit your needs, but for a pen that is minimalist and just for function I think these nibs perform perfectly. My EF steel nib is smooth, with very little feed back, it has good flow and it never gives me any hard starts. Another thing about the nib that is great is that you can buy other nibs "cheaply" and swap them out in a matter of seconds, allowing this one pen to serve many functions as long as you don't mind having some inky fingers. Price (9/10): I don't give this a perfect 10/10 not because I don't think the materials/R&D/construction are worth it, but rather it just seems that such a simple pen would likely be slightly cheaper. Or in a trade off have something more interesting about the pen, the pen retails for around USD $70 which is alittle steep especically when you consider it has the same nib as a USD $29 pen. other things to note (not graded): one of the biggest disappointments about this pen is that Lamy did not make it include a self-filling system. When you unscrew the body of the pen the Converter looks so tiny, there is certainly enough room for them to work with to keep the same form and engineer a thin plastic sleeve(prevent it touching metal) with a plunger inside...so please please please if anybody from Lamy is reading this (unlikely, but I can still pray) make a Aion+ version that has an internal piston for greater ink capacity. Conclusion (calculated 8.7/10 || Personal rating 9/10): After using this pen for a solid month, I can confidently say that this pen is my gold standard of what an everyday / work horse pen for rough and turbulent environents like work and school. It is reliable in everyway that you would want it to be. Honestly the only thing I change is add something that would break up mono-tone boring minimalist look. Even adding one fake "turning knob" on the base would add a nice chrome ring which might be nice. but in the end if performance, reliability, and durability is important to you than there really is no better option! Link to my video so you can see the pen in action as well as see what i mean with the pen cap issue: https://youtu.be/NDqdK5Oal5E
  2. bogiesan

    2019 Aions From Endless Pens

    Aion feels great! Weighing in at 33g uninked, it is massive compared to the empty AlStar 20g or Safari 12g. Beautiful design, typical superb Lamy craft, really a cool thing to behold. Writes nicely. The F nib is not quite as fine as I like but it will do. Purchased from Endlesspens.com. The company is new in the USA mail order space. Excellent price ($49 ea plus shipping), order promptly shipped and tracked to my door, and they had the Aion about three weeks before most other suppliers. They have a nice selection of premium brands but you may not find every color/bib combination. The Aion for instance is offered only with F or M. https://imgur.com/fpngallery/k0wDNhS
  3. Hey everyone, I bought a Lamy Aion about a week ago. I know people have polarizing opinions on the design of this pen, but I'm purely looking for your experience with how it performs. I can't seem to find any others with these issues, so I'm trying to determine if I need to send it back or not. I'm looking for input in two areas: 1. At random times, when I uncap the pen there's often ink blobs on the nib, and sometimes the section (see photo). There's some air pressure when capping the pen, so my guess is that uncapping the pen has enough suction that sometimes it's pulling out some ink from the feed - but if that's true, and it's part of the pen design, that's a pretty big flaw. My Lamy 2000 has never exhibited this issue. I'm not dropping the pen or banging it around on my desk I'm not even carrying it around in a backpack or anything - it's just sitting on my desk. I've also had the pen inked with two different inks so I don't think the type of ink has anything to do with it. 2. The nib seems to be loose. Since the only other Lamy pen I own is a 2000, I have no experience with these Z50 style nibs, but it seems to "wiggle" back and forth such that the nib isn't centered with the feed (see photo - which also just happened to exhibit my first problem when I uncapped to take the photo!). It doesn't affect the writing, however, so I'm just curious if others are seeing the same thing or not. Thanks for your time! This is my first topic post on The FPN - I really love the community here Cheers!

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