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Found 15 results

  1. Mercian

    Lamy Safari family

    From the album: Mercian’s pens

    L-R: Vista; Charcoal/Umbra; Dark Lilac (2016 LE); Petrol (2017 LE); Yellow. The yellow one reminds me (strongly) of a Lego construction set that I owned in the early 1980s 😊

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  2. Hi folks, I am still feeling sulky (and pouting) because LAMY, in its wisdom, refused to sell 'Dark Lilac' ink in bottles to those of us in Europe. I can't understand why, after it rapidly sold out everywhere, they did not make/commission a second batch of it. Then I realised that the answer must be that there is no demand for it; or at least certainly not enough to justify their making a second batch. This seems completely unpossible to me, but then I lurve purple, and am also often out-of-step with the preferences of the majority of consumers. I mean sure, I really like 'Dark Lilac', but that does not mean that everyone else (or even lots of other people) also like it. So, I would like to ask FPN this: did any of you buy it and find that it left you feeling totally 'meh' about it? Did any of you buy it, only to find that you dislike it? Thanks in advance for your replies, M.
  3. Today I was in the next town over, and I went in to its ‘WH Smith’ store. As usual, I went to have a quick look at their pens, and was slightly surprised to see that, in February 2020, their display included the ‘Petrol’ Safari from 2017, and more-surprised to see that they also had the ‘Dark Lilac’ one from 2016. Before anyone gets their hopes up, I must stress that these were only the pens - no cartridges, and certainly not any bottles, of the relevant LE inks. So, is this availability just an anomaly that is attributable to my living out in the sticks, where nothing as recherché as a fountain pen sells-out fast? Or are the rest of you still seeing these pens for sale in stores near you? Cheers, M.
  4. Itsallstraw

    Purple Black

    Hello all! I am looking for suggestions for my first ink in my Lamy safari Dark lilac medium nib. I am looking for something that I can use professionally but something that has character! I looked at Diamine eclipse but it seems too black, then I looked at PR ebony purple but it seems to have mixed reviews...I was hoping for something with a little more purple. I prefer the bluish purple, not the ones that tend toward red. I am just reaching out to you because you have so much more experience than I do! Hoping someone can offer me some advise! So grateful!!
  5. The Lamy Safari is arguably the most significant fountain pen currently in production. Its popularity is immense, and if you go to any thread even remotely about beginner pens you’ll see its name, or at least the name of its twin the Vista or older brothers the Al-Star or LX. Although it now has its rivals, the Pilot Metropolitan and, to a lesser extent, the TWSBI Eco, the Safari will always hold a special place in the fountain pen world, and was the first fountain pen for countless new enthusiasts. However, this popularity doesn’t bring only good effects. Like any popular pen, or popular item for that matter, the Safari has countless knockoffs. The most prevalent, other than straight-up counterfeit Safaris, are the Hero 359 and the Jinhao 599. There is a new pen emerging, however, and it is a closer replica to the Safari than ever before. The Yiren 566 is a near clone of the Safari in size, mass, and even nib and feed size and shape. (The nib on the 566 cannot be removed though, so sadly no nib swapping can occur). It even takes Lamy (and Parker) cartridges. So, here is a brief comparison of the Safari with this new knockoff and one of the older and most famous ones, the Jinhao 599. Lamy Safari: Pros: -It’s the original, the real thing. The pen comes with the reliability and ethos of an 80-some year-old German pen brand. -(For this specific pen) DARK LILAC!!! The best Safari Color in history, in my opinion, looks even better with its black clip and nib. -Everything feels a little bit smoother, and more refined, from the screwing in of the section to the polish on the nib. -Easy nib swapping with other Lamy Pens. Cons: -Money. The Safari costs $25 to the other pens’ $1-$2. -No convertor without added cost. Yiren 566 (The Newbie): Pros: -Cheap. Only $2. -Takes Lamy and Parker Cartridges. -Comes with a converter. -Clear Section looks great. -Pen is relatively attractive. (It’s no Dark Lilac, but I kind of like the “When a Pilot Kakuno and a Lamy Safari love each other very very much” vibe it has going. Neutral: Every dimension is an exact copy of the Safari. It is as close to the definition of a “clone” in terms of pen knockoffs as is possible. Cons: -No Nib Swapping. -Price goes up if you want shipping to take less than a month and a half. -Quality control/finish issues. The steel in the nib has some surface level scratches, the body has a tiny dent. The screwing out of the section feels friction-y and rough. Jinhao 599: Pros: -Cheapest of the three, only costs a dollar. -Takes a number five nib, meaning you can easily outfit the pen with a high-quality JOWO nib if you so desire. -Takes international cartridges. -Comes with a converter. -Jinhao has a little bit more brand ethos than Yiren, they generally don’t have too many quality control issues. Neutral: -Enough has changed that it feels like its own pen. It is obviously a Safari clone, but the completely different nib style, cartridge format, and slightly different weight gives it its own distinct feel. Cons: -The section screwing into the barrel is prone to cracking, and feels weaker than the other two. -Feels like cheaper plastic. -Very long shipping time. -Short international cartridges only make it halfway down the window. They sacrificed functionality for looking more like the original Safari. If you want my opinion on which one to buy, I'd honestly say all three. Why? The Safari, in my opinion, is a must-have pen. The knockoffs are great, great values for their price, but the Safari is just better. So, if you're looking to get a new Safari, get a Safari. The knockoffs together are cheaper than a Lamy convertor, so it wouldn't be the end of the world if you hated them. In conclusion, you should definitely try the knockoffs, but don't try to substitute them for the real thing.
  6. white_lotus

    Lamy Dark Lilac (Le 2016)

    I was not part of the craze in 2016 for this ink so I never raced after a bottle, and wasn't going to pay a premium price for one either. Sometime earlier this year someone sent me some samples, and one, was this ink. So it was nice to actually try it. The only time prior that I had used a Lamy ink was a cartridge that came with a pen. Lamy Blue perhaps? It wasn't impressive. This ink is so far from Lamy cartridge ink I can understand what all the fuss was about. This ink was head and shoulders above standard Lamy ink. I don't have a purple/violet that matches this color so I can't offer a substitute. The ink was in my Gate City Belmont for about three weeks, and no staining of the barrel was experienced. There is some shading on some papers, whereas on others it's a more one-dimensional color. There is gold sheen on Tomoe River paper.
  7. csgebhart

    Lamy Safari Dark Lilac

    I have been shopping online for a Dark Lilac safari. There are several ebay sellers who are located in Hong Kong or china who have them listed for around $21-$22 with free shipping. I'm just wondering whether anyone knows if these are legitimate? It seems like a pretty low price for a limited edition pen that is no longer available. Don't get me wrong, I would love to get one at that price, but I don't want to spend even that much for a fake. Thanks for any information you might have.
  8. scripscan

    Lamy Dark Lilac Pen Cap.......

    Unfortunately, I dropped the cap to my Dark Lilac Lam FP in the biological waste accidentally at the hospital. Would anyone know where I could purchase another? The pen is worthless functionally and aesthetically. Help! Glen Converse Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  9. JF_LAMY Collection

    2014 & 2016 Lamy Safari Se - Neon Coral; Dark Lilac

    Dear all, I know, I know, we are already eagerly awaiting the 2017 special edition Safari to get to pen-shops, but I just had these two sitting on my desk, and wanted to share. Have you noticed, that taking pictures of pens with matt finish is a bit easier than of those with shiny surface ... ? Or is it just me? All 2014 pictures and 2016 pictures, if you are interested: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lamy_fp/sets/ or: 2014 LAMY Safari / Neon Coral https://www.flickr.com/photos/lamy_fp/sets/72157677910321054 2016 LAMY Safari / Dark Lilac https://www.flickr.com/photos/lamy_fp/sets/72157677690210824 Kind regards, Jan My FLICKR account. Please see my collections here: C._Josef_Lamy_GmbH; LAMY_17_Special; LAMY_18_Special; LAMY_27m_rot_B; LAMY_42_lady-set; LAMY_67P; LAMY_74_dialog3; LAMY_80_profil; LAMY_80_scala; LAMY_81;_281_profil-set; LAMY_Accent; LAMY_design_72_-_26P_&_126; LAMY_studio_-_Pearl_white_BP;_2007; ARTUS_EF; Artus_BALLIT_-_pencil; Akkerman_LAMY_27e; 2014_LAMY_Safari_-_Neon_Coral; 2016_LAMY_Safari_-_Dark_Lilac; 1979_LAMY_Fachhandels_Katalog; 1988_LAMY_Fachhandels_Katalog; 1997_LAMY_Fachhandels_Katalog; LAMY_vintage_advertisements; 120205_Plzen_-_Pen_display; 141108_Pardubice_-_Pen_display; Montblanc_254; Montblanc_342-S; 1936-37_Waldman;_Faber_#3_nib; PRIM_wrist_watch;
  10. TradeWind

    Have I Been An Idiot?

    I got a Safari for my birthday in August last year, a Dark Lilac. Considering the fact that it's rare, should I have just kept it aside and used my other pens and not have used it as an everyday workhorse? Naturally, it's got scratches at the back of the barrel because I posted and unposted it too much. And they're deep. I just liked how it looked and probably will get the new petrol Safari. I need to justify my conscience.
  11. Itsallstraw

    Lamy Nib Needed!

    Hello! I have a lamy safari with a medium nib but it is just too broad for my writing! I am in search of a fine/extra fine. I would be willing to trade! Can anyone help me out?!
  12. Itsallstraw

    A Nun And A Nib!

    Hello all! I am new here but I have been lurking for quite some time trying to gather as much information as I could about pens and ink! I am a nun from the US so I don't have a lot of money to spend on pens, but I do love the art and the beauty that is found in the fountain pen world! I am looking for a workhorse pen, something I am use at work as a nurse, and something for personal writing. I was looking at the lamy safari dark lilac and the twsbi eco... I am a huge fan of anything purple ( you know that lovely shade of blue purple!) What is a good work purple ( dark enough to use at work but rebellious enough to be purple ) and a good journaling purple? ( I have to admit I am intrigued by the diamond shimmertastic lilac satin but I don't want any clogging or pen problems! I am so grateful to this community for the resource and inspiration you are and have been to me! Be back soon!
  13. Hey guys, I recently tried a sample of Diamine Grape and really loved the color. However, the ink is a bit weird and gets a little cloggy if left for a couple days in a pen. I have been looking at Lamy Dark Lilac swatches online and I really love the color as well. I am considering getting the ink, then making my own mixes to achieve a darker purple when I am in the mood for it. Does anyone have any experience with making grayish purples like Diamine Damson or a dark purple like Diamine Grape? I don't want to purchase two bottles of purple ink - as I am likely never going to use them up. I think getting the lilac ink will let me play with both - bright and dark purples if things go to plan. I look forward to hearing your experiences! Thanks!
  14. PenerysTargaryen

    My First Lamy!

    I purchased my first Lamy today! Being the purple lover that I am I went with the Dark Lilac the color is absolutely gorgeous. It feels so comfortable in my hand, I love the grip. However, I'm not too sure if I'm keen on the nib (medium)...or maybe it's the ink (Noodler's Bat Black Texas). It feels like it "skips", for lack of better terms (I'm a newbie). Or maybe it's scratchy. Take a look at my pics and tell me what you think (excuse my handwriting, por favor!)
  15. PenChalet

    Lamy Dark Lilac

    Our shipment is coming today! Order today and we will ship today or tomorrow. https://www.penchalet.com/category.aspx?keyword=lamy+dark+lilac Lamy Dark Lilac Fountain pen Ink Lamy Dark Lilac Fountain pen Lamy Dark Lilac Rollerball pen

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