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Found 22 results

  1. Zak Ahamed

    Montblanc Meisterstück - is stuck

    My Montblanc fountain pen nib end is stuck in the cap. Don’t know how, never given it to anyone didn’t use for a while and tried opening it a month back. Took it to their store in London- said it will need to be send to Germany may take 3-6 months!! Just initial cost £86 and rest depends on whatever they charge! Any help in opening the mob end would be appreciated.
  2. Sailor Kenshin

    Frozen Sheaffer Snorkel. Help?

    A friend gave us two Sheaffer pens to get writing again. The first, a teeny Balance, has already been re-sacced and ready to write. He also gave us a Snorkel pen with the Snorkel tube stuck inside. The blind cap cannot be turned to extend the Snorkel tube. Internal rust from the spring is suspected. Is it still safe to unscrew the barrel from the gripping section without extending the Snorkel tube? Otherwise, how should we proceed, and could it be anything other than rust?
  3. Hello friends. I have a Gold Seal flat top that is refusing to let go of its personal point. I would like to replace the personal point, and have removed the section from the barrel without difficulty. But the personal point refuses to budge. I have: -ultrasonically cleaned the section in Koh-I-Noor pen cleaner (several times) -kept it immersed in clean water for days -used dry heat -tried hot water immersion (160 F) -tried leeching in Pen Potion #7 on several occasions, from the top and the bottom -immersed the entire section and part of the nib in Potion #7 for 48 hrs. No love so far. Do y'all have any suggestions? Nick
  4. Hi! I'm quite new to collecting pens, but trying to learn as much as I can. I've recently inherited a couple Mont Blanc fountain pens, and I'm having some issues with one of them - a 342. It's been working just fine for the last 6 months, but recently when I tried to unscrew the cap, the gripping section stayed in the cap, while the body came out - leaving the reservoir open. Since then I haven't been able get the front bit out of the cap. Is there any way of doing this yourself, or do I have to hand it in to professionals? Thanks a lot in advance!
  5. I was actually going to submit this before I brute-force'd it and tore up the threads so I now have to throw the 3 dollar pen away altogether, but I wanted to try running warm water over it first, and then I got caught up in messing with it and.... well, now it's broken. Anyway, I bought a Jinhao Shark 993 and wanted to fill it up along with a couple other piston pens I had on hand, and they all have gotten stuck, I assume because I closed them before testing them to write even a little. Lesson learned! But still, how do I open them???? This is the second one I've broken like this, actually, but at least this one didn't pull out the cartridge and get ink everywhere like the last one :'( Last time I get a Fountain Pen Revolution pen.
  6. desperatemb

    Stuck Piston Knob On My Mb 146..

    Hey guys, I'm close to killing myself due to my piston knob being stuck. I wanted to refill my Meisterstück 146 fountain pen today and instead of activating the drawing mechanism by turning the knob, I removed the piston completely and thereby found out that the drawing mechanism is somehow stuck. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. My life is in your hands. suicidal mb-user from Germany
  7. Hello, I'm seeing if anyone has tackled this problem. As I was trying to wrestle a Sheaffer Triumph nib off a vac filler, the feed snapped. The nib and the rest of it is out, but there's a length of the feed still stuck in the collar. I've tried to soak it and twist it out (It'd be nice to preserve the collar for a spare, just in case) but it's not really budging. I do have a spare nib/feed/collar combo from a past botched vac fill project, and am hoping to at least get the collar out, so I can replace the Triumph nib unit and get this pen working. Am planning to drill into the feed, see if it holds, and then twist out the collar. If not, I will possibly just drill out the feed and then use a larger drill bit to then twist out the emptied collar. Thoughts?
  8. truthpil

    Osmia Blind Cap Stuck

    Hi All, The crown of my collection, a 1930s Osmia Supra 76 EF, is having some trouble and I could use your help. It worked perfectly when I bought it, but it had the originally cork on it so I filled it with distilled water and put it away for a couple months just in case the cork needed some reviving. I just took it out to use it and to my horror the blind cap won't unscrew. When I try to do so it turns the now incredibly stiff piston a little until both are totally stuck. If I try to unscrew the blind cap even more the piston makes a clicking sound but the cap just keeps turning without unscrewing. Also the water I had filled it with has vanished. Did I oversoak the cork or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is my favorite pen and an amazing writer. Thanks!
  9. tintinp

    Lamy Gold F Nib Jammed In Nexx

    I've got a problem. I read online that Lamy niibs (except the 2000) were interchangeable, so I tried switching the gold nib from my Lamy accent into my Lamy Nexx. Silly, I know, but I wanted to try writing with a lighter pen and it was the only other Lamy I had. Anyway, now the Lamy gold nib is stuck on the Nexx (it writes fine though). It seems the Nexx's feed it a tad larger than the Accent's. When I tried the Accent's nib on the Nexx, it was too loose and would slide off. So, mildly panicking here. I'd like to get that gold nib off the Nexx. All tips would be appreciated.
  10. Hi all! Bit of a dilemma. Being the budding fountain pen newbie that I am; this'll probably seem a bit sillly but; The end of a quink cartridge (the bit you pierce to allow ink flow) has seperated from the well of the cartridge and has lodged itself in my nib. Any ideas on how to remove it? Thanks in advance Regard, J
  11. Ok, I looked at some discussions of how to remove the feed section and all from a Sheaffer 440 and I was going to give it a go. The feed on my NOS Sheaffer is off center to the point that it is not even touching the left side tine of the nib where the feed ends. The nib is a little scratchy and I thought this may be the problem. Well here's what happened. Of course I can remove the barrel from the section and the converter from the pen, but that's it. I cannot remove the metal section (with the threading) from the nib to get at the feed. This is the first time I have ever tried to work on a pen and there has to be some secret I am missing. I assume they are standard right handed threads into the nib and all so if anyone can give me some advise I could really use it. Thanks!
  12. hello hello! im not sure if this is the right place to ask, im just new. so i got a parker vector roller ball, and i use a pilot g2 refill with my vector. so what happened is i forgot to take the coloured cap off the refill and now its stuck to the bottom of the barrel. has anyone encountered this and got it out? much help and a lot of thanks!!
  13. TXKat

    What Did I Do?

    Okay, so I scored a lot of 6 pens from fleabay and I'm curious about them as I can't find much info. (Okay, there is some info for the Permapoint, but not much for the rest.) In the lot, there was a black Eversharp Permapoint with what says is a Iridium tipped M nib, but it writes F to me. Nice pen! There was a small Onward that looks identical to the Permapoint, but has an Onward nib. (needs sac) There is a beautiful E.F. (Eberhard Faber) red and black lever filler (needs a sack) and then... ...3 AMERICAN button fillers- two green and a red of same model. These are the most mysterious of the bunch to me. I'm thinking they are David Khan pens? Maybe a sub, sub brand of Wearever? The two green ones work fine. The red one appears to have a stuck button as I soaked it in water for 4 days and the button still doesn't move. I don't know how to get water into the barrel to let the cork soak. What are these pens/models? What are they made of?? Age if anyone can tell? Are the nibs decent: (The American nibs are super smooth, but not much flex. The others are more flexible and nice writers nib wise.) I've not pulled any of the nibs, but they are all gold tones and don't appear to have silver coloring anywhere, but non are marked one way or the other. The E. F. nib has a star in a diamond on it. Any and all information and help would be appreciated. They were cheap, so the fact that 3 write straight away is awesome!
  14. Hi knowledgeable ones, I am in need of some help with my just received Montblanc 124 from the 1970's (not the 124 from the 1930's). This is the one with semi-hooded nib. The pen was purchased from a reputable seller in the US, and I have just received it a few days ago. The pen was near mint condition, perhaps only dipped. It looks like this. I inked it up after cycling water through the piston filler a few times, and started writing with it. I felt that the flow of ink was less than I had expected for a music nib, and from my past experience with another semi-hooded MB22. So I decided to put the tip of the section in the ultrasonic cleaner to try and flush out clogged ink if there was any (just up to about half way in the section). My sonic cleaner has a timer to go for 180 seconds, so I held the pen upright and part of the section in the water and buzzed it until the cleaner stopped at 180 seconds. When I took the section out of the water to look at the pen, this is what I found! The grey bit that is underneath the nib and surrounds the ink sucking hole (technical term, I know) has shifted and moved during the buzzing, and now it's facing the wrong way. I thought it came loose with the vibration so tried to pull it out with my fingers but it is pretty stuck. I tried more time in the sonic cleaner to see if it will vibrate itself back to position or something, but no luck. What could I do to get this unstuck and reposition it? I tried pulling the "beak" with rubber mat between my fingers, and using sticky tape a la Lamy Safari nib pulling method, but neither of that worked. I am starting to panic, and I really would appreciate someone to help me get this thing unstuck. Any ideas will be very much appreciated, and I look forward to hearing some input from experienced pen repair people. Please, help me! The pen looks like a dog with a broken jaw with its tongue hanging out! It fills with ink and writes perfectly fine (a lot wetter now) with this thing hanging out but I can't have this pen looking like this.
  15. All in the title, but a few more details. Tight on budget, but I do want a pen and a 580 is around the ballpark on the maximum I want to spend this moment. I've seen some glowing reviews for the 580 and the Al Star, so I really can't decide myself. I'm leaning more to the Al Star but the major factor is smoothness. I've had a Safari and I know the nib was smooth, but can the 580 bring something different and enjoyable too? Edit: Nib preference would F or M. Also the writing angle would be a bit low, but pretty sure both pens are lax on the angle.
  16. MajesticPens

    Help Repairing A Tiny Wahl...

    Hello! I recently picked up a little gold filled, ring-topped Wahl pen, and I mean little. It measures up to about 3 inches long capped, 2 and 3/4 inches uncapped, and just a bit over 4 inches posted. I would love to try out its soft nib (the nib is size 0), but the sac is dried and the section is not coming off, and I do not want to break it. Also, what size would the sac be? Here are some images. (the gap between the section and barrel was there when purchased)
  17. ThePrecursor

    Screw Cap Stuck

    Hey, I cleaned the barrel and outer cap of my pen with rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol which I read was safe) and may have gone over the threading on the body of the pen. Now my pen is clean and shiny but after screwing the cap on I cannot unscrew it! I didn't try using force because I was uneasy about possibly breaking the threads. Any suggestions? A few searches around the forum have advice ranging from soaking in warm water to heating up the pen with a blow dryer. Are there any tried-and-true methods that I should use? Also forgot to mention its a 3776 Century (a screw cap), if that makes any difference.
  18. Acquired a vintage Pelikan 400 recently that some "silly person" (not me) decided to pull the nib outta (leaving just the feed), and that some other "silly person" (yeah, me) decided to try unscrewing ... and now all i really have is a spare feed in one hand and a pen with the nib-collar stuck down inside it in the other. (And a cap, over there on the floor somewhere.) So, the question is, naturally: Should i attempt to chisel the collar free and hope my other nib-unit will still fit (section's a little misshapen from that gold-mining-expedition trauma), or ... dig up a loose nib and try to jam everything back into the stuck collar? (Or should i just drill a hold thru the middle and hang it on the bathroom wall?...) (And then buy a different pen.) Advice appreciated, and thanks in advance.
  19. tallman

    Vintage Onoto Delarue - Repair?

    Hello to All, I am new to this forum. I have one of my vintage onoto delarue pen that has the plunger at the back that opens only about 8mm...it feels stuck....this is the self filling type. Now the pen is very old, should be around 1920's......I suspect that old dried ink is inside. What can be done so that I can repair it? I can fell it is hitting something. (1) Can I throw some surgical spirit or alcohol inside so maybe it will dissolve the ink? will this cause damage? (2) How does this pen open up? I really dont want to induce any damage or marks...the pen is in very good condition, still has the box with the original papers, no wear on the body...etc.... Here are some picture.... Any help and ideas appreciated. Thanks. Dam.
  20. So, I'm an idiot... (Scroll to bottom for the short version) After a trip to my relatives overseas, I was kindly gifted with two 146s. They were in pretty bad shape though and had a ton of dried ink inside. So, when I came back from my holidays, I gave them a good clean. Then, after a little reading and videos on YouTube, it was apparent that the nib and feed of the 146 can be removed without any tools as they are friction fit. So, my curious side had me pull out the nib and feed on one of the 146 which came out with a lot less force than I expected. After I cleaned out the feed, I tried to put it back into the section. Error #1) I forgot to take note of how the nib and feed were positioned in the section. So, I just looked at the other 146 and decided that the nib is horizontal with the two slots/holes in the section. It should be noted that these two pens are definitely from different production years. The pen in question has a six digit serial and is marked W-GERMANY, has "No 146" on the cap band and the ink window is not striped. The other 146 has a 2 letter, 6 number serial, is marked GERMANY, is missing "No 146" and has a striped ink window. The feeds themselves also look different. At first it felt a little tight, but I'm assuming that is pretty normal, as I've pulled out nibs and feeds on other pens before (albeit much cheaper pens). The nib and feed did not make it far: http://i.imgur.com/VveKKPH.jpg Hmm.. Initially, I tried to force the feed in, but that just seems like a bad idea, so after a couple of tries, I scrapped that plan. I'm pretty sure the best thing would be to get the nib and feed out and to try again. Easier said than done. Using my hands, I think I'm apply way more force than what I should be. I tried using the grippy, rubbery mats to aid in traction, but that didn't really help. Plus, this was about when I started to notice that I was bending the fins in the feed. So I tried using the grippy mat with pliers. Doesn't seem very safe... Even that didn't work (I used the plier to grab onto the tip of the nib to avoid squishing the feed into a million pieces). I even tried warm water and some Singer Machine Oil to try and lubricate it. That didn't help. So after a little Googlin', I found that the nib and feed unit could be taken out of the grip section with special tools. Improvising, I just twisted the nib and feed gently, with started to unscrew the unit out of the pen. However, this didn't get me anywhere. I noticed, and removed, the so-called "Montblanc Gum" which I've heard may be used by MB to check if anyone has been tampering with the pen. http://i.imgur.com/bDsBMTA.jpg So, I need the help FPN to help me. So, how do I remove the nib and feed from the pen (without damaging the nib and feed obviously)? And, if I can't do anything, will Montblanc service be able to help? <-- Not very confident in this as a) I did remove the nib and feed and I managed to unscrew the unit holding it in place and got rid of the "Montblanc gum". tl;dr Nib and feed stuck in 146. How do I get it out?
  21. dragos.mocanu

    Frozen Speedline Filler

    Hello, I recently aquired a nice 1939 Shadow Wave Vacumatic and started restoring it. I managed to take it appart almost completely (using the proper tools of course), but I have a huge problem with the Speedline unit. Though I have managed to get it out of the pen, I can find no way to depress the button, it's completely frozen. I've read that ink can corrode the aluminum, and the filler will weld to itself in time (this is probably what happened here as well). The question is, how can free the button? I have soaked the unit in Liquid Wrench for 2 or 3 days and no result, it's firmly 'glued' to itself. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Cheers.
  22. chriscorpuz

    Converter Help

    I just bought a used mont blanc doue meisterstuck solitaire and I was wondering if the converter can be removed. Can someone please advise me on this issue? I am new to fountain pens and love the craftsmanship of it. I'm hooked.

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