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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, took a break from collecting my victories.. (not many coming to the market), was researching colours similar to that which was manufactured in the 30's & 40's. Ended up looking at some Stephens twist fill pens and ended up buying one or two.. have some more on their way from the States. Are there many other collectors of these... I know of at least two in the UK. both of whom i have been in touch... Here is my selection atm. best wishes Rick
  2. em_the_pen

    Removing Section Of A Button Filler

    So I wanted to get into pen repair and tinkering so I bought a couple cheap lots of vintage pens on ebay. Most I've been able to disassemble completely so far. However, this one is a bit of a struggle. I can't seem to get the section to even think about budging. I have managed to get the pieces of the dried sack out but the section remains fixed. I've also tried removing the button and have yet to succeed but I can't replace the sack with the section locked in place like it is anyways. Infuriatingly, my hairdryer has not been of any help at all either. If anyone has any tips or ideas, I would greatly appreciate them. Thanks!
  3. MercianScribe

    The Riddle Of The Sphinx

    Hello again. I have this beautiful Sphinx, with a nice flexible Linz nib, from goodness knows when (I'm thinking 50s, just on a hunch). It's lovely to write with, but so far I've just been using it as a dip nib, as I have no idea how to get the filler mechanism working. I've fixed a few lever fillers, but I admit, I've always shied away from other systems. And to be honest, I don't even know what this is! Is it a button filler with a normal pressure bar, or is it a piston filler? I've worked at the section with dry heat for six months now, and most of my other similarly stubborn ones have yielded, but no sign of this one moving. The button turns very slightly but I don't want to jam it of course. I don't know, if it's a piston, if I should just bite the bullet and see if I can unscrew it, but obviously I'm inclined not to try, as I don't want to break it. There's a dry rattle inside, but I can't tell if it's an old sac or a pressure bar or what. Can anyone point me in the right direction? By the way, not related to the repair job and filling system, but I'd never seen a feed like this before. It's slit laterally down the middle, and although this picture shows a bit of roughness I think that's just dried ink, and I'm fairly sure it's a factory job.
  4. berlinairlift

    Sheaffer Blind Cap Attachment Fittings

    I did not see this mentioned anywhere in the Sheaffer forums and wanted to share and get more experienced views. While working on a vac-fill the black nut used to attach the blind cap was quite tight with shellac and time so I applied heat and gripped it with a pair of small pliers. That was a mistake as the nut was softened by the heat and was immediately pressed out of shape. I was surprised that it would melt at all and now I know. Nonetheless the heat did loosen the nut and I was able to remove it. However, it no longer held the blind cap and slipped through the collar. I had no replacement and thought I could salvage the nut with some epoxy. The result was a somewhat imperfect nut for the blind cap attachment fittings. It fits quite well and took a bit of time to file and check the fit along the way. I'm hoping the epoxy will hold and there was enough material to stick to so perhaps it will. Anyone have any experience recreating this nut?
  5. Hello, I took apart this old Filcao that was in my box and gave it a really good rinse this morning. Although I did pay attention to the disassembly, I have a few questions about reassembly that I cannot find answers to here or elsewhere on the web. 1. In the picture, where the red arrow is pointing, where and how does that get seated? Or is it just insert button/spring, screw on the section and hope for the best? 2. What would in fact be the order of re-assembly and does the spring have to face in a certain direction? 3. When I pulled the section apart from the barrel, the sac seemed wrapped around the internal spring, but after rinsing the sac seems to have flattened. How to re-assemble? 4. Last, ink seems to flow a little too much from where the nib inserts into the section - blue arrow - like, there will often be a small drop of ink sitting there - is it just me or is there a way to stop this? Okay, maybe I didn't pay *that* much attention during dis-assembly. Thanks so much!
  6. TXKat

    What Did I Do?

    Okay, so I scored a lot of 6 pens from fleabay and I'm curious about them as I can't find much info. (Okay, there is some info for the Permapoint, but not much for the rest.) In the lot, there was a black Eversharp Permapoint with what says is a Iridium tipped M nib, but it writes F to me. Nice pen! There was a small Onward that looks identical to the Permapoint, but has an Onward nib. (needs sac) There is a beautiful E.F. (Eberhard Faber) red and black lever filler (needs a sack) and then... ...3 AMERICAN button fillers- two green and a red of same model. These are the most mysterious of the bunch to me. I'm thinking they are David Khan pens? Maybe a sub, sub brand of Wearever? The two green ones work fine. The red one appears to have a stuck button as I soaked it in water for 4 days and the button still doesn't move. I don't know how to get water into the barrel to let the cork soak. What are these pens/models? What are they made of?? Age if anyone can tell? Are the nibs decent: (The American nibs are super smooth, but not much flex. The others are more flexible and nice writers nib wise.) I've not pulled any of the nibs, but they are all gold tones and don't appear to have silver coloring anywhere, but non are marked one way or the other. The E. F. nib has a star in a diamond on it. Any and all information and help would be appreciated. They were cheap, so the fact that 3 write straight away is awesome!
  7. molecule1989

    Any Idea Of The Date Of This Pen

    Got this pen for $90 Looks like Parker Duofold Streamline Button Filler. I'd like someone to help read the inscription on caps clip and help me find its manufacturing date. Thank You
  8. Got this on fleabay, my first button filler: I've found that Im gravitating towards Parker when it comes to 'oldies'. My first button filler.....I've done nothing to it, yet, except admire it....any tips or advice very welcome, in case I make a dogs breakfast if it. Planning to have a pen day.....had a busy week, and relaxing with pens and inks snd writing sounds like a plan. I may also make a big pot of chili.....fancy something tasty. I just bung everything in the pot, and it cooks itself.... Alex
  9. dvelosky

    Button Fill Repair

    Good morning all, I recently picked up this pen at a Flea Market and am in the midst of restoring it. I am under no delusions about it's worth, in fact the clip is missing, so I have no idea as to the maker. That aside, I wanted some experience with a button fill. As you can see, the plastic button was once attached to the pressure bar which has a bad case of the rot. The button and bar merely slide into the barrel button first from the section end and rest on the button's shoulder on the blind end. I have been looking around for this combination of button and bar, but have had no luck. Are these out there and if not what is there that may be compatible? I am contemplating purchasing a bar and then modifying the button to accept it. I know, what a bunch of work for a no-name pen. Well, I'm retired and loving my hobby and the pen is quite good looking. The exterior, section, feed, and nib are all in great shape. I have resolved the cap and clip issue, so I'm taking on the fill portion. I don't mind creating a "Frankenpen" that looks and writes good for my personal use. Any help will be greatly appreciated. dvelosky
  10. 22johnny22

    Parker Moderne

    I would really appreciate some advice I have a pen for sale on ebay that I have made some presumptions about based on an internet search and hope not to mislead in the advert but on the other hand dont want to sell myself short. the pen has a 14k nib says Parker Moderne made in canada on the side and has a cap at the base which unscrews, there is though nothing under the cap and I believe there should be a plug or something similar (no idea on terminology!) I am slightly confused as to whether this is a depression/ thrift pen or not. Is it correct some were made in Canada and some in the USA? any advise would be most welcome regards 22johnny22

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