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Found 16 results

  1. After seeing a Jinhao x750 after being sanded down, I got curious. Recently, I sanded down a Parker Urban (2016 model) after the pocket clip broke off. I would like to dedicate this thread to the fountain pens that have had their finish removed. Please post pictures of your pens that have been sanded down or have had their finished scratched to oblivion. I'll start with my Parker Urban. Please post the pictures and the name of the pen.
  2. WillyVanDerKuijlen

    How To Remove Namiki/pilot Maki-E Pen Clip?

    For Namiki/Pilot no.5 size(such as many Nippon Art) fountain pen (you can see a gold metal ring in this pen end) it has the similar body type as pilot 74 or 912, you can directly screw it and it can disassembly easily. But for Namiki/Pilot No.20 size pen its structure is so complex that I cannot find a way to screw. However, I still want to know the way to disassembly Namiki/Pilot No.10 size(such as yukari type) pen cap and clip, is any way can find out or any tool can be recommended?Thanks a lot!
  3. northstar

    Montegrappa Ferrari Feed Removal

    Hello everyone, I need to remove the feed for this montegrappa ferrari, there is a problem with the ink flow and needs cleaning, how is the feed removed? Thank you in advance.
  4. I recently obtained a Moonman M2. I am rather enamored with it. But I have come across one problem. There is an inner section and the ink seems to leak into the space between the inner and outer section. I've found some reviewers that have removed it but they don't discuss or show how they did it. Does anyone know? Without doing so, it's really difficult to completely clean the pen. Thanks!
  5. northstar

    Omas Amerigo Vespucci Nib Unit

    Hello, Just recently got a few NOS Omas pens, and decided to ink one of them, picked an Amerigo Vespucci and inked it with Parker Quink blue-black, when started to write realised in is driping from under the nib on both sides, I want to take out the nib and re insert it, my question is if the feed and nib are friction fit or screw in? Thank you in advance.
  6. After purchasing a Parker 95 off of the classifieds a few years back, it's become one of my favorite writers despite being a relatively cheap pen. However, I've noticed many of my inks shading slightly towards black the longer I have the ink in the pen. After removing the nib/feed from the section today, I noticed there was a decently sized ink spot just between the feed and the underside of the nib that I couldn't clean, and would assume there's more on the underside of the nib. I've tried soaking it for a few hours (usually plenty long for recent inks), but I suspect it might be a small amount of old, caked ink. To speed up the process and ensure it's completely cleaned (in case the caked ink is slightly corrosive), I'd like to remove the nib. The issue comes in due to the fact that I've never dealt with a pen like the 95 in regards to how the nib is seated, and I do not want to do any damage to the nib should I remove it incorrectly. I've searched online, but information on Parker 95 maintenance is relatively rare and unspecific. Attached is a picture of the underside of the nib unit should anybody have a use. Some of the aforementioned caked ink can be seen. Any help is greatly appreciated! http://i.imgur.com/orjDLLE.png
  7. Apparently my post double-posted and I'm not sure why. I'm also not sure how to remove this post in case there's a way I can do that. Please check the other post should you be interested in helping, thank you!
  8. spaceink

    Nibs For The Twsbi Eco

    My first TWSBI is supposedly on its way and in anticipation am already thinking of playing around with nibs. The question is, which nibs will fit the ECO? The other TWSBI nibs might fit? Also, what size non-TWSBI nibs will fit? How does one remove the ECO nib: screw off, pull off, or knock out? And if you've switched in some other nib, feel free to post your results.
  9. praxim

    Remove Feed On Aurora 88P

    I have a semi-vintage (1950s) Aurora 88P which leaks blobs of ink from the feed junction with the barrel when the well-fitting cap is removed, but not otherwise. What is needed to fix this please? I exclude cheerfully drilling a hole through the end of the cap to break the vacuum If needed, how do I safely go about removing the feed? Of what important points should I be aware for re-assembly?
  10. Hey guys, So I recently got a Chinese pen delivered to me. (a jinhao x450) The section got three grooves for the fingers to go. (like the lamy safari) However, the nib and feed seems to be at a slight angle to the grooves and the nib and feed themselves are misaligned. I've done a bit of research and realized that the feed nib and section are a friction fit. But no matter how hard I Pull. The Feed/ nib won't budge. Is there anyway to seperate the feed nib and the section? Cheers, Victor
  11. northstar

    Esterbrook Dollar Pen Clip

    Hello, How do I disassemble the clip of a esterbrook dollar pen? Thank you in advance.
  12. Ok... So ive seen one other thread on this but no answers really... I have preppys on order for testi.g new inks as well as for my baystate colors and other staining inks. My question is is it possible, without scratching the body, to FULLY remove the logo and all paint from the barrel of the pen? Ice seen people take off the wording but leave the white backround... i did see one video where it shows the last couple rubs and it was perfect and he said he used automotive headlight cleaner... Is that the product they sell to remove the fogginess feom headlight covers?!? I dont see vuying a qhole bottle of that just for a couple cheapo pens... So does ANYONE know another way to do it without acratching the pen? Thanks everyone!!!
  13. GLBizzarro

    Help With A Parker 21!

    I don't know fountain pens too well, how would I take the ink sac out of a Parker 21 fountain pen to put in a converter? If this cannot be done, how do you use a fountain pen with an ink sac and no lever?
  14. Cyclopentadiene

    Uber Stuck Section - Help Request

    Hi all, Got a parker victory a couple weeks ago. Pen looked in fantastic condition but section just will not come off. Took the filler button and bar out of the back. Soaked the section. Ultrasonically cleaned it in water, soaked it in 1% ammonia, then 10%, then ultrasonic cleaned it in full strength as it just wouldn't budge... the above all over four days with drying out in between. I've tried heating the section too with a hair drier but still nothing - am I missing something here? Thanks, Badger
  15. Hi all, I've recently taken possession of a mint/near-mint black visulated Parker Vacumatic, dated 3rd quarter of 1946. While it doesn't any longer have the two stickers on the cap, it still has the remaining circular residue. I attempted to use cold water and a bit of microfibre cloth to get it off, but it's pretty damn stubborn. I've done a search of the forums and have tried heating it (very gently!) with a hairdryer, but I didn't dare push any further lest the whole cap light up in my face. Rather stupidly, I tried a very light localised application of WD-40, before realising that it was most likely definitely a bad idea, then proceeded to soak the cap briefly and wash off any residue. At this stage, am I correct in thinking that the best way to proceed is with some lighter fluid? I noticed a lot of support for naptha, but I think naptha is a North American term, and insofar as I know, we in Australia don't have any sort of direct equivalent. I think Shellite would be the closest. I'm guessing if all else fails, I'll need to proceed with micromesh + microgloss!
  16. chriscorpuz

    Converter Help

    I just bought a used mont blanc doue meisterstuck solitaire and I was wondering if the converter can be removed. Can someone please advise me on this issue? I am new to fountain pens and love the craftsmanship of it. I'm hooked.

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