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  1. I dropped my Metro and bent the nib. I have heard I could replace it with a Wing Sung 698 nib and should use an F. There appear to be soft and hard. Will either work? I don’t like the idea of buying another pen just to use for parts if I can just replace the parts.
  2. I realized today that I have a decent collection of Wing Sung piston fillers (698 gold, medium, fine, 3008 fine and 618 fine) and decided to compare them side by side and in writing. A few observations: the gold nib 698 is quite scratchy compare to the steel nibbed 698s. The rest of the nibs were similar, with the fines being very fine. The gold fine was a bit springy and a bit jucier than the steel nibs. None of the 698s post, I just stuck the caps on the end to keep them from rolling around while taking pictures, but the 3008 and 618 do nicely. The 618 isn't shorter, but the cap fits on furt
  3. Penspotting

    Wing Sung 601

    From the album: Penimations

    © penspotting

  4. During a recent browsing on aliexpress I accidentally found (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32970462644.html) what looks to be a Wing Sung's version of Lamy Safari clone. This is not a Wing Sung 6359 (which is Al-Star's clone), but a completely plastic pen with a metal clip, and it has some interesting colors. Actually, seller's description of the pen doesn't mention that this is Wing Sung, and none of the store's pictures of the pen show any branding, but some of the users' pictures in the review section show that 'Wingsung' is engraved on the barrel. I couldn't find any reviews or informati
  5. From the album: Chinese pens

    The Pali 013 (shown) is essentially the same as the Wing Sung 3013. It can be fully disassembled as shown for cleaning and tinkering, if the user is so inclined. The nib can be replaced with a Pilot steel nib from a Prera, MR, 78G, Kakuno, Penmanship or Plumix pen.

    © A Smug Dill

  6. I've been into the hobby for 3 or so years and have amassed a moderate collection of pens. Yet, a single issue continues to bother me and I can't tell if this is just symptomatic of fountain pens in general or if I've simple been buying duds. Without fail, it seems that my pens' ink flow will weaken the more I write in a sitting, to the point that some of them even completely dry up and I have to push more ink into the feed to get it writing again. This would not be an issue if it was just one of my pens, but it seems all of my pens have this issue to some extent with the exception of a Pilot
  7. When I first saw this pen on FPN, I thought it looked pretty well. Most demonstrators do when they’re filled with nice ink. The cost of the pen is rather low, so I ordered one. After using it for a while, I’m ready to share my thoughts on it. Brand It’s here that my head starts tu hurt. Probably I was just too lazy to make proper research. Maybe someone with good chinese market knowledge will drop here and explain things to us. The pen comes in a plastic “box” stamped with Hero logo but it’s called Wing Sung. To complicate things further there’s a Lucky brand name engraved on
  8. cherrymerry

    Feed Repair

    I have Wing Sung 590 and I accidentally broken the feed. I glued it and it looked ok, then I filled my pen but get a lot of skipping. So I thought that I blocked channels with glue and I deepen the channel with scalpel, then tried to write. The result was even worse. Then I thought that may be I made a channel too deep so I placed a piece of thread at the end of the feed. And it worked! Now the question is: how to reduce depth of the feed? Thanks for any suggestions. P.S. Sorry for bad English.
  9. Don't know if you guys have noticed this. Posted on Bobby which is arguably our favorite Chinese based fountain pen seller: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxymyYNj_hV/?utm_source=ig_web_options_share_sheet Specs are still unknown, probably a standard #5 nib, available with the shut-off valves etc. What caught my eyes is the caption which if true, then the price will be less than $10. Hopefully at that price I'm not getting a limp acrylic.
  10. Hello All, I need some help from some of our Oriental pen manufacturer gurus. I recently acquired a NOS fountain pen from one of my contacts in China. Unfortunately, sometimes the language barrier gets in the way. I bought a beautiful aerometric fountain pen circa 1997. Its a Chinese/Hong Kong event pen. I can find no Stamps other than 9771, two Chinese characters on the central band, and a very small almost undecipherable logo on the pocket clip. Both Wing Sung and Hero used the Chinese characters sometimes instead of their logos. So what do you all think? Is it Wing Sung, Hero,
  11. I like Frank Underwater's name for this filling mechanism so that's what I'm using. This has been my go-to pen for about a month now. The Wing Sung 601 is a high-quality writing instrument. I recommend it highly. Having said that, my first impressions were less favorable. This is a pen that's grown on me. It's short on bling. From Wing Sung, that goes to the 618 which I find miles more fun to look at.It's not particularly big or chunky, so no check there.It’s not unique like the Moonman M1 Wood and Brass or the PenBBS 308. Let alone anything from TWSBI.The design is clearly a thr
  12. Hello, I have been a long-time follower here, but this is going to be my first post. So, I would appreciate your comments and suggestions. Recently Wing Sung came up with 3013, a new vacuum filler pen. I purchased mine from Bobby’s store on AliExpress. First, I want to thank Bobby for his good quality packaging and service. When I got the pen I briefly cleaned it using dish soap (and probably removed the silicone grease) and inked it with Monteverde Horizon Blue. Here is my review: Appearance & Design (8/10) Contrary to some comments I have seen about the pen, I liked the bulbous
  13. This last year saw the arrival on the market of a number of new piston filling fountain pen from mainland China. Two of the pens have the Wing Sung name, the 698 and the 3003, and the third I am going to discuss is the Caliarts Ego. Two others that I know of are by Lanbitou and PenBBS. I now have one of each (two of the 3008) and thought I would do a compare and contrast of these three pens. The Wing Sung 3008 was the first of the three pens I bought, and the cheapest. These pens come with a Lamy Safari style nib, in F and EF. The pen holds a little over 1 ml of ink. The cap doesn’t have an
  14. latest variant spotting double jewel ( as last version ) but with gold plated appointment and fancy finished gold plated cap, and a new 14K nib
  15. vojtahlad

    Wing Sung 6359

    It seems there is no review of this new Chinese pen so I try my best. Wing Sung 6359 is one of the new pens produced by the revived Wing Sung company - its production started in 2017. It is yet another Lamy-inspired Chinese pen and the inspiration by Lamy AL-star was fairly exhaustive in this case. The major reason why I decided to try it is the nib which seems very similar to Lamy nibs. Spoiler: they are interchangeable. Appearance and Design The design is far from original, it is essentially a Lamy AL-star. The differences are minor. Probably the most visible one is the clear transp
  16. It appears that there are two major versions of the pen. One appears to have a diaphragm filler like a Parker Vacumatic. Then there's what looks like a short stroke piston-fill variant. Were there problems with the vacumatic filler? I fancied one of the vac-fill 601's. My choice is not assisted by the sellers somewhat vague usage of the term 'vacumatic'.
  17. http://app.campaigndashboard.io/userfile/29cf0e92-774d-4ce5-a530-8c637318483d/HisNibsReadyForTakeoff.png Sorry for the late posting of this, as once again a lot of the Pilot 78G+ pens have sold out. Regards, Norman
  18. vojtahlad

    Wing Sung 3003

    I purchased another of the new models introduced by the resuscitated Wing Sung brand. The 3003 type in a nutshell: Pilot-like nib, converter filling, slip-on cap, ridiculous price. I wrote in my previous review that the new models of Wing Sung are pretty impressive. This one is not so much. Appearance and Design Do not expect any revolution in this department. Wing Sung 3003 is a commonly designed flat-top pen without any extravagant features. There are various versions available - transparent ones with coloured finials and opaque ones in crazy highlighter-like colours. Cons
  19. A Hong Kong Ebay dealer was offering exactly Euro 1.29 (inc post) for a Wing Sung 3008 demonstrator. Ohh free stuff!!! I went for it. Well, you get what you pay for: when it arrived it had great ink capacity and visibility, nice see-through feed but offered an awful writing experience. The nib was slippery and on coated paper it could hardly write at all. It blocked and dried out with shimmer ink. Some work with micromesh improved the skipping but, honestly it was still pretty bad and heading for the pile of cheap pens at the back of the draw. But ... out of curiosity I swapped the nib f
  20. Time-Traveller

    Leaky Wing Sung 3008

    Though basically I’m against cheap Chinese knock-offs, I recently bought a Wing Sung 3008 and am playing around with it. Now I’ve got a problem: now and then a drop of ink collects just behind the tip of the nib; this can drop onto the paper and create a mess. Therefore I have to have a look after every few words to see whether the nib is still safe or not, and this seriously disturbs the pleasure of writing. Solutions, anyone?
  21. Recently, I've messed my Pilot Metropolitan's nib. I love this pen, which is black and from animal collection. I'm using J. Herbin Perle Noire ink with this pen, however, while shaking the pen, it dropped ink sometimes, and I wanted to fix that by manually adjusting the nib. However, this newbie attempt resulted me having a bended nib, which leaked even more. This was a bad idea. I couldn't fix this behavior. I didn't want to throw the pen away, so I tried to find replacement nibs. I couldn't find a spare nib for Metropolitan, and I didn't want to salvage other pens just for that, so I checked
  22. Hello there , and i guess it's going to be my first post there >< So i'm getting myself quite a few pens that i guess i might later share info and my thought about, but i'm here right now to talk about only two, i'm looking at different pens and my eye caught an interesting coincidence, there 4 exactly similar pens with slight difference that are all copy of Pilot 78G, they are well known Wing Sung 659 (was a first test? + it's hard to aquire?), Wing Sung 3001(A)(second test of the same pen?) Wing Sung 9159(most newer pen?), and Hero 1202 all in transparent body or clear color as they ca
  23. The nibs are not the final products. They have not been on sale now. The White Dot also appeared on Hero's FP...... WingSung 626 彩蛋Easter egg(It is the informal name, or a code name.) White Cellulose Acetate, which is the same material as Penbbs 323 冥府之花ghost plant White 626 and Yellow 601 601, the section was removed. Four Colours. At least, there will be M and F width nibs. Another Two Colours may be on sale after the basic 4 colours or never. Converter Golden Star's 18K #28 nib(32mm) is compatible Golden Star's 18K #28 nib(32mm, the upper) is compatible, while the G
  24. As I enjoy trying new things I often order some chinese fountain pens that I resell or give to others later. Some stay with me, some find new homes. WIng Sung 590 was a model mentioned quite a bit on fountain pen boards some time ago. Experience with this one were mixed. There were peope wgo raved about how good was the pen and people who were disappointed by it’s smell, feed problems or overall performance. The one I received performs well but, truth be told, I’m not so entusiatic about it. Wing Sung 590 is a very large pen, but light weight
  25. Two questions: 1. How do you flush and clean ink from a pen with this sort of filler? I use a pen for a few weeks then clean it and put it away for months before it sees use again. I'm concerned this filler isn't appropriate for that usage pattern. 2. Longevity of diaphragm. Any estimates on that? What's ages a diaphragm most: pumps, inks, or simply time.

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