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Found 24 results

  1. VillersCotterets

    Majohn T5

    Apparently available in EF, F and M nibs. Four subtle barrel colours 🟥, 🟩, 🟦 and frosted ⬛. Piston and an ink window.
  2. I am not sure about the model name, maybe A1, but Majohn/Moonman has definitively released a metal Capless clone as seen in several video reviews on several Chinese websites. I'll post more photographs when I found some. It's so similar to the Capless, I wonder if it's produced under licence. The only difference I can spot is the middle ring that is a millimetre bigger, otherwise the Pilot internal module fit perfectly inside the Majohn body.
  3. A Smug Dill

    Five nominally #6 Chinese nibs

    From the album: Size and shape comparisons

    I didn't have a loose PenBBS nib handy at the time the photo was taken, but eyeballing one inside a transparent nib housing, its length is in-between that of the HongDian and the Moonman.

    © A Smug Dill

  4. Another Bohême clone. This time by Moonman. Retractable nib and cartridge only, just like the original design.
  5. New Moonman pen. Thoughts? Available on eBay for $42-ish (i could find only 1 listing though..), appears to use a Schmidt nib. Pictures taken from Reddit and Instagram.
  6. Not expecting this but this prop up on my casual online window shopping , according to the item page this is eyedropper or C/C , it's kind of Duofold style with all the extra off. You got the nib unit ( in clear sleeve ) , the section, the barrel, the cap ( with a metal roll stop with the branding ) and the converter and that's it. It come in this demonstrator blue grey , or all clear , or blue ..
  7. Hello again to all my FPN friends, When the original Moonman 80 came out, I resisted buying one because I already have more Parker 45s than I can remember. However, when the 80mini came out I knew it was worth a try, if only to be a recepticle for my favorite Parker 45 gold nibs. Although the quality isn't nearly as good as that of a real Parker 45, these pens still hold their own and nib swappability opens up endless possibilities. How cool is it that I can put a soft 14k UK Parker 45 OBB stub in a tiny pen that will fit in my pocketbook or even directly in my pocket?? Here are some of my impressions after taking the pen apart and playing around with it today: (This first page was written with the stock EF nib. Notice how hard it is to read due to how dry the pen writes.) (Problem solved with a quick and easy nib swap.) Size Comparisons: (top to bottom: Platinum Preppy 02; Pilot 78G; Delike Alpha; Moonman 80mini) Comparison of Nib Assemblies: (Parker 45 on the left; Moonman 80mini on the right) Notice the extra bits of plastic from the injection molding process still on the Moonman's feed and cowl. This leads me to believe that the Moonman will probably write much better if one uses a razor blade to scrape off the extra plastic bits and floss the channels. Moonman 80mini vs. my son's "moon man":
  8. I think I'm done with Moonman pens unless their quality control does a 180. My experience with them has been going downhill. -A while back I got the 600S. This one was really nice, The construction and fit & finish were top notch and the nib wrote perfectly well right out the box. -Later on I got an M8 with the gold leaf. The fit and finish was really good but the nib didn't lay down any ink. The tines were misaligned and too close together. No big deal, I had planned to replace it with a stub nib anyway. I did a little work on the Moonman nib and got it to write adequately. -Next was an S1. Same thing as the M8; the fit and finish was done well but the nib didn't put down any ink. I worked on the nib a bit and got it writing well enough for my liking. Thus far I'm still mostly satisfied with the pens I've gotten. It would have been nice if the M8 and S1 at least put down a line right out the box, but with Chinese pens I expect do do a little nib work and I did get them to write adequately. This is where things started taking more a a turn for the worse. -I got another M8, the one with red flowers. The fit & finish was a little clunky. While the pen itself looked really nice, there is some play in the threads when it all screws together. This is with both the section to the body & the cap to the body. Once it's all screwed together it holds in place but I feel there's still too much play in the tolerances of the threads. There was the same issue with the nib as the previous ones with an added bonus; the nib insert was cracked and I had to get a new one. I got a new nib insert and replaced the Moonman nib with one from Goulet so it up and running. There's still the little play in the threads but once it's all put together it holds tight and hasn't come loose. -I bought 1 more M8, the pink flower one. This one was by far the worse. As usual the nib didn't put down any ink and needed work. There was more play in the threads than what was on the red flower one I got previously. It mostly holds together when all screwed in but the section has loosened up when I was using it. On top of this it appears something went wrong with the resin. It's very hazy/cloudy looking and there wasn't much to the flower & sparkle pattern. In fact there were no pieces of "sparkles" in the cap and only a few in the body. I'd think that this one would have been bad enough to make it to the reject pile, but nope it went through. Overall this one is just horrible looking and doesn't fit together overly well. I'm not expecting these pens to be 100% without flaws, but it seems to have gotten overly bad with the Moonmans. I won't say it's out of the realm of possibility that I have been super unlucky to get the one bad pen out of those batches, but I find that highly unlikely. Unless something changes I won't be getting another Moonman anytime soon. Has anyone else experienced something similar to me or noticed the quality of Moonman pens declining?
  9. nate127

    Moonman N1 Fine Nib

    I haven't posted much on here but because of the lack of information about the N1 pen from Moonman, I've decided to drop some thoughts on here. This pen was purchased on Aliexpress for $20 (free returns option) and comes with a converter as per the listing description. The pen is all metal and while it's not heavy, it's got some heft for a small pen. It feels slightly lighter than my Faber Castel Loom. While capped, the pen is slightly back-weighted but it's minor and doesn't bother me at all (a friend of mine does not like this however). The pen is comfortable to hold in the hand and while it's possible to write without the cap, I'll be using it posted. At the end of the body is a clear rubber ring that keeps the cap secure when posted and it works very well. That said, there's a hairline wiggle pivoting from the rubber ring to the body. It's very small but is noticeable while writing. Onto the nib. This pen is a very smooth writer out of the box and did not have any issues or in need of adjusting. It's a firm nib, very little flex but is the smoothest fine nib I've used to date (sample size is small, 3 pens). If I could compare it, it would be like taking my Lamy Aion medium nib and making it a fine nib. This pen came with a converter. It's small and as you might see in the pictures, just barely fits into the barrel. I was pleasantly surprised that after inking up the pen through the converter (not the nib) it wrote after a few seconds, no priming was necessary. The ink used is Noodlers Kiowa Pecan which is slightly on the dry side (compared to my sample vial which seems wetter.....). I plan to use Sailor green ink next time which is wetter. I'd give this pen 4/5 with the only flaws being the balance and (very) slight cap wiggle. The pen capped compared to my hand:
  10. If you are a sucker for Moonman pens, well boys and girls you better get your wallet ready and packed this month since they are releasing two new models based on the picture linked below (from the reddit post here): https://i.redd.it/o9y5bek6zj341.jpg I really like both of the model. The T1 looks so similar to the Fine Writing International pens.
  11. I have problems with the nibs on the Moonman N2 and Moonman S1 directly out of the box . I having problems with the nibs alignment , ink flow , nibs and feeds not staying secure inside the nib assembly , with ink infiltrating around the nib assembly inside the section . I unscrew the nib assembly , clean the inside of the section fixed the nibs alignment and smoothed the nibs and then i tried to screw back the nibs assembly but when to tighten a little the nib assembly in to the section i noticed that the lips that hold the rubber gaskets was broken in fact the both nib assembly looks to be very brittle . Has anyone else had any such issues with Moonman N2 and Moonman S1 fountain pens ?
  12. I have a Moonman 80. Which cartridges are the best fit? I tried an empty Lamy cartridge. I don't have a empty Parker cartridge to test. It is also a matter of the body of the cartridge making a seal between against the inner surface of the section. It also suggests that Yiren 3.4mm cartridges meant for the 566 may also fit.
  13. Moonman C1 - Scrivinor Review Lotsa Pics, some comparisons! : https://www.scrivinor.com/article/moonman-c1-simplicity-finely-wrought?locale=en I'm fairly new to FPN, and hope that the posting of this 3rd party review is done correctly and is not in violation of any written or unwritten rules or sensibilities. Please advise. That said, I wanna get me one of these ! George in Pittsburg ---CA---
  14. When I'm out, I keep most pens in a case in my bag. Sometimes that bag gets tossed onto a couch. Other pens handle that, but the Moonman will burp ink into the cap. I know to warm a pen in my hand nib up (I have sac fillers and they're less burpy than this pen.) When the M2 is half full, it burps ink into the cap while sitting on the desk and then the pen spits while writing. Before I bought the M2, I'd read posts that this pen didn't burp despite being an eyedropper. I want to like this pen. But the burping...
  15. VillersCotterets

    Moonman N3

    Looks like a new model. At least, I wasn't aware of it. Unfortunately, another small nib, possibly another branded Schmidt FH-241 with a K1 converter. Hard to see finial ?
  16. Was browsing with filter for new fountain pens on Aliexpress and found this model Moonman M200 they also can be found cheaper on ebay, is this new model or am i'm missing something? because didnt seen anywhere someone mentioning them. Here some photos from Taobao page of this product: *Btw there also new LIY mountain series with gorgeous colors, but thats for another topic
  17. Calligraphy lovers rejoice! Today Shanghai Jingdian started offering sets of five italic nib units that will screw into Delike pens and a few models of Moonman pens. These are currently in their Taobao store, but keep your eyes peeled for them to start showing up on eBay soon. http://m.tb.cn/h.37htpcP?sm=9758e2
  18. Moonman N2 , use the default delike nib unit ( moonma's own stamping on the nib ), this one to me seems far more practical this time, it said 11cm capped, and 13.5cm posted, with a 9mm section.
  19. penzel_washinkton

    Moonman 80S - Continuing The Streak

    To FP Enthusiasts, Before I begin in reviewing this piece of writing instrument. I would like to apologize beforehand for anyone offended since this review is covering a product which is a straight knock-off of the Parker 45 pen. Although I really wish this pen was sent for free for me to review, sadly it wasn't to be. I bought this pen with my own money, yes , my money from my hard work not stealing, trust me. Perhaps on another day. Background Story: So to begin with, Moonman is actually a brand that is quite new to me especially earlier this year / end of last year. The M2 was their "lift-off" product that propels their brand name to higher grounds and ever since then people are always on the lookout for their product releases including the M3, M5 ,80 and recently the 80S along with the Mini. This pen I see is an effort from Moonman in continuing their streak, there have been many positive reviews of their past pens. I bought this pen from a quite well known Chinese pen seller in Feebay for under $10 without shipping and I thought this was a damn good price. For a while I was hoping that some Chinese company could take inspiration from the Parker 45 without the silver cap and Voila! Suddenly the Moonman 80S came out with the same cap-barrel color and material. I had no hesitation on buying it at the time and flies away it goes, the money on my wallet. The Review : For the packaging, I am quite impressed for a pen under $10, solid black box with silver font and a rubber band to keep the pen inside, Jinhaos usually does not come with a box for the similar price point Here are some thoughts which is basically a summary of the pen : The Objective Points: - Comes with a box - Snap cap and can be posted - Basically, a knock off of Parker 45 - C/C type of pen - Hooded nib, seller listed it as Fine - Three color options : Black, Lake Blue, Dark Blue - Slightly smaller than a Pilot Metropolitan when capped, but slightly longer when uncapped than the Pilot Metropolitan The Subjective Points + Cheap! Especially for a Parker inspired design + Quite well built, I have a WS that is pricier than this but seems like the parts would crumble if I did not treat it with care. This pen doesn't, it feels quite hefty - The clip material looks very cheap though + No sharp edges on the pen I received, very acceptable finishing. The reason I put this on the subjective point is that others may have poor finishing quality. + Very sleek design and understated due to not using a silver cap + Love the design on this type of hooded nib rather than the Parker 51 (and other pen inspired by it), reveals more than the nib on the WS 601/618 or Parker 51 + I have medium hands and I could say that this pen is in the comfortable length and size for me - There is a little bit of alignment required when you want to post the pen, if it is not aligned then you'll feel like it is not able to post - The writing experience was underwhelming, very dry. I put R&K Leipziger Schwarz initially and did not like them and proceed in putting the Noodler's Black. Somehow the lines written became like a thin brownish color? I feel this is due to the dryness of the pen that it restricts the flow of the ink - Those pesky sweet spot! + I would say the Fine in this nib writes more to a Japanese Fine rather than a Western Fine, and that is a plus for me All in all, until I did a writing sample on this pen, I was very excited. It checks a lot of requirements I need, stylish and sleek, available in black, writes in Japanese fine lines, snap cap and a cool nib design. However the writing experience hits me so hard, I tried flushing it with water to no luck so I guess it's just the character of the pen. I will try other inks though since I really want to carry this pen as an EDC and hopefully one of my inks can work better with this pen. Hope this review is helpful in even the smallest of ways and below is a little bit of writing sample as a parting image of this review
  20. DasKaltblut

    Moonman 80 Vs. Parker 45

    I finally recieved my Moonman 80, a Parker 45 clone. It is in fact so much of a clone that the caps, bodies and converters are all interchangeable. There are 3 cap patterns, I got the striped. They fit perfectly on each other. Except for the metal part at the bottom of the Moonman, this is a near exact replica. It writes nicely, no issues with the nib either. I've compared it here with my father's old P45 that he wrote with so much he wore finger divets into the section. No idea how to fix the P45, but the Moonman will do for me in the meantime! Also, the box was really nice, which is somewhat unusual for Chinese pens.
  21. I recently obtained a Moonman M2. I am rather enamored with it. But I have come across one problem. There is an inner section and the ink seems to leak into the space between the inner and outer section. I've found some reviewers that have removed it but they don't discuss or show how they did it. Does anyone know? Without doing so, it's really difficult to completely clean the pen. Thanks!
  22. I've recently added a Moonman M1 in brass and Tiger wood to my collection and am glad I did. The pen was was about $12 on Taobao. The pen is relatively long and slim. The section doesn't taper much at all. The cap takes about 3 turns to remove. The cap could post, I suppose, but the threads would likely tear up the wood and severely mess up the balance. Moonman M1 Dimensions 13.5cm / 13cm capped / uncapped 26.2g / 16.7g capped / uncapped 8mm section diameter 12mm barrel diameter It uses the same screw-in nib unit the Delike Alpha and New Moon 2 so if you have any of those pens, you can easily swap nib units. Like posting, eye-droppering this pen has got to be out of bounds. I don't plan to find out. The fude/art nib turns up only very slightly. It creates a sweetspot so that when the pen is at the correct angle the pen writes with a remarkably broad, wet line. The nib in my pen was smooth out of the box. The writing experience with the pen is excellent. The balance is toward the front making the pen feel lighter than it is. I'd definitely recommend the Moonman M1 for folks into fountain pens. Probably not as a first fountain pen, however. Two thumbs up for the fude/art nib! More photos and comments here

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