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Found 20 results

  1. Vach the Stampede

    What Do You Clean with This Fountain Pen Tool

    Hallo, Recently picked up this tool because I was curious but, I haven't figured it out yet. Photos here! It is about 2" long, metal, and says: The Bailey Meter Co. Fountain Pen Cleaner. One side is a hole (I am guessing to put on a ring with other tools maybe?). The other side is a tube filled with stiff wire bristles. I tried taking the bristles out of the tube...they do come out, but I don't think that's how you're supposed to use it because it's really difficult to get them back in. Presumably you stick this thing...*in* a pen part? Or *on* o
  2. I would love to find more info on this pen I bought years ago. It’s a good-sized blue 1920’s-ish FP with a 14k gold nib, the FORD logo on the clip, and “Harry Richman Club” stamped in orange or red on the barrel. Only recently I saw a pen like this on eBay but without the Richman stamp. Harry Richman was a singer/actor who sang the famous song “Putting on the Ritz” and owned his own namesake club in NYC for a time in the 20’s/30’s. I would love to know the connection between FORD and Richman and any estimated worth or value. Thanks! Scott
  3. CarrotBasket

    Which Cross Is This?

    Hi folks! I bought this pen at the flea market the other day and after disassembling it and cleaning it I still don't know what model it is, it came with the broken off clip but otherwise writes like a charm. The box it came in said "cross Calais" but I doesn't resemble the pictures of that model I found online,aybe an older version? The nib was originally golden but the paint has mostly come off
  4. I bought a pen last weekend at the BWI fountain pen show, but I'm not sure exactly which Chinese company made it. It looks similar to the JinHao 126, but with a few differences. The clip is different, there are four rings on the section, the finial is longer, and it uses a plunger converter (forgot to photograph, sorry). Also, the cap design is different. (Edit: The mysterious pen has been identified: it's a Baoer 801). Anyways, I thought I'd play with my new flash units and take some pictures to share. Oh, and photographing shiny objects is hard. http://cdn.jnash.org/wp-content/uploa
  5. Hi, I recently found this up for sale in a local online marketplace, and I can't help wondering the make of the mechanical pencil. I'm quite interested in it, but it'd be much better when I actually know what I'm buying. http://s9.postimg.org/fl56so3hb/258580410_1_644x461_1set_stainless_boxy_parker_j.jpg Sorry for the picture quality, but this seller really does provide only the most vague of description and pics. I've dealt with him before and he was good, and I'm quite sure they're brand-name stationery. The vague description only mentioned that it might be Japanese? It also said Boxy,
  6. I bought this pen off of Ebay. It had a very reasonable price attached to it so I went for it because the nib was described as flexible. I cannot find anything about the pen. It is marked Eastern on the clip and Frawley Pen on the nib. When I searched Frawley I found something about an ink manufacturer that became paper mate but nothing on Fountain Pens. If any of you know anything about this pen, its manufacturer, etc I will be very appreciative. I would really like to find another pen that looks a little better from the same manufacturer. I dont really care for the looks on this pen but
  7. Sailor Kenshin

    Did Targas Come With Italic Nibs?

    I got this Targa (not even sure of the model, but it takes the standard Sheaffer cart/con, not slim) off fleabay for what I think's a good price. The seller really knew nothing about fountain pens and listed it as a M nib. That's okay, I just wanted a Targa. But... http://extras.ourpatioparty.com/files/8614/4682/4490/Targa_w__Writing-640p.jpg http://extras.ourpatioparty.com/files/7214/4682/4489/Targa_Closeup-640p.jpg Biiig huge italic nib. Odd thing is, on the section's underside, you can see the letter M. I soaked it, cleaned it, filled it with Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku, and it writes
  8. Someone help me with this mystery, please. I bought this dip pen 10 years ago in an estate sale. It was very cheap. I believe I paid no more than two dollars for it. It's totally made out of brass. Uneven engravings on it. No markings to indicate its make or era. I have Google searched pictures of dip pens Numerous times and never found something similar. Any help or inside the deeply appreciated. Please forgive me for the poor quality of my cell phone camera. I did my best to present it. Thank you again, Gabriel
  9. Anyone know anything about this? Alex
  10. GLBizzarro

    Help Identifying An Ink

    I recently purchased a Parker 21 and it had this wonderful ink inside. I was wondering if any ink finatics can identify it.
  11. hello im new to the forums and have decided to join to figure out the maker of a vintage pen I recently bought. It is in good shape for the most part, but I have no idea who made the pen. I am hoping somebody on here has an idea of where it came from and who made it. It is made of what appears to be a brown marbled ebonite and had a simple gold pocket clip and lever for filling ink. It has a 14K nib, and on the nib it says "PATD". I love the look of this pen, It has a beautiful brown color but i have no idea who the maker is. I need to replace the nib and I need to know who the maker is. A
  12. Hi guys, Lord Z here with a pen I found on a park bench. (FOUND ANSWER TO FIRST PARAGRAPH) The pen has "Colibri" stamped around the base of the cap, just like it should. It resembles very old Colibri models, and uses an oil ink, in a discontinued tube. I cannot find a fit, however, so if you can figure out what it is, that would be great. This pen is a Colibri Le Grande in burgundy. It has a little bit of ink dried onto the cap, as well as scuff marks. I need to figure out if there is a way to deal with this, and how to get more ink. As recap (No pun intended), I need to figur
  13. I just won this on eBay on an impulse buy: http://m.ebay.com/itm?itemId=251750519294&txnId=0 Does anyone know the brand or model of this or is it unbranded? Thanks, Phillieskjk
  14. librarianpirate

    Hello From Illinois!

    Hey all! I've been a very low key fountain pen fan since High School but this weekend I was at an estate sale and found a pile of old pens for $.25 each. Most were pharmaseutical freebees that I left there but I found these two gorgeous Waterman fountain pens! The two Watermans I found made me not look too in depth at this funny little fish pen that I assumed was another Waterman? But today when I filled the new pens with my ink I realized that the funny little fish pen is not a Waterman but something not nearly as much fun. I hate the nib and want to look into getting it a new nib bu
  15. Hi everyone, I recently inherited some pens, and I am slowly going through them to try and identify and value them. The first one of the batch is this Ted Lapidus fountain/ballpoint pen set. I cannot seem to find any info on them. Is anyone able to help me identify them?
  16. Hey all, Lord Z here! I just went pen shopping...ish. I went to an antique mall, looking for pens from people who know nothing about pens, and so miss-price them. Anyway, I found a nice vintage pen for $50, and it was gold-nibbed, so I thought I would look it up. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I cannot find the pen anywhere online. So here I am. What I need: Model. Price. Barrel material. Anything else you can scrounge up on it. Characteristics: MISC: I found the company: Imperial Pen and Pencil Co. Went bankrupt in 1951. Other than that, I can't find much. Nib: 14k,
  17. Hi all, I'm looking to you experts to help me determine what I bought at the local flea market last weekend. I really can't tell for certain, but it writes quite nicely! I do need to find a proper cap though...(this is only an extra I had in the drawer.) The limited information i was able to find makes me think it's a Skripsert. El cheapo pen, but the back end of the pen is flat, not round and is slightly tapered. Nib is silver toned, says Sheafer and takes cartridges. Is there something else this could be? Where would I find a cap? Any and all information, suggestions, guesses are great
  18. Hey, so I have a blue waterman level filling pen with a nice flex nib. Until quite recently, the pen was working perfectly, smooth and evenly with the right amount of ink coming out (i.e. no globs of ink blopping out at inopportune moments). The only trouble I had with it was that I wasn't really used to using fountain pens at the start, which left me with leaving small ink sprays if I waved the pen around or didn't put a lid on it when leaving it down on the table. Now though what happens is that if I fill the pen by dipping it in a pot of ink and using the lever, is that the pen writes
  19. Redblur

    Can Anyone Help Id'ing This Pen?

    Hi all - I recently got a batch of pens on the Bay, and it included the attached mystery (to me) Sheaffer. It's made of aluminum (non-ferrous metal, anyway). The clip is brass-colored, spring-loaded, with an angular S logo. It is otherwise marked Sheaffer---Made In U.S.A. at the base of the cap. The most interesting aspect is the nib - it seems to be designed to allow the user to write in two orientations. The nib itself is a flat piece of metal, seated inside a rounded cone of black plastic(?). It is quite fine. One side of the nib assembly has a gold arrow head shape on it, rather li
  20. Hi All, I have a fairly high quality pen that i am unable to identify. I actually got it with a case that I bought not to long ago. I took it to a colleague of mine who is a seasoned Pen enthusiast and he and i are baffled by this one. It comes completely apart and all of the machining is absolutely perfect. Everything fits together perfectly with almost no friction. All parts of this pen (Except for the feed of course) are metal of one type or another and nothing is oxidizing. The nib has a nice looking vermeil (Ambiguous "Iridium point germany" stamp) that writes smooth as silk. The main pro

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