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Found 22 results

  1. Only today did I come across this official announcement made by Sailor nearly three months ago back in February 2022. Has anyone else noticed? There's also this advisory earlier in April:
  2. I'm back after a long hiatus, so I figured it would be a good idea to introduce myself again. I live in rural Donegal, Ireland. I've been into fountain pens for well over a decade now. My workhorse pen is a Sailor Heritage with a soft fine nib. I've recently become more adventurous with modifications, and with coloured inks. I've installed full flex nibs (from fpnibs.com) into a bunch of TWSBIs and an Opus 88. I also have a couple of vintage pens. I also have a Leonardo Momento Zero with the elastic fine nib. I gave away most of my non-flex pens. I'm not into calligraphy (yet?), but I love a flexible nib for the character it gives my writing, and because it forces my hand to relax. I was active on this forum until about 2009, when I went back to school. Finished up my PhD in 2017 at age 57. I am a researcher, mostly in Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, and Mathematics. I've been working from home ever since the pandemic started, and plan to continue to do so. It suits me well, because I can concentrate better. It also means that I can make better use of multiple fountain pens and an array of inks. (I didn't want to take an entire collection to the office!) Writing is a big part of my thought process. I'm often wrestling with complex ideas that are too big to hold in my brain at once. As I come to grips with some little part of an idea, I write it down -- not so much to remember the thought as to "solidify" it in my mind, to mark it as promising. I do most of my writing in a single journal that functions as a research journal, commonplace book, diary, cartoon sketchbook, and more.
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Máté (Hungarian for Matthew) and not long ago (~1 year ago) I started my online fountain pen shop as a hobby/side project next to my day job (I'm a teacher ). Last week I signed a deal with DHL and I'm finally able to ship things around the world at a reasonable (previously it was 65 euros for any non-EU packages) price instead of limiting it to the EU. To celebrate this new partnership I decided to have a sale. I would immensely appreciate it if you could leave me feedback of any kind (either here in PM, comment or through e-mail) so that I can try to improve things. At the moment I'm mainly interested in what you guys think of prices (for items and shipping), what made you decide to make a purchase or vice versa, what stopped you from making a purchase etc. but as I said all feedback is welcome. Thank you! https://www.pennonia.eu/ My apologies for not being able to filter the products on sale. I'm in talks with a programmer to help me improve the site. Notable things on sale: Colorverse Nebula Note (Tomoe River), Cross inks, Faber Castell e-motion, M805 Blue Dunes, M815 Metal Striped, Pilot Decimo, Iroshizuku
  4. nibtip

    Sailor Studio Ink Samples

    They now have Sailor studio ink samples at https://www.fountainfeder.eu/fountain-pen-ink/ink-samples/sailor-ink-studio-samples/ i am at my second order now 123, 162, 243, 760, 867, 873, 970 waiting for 150, 235, 240, 243, 340, 341, 350, 442, 452, 462 Also very good prices (only bottles) at https://www.thewritingdesk.co.uk/ink-refills/fountain-pen-bottled-ink/#/manufacturer-sailor ordered 150, 162, 243 as a starter Both have reasonable shipping prices. Also very prompt specially for us europeans.
  5. Hello to all the good souls of this forum. I am a fairly newbie penman (or pencolyte, penjamin, penvice, you get the sense i hope) form Prague, Czech Republic. Although technically I started using fountain pens at school in the age of 6-7 which has been during the communism before Velvet Revolution (I am 36) And yes, we were taught cursive at school;) I posess some of the classics, my EDC: TWSBI VAC700R, VAC mini, Diamond mini, Lamy 2000, and two Preppys for muggle colleagues hands @ work For my manbag, I never go out without OHTO Tasche, and Cult Pens mini by Kaweco and a few cartridges. As for home journaling and letter writing, the list goes on: Pelikan M1000, M400, MB 149 and another L2K And then some less used pens (lets call them "currently not inked"): MB Legrand Le Petite Prince, Leonardo Ufficina Italiana Momento Zero, Platinum 3776, Woerther Profile, 2x Noodlers Ahab, Moonman acrylic glass dip nib, and some Cineese stuff. And some small closet full of inks to acompany that: Diamine Asa Blue, Eau du Nile, Robert (Diamine Culet pens sheeny special) Edelstein Aquamarine, Noodlers 54 Mass., 41 Brown, Mao Xi, Black Swan in English Roses, MB Royal Blue, and some Iroshizukus and Shikioris to top that off. For pape, I use Midori MD for journaling, but now tried Elia note (Tomoe River flat bound, great one). For letter writing Midori paper, or Clairefontaine Triomphe. For my manbag a TN with midori and TR inserts. At work than a Rhodia notebook and (bleep) office paper:) Thanks for having me and in case you have some question regarding the pens, inks and paper and their combinations, feel free to contact me. Jan P.S.: Currently participating in "InCoWriMore" an activity of the mebmers of the FB group of Goulet nation, trying to write at least one letter a day (currently its more like 0,6letter a day)
  6. I did a search on the forum and found a US, British and South Korean ink (sample) exchange, but nothing that covers my neck of the woods (well, at least not in the 10 pages of results my search returned). I see pictures and read descriptions of inks pretty much daily. Many of them leave me curious about how they are in the analog world. Unfortunately, many of these inks (e.g. Noodlers) are not available here and I simply don't have the budget to buy every ink I'd like to try. I really can't imagine I'm the only one with this problem, so I'd like to know if there are other folks here that would be interested in swapping ink samples. Myself, I'm interested in both samples to use and samples of real world usage of an ink (as the latter would seriously reduce mail costs, sending a small package abroad is almost as expensive as a 80ml bottle of Diamine here in the Netherlands. I was thinking about maybe creating some kind of template/form that participants can print out and fill in with the ink in question, so you always know what to expect). My (fairly limited) collection of inks consists of: Diamine Emerald Diamine Red Dragon Diamine Royal Blue J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir J. Herbin Orange Indien J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune J. Herbin Rouge Bourgogne Hero 232 Blue-black (iron-gall) Pelikan 4001 Brilliant black Rohrer & Klingner Blu Mare Rohrer & Klingner Helianthus Rohrer & Klingner Magenta Sailor Jentle Blue-black So, anyone interested in something like this?
  7. Katowice - Upper Silesia - Poland Spotkanie kolekcjonerów i miłośników wiecznych piór - edycja 2018. // Meeting of collectors and lovers of fountain pens - edition 2018. Links: Website: https://penshowkatowice.jimdo.com/ - with English information Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PenShowPoland/ Inkphy: https://inkphy.com/user/penshowpoland/4126503697 Youtube: - Zegarki i Pióra; - Tuzand
  8. For a long time I've thought that pen shows are an American thing. But now I found this excellent site http://www.freewebs.com/euroshows/ which tells me that there are some pen shows in Europe as well. There doesn't seem to be as much exposure of these on FPN as of the American ones, though. What are these European shows like? I figure the ones closest to my location would be in Poland and Germany, but I don't speak Polish at all, and speak only a little German (despite the fact that I have an excam certificate which claims otherwise). So I'm wondering, how international are these shows? Are foreigners welcome? Does the audience speak English?
  9. phillieskjk

    Cheap Cartridges From Ebay

    I just bought this pack of 40 cartridges on ebay, has anyone here tried them? Are they any good? (To be honest I just bought them because I needed empty cartridges ). Thanks! This is the link to the ebay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/40-Fountain-Pen-Ink-Cartridge-Refills-ORANGE-GIFT-/230384913830?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35a402cda6
  10. TotalPerspectiveVortex

    Silver Pilot Mr In Europe

    Hello! I'm new to this forum and glad i found it. I was given a beautiful black Pilot Metropolitan a while back, but during a class it feel straight on the tip, bending it completely, and i have deduced from the internet that the most economical choice is just to buy a new Metropolitan. I'm not particulary fond of animal skin or retro pop designs, but those seem to be most readily available. My question is, where could i find a silver Pilot MR/Metropolitan (the one without animal skin or dots) in Europe? Does it even sell in Europe? Thank you for your responses, happy holidays!
  11. ProfessorB

    Seeking Visconti Advice

    Background: Thinking about adding my first Visconti to a small (medium?) sized collection of five or six dozen higher-end Parkers, Pilots, Montblancs, Lamys, and Pelikans. Mostly post-WWII, but a few older classics. I write with virtually all of my pens. Imagine that! WRITING with good fountain pens. I'm just odd that way. I also make telephone calls with my iPhone. This isn't a good time for me to purchase an Opera, or any gold nabbed Visconti, unless I run into a "can't walk away" bargain, so I'm thinking about beginning with a van Gough. I like the looks of the red and blue resins in the Rembrandt lineup, but I'm a big fan of the look and feel of the van Goghs' facets. Question:So, finally, my question, which is about prices. I know the MRSPs, but not what one really ought to pay for a new (NOS or minty) van Gough. How good a price is, say, $175 for a new van Gogh? Is it: 1. Meh. 3. Solid. 4. Very solid. It's somewhat unusual to find new ones at that price, but you can if you wait. Look around a month or so and you can do this well or better. 5. A bona fide bargain. Grab it. Being a Visconti neophyte, and I'd really appreciate any input on this, or other, related, issues, such as comparisons to Rembrandts with regard to writing, look and feel, etc. If you find this a stupid question, I'd be curious why. Would also like to know if there might be a better place than this forum to post this. Thanks in advance for your assistance and tutelage.Professor B
  12. Hi I've finally got everything I need to start making Tomoe River pads in the UK. I'll be making all the pads my self, to the same quality that I'd expect for my self. So question is, what would you like? I think making very ornate leatherbound notebooks will be beyond me, but factors such as number of sheets etc would be handy..!
  13. Hi guys, I'm in the market for paper of consistent stock that is suitable for both printing AND writing with a fountain pen (think marginalia, forms, and ink reviews). Since joining the forum I've heard lots of rave reviews for that HP laser paper, but unfortunately, that won't work because I can't get it: it's not available in local shops, and I can't seem to find it online unless maybe it's from the US, and that won't do because it's bound to cost a ton to ship (paper is heavy, maaan). So: what other papers with similar traits can you think of? (Double the points if you know for a fact they're available to the european market!) Here's what I need: - A4/letter - printable (inkjet - doesn't have to be fantastic, printing quality's where I can compromise) - FP frisky (there's FP friendly, and then there's FP frisky...geddit?) I like mine smooooth (don't care about drying...love Clairefontaine & Rhodia) and heavy (at least 80gsm) - white (for the odd ink review). No need to go OTT and make it blinding white, but still, white, not cream/ivory. Usual bribes refreshments and/or rewards available - cookies/bacon/booze, kittens/puppies/wabbits etc
  14. attika89

    Re-Tipping In Europe?

    Hi, I have a vintage Hungarian pen what needs re-tipping. http://kepfeltoltes.hu/150128/P1240722-1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg As I know Goldnibs are somewhere in EU, but is there any other option? Experiences with goldnibs.com would be appreciated as well!
  15. Hey everyone The ink has landed. Army Green Baystate Blue 54th Massachusetts Baystate Concord grape Liberty's Elysium Nightshade Black swan in English roses Kung Te-cheng El Lawrence Air Corp Blue Black Prices are £15 each El Lawrence is £22 and Kung Te-Cheng is £30 I'll be putting up the inks on an online marketplace on Monday, so let me know ASAP if interested..! I can bundle any if these inks with 100 sheet Tomoe River paper and combine shipping if needed!
  16. I'm planning to get a decent amount of noodlers fairly soon in the UK so let me know your views..!
  17. Just wanted to let anyone interested in buying Private Reserve inks about a vendor called pensavings on Ebay. I bought a few bottles of PR ink, and was rather shocked when i came to realise that P&P was $4.95, shipping from USA to the UK. I ended up asking the vendor if this was correct, as I realise how heavy ink bottles are, and that shipping cost are bound to be more. He explained that this was in fact the case, and that he just about broke even with fountain pen inks, but helped with other areas of the business. I subsequently ordered a few more, larger 110ml bottles, which the vendor ordered and has sent with the same remarkable postage rate. All transactions were smooth, and had great communication throughout. I've asked if he is likely to stock Noodler's any time soon, and he said he was talking to the distributer with a view to doing this at some point in the near future. Until then, any one looking for PR inks, check his ebay store out!
  18. "We are at one of those turning points, for the written word, that come only rarely in human history. We are witnessing the introduction of new writing tools and media. It has only happened twice before as far as the Roman alphabet is concerned – once in a process that was several centuries long when papyrus scrolls gave way to vellum books in late antiquity, and again when Gutenberg invented printing using movable type and change swept over Europe in the course of just one generation […]. Changing times now mean that for a brief period many of the conventions that surround the written word appear fluid; we are free to re-imagine the quality of the relationship we will make with writing, and shape new technologies. How will our choices be informed - how much do we know about the medium's past? What work does writing do for us? What writing tools do we need? Perhaps the first step towards answering these questions is to learn something of how writing got to be the way it is." I am quoting here the introduction to a book I am very much looking forward to read: "The golden thread" by Ewan Clayton. It sounds so promising and interesting, just about two things I hold very dear - (the history of) reading and writing, written from the perspective of both a calligrapher and designer. So far I just managed to read about 40 pages and it is packed with information and ideas. You can find a short review here on the website of the FT http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/2/c36c371e-3006-11e3-9eec-00144feab7de.html#axzz2hsO9lNXP and more about the author here http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/2/4240f110-1a04-11e3-93e8-00144feab7de.html#slide0 I thought maybe some of you may be interested as well. Stefanie (I hope this is the right forum, I wasn't sure. But I didn't put it in the book section because it is not "only" about calligraphy – but if it should be moved there I am totally ok with that )
  19. Hi All! Any idea where I can get some HP Premium Choice Laser 32# weight (Item #113100, or HPU 1132) here in Europe? There are lots of US suppliers but it doesn't seem to exist in the EU... thanks in advance! cheers, F.
  20. I usually write my notes, letters etc. on blank A4 office paper... Right now I have a pack of them from an unnamed company and it is terrible for fountain pens, the nibs drag along it and the line feathers (or, more precisely, becomes bolder than on better papers), while I am using well-behaved inks (Diamine, Quink Blue, Sailor Epinard). I would like to buy a new pack, and here comes the question – is there anyone from Europe who would have experience with such papers being friendly to fountain pens, could you give me some suggestions? I think the paper brands shouldn't be too different from state to state. Thanks in advance!

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