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Found 15 results

  1. fingertrouble

    Waterman Pen ID

    Just bought this 1940's? vintage Waterman, trying to identify it as it doesn't have a model number. It is double ring and dark green and the nib is a fairly generic one, semi flex (no telltale W for instance or Ideal). It's dark green/olive. So far my research has narrowed it down to: 502/503/513 - I thought the closest is 502, but they don't seem to have the metal lever box and clip is slightly different, 513 is very similar - some 513s have a metal lever box and some don't - but the clip is different. W2/W3/W5 - W2 doesn't have a metal lever box as far as I can see from pics online, neither seems to W3. W5 has a metal lever box, but tends to be fancier and have different rings. Ruled out: It is a lot like a Commando especially the clip, perfect match - but it doesn't have the lucite 'end plug' and that didn't come in green according to Richard Binder? http://www.richardspens.com/ref/profiles/commando.htm I guess it is possible that this is a Commando top on another pen? The colours all match perfectly though, why I suspect it hasn't faded/darkened because it's uniform. Dauntless/Starlet/Stalwart - the end of the body is rounded, not flattish like these. I have found a few others sold who sold exactly the same pen, they were unsure what they were as well - listing it as a Commando (I think I have ruled that out or unmarked 502- http://greenfineused.com/gorgeous_waterman_pen_dark_green_full_flex_14k_fine_nib_england.html and https://tommyspens.blogspot.com/2012/12/waterman-commando-in-green-made-in.html So Waterman detectives - what is it?
  2. I was given two pens recently that a friend found in a box of books she bought at an auction. One is a Parker 21, the other I am trying to identify. I think it's a Sheaffer 440 but I'm not sure. Can anyone confirm this or otherwise ID it for me? It came without a cartridge or converter so I'm also wondering if the current piston converter from Sheaffer will fit it. The pen itself is in good condition although the cap has a lot of dents and scratches. I'm dying to ink it up and try it. TIA.
  3. antichresis

    Need Help Identifying A Pilot

    Hi all, I am being offered this pen but neither the seller nor myself is sufficiently knowledgeable about the pen in question. I remember seeing this pen before on FPN but can't find the post. We are interested in the relative production era of the pen, if it's a good pen, and if modern Pilot converters will fit. Any help/leads are much appreciated! UPDATE: found it
  4. antichresis

    Need Help Identifying This Desk Pen

    What particular model is it and is it a good pen? I'm not even sure what kind of filler it has... I'll upload more photos when I get the pen.
  5. TJF711

    Mont Blanc Fountain Pen

    Hello All and Happy New Year! In the process of research on MB pens, I came across this site. I received a Mont Blanc Fountain pen as a re-gift, and I am trying to identify what exact model it is. It is a real MB, of that I am sure. The nib says14K, and the words "Classic" and "Germany" and "Mont Blanc" are embedded on the gold bottom rim of the pen cap. I have the original box, and Personal Mont Blanc guide as well. In research, I came across a very similar looking pen located in the UK, and it was the No. 6510 model. I've posted some photos, in the event the community can help me ID my pen, as well as determine it's value? Thank you so much for any help! Tom
  6. stringsandpedals

    Pen Identification!

    Question: I bought this pen at an antiquity store a few days ago. The inkage (Diamine Rustic Brown) on the nib is absolutely my fault, my apologies. Does anyone know this brand/model? It's a CC, but I eye-droppered(/eye dropped?) the pen. The nib has a lovely bounce to it, and after a bit of tuning I turned it into a relatively smooth and juicy writer. Can anyone help identify this pen? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi everyone! I'm pretty new here, so I hope this kind of post is okay (tell me if it isn't). I have a question about two Waterman fountain pens I own. There are very similiar, both marble-ish blue, but one is a bit darker than the other. The caps of the pens differ slightly, one of the caps has a logo on it and the other doesn't. I have owned and used these pens for years without really knowing what kind of fountain pens they are. I have a suspicion that they might be Waterman Hemispheres but the recent Hemispheres look really different. I didn't buy them myself, they were a gift from my grandfather (who doesn't remember them, sadly). Do any of you know what pen this is? http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z480/Heldinnen/IMAG1179_zpscwfbin8x.jpg http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z480/Heldinnen/IMAG1181_zpsezfpkjuv.jpg http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z480/Heldinnen/IMAG1182_zpsmsvga1en.jpghttp://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z480/Heldinnen/IMAG1180_zpsmw2uqwvl.jpg http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z480/Heldinnen/IMAG1183_zpsnwgo1xjr.jpg Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello everyone ! Last week I bought this set of 2 lady fountain pens. The quality of these hooded pistonfillers is quite good, and so it is a big mistery to me that no brandname can be found anywhere. Both pens had their pistons stuck, but a good soak and a swab of sillygone grease worked wonders. On the first 3 pics you can see one of the pens without the hood, On pic 4 you see both pens hooded and uncapped (the pen on the left is inked) and on the 5th pic you can see both pens capped. So anyone who recognise these or has a hunch about their origin, please feel free to speak out. Thanks, Peter
  10. Hello Enthusiasts, I am an amateur collector of fountain pens with a particular interest in specific models (as opposed to entire brands). However, I have found that am particularly drawn to Conway Stewart’s of all models. I find the designs attractive and, in general, like the feel of pens in my hand and the smoothness of the nibs. I recently acquired a pen clearly marked as follows: Conway Stewart Pen The International No. 350 M (Mottled) It is the 5th pen from the left (top row) in the attached photo. I have found numerous references to the 350 but not in a mottled version. Does anyone know anything more about this pen? Michael Reich
  11. I picked up a few pens to try my hand at restoration. On this one I got the nib cleared, which took days of patience and sonic cleaning. The nib is 14K plated and even thought the feed is clear, the nib is a mess. I can not get the grub off and leads me to believe the plating is corroded. Other that the 14K plated on nib there are no identifying writing or logos on pen. Pen is 4.5" orange with black flat top. Fine nib, flex with ring top. looks just like this: Except the nib is different. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Orange-Ring-Top-Flat-Top-Fountain-Pen-working-medium-point-/371467486334 Thanks for looking.
  12. So, I could use your help identifying a pen, again. It's another Sheaffer - the nib is labelled -79- Lifetime - U. S. Pat Off. - Made in USA 14K. The body and cap are striated brown and the white dot is on the end of the cap. The clip is quite plain, and cap band is medium-sized (which is causing me some trouble on the identification). It's obviously a vacuum-fil - I'm a bit afraid to try and fill it because I'm sure it's been a long time and I assume the components are degraded. I haven't dipped it to try writing with it. I've found some pens on-line that would suggest this maybe a Crest Triumph model - but the ones I found had the white dot above the clip - so I thought this might be a pre-world war II model. As usual, I appreciate your expert help and advice. Thanks!
  13. Maybe someone can identify this pen lying on Henry Miller's desk ... Thanks! fcarbon Starting this topic for the beautiful and inspiring pictures too.
  14. I found this interesting photo with two of Hermann Hesse's fountain pens on the website of the Fondazione Hermann Hesse Montagnola (www.hessemontagnola.ch). It would be great if someone could help identify them ... Thanks!
  15. I have some vintage Montblanc pens & pencils I've been slowly identifying over the past eight months. Usually I have no troubles on my own, but I've got a few that I'd like a second (or third) oppinion on. In other words I'd like to confirm that I've correctly Identified my pens and at the same share some of my rare finds with the rest of you. I'd love to see and hear about your rare finds as well! I hope this thread will be useful for us vintage/antique pen lovers. I've been using the resources posted in the forum to identify this one in particular, and Ithink that it is this pen: http://www.fountainpen.de/old-20er-25er-meisterstueck-erste-variante.htm A very rare Montblanc Meisterstuck/Masterpiece Safety 25 M. Production period between 1925 - 1928. I thought it was a very exciting thing to share, and I was hoping to get confirmation that I have correctly identified my pen. I will post pictures of my pen, let me know what you think. It's discolored so if anyone has advice on restoring the coloring (if possible) I'd appreciate hearing from you. lol also if someone can tell me how to post a picture in a reply on a thread I'd appreciate it as I'd like to keep the thread going as I find out more about some of my older pens. (Sorry I'm such a noob DX )

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