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Found 20 results

  1. Hello! I am new to collecting vintage pens and picked a couple up this weekend at the pen show. We are having trouble identifying this one in particular. We have found similar pens but none this size.
  2. Hi, This is not my first time using a flex fountain pen. I have a pilot 912 FA and a bluedew flex pen but this is my first experience a vintage flex fountain pen. I just received my a vintage waterman fountain pen (a 'new look' that is made between 1940-1950 by JIF-Waterman). According to the seller, this nib can go from EF to 2.0mm. I was experimenting the flex of the pen. And I was too stupid to actually flex it that hard and half of the tip came off from the nib. I still have the tip that is broken off. Is the pen can still be saved or is it only a piece of accessory now? 😭 Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestion.
  3. My husband purchased this pen online (he was interested because of the Chicago WF connection). It's really large (see photo in which I've placed an ordinary-sized Chinese FP next to the CWF pen). The Fair also sold a "Midget" version (that seems to have been the trademark). I don't know whether there were other sizes. Neither of us knows much about dip pens, so I thought I would ask folks here if they had any insight into what is wrong with or missing from the ferrule, and whether there is a way to fix it. The nib can slide in, but it will then fall right back out again. Any insights? For all I know, this may be an entirely basic question....
  4. Hi all, I just purchased a lovely vintage Conway Stewart Dinkie pen and pencil set, circa early 1950s (from Heritage Collections in the UK). Both write beautifully. (Picture below) But I wondered if anyone out there collecting them can fill me in on some basics: 1. How do I refill the lead in the pencil? Through the tip or the barrel? If the barrel, is there some secret to getting in to the barrel? 2. Similarly, how do I separate the fountain pen section from its barrel? 3. Is Casein a form of plastic? 3. Is the 1.2 mm lead readily available? Has anyone out there tried 1.1 mm lead, which I've seen for sale, and found it fits sufficiently well? ---Both pen and pencil seem to be so tightly connected that I fear if I try to open them, I might break something. Are they supposed to be this way? I started to wonder whether I am not supposed to open them at all . . . . But that doesn't make sense to me, since these pens/pencils were used by so many for everyday writing and they would have needed to get at them at some point or another. Many thanks for any help. Liz
  5. I have a Sheaffer Tuckaway pen of my father's, c. 1944-1945. It was recently professionally restored and I need to know the best ink to use in this type of pen. Is Noodler's Eel safe? Monteverde or Herbin? Do I need to use, or avoid lubricated ink for this pen?
  6. Hello everyone at FPN , on Friday I just bought my first vintage fountain pen a beautiful Parker 51 teal blue lustraloy cap in near mint condition and restored, I look forward to it coming soon . I'm looking for a blue-black or blue ink that is water resistant and does not fade like other blue inks I've used before such as lamy blue that behaves quite well but my notes that I took a few months ago are about to disappear completely and also with the water goes completely. For that kind of problems I usually use noodler's black and blue black which turned out to be good inks in my 2000 lamy but the thing is that the lamy 2000 can be completely disassembled to give it a deep cleaning with water. I do this every one or two weeks . First I clean it quite well with water until the clear water comes out and then I dismantle it and I have noticed that although the water has gone clear, I find the feeder and the interior of the hood stained as if they had soot. What is presented fairly with the noodler's inks is nib creep. This does not bother me as much in my 2000 lamy as I mentioned earlier because I can completely disassemble it and clean it thoroughly. But I'm wondering if using this type of ink would be detrimental to Parker 51 when I did not know how to disassemble it and remove that soot or dye residue inside the hood and the feeder. So I ask you what ink do you recommend for Parker 51 that is water resistant and does not fade and is low maintenance and does not clog. I have seen good reviews about the pilot blue-black ink and it is low maintenance So I hope your recommendations and that you share your experiences with me since it is my first vintage fountain pen.
  7. Pen_Padawan

    Kobe Pen Show 2018

    FYI: Kobe Pen Show 2018. November 23, 24, 25.
  8. Can someone let me know the manufacture date for this pen. It is a Burroughs Fountain Pen On the transparent part of the barrel, it says Burroughs Pen Co 333 Washington St. Boston Massachusetts USA I've tried researching it, but I have not found any information on when it was manufactured. I found the pen on Ebay, and the seller doesn't have any information on the pen.
  9. panu

    Wilson Gold Coronet

    This pen was lying in my Fathers almirah , and is called WILSON CORONET. I do not understand how i can fill ink in it.There is a plastic container at bottom and that cannot be opened by any means. http://i64.tinypic.com/2802xs7.jpg http://i66.tinypic.com/v6lp20.jpg
  10. Just picked this little guy up on eBay... Hasn't arrived yet, but I'm wondering what I need to have on hand to clean it when it gets here? The auction description gave zero info on what materials it's made from (except the nib), so I'm not sure what solutions I ought to use to soak what looks like old gunked up ink out of the feed, etc. It appears I may need to de-gunk it before I can even get the nib & feed off to straighten it out. Thanks in advance for any tips! I'll post more photos (if needed) as soon as it arrives! (edit: Just realized how huge the original images were. Uploaded smaller versions.)
  11. stringsandpedals

    Kaweco Dia 803 08 Piston

    My dear FPN crew, I'm a little frustrated. I found this beautiful Kaweco Dia 803/08 on Shpok (online flea market app essentially). I first cleaned it and flushed, and soon noticed that the cork must've shrunk over the years. I sat it in water for a few days, which couldn't revive the cork's functionality. So I tried to look up how to change the piston, and found out through this video, how to actually screw out the piston unit. Timo also pointed out in the video (at around 3:48) that unscrewing this part would prove to be quite difficult, because it's quite small. I already saw that people might have attempted unscrewing it with pliers as it looks a little scratched. I've been trying to screw off the part with nylon pliers - but without success. Can anyone help me? Does anyone have a helpful piece of advice? Also, if anyone could help me out with the year of production, that would be amazing, too. http://66.media.tumblr.com/8984c5c4fcf2de732db5bbc24952ced8/tumblr_od2uo0kBwB1vo6rxoo1_1280.jpg
  12. It was my father who planned the Varanasi outing last December , I was initially not much excited for the trip but as the trip progressed I quite liked the idea. Nevertheless Varanasi is around 250-300 Kms from Lucknow and a Night train world always work as long as you are in the AC compartment . So apparently we booked a rather decent hotel which we found out not to be so nice as on the left of the hotel just below two floors from our window was a milk delivery factory from where the Milk Delivery Guys refilled their cans and this went on 24X7 so there was a lot of noise even at 2 am . Well the next day when we started walking towards the Dasashwamedh Ghat from the Hotel which is very nearby . We went through a market called "Dashashwamedha Market" . 'Voila ' on the left side of the street I found a pen-shop which was its literal shop name as well . So I went there alone leaving my parents to venture into other shops . The shop owner as I expected wasn't an elderly gentleman but a rather awkward looking teenager . But apart from his looks he had quite a collection of vintage pens which he straightaway told me were not for sale . But he pulled out a pen from the same tray , which was this beautiful maroon swan pen and a Sheaffer which looked brand new. I was unfortunately low on cash so I bought the Swan for real bargain at Rs 250 which is around $ 3.4 . He was asking Sheaffer Rs500 for the Sheaffer approx $6-7 but I thought I can always buy a Sheaffer in Lucknow but a Swan is a real treat . I think I should have bought both . As I saw the "Made In India " etched in the barrel I did suspect whether it is a real deal or not. But I think I read somewhere that Mabie Todd made pens in India as well. Sorry for the phone camera as it is not taking good pictures now so I could not get the whole picture of the etching . But it says (Swan Senior Mabie Todd & Co Made In India. I guess the pen was made somewhere during the 1950's but it can be as old as from early 1940's .
  13. A friend found and gave me an old fp. It's gray and green marble plastic, side lever action refil mechanism, and the nib and clip says sapphire on it. Any clue who made this pen?
  14. Hey everyone! Recently inherited a vintage 146 from my uncle with a cracked cap, and took it into the Hong Kong Montblanc store for a repair. Had just the worlds worst string of bad customer service, lack of professionalism, and overall horrible attitude far beyond anything I've experienced in a long while. I really am hoping to write an email to someone at Montblanc - ideally someone in the Hong Kong, or APAC region - but really anyone who can help with customer service would be appreciated. After an hour or so of searching, I can't seem to find anything except for the CEO, J Lamberts - who isn't someone who could help - and the general 'service@montblanc.com' email. Does anyone know any way I can reach out to them? Cheers!
  15. Request for a replacement pàrt for the pilot pen venishing point 14K fountain pen. I am enclosing photos of damaged part pl help
  16. Hi guys, I bought this pen at the marché aux puces in Poland for $3 I am not the MontBlanc expert, so I am no sure what the model is. On the cap I can read: "4810" and below: "MONTBLANC//\\MEISERSTUCK". The pen has other imprints, but I can't read them in all. Something is on the barrel, but completly unreadable and on the head of piston (photo no 5)... maybe 2F, EF and D, but I am not sure.I think that body was made of black rubber. Pen has 18ct gold nib, marked 25 with MB logo. Anybody knows what model this is, when was made and what it's worth? Much more than $3? Thanks
  17. jclewis33

    Ink For Parker Vacumatic

    Would you consider using J. Herbin Bleu Ocean 1670 in a Parker Vacumatic? Or De Atrementis inks? I have a Sherlock Holmes ink from De Atrementis I also like.
  18. Hello, This is my first post in the Pen History forum. I hope it is at the right place. This may not be clear, as it's a meandering post, a post that has been prompted by a conversation I had with obnubilator via PM. He of course agreed that I post it. Since it's a conversation, I will to preserve a conversational tone. *** This conversation started because I was reading one of obnubilator's Classifieds ad, and thought of sending him a note of appreciation: Since the question was quite open-ended, I received a question in return: I then tried to clarify what I meant, at the expense of getting away from the first question, and at the risk of exhibiting more ignorance than might have been required: The idea of an archetype conveys better what I had in mind. As a pen nut, I try to gather pens that can be used as an outline of the history of pens. Since I have not infinite resources, I tend to focus on what's considered the most iconic, although I do have pet pens that do not fit this bill. obnubilator's reply is what prompted me to write this post: So, besides an answer to my naïve question about flex pens, we have a suggestion of an icon of vintage pens. The Waterman Red Ripple #7. This answer led me to search for a video. Here's one: *** The conversation continued, but I'd rather stop here for now. This kind of conversation ought to take place more often, in my opinion. If you like it, I could post some of the follow-up, although it got into a tangent. Finally, at least for now, obnubilator has expressed his intention to start to blog about all this "in a more organized and thorough way", as he says. I wished him good luck and told him I could give him a hand about the information architecture and a minimalist approach to design. Cheers, w
  19. anra

    Orion 491

    Hi everyone! I found this vintage FP at a local garage sale here in Denmark. It's Orion 491 with lever filler. I searched the interned trying to find out more about the brand and the model. I found only one of them (among archived sales on a forum) - restored - and the seller mentioned the pen is from 1934. However, on a German website I came across another information that the company Orion Pen Co. changed the name to Miller Pen Co. in 1933 - meaning the pen must date from before 1933 - my guess is early '30s... Any help about sheding more light on this little thing? The nib is gold plated, with "Orion Pen Co. 1" written on it (and an ugly window reflection) The barrel has Orion logo, "fountain pen" and and model number "491"
  20. Hello everyone! I am quite annoyed. I purchased a 50's Mont Blanc ballpoint pen some time ago and I'm having a hard time finding the good refill. When i got it, it came along with a Schneider Express 225 Fine refill which plastic bottom had been cut out in order to make its length fit the pen's body. It fitted perfectly but soon ran out of ink. I then learnt the Express 225 Fine refills are no longer produced and purchased a Medium size, thinking it would fit in anyway. But it didn't: the nib and pre-nib circumferences are a bit too large. The refill easily gets blocked when I am using the pen, and I have to push real hard on the lever to make itget out and again push real hard on the nib to make it get back in. I enclosed pictures of the pen and refill for your information. I am just causing damages to the pen and need help to find the good refill. What do you think? Which refill could match it? Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

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