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Found 24 results

  1. I have enjoyed the heck out of the Parker thread. And since I have a couple of nice Sheaffers scheduled to arrive as soon as Monday, I thought I would start this topic up. So, what Sheaffers have you added to the fold of late? Modern, vintage, rare, easy-to-find. All are welcome in this general discussion thread. Bring photos when you can!
  2. FlyingDoug

    From Out Of The Shadows

    It's a hot, sunny Sunday here in Auckland, New Zealand. The palms are rustling in the garden and the paddling pool is set up on the deck. It sure feels like we're in for a long summer. I've only just gone back to work after my longest holiday in four years - a full three weeks! - and escapism has already been tempting my mind away again. Hence, two new pens recently arrived after days of enjoyable reading, watching reviews, considering comparisons, weighing options, and finally hunting for the perfect specimen at the right price. That process, and my thorough enjoyment of it, made me realise
  3. Hello everyone, I went to the DC Pen show last weekend, and fell in love with a pen that I didn't know anything about. I've attached a few pictures to show the pen opened and closed with a full sized pen case and lined notebook paper for scale. (Sorry for the bad quality pics -- I had trouble getting them small enough to post!) This little acrylic Laban pocket pen caught my eye immediately, and even after walking through the whole show, I just kept going back to it. I have a weakness for pocket pens, and this one isn't too thin and feels very comfortable in my hand. It twists to po
  4. evaisnotonline

    New Twsbi Eco-T Piston Problems

    Hi all, This is my first post - it's so great to finally make an account after lurking for so long! I bought my third beginner fountain pen recently, a clear TWSBI Eco-T, which I have been lusting after for a long time, and finally arrived yesterday! I've already used one ink fill, and was screwing the barrel down to the refill it, and now it won't screw back up. the piston is at the bottom of the pen, near the nib, however there is no gap at the top of the pen where you should insert the wrench to unscrew the top. When I turn the top one way, it tried to press the piston further down
  5. Karas Kustoms

    Win It Before You Can Buy It

    We're giving away four sets of our forthcoming Starliner and Galaxie pens, part of our new Reaktor Line of Writing Instruments. We're on pace to give away 1,000 pens this year to anyone and everyone that participates in our monthly giveaways or our larger giveaways like this one. This giveaway is just the latest part of our 10 Year Anniversary and how we plan on celebrating it. If you want the details on our Reaktor Line of Writing Instruments, you can check out our YouTube playlist that covers all four of the pens we'll be releasing this summer. In the description of those videos you can look
  6. Hi all. I've received great advice from everyone here before - super helpful and friendly site in general. So thanks for that, and I'm going to try to put together some reviews of something that may be helpful to others but in the meantime, I'm looking to get a new pen. Used mostly for drawing/sketching. I currently have: -Lamy Safari Al Star - M - really like it but don't love the grip when I flip the pen over, which I like to do to get line variation etc.. Lamy Joy 1.9 - love the balance unposted but same issue as safari grip. -Pilot Metropolitan- F - love it, love how smooth and thin
  7. Hey all, I'm still somewhat new to the world of fountain pens but I've been using them daily for the last year. First one was a Medium Lamy safari that I still use the most today and I love everything about it in terms of wetness and thickness. Also have a medium Pilot metropolitan that I think is a little thin in the thickness of line for my taste, and finally I got an Ensso Piuma as well recently in Aluminum and medium nib. Writes more similarly to the lamy with a little more tooth and less wetness which I don't mind either. Anyway I'm looking for one step up for a nice pen, preferably un
  8. TheAkwardNinja

    Thoughts On The Pilot 78G

    What are your thoughts on the 78g as a student pen? If you know me, I've pen searching for a new pen for the next academic year, which includes looking at Lamy's and Pilot's. So how does the 78g do?
  9. Hi there! After more than one year of intense usage (mainly for drawing) of my Lamy Safari(s) I am thinking about buying a "next-level" fountain pen. In terms of performance do you think it is worth spending money on a better one (gold nib, better construction, etc.)? Is there significant difference between a budget and an expensive pen? (My budget is not that fixed, I can be persuaded - but let's say $150 is the ceiling.) What I've observed with my Safari is that 1) the feed sometimes does not give enough ink when drawing really fast sketches (maybe it is just the ink? used only Lamy and Di
  10. Hi , guys this is Dr.soumya Mukherjee , I had been reading this forum for quite a few days now .. I have always liked fountain pens but never really took seriously . But in the last six months I have grown fond of fountain pens .. As a new user I would like to know with which pens I start my writing .. My budget is initially 500 as I am starting to check the waters .. I have camlin inks and I ordered 5 colored inks from KRISHNA INKS which sells via eBay .. I mainly use branded flair ,montex and camlin mini pens as for now .. But I would like to get some suggestions about my first good pen and
  11. Uncle Red

    Open Letter To Levenger

    Dear Levenger The new True Writer Select looks nice and there are good color options. However, I'm not going to buy it until I can order it with the nib width of my choice. I am not going to buy the pen and then a separate nib! Give us the option to order the pen with and nib you offer (including the stub) or I'll spend my money elsewhere. http://www.levenger.com/Pens---Refills-8/Fountain-Pens-831/True-Writer-Select-Fountain-Pen-13091.aspx
  12. I finally got 2 pens I've been waiting for. Nothing fancy, just a 2025 Aihao and a blue see through Jinhao 599. I purchased a cartridge in each and outlet them alone for a few hours to give it time to ink. 12 hours later and nothing. What could be the problem and how can I fix it?
  13. danygr1974

    Fountainpen.it Aleph

    Hi to everyone. Please let me introduce you the new fountainpen.it pen: Aleph! Made in cooperation with Marlen, the Aleph has been inspired with the help of the forum's discussions. The pen has a cool looking springy nib and a classic body shape, making it a traditional-modern pen. This is a short test of the nib. Enjoy!
  14. My current pens!: So, I was given a fountain pen as a gift some years ago. I finally decided to try using it. I don’t know what brand the pen is, but here is a picture: Pen Nib It is very beautiful, has a great weight and balance, and I think it is fairly wet—it puts ink down thicker and thinner giving the writing a nice marbled texture (although that means it can bleed through printer paper part way). It has a ball on the nib, which makes it great for moving in any direction on a piece of paper (like for signatures), but doesn’t make my handwriting instantly beautiful like the italic nibs
  15. Hello everyone! I just purchased a Pilot Vanishing Point from a local pen store, and naturally I want an ink to match. Any ideas? The pen: http://cdn-tp1.mozu.com/6639-8588/cms/8588/files/ff8a8740-e169-43dd-96a9-0e81680d8b31 http://d15bv9e9f3al6i.cloudfront.net/imgs/products/cp/950_constW/PL09965-ZZZ~Pilot-Capless-Fountain-Pen-Blue-Rhodium-Trim_P1.jpg
  16. Risham

    Nakaya Pen Advice

    Hi Everyone, I'm thinking about purchasing a Nakaya pen, but before making the investment I was wondering if anyone familiar with the brand could help me out with any thoughts or advice they might have. Currently, I am partial to the cigar shape pen but am unsure as to the appropriate size and thickness. Specifically, does anyone have any thoughts on major differences between the long cigar and the short cigar? And thoughts between the 15mm or the 17 mm portable cigar? As for length, I don't see myself carrying around such a nice pen in the day to day and would like to use a la
  17. It's time for a new pen! I'm looking for a pen in ~$200 price range. I'm quite fascinated by the Pelikan Souveran line, Pilot Custom Heritage Line, Omas pens, and the Sailor PG/1911 line, but I'm not sure as to what pen would be the best. However, I'm certainly not limiting myself to just these brands; I'm open to any new ideas too. I'm looking for a nib that, while not labeled as semiflex, will give a little. A nice, springy nib. If any of you have experience with pens in this range, any advice would be greatly Thanks, CJ
  18. This is my first real new pen since embarking on this little journey, so I thought I'd do a little review of my new Bexley Admiral. The little details: Capped length is 5.00" (that's what I call precise) Posted length is 5.36" Jowo fine nib Loaded with Sheaffer black Brief review: Since my only real experience, and that's limited, is with the vintage pens I've come across, I hope Bexley doesn't mind a few comparisons. It may be that some of what was done in the past made its way to this pen, and I'm pretty fond of it. The pen cap has some similarities to what Parker did on the Duofol
  19. duckinci


    So a while back a fountain pen fell into my hands and it worked fantastically as far as I was concerned as having never used a fountain pen. Unfortunately one day I dropped it and the tip of the nib broke off. I have decided to scrap the idea of buying a new nib. I have a parker sonnet 10 or 7 (can't tell the difference), it cost around 100 dollars, and a replacement nib costs around $114-140. Bottom line, what is a good fountain pen to replace the sonnet? 4 requirements: Smooth and wet writing Sleek and simple body around $90-$150 Flex Oblique or stub nib
  20. dcohenafp

    Considering My First Pelikan.

    I am considering my first Pelikan. Can I get an opinion on the "Pelikan Souveran M605 Series - Special Edition Marine Blue". Should I get a 600, or better a 400 or 800? Also what Nib size. I am leaning towards a F or M. I have TWISBI M( I like it a lot, but a little wet), Lamy Vista F(I like it), and just bought a Lamy 2000 F(Hate it, as it's to course of a writer. I am returning It). I would appreciate some guidance. Thanks.
  21. TwelveDrawings

    Spotting When A "new" Pen Is Really Used

    Time to win against the bad guys....or at least fight a faker. Picture yourself in a department store, fine writing shop, collectibles show, or swap meet. Someone hands you a fountain pen and tells you it is brand new. Under the brilliant halogen lights, the pen shimmers like a glossy new car. But something starts to bother you. A little voice starts to nag you, "Is this pen REALLY new?" Okay, put on your detective's hat. What are the telltale signs that a pen has been used? • Ink residue anywhere -- OK, that's pretty basic • Scratches visible on the body or cap -- I can spot those
  22. Hey there! So just to jump right in, I currently own a dip pen with a range of nibs, going from extremely fine to very broad, and although I wouldn't consider myself a rookie when it comes to the actual handling of them, I'm still very new when it comes to the differences in various pens and the anatomy's of such. For example: I just noticed on a few of my nibs that I bought as a set (Brand: Leonardt -Round- England. Sizes: 0, 1 1/2, 2 1/2, 3 1/2, and 5) that there is a flat piece on the bottom that can slide on and off. I don't know the name or the use of it, and have many similar questions
  23. Hey guys! So after much consideration and saving up, I finally bit the bullet yesterday and got my first expensive pen- the Pilot Vanishing Point with an xf nib. I picked it up from my local B&M store, and they were great, really helpful. I love it, and I was just wondering if anyone has any stories or tidbits of advice for a first "nice" pen (my other pen, really my first, is a Lamy safari xf). So, tips? Stories? Horror stories, perhaps? Thanks! -Rumbleroar
  24. MrsGouletPens

    Lamy Al-Star Black: Now In Stock!

    Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that we now have the new limited edition Lamy Al-Star Black in stock at Goulet Pens. Matte black with black clip.... gotta get a black nib to match. While I'm posting, I should probably mention that we've got a lot of other great new products and specials going on right now. Just a few highlights of some recent happenings: We received some Noodler's Ebonite Konrad Flex Pens. We still have good quantities of two colors available right now.We have the new Monteverde Intima fountain pen. Four bright, bold colors with the swappable Monteverde #6 nib.We d

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