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Found 14 results

  1. Eclipse157

    Iroshizuku Sheeners Advice.

    Hey guys, I'm looking for recommendations about Iroshizuku sheeners. I've got take-sumi and yama-guri that are working wonders on tomoe river (dark copper and vibrant green sheen respectively) and would like to know your experience with other colors from the same lineup. What are the best sheeners in your opinion? Fiddling with the idea of trying a few more colours and would gladly take your input TiA!
  2. Hi, I've been involved with foulntain pens for the last six months, and so far I have one Metropolitan, one Vista, a few Jinhao pens and a Parker Frontier. I am looking to expand my collection. I prefer fine nibs that write moderately wet and give a little bit of feedback, I don't care much for the body of the pen as long as it's comfortable. What pen would you recommend under $45?
  3. patrk55

    Ink Recommendations

    I'm new to fountain pens and found that my country's (Hungary) selection of both pens and inks is lacking to say the least, there are only a handful of inks available in stores (Lamy, Pelikan 4001 series, Parker Quink, Waterman) so my question would be whether there are any Hungarians here who have suffered with the same issue and have maybe found a suitable solution or if you have a recommendation on which of these inks I should go with?
  4. I have found some lovely pigmented ink colors. The problem is they clog my pens rather badly. Are there any relatively inexpensive pens that are resistant to such clogging and/or work well with highly pigmented inks? Thanks!
  5. I am looking for a good pen to give a friend. We meet up a few times a year and I want to give him something that he will like and actually use. He would mostly use it at work and it would need to be something fairly conservatively styled and absolutely reliable. A few years ago we were talking and (surprise!) the subject turned to pens. It turned out that was using and enjoying the Pilot V-pen/Varsity. But he wasn't so keen on disposables, and was very open to something more stylish and business-appropriate. So, sticking with the understated pens and Japanese nib theme, I gave him a Pilot Custom Heritage 91 with a F-M nib. He likes the aesthetics OK, but doesn't enjoy writing with it so much. He subsequently tried a Platinum Preppy (M) and really liked the nib. He was not so keen on the Lamy 2000; neither did the Pelikan 200 range float his boat. The nib size will matter. He has small and precise handwriting, which is why I went for a F-M in the first place. I don't think anything wider than a Japanese Medium line would be suitable. Given the ease of cleaning, I am leaning towards a cartridge/converter pen over (say) a piston-filler. I am certain he wouldn't regularly use a really girthy pen. Also, I suspect he would prefer the ritual of unscrewing the cap over the ease of a snap-cap, though this is a mild preference. My current thinking is therefore that he might do well with a black Platinum 3776 with a Medium nib. I also thought of a Sailor ProGear with medium nib, but that costs more than twice the price of the basic 3776 and whilst I'm interested in finding a good match, that price-difference is an issue. Do you have any other suggestions?
  6. TheAkwardNinja

    Thoughts On The Pilot 78G

    What are your thoughts on the 78g as a student pen? If you know me, I've pen searching for a new pen for the next academic year, which includes looking at Lamy's and Pilot's. So how does the 78g do?
  7. Hello, One of my acquaintances will be in Japan in the next couple of months and has very kindly offered to bring back a small package for me. As part of this package, I was looking to buy a Japanese FP that is challenging to get in India. We either have to buy it from online sources) from Japan (Engeika, Rakuten, direct seller, etc.) or ship it from US/UK or buy it at a premium in India. In all three cases, we end up paying customs duty and/or shipping costs which make the pens anywhere between 10%-30% more expensive. I thought this would be a good opportunity to buy a pen from Japan for myself. I've listed the criteria below and would appreciate any suggestions: Budget: USD 100 to USD 200 Nib: EF, UEF (or thinner) or one of the special nibs (Fude, etc.) as I do own other kinds of nibs. I draw occasionally (I've posted a few at https://www.instagram.com/flumm0x3d/) and would love the finer nibs to learn and practice the lithograph style better. Material: I have a preference for wood, ebonite and other forms of rubber and have only 2-3 pens (out of a little over 30) which are made from celluloid, acrylic, plastic or resin. I do understand that it might be a challenge to Filling system: Any! Maintenance: None to High. I use all my pens, being careful with them and have so far had no breakages, cracks or bent nibs. I have never bought one as a showpiece so far and am not judging anyone who does so.While there seem to be a lot of options in the budget range I have mentioned, I am unsure about them as the material does play a very important role for me to decide (As an example, though I have bought nibs from Franklin Christoph in the past, I am waiting for them to make a pen in these materials before I buy). However, I do understand that handmade (or otherwise) Japanese pens in these materials tend to cost much higher. The order of preference will be budget, nib and then material, as an example if there is a superior nib in the given budget range that you think is definitely worth a go, I am willing to buy only the nib unit and then get a custom body built around it in wood/ebonite in India. Any and all suggestions for pens or better ways to do this are welcome. Thank you!
  8. I've got a collection of blackstone inks, which are beautiful, but some of them are horrendously wet inks and crud up something chronic on what I would consider to me medium flow nibs. The only pen I've found that doesn't crud up or write like a swamp is the Dollar 717i - does anyone have any recommendations for pens of similar dryness?
  9. I recently purchased a "traveler's notebook" (in quotes and not capitalized because it's not Traveler's brand... is there an accepted way to refer to these when they're not made by Midori or Traveler's Company?) that takes 3.5 x 5.5 inch notebooks. I have a Clairefontaine in there (which is spectacular) but I'd REALLY love some dot grid paper. Does anyone have any recommendations for a fountain pen friendly, dot grid, 3.5 x 5.5 inch notebook with a soft cover? Staples vs stitched binding doesn't matter to me but I don't want glue and I'd like it to be relatively small - the Clairefontaine has 48 pages. Thanks in advance paper gurus!
  10. Jobesmirage

    Recommendations For A Vintage Pelikan

    I would love to try out a vintage Pelikan. I recently picked up a modern M205 in transparent Blue and found the design very beautiful but the size a little small and the nib a little scratchy (I got an EF, but even for an EF I thought it was a little scratchy). Then I purchased one of these 1745 Reform fountain pens on Ebay and found that it wrote wonderfully. This got me thinking about Pelikan again and I thought that may be if I purchased a vintage model, the experience would be better, but I don't know very much about Pelikans so I thought I would post here. Any recommendations on my first vintage Pelikan? In terms of nib, I generally write with a EF in Western sizes and a F on Japanese. I like the size of the Parker 51 but Im not sure what the corresponding size would be on Pelikans.
  11. So I've been using fountain pens for a little while and loved it , so I'd like to get a little more serious! I'm looking into buying a not too expensive, best not to exceed 200 dollars though there's no hard cut budget. Preferences: I generally like slim pens and thin nibs. I'd much like Japanese EFs, okay with European EFs, but I'd settle with European F, too. Pens I have right now: Lamy AL-Star, Kaweco AL Sport, Kaweco Classic Sport, Pilot Metro, Hero 100. Pens I'm considering: Faber Castell Ambition (LOVE the pearwood design) Parker Sonnet (Is the gold nib worth it?) Sailor 1911S Pilot Vanishing Point (I really like hidden nibs too) Diplomat Excellence B (on sale right now at my local store) So, any recommendations? Thanks!
  12. I'm looking to get a 5-pack of J. Herbin inks from a group buy website (new here and not sure if I'm allowed to refer directly to it). I'm looking to get Vert Reseda, Orange Indien, and am considering Eclat de Saphire, but this still leaves me with 2-3 more options. So I'm wondering if I can get the community's opinions on any of the J. Herbin inks that they have tried. I tend to stay away from browns other than in samples because I don't like them enough to use 30mL, and I really like inks that shade well. Thank-you for your time, any opinions are welcome! -Arctic Wolf
  13. I am getting into fountain pens. Thus far I tried Lamy Safari, several Chinese Heros and a Pilot 78G + Pilot parallels. All was in search of extra fine pen. Just to be sure on what to expect, I'll probably order a Pilot Penmanship in extra fine. I'd like to ask your advice on the topic pens, even if subjective opinions. I want to get one more or less expensive pen, in 50-100$ range. (I understand this might be a little dumb.) And also, I might be comparing apples to oranges. But anyway, which pen should I choose, on one side some vintage Sheaffer (Triumph, Imperial, Targa), and a nice pen from one of the Japanese big three (Platinum 3776, Sailor 1911 comes to mind)? I included Japanese models because I need real extra fine. That should be enough, not an ultra extra fine. I am not using my EF Safari because it felt a little thick.... So, please share you advice. I think either Sheaffer or Japanese models will satisfy my EF need. But I need some personal sensual input from you. I can't unfortunately hold or try any of these pens. Returning is also kinda a problem. So I'm looking for something substantial, a little more heavier than Pilot 78G (it is my favourite), for something I can carry everyday. I don't know if I could explain my request. But I'm looking for you advice, even other manufacturers or models. Thank you!
  14. So I've been writing with the Lamy Al-Star XF for a while now. I am a high school student, but I am looking to upgrade to a new pen. I plan on working for a few summers and want to buy to say a graduation pen. I want to buy a pen that I can be proud of owning. I'm looking for some pens in the $30-$100 or even more. Any suggestions? P.S I am interested in the Pilot Vanishing Point.

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