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  1. GabrielleDuVent

    Online Academy - Pink Flash!

    Quite a few German pen companies seem to tailor a portion of their line for students, starting with primary and all the way up to university. The German pen company, ONLINE, is one of them, and they offer quite a range of economical fountain pens for youngsters and adults alike. The company is fairly new - established in 1991 - and currently offers two major lines: Young.Line, and Top.Line. The Young.Line is mainly purposed for students, with trendy styles and durability in mind. They also offer things like erasers, pen cases, and other pen paraphernalia. Since they are a newcomer to the Ger
  2. TheAkwardNinja

    Thoughts On The Pilot 78G

    What are your thoughts on the 78g as a student pen? If you know me, I've pen searching for a new pen for the next academic year, which includes looking at Lamy's and Pilot's. So how does the 78g do?
  3. Hey there, this is my first post on The Fountain Pen Network and I'm a 16 year old high school student from New Delhi, India. I'm a beginner in the Fountain Pen world and I only own a Dark Lilac Lamy Safari (Medium Nib) and a Pilot Metropolitan (Fine Nib). I use Sheaffer Skrip Blue for my Lamy and Pilot Black Ink for my Metropolitan to write on my school notebooks with bad quality paper. Now considering that we in India, have a low supply of foreign fountain pen brands and what's available to me either online on Amazon India or in a local pen shop williampenn.net costs a great deal than what f
  4. Hey everyone I'm wondering what nibs I should use for Sanskrit (Devanagari) and Tibetan scripts. Also, I am looking for cheap pens with said nib for a class I'll be teaching in September. The students will be required to write in Sanskrit in a notebook for homework. Ideally one that is an eye-dropper or converter. So I want a decent pen/nib for myself but need a cheap alternative for my students.
  5. A few years ago I bought some of these pens that were advertised as Reform Student fountain pens. I bought them from an individual, not an on-line store, not from Flea-Bay. They write well, but I have always wondered if they are really a product of the Reform company, and if they are if they have a specific model number or name or if they're just called "Reform Student" fountain pens. The nibs are stamped: Iridium Point Germany But we all know that that doesn't mean they were made in Germany. One had "Germany" on the end button,FWIW. http://i427.photobucket.com/albums/pp360/Ink_Stained
  6. shannonkd

    My Student Pen Won't Write

    Hi! I have a vintage Sheaffer student pen (about the 70s model) that I found at an antique store. The previous owner had let the ink run out and then just set it down. Thankfully, the ink was water soluble so that the ink was easily removed with lots of flushing and soaking. I got a new cartridge with the exact ink that was in it before (Skrip since the cartridge was still attached) but it won't flow out. If I place a paper towel on top of the nib, ink flows onto the paper towel, it just won't flow to the very tip of the nib. The nib is inlaid and can't be adjusted. I'm not sure what else to t
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me a suggestion on inks for a beginner/student. The paper i write on varies, so I would prefer one that wouldn't bleed through and feather. I also plan on making the Lamy Safari my first fountain pen, and an ink that pairs with this pen would be nice. So far, I am looking at the Noodler's Black and the Diamine Intense Black. Any suggestions on a better starter pen would be nice too.
  8. This is my first question on this forum, so I don't know if I'm in the right place. Anyway, I'm a college student that writes exclusively with fountain pens. I prefer piston fillers (my current daily driver is a Reform 1745). Being a student, my budget is very modest, meaning that if I need a portable inkwell, I cannot afford the Visconti Portable Inkwell. Does anybody know of any alternatives, either modern or antique, that could allow me to carry some ink in case I run out? Preferably, it would be reasonably-priced, sturdy enough to keep in a bag, and have a pretty small form factor. I
  9. Hello, I recently got back in to fountain pens and have been conflicted as to my next fountain pen. My first pen was a crappy jinhao, which was quickly followed by some other unknown Chinese knockoff of a lamy, and then shortly by a borrowed blue-gold waterman expert (it's my mom's. I love writing with it but want my own pen because she'll get mad at me if I damage it because it was really expensive at the time and is no longer available). and before anyone says anything, I personally don't like the more inexpensive Lamys, I don't find them to be comfortable. More recently I have also tried o
  10. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say that for those of you looking for quality copy/looseleaf paper the Double A paper sold in Amazon is incredibly smooth and reasonably priced (35$ per case). As a student I needed a cheap solution for looseleaf so I printed the college ruled template (found on Incompetech website) on it and you can even print and write on both sides (very little shadow)
  11. skeallzy

    Well Hello There!

    Hi there, folks. My name's Sam. I had my partner and a friend ruin me on non-FPs last fall by pointing out the pressure issue I've always had with ballpoints and letting me try out one of their pens. I'm old enough to get irritated when carded, and I work in a post-secondary academic setting as well as being a part-time college student. Got a Lamy Safari in November. First one was a fake from Amazon. Learned better. Got a second from an authorized retailer. Still didn't care for it. Since then, I've tried most of the "starter" pens. You know, your Metros, your Preppies, Jinhaos, etc. Dip
  12. Hey Guys, I am currently a Junior at high school and a big fan of fountain pens, as a student I only use fountain pens with the exception of a Rotring 500 for math. My experience with some fountain pens has been great, others not so much. I started out with a Lamy Safari in Medium, accidentally dropped it after a couple of months and broke the nib. I then got a Lamy AL Star (M), which had an incredibly smooth nib, at the same time I got a new Safari (M) to put another ink in, and it had a very bad nib, straight out of the box the tines were very uneven, and the bead at the end was beyond fixi
  13. I'm helping plan a high school prom and it has been discussed to use a wax seal on our ticket envelopes. Is there any recommended kits and brands? It's probably only going to be used once, but we something simple and reliable. Any suggestions?‹
  14. Xozzen

    Well Met From Germany!

    Hi there! This is not my first post, but I guess I should introduce myself anyway now! I'm a student from Germany and in recent months/the recent year became more and more interested in fountain pens! My collection is fairly small and I am not trying to get a big collection, rather get a few pens which I really really like. At the moment I am trying to save up for my first "big purchase", probably a 300+ euro pen, but it will be a few months till I get there. When I get there, I will show it though. Thanks for reading! PS: How do I change my profile picture?
  15. It is Back-to-School Season! And I have an Esterbrook J-series pen available for a student. You are eligible if: -You are a student (at any level! of any topic!), and -You have not won a PIF from the Fountain Pen Network in the past 3 months, and -You have a US mailing address. You'll receive: -The pen, with a 1551 nib. -Three ink samples of your choice. Options are: Noodler's: Air Corp Blue-Black, Red Rattler, Blue, Diamine: Pumpkin, Onyx Waterman: Purple Pilot: Iroshizuku Yama-Budo This is a pen that I previously won as a PIF. I'm not using it as much as I'd like, primarily because I
  16. Hi guys, I'm hoping this is in the right place. I start school in August for BioChem, and I'm looking for a reliable pen to get me through college. I'm willing to spend up to 80$, although that's a bit flexible. Over the past year I've used the Pilot Varsity, and I finally want to take the plunge on my first real pen. I'd rather avoid the Lamy Safari, just because of how ugly they look. Also, what's the best websites to be buying these pens that you are suggesting? Thanks!
  17. **This is my first pen review! Feedback definitely encouraged, but please be gentle with me, I'm new ** I started using fountain pens a couple of years ago, and since that first Lamy Safari, I've learned a lot about what I like, dislike, want, don't want, prefer to have, and can live without. At first, my pen purchases were somewhat haphazard - "hey, I've heard of Lamy - let's get one of those! Oooh, I'd fancy having a RED pen, better grab that as well" - a problem which I suspect is relatively common to newbies (and even a few oldbies). Lately, however, I've started thinking out my purcha
  18. Hi! I'm looking for an ink for my next pen, a Sailor HighAce Neo. As it's a Japanese pen, and a Sailor, it writes very thin. I think I'll buy the blue one. Now about me: I'm a student, I write very very much, I've only used Platinum cartridges yet (liked the Pigment Blue, didn't really like the Blue-Black), I don't write cursive (I can, but it's ugly as hell). Here are the inks I can choose from: http://bolthely.hu/kepek/muveszkatalogus/04224.jpg http://bolthely.hu/kepek/muveszkatalogus/04225.jpg These are 80 ml inks, and are quite cheap ($5.3), as there's a sale right now. There are also
  19. Hi! I've narrowed down my next pen choice to these two pens: the Plaisir and the HighAce Neo. Both are avaible locally in a mom-and-pop store. The Plaisir is $11 (right now there's a sale, and it's only $8.5), the HighAce is $13. I've only tried the HighAce, and I quite like it. I only have a Preppy. I'm a student, I write a lot, have very small hands, and I would like to use cartridges. I find the HighAce Neo's slimness good (before the Preppy I used a Parker Jotter as my pen), but the Preppy's is also good. Which one would you recommend?
  20. Hi! I've been looking for a good pen for myself. I write a lot, and usually destroy my pens, and I have small hands so I like slim pens. The Highace Neo is available locally for $13. I really like it's fine nib. But the metal and plastic parts just "clash" for me. So would it be suitable for me? Is it comfortable when writing for a lot of time? Should I use converters or cartridges (I use up a Platinum cartriidge, 1.1 ml, in two days)? If converters, what kind of ink? Has someone got a long-term review of it? Any tips, tricks? Which colour is your favourite? Thanks!
  21. TWSBI Mini in Rose Gold Review First Impression (10/10) So, there are two reasons why I got this pen. First is that I really wanted a piston filler, the second being that I wanted a shiny white pen. The pen is nicely packaged as any other TWSBI pen, with the cardboard box and plastic shell, completed with wrench and silicon grease. This pen looked beautiful out of the box, it is a little smaller than I expected, but I do like smaller pens so it’s a plus for me. Appearance and Design (8/10) Again, the Mini is a really beautiful pen when empty. However, it does look somewhat worse when it is
  22. TheAkwardNinja

    Thoughts On Lamy Logo?

    So recently I've been looking for a new pen and are drawing into the Lamy Logo. I am a student. What does everyone think about the Logo. p.s does anyone have a pic of the logo with a black nib?
  23. MSchneider

    Ink Review - Diamine Blue Black

    Here is a quick writing test on notebook paper from a Mead five start notebook. The feathering that I mentioned Is extremely hard to see and is in no way a hindrance to its use. The ink has a very nice color with some shading, the scan does not show the full range of color. The ink lubricates the nib well, it can be a little scratchy on 20 lb copy paper but it is smooth on about everything else I have tried. It has a nice even flow and rarely has any starting problems. Diamine Blue Black is a Wonderful ink and a perfect choice for students, and everyone else! Ps. I know I misspelled
  24. Hi all, I have recently acquired what I believe to be a Conway Stewart Student plunger fill fountain pen with chrome plated nib bearing the marking 'Smoothline medium USA'. The body, screw on cap, and section are made of plastic, and the clip bears the marking 'Conway Stewart UK'. There is a small clear piece of viewing window visible when capped, and this becomes about twice the size when un-capped making the ink level easy to determine. Although the pen writes well, it is however showing its age... (approx. 43 years )... ...the nib has a couple of minor spots of corrosion, the barre
  25. Dear Fountain Pen Network, [i've highlighted the very relevant passages for those who can't afford the time to read through all!] firstly, let me introduce myself and what I am exactly hoping to find here. I am a student from Germany, currently waiting for my study pass to study electrical engineering. Therefore I am searching for general advice on extra-fine nib fountain pens, companies who sell those and of course, availability. During my Abitur (probably high-school in US), I was using a simple Lamy Safari with a fine nib, which did not exactly fit my handwriting very well. It is st

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