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  1. Nestorvass

    Nib Smoothing

    Greetings everyone , This is my first post in this forum and I need your help. I want to learn hot to properly smooth a nib, without creating any flatspots, sharp edges etc. My issue is that most of the tutorials online recommend methods such as drawing figure 8's which often lead to flatspots. My goal is to learn how to remove material, in a way that the nib gets a well rounded shape. I did refer to Mr. Wim Geeraets's which was excelent and very informative. However no matter how smooth the nib turned out there was, always a spot that was scratchy and when i managed to smooth that spot anoth
  2. Hello All, I am a newbie and this was my first 3776. I have a Plaisir F that writes beautifully, but this new 3776 SF is so dry and scratchy it is unusable. I recently received a new Lamy AlStar with a scratchy F nib! I seem to be in a patch of bad luck. I have 3 other Al Stars that write beautifully. I ordered the pen from Japan and have emailed the seller, but was wondering if the collective knowledge base here knew anything that might help. Thanks so much in advance.
  3. Arijitdutta

    Problems With Pilot Metropolitan

    I bought a Pilot Metropolitan with a fine nib about a couple of months ago after getting to know it has a really smooth flow of writing. The pen had a very rough start. After a day or two, it eased up. But still when I draw a line from left to right, it goes smoothly, but when I do the reverse, it becomes scratchy and as well take off fibers if written on low quality paper. The same happens on a specific diagonal line too. I use Sheaffer Skrip Blue. I am kind of new to fountain pens and never faced this issue with my other pens. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  4. dwwaddell

    Geordie In Houston

    I learned to write with a dip pen (basically, a 1/4" dowel with a nib holder and an inkwell) in Newcastle Upon Tyne and, scratchy as they were, I never fell out of love with writing with a fountain pen. My first real pen was a Parker 51. I now own several dozen pens and many (some might say too many) bottles of ink.
  5. R_Bones

    Feedback And Its Nature

    Hey all! My first post around here I recently received an unexpected windfall from work and decided to try pens from two brands I had not previously tried; one of which was a pen I had been particularly lusting after for quite some time. In this process, I also excluded a pen because its particular brand had a reputation for "scratchy" nibs... and I am now second guessing all this after what I received. So earlier this week I received in the mail a Sailor Pro Gear with rhodium accents and a lovely bicolour 21K nib (broad). I also received, which I was far more excited about, a Pelikan M80
  6. Hello All, I just received my Lamy Al-Star Graphite today with medium nib. I like the look, feel, weight, etc... but the nib is quite scratchy when writing. I also have a Safari which was also scratchy "out of the box." I tried the Safari again today after using the Al-Star and it definitely wasn't as scratchy as the new pen. I only have about a half dozen pens, but none have been scratchy except the Lamys. Is this a "trait" of the pen? Does it get better over time, and that's why my slightly older Safari is less noticeably scratchy than my brand new Al-Star? Thanks! edit: the scr
  7. Hi all. Today I bought a Conway Stewart 466 lever filler from an antiques market. The pen is in nice condition and fills properly, but when writing with it it feels "scratchy" to me - at least compared to my TWSBI Eco(F). The pen has a 14ct gold nib(not sure of the size) and it is a flex nib. However, the nib looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/6rZpQNp.jpg?1 (Apologies for the slightly poor out-of-focus picture) Is the nib supposed to have that subtle "bend" in it at the end? Or am I just using a flex nib wrong? I gave the pen to my mother to try(she writes with a "straighter"
  8. D_Whaley

    Bad Nib(S)

    Hi, hopefully someone can give me some advice. Around Christmas I bought a Lamy AL-Star with an M nib and shortly after bought an F nib as a replacement as the M was skipping. The F I got felt scratchy but as everything else I've ever owned is bigger I figured that is just how F nibs are. I didn't like it and set myself about fixing the M - turns out the tines were touching and making it skip so I ran the tiniest bit of plastic between the tines and fixed it, now it works great! However, I prefer how the F nib looks, especially when annotating papers, I put it back on and find it still jus
  9. lyonlover

    Sheaffer Legacy 2...is This Normal?

    Hello everyone, About a month ago, I bought a Sheaffer Snorkel Valiant and promptly returned it. That was the first fountain pen I'd ever bought for myself. It wasn't a very good experience (and I'm not whining about it either) and I was pretty disappointed. Then, fast-forward to three hours ago, the mailman rings my doorbell, I sign the receipt paper, and I whip out a box knife to unpackage my newest purchase. I'd bought it from a reputable fountain pen dealer in Wisconsin as a New Old Stock pen, and made sure that I had good communication with the seller. I play with the snazzy touchdown
  10. Hello everyone How often you've craved for a particular costly fountain pen? As a fellow pen lover, these moments of longing are quite frequent for me. Out of all these desires, a few materialise through months of penury and self deprivation, saving each penny by carefully substracting the same from daily home budget. There is the intense but sweet time of going through all the choices from online stores or local shops and selecting the desired model at the most appropriate price, ordering it and waiting anxiously for the pen to arrive. There is this tremendous anticipation and joy running thr
  11. Alexcat

    Monte Rosa Information

    Hoping for any help in finding out about this. Git it some time ago, and all I know is it's a Monte Rosa,has - I think - Minte a Rosa etched on the cap, no cracks, nib says Monte Rosa, and on the end piece there's a dot( white?) and numbers which may be 0486. When I got it, the nib was a wee bit scratchy, and I tried to smooth a little, but left iy when I didn't seem to be making any progress, and didn't want to do damadpge. I'm pretty certain that a nib eister could have iy up and rock and rollin' in no time at all Anyway.....could anyone let me know what model it is? Have enclosed pic
  12. drop_m

    Scratchy Flex Nib

    I have a flex nib who don't want to write smoothly. I've examined the tip and everything seems to be alright in fact of alignment. The only thing i can think about is the sharpness of the inner part of the tines.. Is This a common behaviour? How i can fix the problem?
  13. I just recently got into fountain pens so the only pens I have are a Pilot Metropolitan with a Medium nib and a Jinhao x450. I just bought a Goulet nib for the x450 because I wanted a fine nib on that pen.. Well dumb me also bought some 12000 micro mesh with the order which turned out to be a bad idea.. Even thou the nibs on both my pens the Pilot and the goulet nib were smooth I wanted them smoother.. So i decided to try to smooth them myself.. I quickly realized that I made a mistake after smoothing both pens just a tiny bit I had somehow made them both worse than they originally were..I
  14. EmilyB613

    Al-Star Nib Scratchy

    First time posting! I have two Lamys: a Safari and an Al-Star. Both of them did NOT work out of the box. I had to get a replacement F nib for the Safari because it was so scratchy (I didn't have any tools at the time). Now my Al-Star has the same issue: scratchiness. I do have the tools now: brass sheets and loupe. But even with all the videos out there and my tinkering, the issue is not going away. When I received the new F nib from Goulet Pens for the Safari (free replacement), it writes BEAUTIFULLY. I am not keen on ordering another replacement nib, as GP has done so much for me already
  15. I've read a lot on here regarding the perceived scratchiness of extra fine nibs. It appears to be a very real phenomenon. What I haven't come across so much are the theories and facts as to why this occurs. I understand how it can and does occur in flex nibs, ie the inside edge of tine can only be smoothed a tiny amount before causing ink to lose connection with the paper. I don't understand how it happens with nails. I understand the difference between feedback and scratchiness. In the main it is scratchiness I am concerned about. However, if you've come across a particular nib made of a
  16. I have a slightly scratchy Pelikan M800 and was wondering whether there were any good nib technicians in the UK. I have seen lots of references to John Sorowka (Oxonian), but I can't seem to find any contact details for him, try as I might. Can anyone help with contact details for nib technicians in the UK?
  17. I'm new to FPN, but I've used fountain pens for a long time now and I'm prepared to help others. First lets get ink flow adjusted.[NOTE THAT THESE ACTIONS WILL MOST LIKELY VOID THE WARRANTY OF YOUR PEN. I REFUSE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE BRAKING/ INEFFECTIVENESS OF YOUR PEN. YOU FOLLOW MY ADVICE AT YOUR OWN RISK] You probably want to detach the nib if you can, as it is less likely to break if you do. Wash it and place it on a hard surface that is covered with a cloth or tissues. Place it wih the nib facing upwards and press down with your index finger until it splits down the middle(no
  18. hagane1015

    Tines Misaligned?

    Hello, Denizens of the FPN, I'm fairly new into fountain pens, it being only about 6 months since I got into them, and as my third pen, I purchased a Monteverde Artista Crystal. I inked it up with some of J.Herbin's Les Subtitles ink and it's been working well. But I've noticed that while the downstroke, upstroke and left stroke are smooth, the right stroke suffers from varying degrees of scratchiness. I checked the nib and discovered the tines to be somewhat misaligned, and in fact, the whole nib seems to be "crooked" in relation to the feed. But I can't adjust the nib or take it apart sinc
  19. Since, I do spend a fourth of my weekends on fpn browsing through reviews, I could not resist putting across a review of a pen that is universally loved and most excellently reviewed. My pen was a EF nib-QC victim at first, with a seemingly snug piston. However, the superb LAMY India customer service offered by an Indian retailer chain - William Penn, made sure that the nib was replaced with a smooth F-nib. I also have replicated the content with some additional pictures in my blog as the image upload size is limited by this free photo-sharing tool. Below is a link to the same: LAMY 200
  20. Hello, I bought a brand new Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black FP with medium nib. But I have a problem with it. The Ink flow is very poor.When I write with very very lower angle and press hard, it is ok. Using Normal angle, higher angle and light pressure caused problem. I checked the nib tines, I didn't see a misalignment. It writes scratchy and dry. What do you offer about this problem? I ask your help, please. Best regards. Cengiz PS. I attached a writing sample.
  21. I find that flexible dip nibs are very scratchy and railroad a lot. I have the following nibs: Brause L'ecoliere NibBrause 66EFBrause Rose NibVintage Gillott 404Gillott 404 NibLeonardt Copying Nib DP33Hunt 108 dipped in Noodler's inks, and Parker Quink inkon Nature's Wheat-based Paper Can anyone shed light on this and suggest solutions to get smoother, uninterrupted writing with line width variation? The first thing is I don't expect this, because these are supposed to be a useable selection of implements.
  22. New to posting, old to fountain pens. If you have a cursive italic nib on a fountain pen (ideally an excellent nib custom ground by one of the best nibmeisters) could you let me know how scratchy sounding the cursive italic sounds compared to a smooth round nib and also if you have it, a stub nib. I love the line the cursive italic produces but find the sound somewhat bothersome when writing in a quiet room. It sounds a bit as though I am trapped in Les Liaisons dangereuses with a quill pen but without the romantic drama. I realize the solution might simply be to play music in the backgrou
  23. A few months back I purchased a vintage (c. 1950s) Aurora 88 Nikargenta from what appeared to be a well regarded seller off eBay but when the pen arrived it was hugely disappointing. The piston leaked, the tines were completely out of alignment and I suspected the iridium on the nib was probably shot. To her credit the seller adjusted her price downward by an agreed amount and I set out to have the pen restored. Mike Masuyama restored the piston and tweaked, tuned and smoothed the nib. I dreamed of this classic beauty smoothly scrolling across the page, flexing gracefully to create elegant
  24. I recently purchased a Lamy Safari fine nib as my re-introduction to the world of fountain pens. I have had a couple observations/issues, though: -The pen writes extremely broad lines, especially on cheaper paper. It is definitely not what I would consider a fine nib, it seems more like a full-fledged medium. On better paper the performance is finer, but it still seems rather broad. (I have used an admittedly small sample of inks: Lamy Blue, Noodler’s 54th and Noodler’s Bad Blue Heron (the Noodler’s were definitely worse for line width, and also terrible nib creep!) ). -The nib seems
  25. Ok. So i got the assortment of nibs from lamy. Namely the 1.5 and 1.9 mm italic nibs. My question is, are they supposed to be so scratchy?!? I have a 1.1 mm goulet stub in my konrad, and its great!!! Ive tried smoothing the 1.5 a bit, but not much. Didnt wanna damage it because ive never smoothed an italic nib. I know my goulet 1.1 is a stub italic so it has very rounded edges. Are the lamys cursive italics and dont have as much roundness on the outside points? Im kind of disappointed. If i press a bit while writing for more shading im getting a thin saturated line in the middle of my line on

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