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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, I recently managed to purchase what I thought to be Aurora Archivi Storici 022 pen (which is a re-edition of a failed late production Aurora 88P brushed version). Upon close inspection I noticed that my pen lacks the brushed band on a cap lip that all other Archivi Storici including AS 022 pens seem to sport. My pen's cap lip terminates with the shiny band. When compared to my Aurora 88P cap, the dimensions are identical - the length is 64,7mm (measured between the cap lip and the most extreme raised part of the cap opposite the clip) and width at the cap lip is 12mm. The shiny cap band of AS 022 is ~1,5mm thick. The cap fits snugly and the cap lip is gold plated from the bottom - I do not think it has been cut or shortened, but I can be wrong. The picture comparison is available in the imgur gallery. Aurora Archivi Storici 022 owners - can you please share the dimensions of your caps? Do I have a defective cap on my hands, or is it a normal production run piece? Edit: I bought the pen used without any packaging nor paperwork.
  2. jmccarty3

    Aurora 88 broken in two

    Today I picked up an Aurora 88 that I hadn't used in a while. Went to unscrew the cap and the pen broke at the junction between the ink window and the barrel. The nib, section, and ink window are stuck inside the cap. Is this something that needs to go to Italy, or is there someone here who can fix it? Thanks very much!
  3. A Smug Dill

    Aurora 8'88' Terra

    From the album: European pens

    I thought I'd miss the spaceship on this limited edition, while waiting to spot one new on offer at a favourable price. I'm glad I didn't settle for a Blue Mamba instead! (Not that there's anything wrong with the guilloche body, and in fact I quite like it, but I would have preferred the Black Mamba; and I was twice frustrated having placed orders for it that ultimately got cancelled, so I figured the Black Mamba isn't mine to have.) I was always under the impression that the blue nib on this pen has a matt finish, which would look a bit out of place on this pen's design. I'm very glad it turned out to have a glossy finish.

    © A Smug Dill

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  4. From the album: Size and shape comparisons

    Size comparison, from left to right, between: Pilot Elite 95s Platinum #3776 Century Sailor Professional Gear (in ‘Classic’ size, or full-sized, not Slim) Sailor Lecoule (which has the same size and shape as the Professional Gear Slim) Sailor Profit Junior Sailor Procolor 500, with the Shikiori Hisakata ‘Stardust’ shown here as an example of that design/model Sailor Promenade Sailor Profit Standard (aka 1911 Standard), with the Nagasawa Stationery Center exclusive Proske shown here as an example of that design/model Sailor Profit Black Luster (which is essentially just a Profit Large but with a metal gripping section) Sailor Profit21 (or just Profit, aka 1911 Large) Aurora Ottantotto (i.e. 88) Aurora Optima Pelikan M2xx Pelikan M6xx Pelikan M8xx See also:

    © A Smug Dill

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  5. From the album: Size and shape comparisons

    Size comparison, from left to right, between: Pilot Elite 95s Platinum #3776 Century Sailor Professional Gear (in ‘Classic’ size, or full-sized, not Slim) Sailor Lecoule (which has the same size and shape as the Professional Gear Slim) Sailor Profit Junior Sailor Procolor 500, with the Shikiori Hisakata ‘Stardust’ shown here as an example of that design/model Sailor Promenade Sailor Profit Standard (aka 1911 Standard), with the Nagasawa Stationery Center exclusive Proske shown here as an example of that design/model Sailor Profit Black Luster (which is essentially just a Profit Large but with a metal gripping section) Sailor Profit21 (or just Profit, aka 1911 Large) Aurora Ottantotto (i.e. 88) Aurora Optima Pelikan M2xx Pelikan M6xx Pelikan M8xx See also:

    © A Smug Dill

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  6. While beginning an Aurora 88K piston replacement I removed the section/nib unit and saw this. I have yet to touch it. It looks waxy. Has anyone seen anything like this? I am hoping the retaining nut and such are there and this is not all that is holding the seals in place... edit- It definitely seems to be wax after touching it. I also touched a razor blade to it lightly and it did nick the substance which is another reason I think it is wax. Once fully extended like this the piston knob keeps turning.
  7. RayCornett

    Aurora Aquila Back End Disassembly

    Does anyone here have advice on opening the back end of the Aquila? The piston knob is open ended but I do not see a screw head as expected.
  8. Hello, I have one of the original versions of the black celluloid 88s. It has a fine, firm 14K nib and I've only ever filled it with Aurora Black. However, after using this pairing for quite some time, I'm finding the nib doesn't do the ink justice; it's simply too dry for this firm fine and I think the dryness of the ink accentuates the feedback this pen is known for. But at the same time, I don't think any wet ink is the answer. Maybe something in between Aurora Black and something more lubricating. I'd like the ink to pair well with a firm fine nib, but also not mess with the integrity of the very good vintage condition. The ink window has remained clear using Aurora Black and I'd like to keep it that way. I also don't like anyone but professionals to fiddle with my pens, so I don't want something that's going to gunk up the insides. As for ink performance, I like durable inks that won't wash away if it comes into contact with water. Having said all this, I'd love to hear what other Aurora 88 users recommend for ink pairings. Thanks!
  9. Hello, I purchased a beautiful first Italian pen called Aurora Nikargenta which looks like P 51 that I love. The nib is amazing and pen fills well. However upon filling the pen does not write. Can you please help or suggest a repair person who can help me with it in the United States. The pen came from Italia so I rather not send it back. Many thanks.
  10. Fernan

    Vintage Aurora 88

    Every wednesday morning, I stop by this café for about forty minutes, before heading off to my tai chi class... Yesterday, was using my Aurora 88. One of my favourite pens. The cap is engraved with the A.G.V. logo with the Venetian Lion (an Italian insurance company) For you viewing pleasure.
  11. arkpol007

    My Aurora 88 Is Broken

    My Aurora 88 is broken. Where should I fix it? http://mahopac.pl/backupy/01.jpg
  12. Iguana Sell

    New Aurora 88 Sigaro

    Aurora has announced a new 88, the new 88 Sigaro: Luxury, fashion and design unite to create the new 88 Sigaro. The fountain pen is born from the unmistakable color of tobacco with a refinement of the details. With only 480 pieces available worldwide, the fountain pens' cap and barrel are created in shiny brown lacquer and gold -plated trims. The nib is 18K solid gold. The Limited Edition features a special wooden packaging with beige leatherette interior. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us via info@iguanasell.com
  13. Ok. Maybe I am going crazy, but I swear I saw a post a day or two ago announcing an Aurora 88 Sole, not an Optima, but an Aurora 88. Sole. Coming this summer, $795. Am I crazy? Does someone know where a link to that is? Or is this one of those things that got taken down because it's not supposed to be announced yet?
  14. InTheory-SF

    Very Stiff Aurora 88 Piston

    I recently acquired a 1950s vintage Aurora 88. The pen is in good shape overall and I would like to press it into service. However, the piston turning knob is incredibly stiff. So stiff that I thought it was jammed. With increasing pressure, I was able to move it, but stopped. I'm afraid of stressing the piston rod or stripping threads, etc... If it was a modern pen, I would think to apply silicone grease. Is that appropriate for this pen? If so, how do you get the grease to where it needs to be? Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. Ciao a tutti! I bought a user-grade vintage Aurora 88 with Fine flex nib off of FPN Classifieds recently, but having serious nib issues. It railroads like crazy any time I try to flex, and even a little when I don't. I've tried Aurora Blue, Pelikan 4001 Black, Diamine Grey, and Sheaffer Skrip BB. It doesn't seem to matter, because it still railroads. I've unscrewed the nib section and soaked it overnight, to no avail. Normal writing is generally fine, though there's still the odd occurence of railroading. That said, with normal, non-flex writing, the super-soft nib lays a super-wet "Fine". Given the softness and flexibility potential of this particular nib, if it didn't railroad I'd be in the presence of a wet noodle. My questions to vintage Aurora 88 owners: Does your flex nibs on the 88s lay down a proper line of ink when flexed? Now that I've tried the 88, I think it's too smooth, too soft for my liking. I'm wondering if I should get a Firm nib, or just let it go to someone who understands the 88, or has experience fiddling with pens that don't write right away. Any thoughts or shared experience on the matter would be most appreciated.
  16. A few months back I purchased a vintage (c. 1950s) Aurora 88 Nikargenta from what appeared to be a well regarded seller off eBay but when the pen arrived it was hugely disappointing. The piston leaked, the tines were completely out of alignment and I suspected the iridium on the nib was probably shot. To her credit the seller adjusted her price downward by an agreed amount and I set out to have the pen restored. Mike Masuyama restored the piston and tweaked, tuned and smoothed the nib. I dreamed of this classic beauty smoothly scrolling across the page, flexing gracefully to create elegant lines, letters, etc. Well, 8 weeks later the pen arrived and the work has been done but honestly the nib is still a bit of a rough ride for me. It may just be the nature of these nibs, perhaps i'm too heavy handed...I am unsure. I hate the idea of letting this pen go and before I do I thought I would see if anyone here had any thoughts on these pens, the issues i've described, perhaps even an Aurora 88 expert who could help me understand if the issue is me or the pen. Thanks!
  17. ipinkgirl

    Aurora 88 - Needs Repair?

    Good Evening All, I was recently gifted with an Aurora 88 and I'm not sure if it's holding ink and if I need to have it repaired. First, I'm pretty new to the fountain pen world. But this was a really nice gift and it's slowly becoming my favorite pen. The pen I have is the Aurora 88 Large Black Resin w/Gold Trim. I noticed that after I inked it (Omas Violet) for the first time and wrote with it for a day that it would hard start, railroad and then quit altogether. Thinking I had done a lot of writing and had just emptied it (despite the window still showing ink, I cleaned it and refilled it with a different ink. The same thing happened with the new refill (Private Reserve Tanzanite). I'm starting to get concerned because when I've reviewed pics of a teardown of this pen I noticed that the part of the piston seal spindle has broken off and is attached to the filler knob while the rest is on the other side of the connector top. I live in the DC area and Fahrneys is a local pen shop for me, but before I go through that I wanted to check here first.
  18. I am trying to decide which fountain pen to get as my first grander fountain pen. I will be making the purchase later this year but i feel it does not hurt to start plan this early.. I mostly like pens with stiff nibs. Mostly i use pens for quick note taking & sketching and stiff nibs with little flex work for me. At the moment i am mostly considering between modern Montblanc 146 and Aurora 88 large in Extra Fine nib size. If anyone is in possession of both i would be glad to hear of comparison of their nibs. Also, all ideas on other fountain pens with stiff nibs and 10 – 12 mm section width will be taken gladly!
  19. I was going through the pen box and saw a few pens that I had picked up from many Mumbai stationery shops. These were from the mid-1990s to early 2000s when I had a field job and had to traverse through all parts of Mumbai. I popped into every pen shop as a habit and picked up whatever I liked. While there are many pens, I want to start with these three which were clearly inspired by the Aurora 88 contemporary pen. I have a couple of Senator pens and another Flair pen that were inspired by the Pelikan M200 and M400. I will post those pictures too. I got these in local stationary shops in Mumbai for prices in the $8 to $12 range in local currency. I have tried very hard, but have not been able to get any more of these - even at the same shops. Most shops these days carry chinese pens like Baoer and Jinhao. All of these are piston-fillers with nib & feed units that screw out. All of these have steel nibs that are uncalibrated, but write a Fine to Medium-Fine line. The age clearly shows on these pens as for a long time, these pens were ignored and kept in "less than perfect" conditions. From Left to Right: Orchid Black with Gold accents, Orchid Blue with Steel Cap and Gold accents, Flair President Black with Gold Accents. I have another Flair President, but the nib-feed section is broken as is the piston. The Orchid pens came as sets of Fountain pens and ballpoint pens. The Flair President Orchid with Blue Body The Black Orchid Hope you liked this.
  20. Recently I've been thinking a lot about windows. No, not those windows....I mean ink windows. When I first started my FP obsession, I never noticed them before---being too busy being awed by the wide array of nibs, finishes, and shapes of fountain pens. But now that things have calmed down (somewhat), I realize that I really like them. They're simple, functional, pretty things that remind me of stained glass when you hold them up to the light. They're not as blatant as, say, demonstrators (a personal dislike of mine), but petite, light, and floaty. And so useful, too! My MB 146 has a lovely blue striped window, and I'm currently hunting down a vintage Aurora 88 after seeing a picture of it (& its window) in someone's daily carry on FPGeeks. I know the modern 88 has a nice window too, as well as some Pelikans...(not talking about the tortoise ones, which have semi-transparent barrels...that's a rather different type of "window" than the ones I'm thinking of). Anyways, the point of this thread is, what do you feel about ink windows? And can you recommend any more pen models with them so I can Google image for some eye candy?

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