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  1. Aelfattrum

    Making dip-pen ink with shellac?

    I recently acquired some walnut ink crystals from Paper & Ink Arts. This makes a very beautiful ink (not entirely dissimilar to J. Herbin's Cacao du Brésil, but browner overall), which seems pretty smear resistant when dry, but is not at all waterproof. I've added a bit of gum arabic, which I think improves the behaviour for the dip pen, but also seems to do nothing for waterproofing. (Iron Gall inks obviously might have more waterproofing, but I don't really want to use these with a dip pen, I don't think.) Thinking about "India inks", some of which have water-resistance, I w
  2. Hello I’ve been using dip pens for handwriting for a very long time now, but I’ve either used whatever nibs the pens came with, if antique, or just picked from whatever nibs came with it if it was a modern calligraphy pen set. I need to get a new one, and I’m trying to think a bit more systematically about nib selection. I handwrite a lot (I hate typing) but my handwriting is rather poor and scribbly, which is one reason I’ve used dip pens for so long - because they force me to slow down a bit and take greater care. I’m certainly no calligrapher. Does anyone have any recommendations for
  3. dorothynotgale

    I'd Buy That For A Dollar

    Hello! It's been a long time since I've posted here, but I thought that the deal I found last week might intrigue some folks (with pictures). Apparently the Dollar Tree (US-based store where all items are priced at $1) is now in the business of selling glass pens + coordinating ink! Quite surprisingly, it's not too scratchy and does a great job retaining ink between dips, both with the provided ink and other FP inks (I have not yet tested it with shellac-based inks.) The provided ink bottle is 6.8ml (0.23 fl oz) in a dark, mossy green which matches the pen shaft. Very sli
  4. Hello there, Took an interesting hobby to hoard weird, unusual, peculiar nibs to find new means of calligraphy. Recently, I've bought a whole little box stuffed with old nibs in antiques in Prague and I encountered this little guys. I can't really identify them, no matter how my english description is plaguing Uncle Google. This nibs?/cones?/resevoirs? whatever isn't working anymore, but apparently you drip some ink in it and the stick in the end of cone will let ink down by pressing it against papper (hence the spring). That's just so much to my reverse engineering. I tried
  5. Hello, frequent listener - first time caller etc. I've just started dipping my toes into dip pens (ho ho) and have made a discovery I thought I'd share (if this is common knowledge then just humour me). If you enter 'Wood Copperplate Calligraphy Pen' into eBay's search you'll quickly come across this.... It's a very cheap dip pen set from China - you get a wooden holder, three nibs and a tiny pot of ink. Well, it turns out that the reservoir attached to the 'Student Nib' pings off very easily and slides onto a regular G-nib with no fuss whatsoever! It holds a ton of ink a
  6. I was wondering if there are dip pens that are made from other materials than metal or glass. I suppose ceramic or acrylic would make for a good substitute for a complete glass dip pen. Or maybe wood, with a rounded point and with spiral grooves in it, similar to a glass pen. All I see are glass dip pens and metal nibs that attach to a handle. I can't find anything else. Help?
  7. I was wondering if there are dip pens that are made from other materials than metal or glass. I suppose ceramic or acrylic would make for a good substitute for a complete glass dip pen. Or maybe wood, with a rounded point and with spiral grooves in it, similar to a glass pen. All I see are glass dip pens and metal nibs that attach to a handle. I can't find anything else. Help?
  8. Hello. I'm wondering what dip pen nibs should a beginner that is serious about learning purchase? I'm okay with spending a decent amount of money if the quality justifies the price, considering I don't plan on randomly dropping the hobby and I'm absolutely *determined* to get good at calligraphy. Also: Does it matter what nib holder I purchase? If so, what would you guys recommend (for both a straight holder and an oblique holder)? Thanks in advance for any responses. =)
  9. When you wander off the usual road, sometimes you find small treasures. Here is a video from the Birmingham pen museum. Hope is not a duplicated post. Tadeo
  10. Credit given to David Armstrong from The Restorers Art Original article found here Copy of the catalogue found here Recently I came across a Victorian Era pen catalogue called the: "History of the invention and illustrated process of making Foley's diamond pointed gold pens" It starts off with a catalogue of the various products that the company offered, such as gold dip pens, and mechanical pencils, along with other bizarre combinations such as an instrument with a toothpick on one end and an ear spoon on the other. The main interest of the document, however, is that in the secon
  11. I made a political diagram using dip pens and inks on a single delicate sheet of Tomoe River Paper. Check out how small my drawings are! This page shows them off here (and explains the diagram!). For more pics, and to read the article, go to https://medium.com/@even.aesphasian/3d-political-spectrum-4870f06f2f49 A list of inks used: J.Herbin's Stormy grey, plaituinum flame red, Monteverde red Diamine's Wild Strawberry Schaeffer's red Pelikan's Turquoise J.Herbin's Emerald of Chivor Iroshizuku's Kon Peki and Yama Budo Diamine's Terracotta Ancient Copper Apple Glory S
  12. I recently bought a Rohrer & Klingner glass dip pen to use for testing inks. While the swirls around the nib will hold ink, I cannot get them to deliver any to the writing point. I've run it on various smoothing grit pads, which may only have made it worse. But it simply will not write. I've read other complaints like this on retailers websites, but no ideas on how to correct it. I am looking for suggestions to get this guy to write- Thanks!
  13. I feel like I am simply failing at Google with this, but are there capped dip pen holders like the Tachikawa T-40 but with the usual metal petaled insert instead of the plastic/rubber rings? Conversely, is there a way to convert a Tachikawa to that type of metal nib holder insert (or purchase one, since I lack skills)? Is there a clever way to shim a nib into this holder, perhaps, as a temporary measure? My issue is that I am taking a calligraphy class which has provided me with a nib that I was hoping to fit into a capped Tachikawa for easier transport (I like how the cap protects the
  14. dwwaddell

    Geordie In Houston

    I learned to write with a dip pen (basically, a 1/4" dowel with a nib holder and an inkwell) in Newcastle Upon Tyne and, scratchy as they were, I never fell out of love with writing with a fountain pen. My first real pen was a Parker 51. I now own several dozen pens and many (some might say too many) bottles of ink.
  15. I'd like to write a letter using one of my pointed dip pens (or possibly the glass dip pen, although that's still relatively new to me), and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on a good cream or ivory colored stationery or paper to use? In particular, I am choosing to break out a dip pen as opposed to a fountain pen as I know the recipient does some US Civil War reenactment and I think it might amuse him to get a pointed pen letter in either walnut or iron gall ink. (He has not requested any such thing, I just think it would be a nice whimsical surprise... And I am not myself a histor
  16. Hi, I present you my last dip nib pen holder hand-made by Renée Meeks (Scriptorium Pens) and my first hand-engraved by myself using drypoint technique. Where it should be the ink holder (if it were a fountain pen), there's an empty space to hold other dip nibs :-D Here are two videos of it with my mobile :-) Sorry for the shaking video, but I've thalassemia and it's really hard to keep my hand steady (I had to place the phone against my chest to stabilize it). Let me know what you think of it ;-)
  17. My dad was cleaning out the back of a cabinet in the bathroom and found an old dip pen which, we assume belonged to someone in the family. The box is in ok shape. The holder, which looks like mother of pearl, looks to be in great shape. The nib is marked Solid Gold 2 and is in need of a good cleaning, but there does not seem to be any cracks or sprung tynes. I dont know much about dip pens so if anyone knows anything about this pen, please advise. I would love some information on the pen and I really want to clean the nib without damaging it. I did try using it with some of the cheap dip in
  18. I found this old dip pen in my attic. Would like to know more about it. http://jpeg
  19. Wasn't quite sure where to put this, but I figured this is as good a place as any. It has a pen, and it's an Eagle 563 (no "E"), but it doesn't write in the traditional sense, but it does work quite well at drawing circles. The pen side also flips around to expose another steel point to make this a divider, and the opposite steel point flips around and has a pencil lead holder. This was made by Eagle Pencil Company probably in the 19-teens - to 1920's. I was surprised at how well it works. You can only turn it in one direction, but it takes no pressure at all to draw a line. The
  20. I've seen an old thread on here about vintage dip pen nibs but thought I'd start a newer one to ask what your favourite dip pen nibs are..? (Vintage and new)? I'm right at the start of trying to learn Copperplate, and so experimenting with various nibs, randomly. (Am trying to get the feel of different nibs and also not get stuck in my ways right from the start). Have bought some random vintage nibs and so far, the ones I have enjoyed most are Brandauer 'Times'. Also have some Brandauer 'Globe' coming - not found out much online about either, but the 'Oriental' seems to be a well regard
  21. I recently ordered a Ranga Ebonite dip pen primarily for testing inks, but also for calligraphy. However, for the latter purpose I'd need to find #5 size dip nibs preferably of the pointed flexy type. Several searches for these have come up blank, so I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for dip nibs that are size 5. Thanks.
  22. jmccarty3

    New Line Of Robert Oster Inks

    Robert Oster is coming out with a new line of inks that will be suitable for dip and fountain pens: http://www.pensivepens.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=245 See also Robert Oster's Facebook page for more info.
  23. Hello, does anyone know what dip pen this is?
  24. Sorry if this has been covered before, but it's been nagging at me and a search didn't turn anything up. I've seen topics about the early history of fountain pens, and how the rise of biros put them into eclipse. But I've been wondering, how long did dip pens continue in common use, i.e. not just for calligraphy? I'm sure I've seen posts by people mentioning that they used dip pens in school, and Sheaffer was producing dip pens with inkwell stands in the mid 20th century. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  25. All, A good friend of mine just gave me a dip pen. The nib says "D. F. Foley & Company New York No2" I know absolutely noting about dip pens. Is it worth anything? How should I clean it? How do I get all the gunky old ink out of the "section"? Just curious. I have tried it and the nib could use some adjustment and it's a flex that writes well. I just don't know how to proceed with it. Thanks to all!!

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