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Found 17 results

  1. Fishynik6

    5 Best Diamine Inks

    If you had to choose 5 diamine inks to represent the brand what would you choose? Im currently looking to buy a twsbi eco with some diamine inks and alt goldgrun and am having a hard time deciding. This should help! The inks I have chosen so far are: Autumn Oak Oxblood Maybe sherwood green One of the turquoise colors
  2. Hello again to all my FPN friends, We all have those combinations of pen and ink that bring us pure bliss and lift us out of the mundane world to new heights of inky euphoria. What I would love to read about is your favorite combinations, exactly why they are your favorite, and your description of the experience. It's important to explain your reasoning because everyone likes a different kind of writing experience (e.g., buttery smooth vs. slight feedback, etc.). Knowing your preferences would help other readers in discerning whether or not your favorite combinations would also be suitable for them as well. Personally, I'm looking forward to reading your responses because I selfishly want to have as many Zen pen experiences as possible. Before some smart aleck posts something like, "I only use inks that write perfectly in all my pens" or "all my pens write perfectly with all my inks," anyone who has been in this hobby long enough knows that different combinations of ink, pen, and paper create different writing experiences (or, in some cases, disasters). I'm curious to know which combinations give you the most enjoyable writing experiences. In order to narrow down the variables, let's focus on your favorite pen and ink combinations for writing on standard copy paper (70gsm or similar). Since that type of paper is available in pretty much every part of the world and is what most of us are stuck using whenever out of the house, it will allow for the most people to try the combination. Although it's fine to include the visual effects that make the writing experience lovely (color of the ink, sheen, etc.), what I'd really like to read about is the feeling when you write. After having many amazing colors that make my pens feel like writing with sandpaper or molasses, I'd like to focus on ink/pen combinations that just feel downright amazing when you right. Let me start us off with two amazing experiences I had this week: Combo 1 - Materials: Penbbs 308 with JoWo #6 1.1 Oblique Cursive Italic (ground my fpnibs.com) + Sailor Jentle Miruai Experience: I prefer ultra buttery smooth feel for quick daily writing and this combination is downright amazing. The pen is light and well balanced with some nice girth to the section, making it extremely comfortable for even my somewhat small hands. The nib isn't as forgiving as a stub, so I have to pay attention to keeping consistent pen angle and avoiding over rotation. However, when I do keep everything in alignment, this nib and ink combination feels like writing on a silken cloud. You know there is something underneath but it doesn't feel like paper....just pure smooth goodness. Combo 2 - Materials: Delike New Moon 2 F nib + Noodler's Ink Prime of the Commons (4:1 dilution with water) Experience: This combination surprised me. PotC has been too wet or too dry in many of my pens, but for some reason just flows perfectly in this pen. It's just dry enough to allow some slight shading and bring out the green component in the ink with no feathering or bleedthrough (the dilution fixes that). This writing experience is a little different from Combo 1. You feel a little bit more of the paper underneath, but it's still buttery smooth and has some added bounce (not softness or flex) when writing that is delightful. This is one of those combinations where I can write on the paper without actually having to make full nib-paper contact. Can't wait to read some of your blissful experiences!
  3. ...and as the command to abandon ship comes the captain says 'We're likely to be a year on that there desert island, afore anyone finds us AND young lad/lass you can only take one of them there inks on my lifeboat. We've paper a plenty mind... ' What will it be? (Oh, and extra pirate points for photos.)
  4. Hey Y'all! So I have been taking an interest in dip pens lately.. I have a glass dip pen from Rohrer and Klingner and I love it! It's fantastic, but since it is made of glass, I don't want to EVER drop it. What's the best material for a dip pen? Glass, resin, a nib holding dip pen? I don't know much by way of dip pens. Can you make one yourself? Are they only to be found as vintage pens? Sorry for the bombardment of questions, I just like to be thorough. Thanks!!! -Charles
  5. willshung

    Best Value

    I was wondering what everyone's take is on good value fountain pens out there. Best pen under $50? What about best under $100? Am curious to know!
  6. This has probably been posted in one form or another before, but why not find out once again. What is your ultimate favorite combination of Pen/Ink/Paper, the best that you could possibly think of, your idea of a perfect writing experience? For me at least, it's my Noodler's Konrad (with my adjusted nib) HP 32 lb Paper, and Iroshizuku kon-peki. How about you?
  7. Nibaholic

    Greetings From Ethiopia!

    Hello friend, If you are read this, I am very excite to be a part of such good forum for to talking about fountain pen. I have buy my first fountain pen recent, and even so my English is not great, I will like to share my experience with all new friend. I have always had passion for fountain pen, and will like to learn all about nib from very experienced people! Thank you for warm welcome, I love this place already!
  8. Hello, if this has been discussed before, feel free to point me in the right direction. :-) We all know whether any given ink works well for you depends on the pen in which is used, the nib size, and the paper you write on, but I am interested in learning what are the best overall inks members know about, in any and every pen or paper. After some experience, though not a lot of different inks, I am forced to the conclusion that the safest and overall best performing ink I know is Lamy blue for the following reasons: 1-Least likely to clog or stain a pen, at least any pen I have tried 2-Among the least likely to bleed through bad paper, little if any feathering in most papers I tried 3-Excellent drying speed, though probably not the fastest of them all. 4-Attractive dark, saturated color always for an ink apparently intended for cheap paper. 5-Flows well on dry pens, seems to work well on wet pens. The point of this topic is, I love Lamy blue, but I wish to find other inks (and other colors) that meet the above characteristics. Based on other comments, I have tried other popular inks, with the following results Lamy black: dries fast, but much more likely to bleed through, unattractive gray black, some residue left inside the pen, though not nearly as much as Noodler's black Noodlers black: one of my favorites, but seems temperamental with the weather, some of my pens don't like it much, and it leaves visible residue inside bladder pens that I cannot wash off, though I cannot prove that is bad for the pen. Great on cheap paper though. Hero carbon ink: another favorite, dries fast, good color, but tends to clog some pens, can feather badly on some papers. Quink black: one the safest inks for pens available, apparently, but it has bleed through issues in my tests on cheap paper, and the color is kind of dull. Noodler's X-feather: competes very closely with Lamy blue when it comes to not bleeding through cheap paper, but sometimes Lamy blue actually bleeds through less on some paper, and X-feather is not really usable in high quality paper because of very slow drying, and it clogs some of my pens. I have tried other inks with mixed results, but none of those others comes close to the above in terms of usability with any pen, nib, or paper (X-feather is mentioned only because of how well Lamy blue performs compared to it for its intended purpose, it is otherwise troublesome when not used as intended). Hopefully what I am after is not too confusing. Thanks in advance. :-)
  9. More Questions! Part I is here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/297456-survey-favorite-this-favorite-that/?p=3461273 If you answered "Other" then please leave your answer in a reply! Thanks!
  10. I like data. Give me data. Part II is here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/297457-survey-favorite-this-favorite-that-part-ii/
  11. dgreenwood116

    Everyday College Ink?

    So i've been wondering this for a bit regarding a good ink for university everyday use. I like a wet ink, mainly because of the extra smoothness they seem to offer any given pen. However, the requirements for my daily university ink would have to be fairly fast drying and well behaved so i would imagine they wouldn't mix. Though if you do know of a fast drying ink that seems smooth in the pen be sure to let me know! So the requirements for my ink, preferably, is: -also, i know some of these properties may not mix, but it's worth a shot. Fast Drying Works good on cheap paper Permanent Smooth Feel Blue/ Black/ Mediocre colored ink Reliable?/Not prone to hard starting - an ink that's not prone to dry out fast if the cap is left off a few seconds. -I know this can rely on the pen performance also/ assume the pen is in tip top shape! So, any inks come to mind?
  12. Hey guys! Just wondering what the best looking pen you've ever seen is? Pictures would be great too! Thanks!
  13. Shahab Mirza

    Improve Handwriting

    Hello fountainpennetwork.com, My problem is concerning handwriting, I have been struggling to improve my handwriting since years but could never been satisfied with my own handwriting so I moved to www.fountainpennetwork.com, I have attached photos showing my handwriting, I write in 20 different fonts but I am confused which handwriting should I use in college and exams, please see my handwriting in photo attached and tell me which one should I finalize as my handwriting and please answer following questions. 1: Can I use Italic writing in exams? 2: Is it better to write on the line or in middle of 2 lines? 3: Is Italic writing good or non Italic? Looking at my photos tell me which writing is suitable for me and help me improve my handwriting. Thanks and please reply quickly its urgent please Thanks.
  14. Hello, I'm currently new to fountain pens, but I was definitely looking into buying my first pen, which I was hoping wouldn't be disappointing. Because of this, I was just wondering if the community had any suggestions on a decent entry level (I'm hoping to purchase the pen for less than $50) fountain pen. So far I've heard that the lamy safari and waterman phileas are quite popular, but I can't seem to find a waterman phileas for less than $50, and a large portion of the reviews I've read on the lamy safari have suggested that the pen runs into problems quite quickly. If anyone has any suggestions on a pen, or if they have experience with these pens (you own one, or you know where to purchase it) would you mind giving me some advice? Thanks everyone!
  15. Shahab Mirza

    How Is My Handwriting?

    How is my handwriting, in this post you all good people will tell me that is my handwriting good or not and help me choose my final handwriting and by time to time you guys will give me tips on improving my handwriting. Thanks. See the file attached below in which there is one of my handwriting style.
  16. Hi, I am looking for the best pen for signing documents. It should show better my signature. According to articles and advice that I read; ''Signature nibs should be Broad or BB, because a signature should never look tentative or weak - a signature should have visual impact, and convey strength and presence.'' (by yachtsilverswan) So I think EF, F (maybe M) aren't suitable for me? In my opinion the best way try them at pen shop, but I want to learn that which issues (nib, oblique, stub etc.) should I focus? What do you think about this? I am looking for a pen for beautiful signature. I have got a no idea about pens, nib, stub, ink etc. I want a pen for usually signing maybe sometimes take notes or writing. but my priority is signing. So what is the best pen (roller, ball-point, fountain) for you? Of course nib size, stub, oblique or straight etc. What are your suggestions? Thank you very much

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