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  1. In the recent times of King's Charles III ascension to the throne I have noticed the fountain pen nib he uses is very dominating - it looks really great on paper. However, I am not sure if this is just Montblanc conforming slightly differently to the other more 'standard' brands of Fountain Pen. For example, a M nib or OM feels more like a Broad etc. Are we able to tell from this image of the pen the nib? I think I can see a slightly different nib end here suggesting perhaps Oblique but wanted to see what you guys think? To me, the sidestrokes seem thinner than the downstrokes, no? I can confirm an OB is far too thick so I'm not sure if it's just a Medium or Oblique Medium?
  2. OldTravelingShoe


    From the album: OldTravelingShoe's Random Pics of Fountain Pens

    © (c) 2022 OldTravelingShoe

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  3. OldTravelingShoe


    From the album: OldTravelingShoe's Random Pics of Fountain Pens

    © (c) 2022 OldTravelingShoe

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  4. I look forward to own a fountain pen and I would like it to have certain features. I would like it to be cartridge refillable, and I would like it to be oblique and triple broad at the same time (O3B). I am an orthodox person and I wouldn't like to grind it, because of personal concerns. I have also been told that italic pens have good variation in lines and I would like to add that feature to the nib. If all of this is not possible together, I would love to receive any feedback for a close pen to what I have in mind, I like thick lines and I love variation too. So it could be also OBB, BB, or any italic with good wide. I don't want to spend too much money in a pen but if I have to do it I will, please drop any recommendations you may have for this not to be that expensive. I really would like to have a pen that is easy to go, that's why I prefer cartridges instead of pistons. I know that really good fountain pens don't come cheap, modern, or some even in cartridge versions but I would like to know every option so I can make a good choice. My last question is: what do converters are, and when to use them and when they cannot be used? Thanks for all the advices you might have!
  5. I never used flex, broad, BB, stub, oblique or italic nibs in any pens so far. And I want to try out. I want to select a pen model that is relatively inexpensive that will fit these nib types. I will keep my options restricted to nib manufacturers in India or nibs that are available for purchase in India. Just to clear my confusion around nib size, and nib width - I understand that the size (with numbers like #5, #6) refers to the dimensions of the nib. And if I understand correctly there is no uniform size comparison and it varies between pens. Correct me if I am wrong. The only comprehensive nib catalogue that I got hold of was from Kanwrite. If we look at Kanwrite nib catalogue, the stub, italic and oblique options are available only for large (#35) nibs. Is it the case that smaller nibs (#4, #5) do not come with stub/oblique/italic options for width? Is it the case with all nib manufacturers? If anybody has a catalogue that visually shows different Indian nibs, please share with me. It seems like there are 2 options to explore different nibs: Get a fountain pen that can fit # 35 size nib. Fit and try each nib one at a time. When wanting to write with a different type of nib, change the nib. The problem is that each time I will be changing the nib and I am not very confident whether I will fit them correctly etc. Get multiple fountain pens that are pre-fitted with each type of nib that I want to explore (eg. B, BB, sharp stub, oblique etc). If nibs are pre-fitted they can be tested beforehand and it is easier for me to deal with. But, it comes at the disadvantage of having to buy multiple fountain pens just for the sake of exploring nibs.Is it a good idea to buy relatively inexpensive pens (eg. Camlin 36 or Camlin Elegante or Click Aristocrat) and fit the different nib types from Kanwrite in separate pens to try them out? Thanks in advance..
  6. Hello, since I have a pen with a Rotring Renaissance with an OBB-Nib and love it, I was hoping for getting some recommendations for right obliques for a change. They seem unusual and rare, but seem to be a good choice for block letter-style handwriting with wide downstrokes (well, in my theory at least) I’m also planning to get another left oblique in Medium or Broad, since Double Broad is a bit too hefty sometimes. And is it worth it to invest in a gold-nib for oblique grinds? I’m thinking about getting one of the older Pelikans (like the 140 for example) with an OM-nib, since I can get them for under 100€ or an used Montblanc 146 with an OB-nib since I read some good things about them. I also think I found an auction with a cheap UK-made Duofold International where the owner has troubles to determine the nib, but it looks like an Oblique Broad on the pictures. Since Obliques are offering line variations already, I’m mainly looking for a smooth writing experience without skips and not too costly options. Some recommendations or advices would be much appreciated
  7. Jaspreet

    Nib Grinds - Jazzorilla

    Hi I am Jaspreet from India and I grind nibs. I usually post pics of my grinds on instagram ( handle - Jazzorilla). I am new to FPN and i will be posting pics of my grinds here for constructive criticism. Attaching some pics of a Broad Cursive italic grind on a Kanwrite nib which writes as a smooth B on reverse. - Jaspreet
  8. 1951 Montblanc 3-42 G BB Nib with Parker 51s and Watercolor Pens Enjoying Montblanc Pens — Broad, Oblique, Extra Fine, LE & Bespoke ~ One of the pleasures of visiting a Montblanc boutique anywhere is looking over the range of finely crafted pens on offer. Familiar models gleaming under refined lighting share space with the latest sophisticated designs. If circumstances are favorable, one may walk out the door after a friendly farewell bearing a fresh addition to a carefully chosen collection of writing tools which are jewel-like in their elegance. For most first-time Montblanc fountain pen purchasers the nib they buy will be an excellent M or an F, both of which write exceptionally well for most purposes. That there are other types of nibs is mentioned and on display, but for those beginning their Montblanc fountain pen journey, they often remain a specialty item about which little is known. After discovering or being introduced to Fountain Pen Network's Montblanc Forum, it's readily apparent that there's much to learn about and appreciate concerning fountain pens. Every month threads are added about pen repairs and maintenance, possibly fake pen verification, older model identification, questions about market value, news about upcoming pen releases and recent purchases. All of these together constitute an education in Montblanc pens in particular, as well as in fountain pen use, maintenance and collecting in general. There's a sizable number of Montblanc users who enjoy using pens with nibs which are seldom available in boutiques, although obtainable through Montblanc's ‘six weeks from purchase’ nib exchange program. Those include broader nibs, oblique nibs, extra fine nibs, limited edition nibs and bespoke nibs. Writing with such specialized nibs adds to the joy of handwriting in fine ink on quality paper. After nearly one year of posts in a thread about an OBBB nib, it became clear that the comments, pen and nib photos and handwriting samples had expanded beyond the original subject. Accordingly, this thread is for those interested in displaying, using and sharing their love for Montblanc's specialty pens and nibs, defined however one prefers. Daily life with fountain pens includes a rich dimension of tactility, as pens, nibs, ink and paper have texture, pattern, hues, weight, and refined materials. Whether enjoyed on a quiet work desk, or with a friendly pet, or in a work cubicle, in a diary or even on safari, writing with fountain pens is life-enhancing. May this thread gradually include a range of pen and nib photos, handwriting samples, and heartfelt comments to encourage long-time members and visitors alike to enjoy their pens as often as possible.
  9. I am considering getting Lamy 2000 EF from "nibsmith" and getting it ground to left foot oblique in stub. Any idea what kind of line width and variation it would result in? My intention is to achieve a fine stub, similar to the 'Fine' stub of Pilot Plumix / Pluminix pen, which is quite fine, probably 0.5mm. It is fine enough for normal daily use and faster writing but still gives a character to the writing.
  10. nectarmk

    Lamy Oblique Nibs

    Why on earth has Lamy discontinued the oblique nibs for their cheaper pens? I bought a Lamy aion with a very nice M Nib, however I much prefer the oblique nibs. Could I find them anywhere?
  11. Hello again to all my FP friends! I just wanted to share some writing samples of the 4 nibs I had custom ground by fpnibs.com (no affiliation, just a satisfied customer). Their work is fantastic, reasonably priced, and with excellent service. These nibs all write wonderfully. The 1.1 Oblique Cursive Italic is especially dreamy and now a daily user for me.
  12. So I was going through my father's desk at his office on the occasion of his retirement and found this set. I cleaned it and inked it up with one of the nib units that isn't cracked (3 of 5 are, I might tape them and try them anyway, don't know if they will just leak everywhere) and I have a couple of questions. The pen cape doesn't meet the body when screwed on, might there be a missing ferrule or metal ring? And, The set is left-foot oblique, but labeled "left-handed" although I am a righty. I can write with it just fine since I have a tendency to rotate my pens counterclockwise anyway, but then I get really funky lettering because the fattest part of the line is at the horizontal, and the skinniest at the vertical. You can see the result in my handwriting sample. So, if I don't rotate, the nib doesn't work at all, and if I do rotate, I get weirdness. Any suggestions?
  13. I'm ready to try my luck at line variation. So I'm looking at mr. Pen's Italix range. Seems they have a lot of options to choose from. It was all a bit confusing to me, so I've made a list. Hopefully it's useful for someone.
  14. TheMajestic

    Italic Vs Oblique Nib

    Hi, Can someone explain to me the difference between an italic and an oblique nib?
  15. So, I bought a Delta Y2K Carbon Fibre special edition off of the 'Bay with an 18k broad nib. Pen came in today, I busted out the loupe to take a look at the nib, and... Seemingly an attempt to grind an oblique italic and it looks more like the nib was dragged down the road behind a car for a couple of kilometres. This is why you practice on cheap pens, kiddies.
  16. I am at the beginning of my calligraphy hobby. I want to learn Copperplate writing, and for that I ordered a cheap oblique pen holder from eBay. The problem is, well, is this: http://i.imgur.com/OZUsNoo.jpg Apart from hacking down a bit from the metal piece (what I'm willing to do if I have to), is there a widely accepted ethical solution for this problem among Elite Calligraphers?
  17. Wondering if the UK/EU calligraphers here can help. Back end of next month it's my birthday so I can justify buying a nice oblique pen holder. But I don't want to spend too much just in case I don't get on with it. I have the usual plastic Speedball oblique but never got on with it and I want to start learning Copperplate again. Don't want to spend a massive amount but want something that is truly functional and maybe not entirely hideous to look at. (Story of my life). Any recommendations would be gratefully received as I know new oblique holder makers are springing up and there may be something I've missed whilst Googling...
  18. I have heard numerous rumors that major makers, e.g., Montblanc, Pelikan, Parker, will no longer produce very broad or other specialty nibs, the type that a nibmeister can use for a good custom grind. Does anyone know the details of what is or is not going to be available? I have ordered a BB for my Pelikan M1000 that I intend to send to Pendleton Brown, but I would like to know what else may be in short supply. Thanks!
  19. xinglongneo

    Parker 51 Oblique

    I'd like to know about other people's experiences with Parker 51 oblique nibs. The one I own is the finickiest nib I've got.
  20. Trying to find an inkwell appropriate for use with an oblique pen holder. Looking for something heavy and wide mouthed, obviously but also not so deep as to require 2-3 bottles of ink on hand to keep it filled to the brim. Right now I am using sake cups, but they have no heft and I always fear I will knock it over. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks!
  21. Hello all! I've been reading FPN off and on for a few years now, but I didn't get an account until recently. Some photos of my Nakaya Dorsal Fin Model #1 in Ao-Tamenuri were requested, so here is my first post! A brief history of my life: I've always been into pens. I saved up to purchased a two-tone Cross balllpoint pen when I was 12, which I still have. I initially got into fountain pens because of the huge variety of inks. I had been using gel pens for their colors, but typically the crazy gel colors aren't available as refills for good pens. I found out about Noodler's Ahab and then about the variety of inks available. I purchased a Noodler's Ahab in Arizona in order to find out about flex and try out some ink. I really loved the Ahab and then I found Goulet Pens and my addiction kicked in. I bought a ton of ink samples and more Noodler's Pens. That didn't sate me for long, and about two months after the first Ahab, I bought a Lamy 2000. That was about 2.5 years ago. I now have at least 50 pens including a number of vintage pens (Waterman, Conklin, Eversharp, Esterbrook, Parker, Sheaffer, etc...) and new pens (Noodler's, Pilot, Platinum, TWSBI, Edison, Lamy, Kaweco, and Nakaya). I am super into flex, italics, and obliques. Last fall I got into urushi pens, and those are what I have attached photos of below! First, my Nakaya Dorsal Fin Model #1 in Ao-Tamenuri with a Cursive Italic customization by John Mottishaw. This pen has held the record for longest in rotation. I've been using it daily since it arrived in the mail over six months ago. I really love the girth and the cursive italic nib. Just last week I found a Nakaya Neo Standard in Matte Black Hairline with a Left Oblique customization by John Mottishaw right here on the classifieds. I have photoed it with my Lamy 2000 since the finishes are similar in appearance. I can say, even though they look the same, the hairline urushi feels slicker than the Makrolon. Finally, below are photos of my Platinum Izumo Yagumonuri. This is my only maki-e pen. I have photoed it with my Platinum Century #3776 in Bourgogne for size and color comparison. I don't use the Yagumonuri often because I like the writing effect from the cursive italic nib on the Nakaya better than the fine point on the Yagumonuri. I have found photos of pens on FPN very helpful in making purchasing decisions over the years. I hope these will be helpful to others!
  22. Hi folks, I used to write with a straight slant 'semi'-cursive. I used stubs, and left obliques. It gave me nice variation and compensated for my terrible hand writing. Lately, I practiced palmer cursive, where it is slanted to the right. I used noodelr's untipped nibs--I do not write using tipped nibs. I find it easier to write with right slant; where my primary gain now is speed! I wanted to get back to my stub/oblique nibs. But I do not find them suitable for my new writing slant, where I rotate the nib to the right when I write with slant. Should I get right oblique? left obliques are available at reasonable prices, but not right obliques. I do not want to take the chance and send a nib to a nibmister to find they do not fit my need. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  23. cassierm

    Product Confusion!

    Hello, This is my first post so I hope I have put it in the right place I'm just getting into calligraphy and am hoping to use it on our wedding invitation envelopes. I have bought a few products but I'm unsure if the combination I have is correct as it just doesn't seem to be working for me. I have purchased an oblique pen holder which I prefer much more than the straight one so far. Nib wise I have (don't know if these are the proper names) Nikkopen G, Speedball C6, Hunt Imperial 101 and Brause 66EF (snapped 1 tine already.) Ink I have an unlabelled black ink which seems to be very thin but works with most of my nibs and also Winsor & Newton calligraphy ink in white and metallic gold. I've been trying to use the Imperial 101 as I really like the flexibility but with the metallic gold ink (what I'm wanting to use on the envelopes) it just isn't working. When I do my down stroke when I start to put a little bit of pressure on it it's like all of the ink just drops out. I'm also having trouble with getting the ink to flow through properly, I find I having to play around every few letters to try and get the ink to flow properly. Any suggestions you have on the equipment or if I'm just doing it wrong would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Cassie
  24. I started a thread here last year about Pelikan stopping the production of these nibs. The Pelikan website continues to display these nibs as options and has a whole section (pun intended) dedicated to "selecting the correct nib", with these nibs being options to choose from. Was reading a thread the other day, in which a post from a reliable German member stated that Pelikan may be considering a U-turn on this decision. Any news on this?
  25. Just been looking at Iguansell website. I came across the rather handsome M625, and when I scrolled down the nib options there was a stub and italic option, as well an OB option. Just wondering if anyone knows if this is indeed something that Pelikan have introduced, or, as I think, this might be the result of the unintentional misappropriation of the Aurora nib options to this line of Pelikans..

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