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Found 15 results

  1. mehandiratta


    Hi All I have been using Lamy Safari and other lamy pens for a long long time. And i never realized that this will become sort of collecting Hobby. So just to showcase the Lamy's I have hoarded across the years I have started hashtag on instagram and facebook #30lamy30days (https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/30lamy30days/) You can check the above link for the regular posts and also I will keep posting here too. I welcome you all to showcase your pens too, albeit only Lamy
  2. I recently bought a Lamy 2000 FP. Great looking as well as writing. I am quite pleased. Except... The first ink I used in the pen was Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo. Nice and wet, wrote wonderfully. Used up the ink, gave 'er a good flushing out, and put in Iroshizuku Fuyu-Syogun. Had it in there a few days when one day writing I saw all this blue ink on my writing hand. Then I noticed ink creeping out from the seam where the piston filler knob is. It's a blue ink, probably the Tsuki-Yo that I thought I had completely flushed out. I have never dropped the pen; it resides in a quality pen case. No dr
  3. Jaydo

    My Lamy 2000 Experience.

    When i splurged 200ish nzd for a fountain pen i thought it was an impulse buy. Two weeks later, i was thrilled with the history and build quality of the lamy 2000. but clip problems: the clip have some give and could move up and down . I couldn't be bothered to contact lamy support so I took tried to disassemble it with pliers with a micro fiber cloth between- bad idea scratched up cap aesthetically. Admittedly my fault by would have been nice if a 200 dollar pen didn't have these problems. Fast forward 1 year and oops- I dropped it- I screwed it up- thankfully lamy support sent me a replac
  4. I am considering getting Lamy 2000 EF from "nibsmith" and getting it ground to left foot oblique in stub. Any idea what kind of line width and variation it would result in? My intention is to achieve a fine stub, similar to the 'Fine' stub of Pilot Plumix / Pluminix pen, which is quite fine, probably 0.5mm. It is fine enough for normal daily use and faster writing but still gives a character to the writing.
  5. The Lamy 2000 is probably my favourite pen of all time. I know, it is a big statement but my admiration for this pen is well founded. I first purchased this pen back in 2014 when I began my first year studying law at university. I can honestly say that since then it has been almost everyday on me, taking notes and writing exams. Note that this review was originally posted at my blog at www.stationeryblogger.com. http://stationeryblogger.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/DSC_7839-300x200.jpg DESIGN The pen looks and feels phenomenal. Its bauhaus inspired design makes it easy to look at with no ext
  6. Hello everyone, I hope you are having a pleasant day, this is my first post so it's possible that what I'll ask may seem puerile and possibly amounting to faux pas, please pardon my ignorance if any of that happens. Who I am ? I am student from India, who has a very important exam coming up in 6 months. I own 2 lamy safari's and 2 pilot metropolitan's. Why am I here ? Where I live and where I grew up we barely have anyone who uses fountain pens. I started with them not as a show of elegance but because I had a tendency to right softly and ball point pens require certain pressure which made
  7. Hi there, I've been using fountain pens for about 5 years now. I have use Waterman, Pilot and Lamy Al Star. Recently I get a Lamy 2000, and I like it so much. My only issue with this pen is that sometime it's skip if I write in a slippery paper. I understand that Lamy 2000 has that sweet spot thing, but even if I write in it's sweet spot it's still skip from time to time. Never have this issue with my other pens. Any thought? Thanks
  8. Hi all, I am in the process of buying a Lamy 2000. I am really going crazy about which nib size to pick. I don't know if I should go for an EF or an F. I've looked at the Goulet nib nook tool but I really can't see any difference between 'EF','F','M'. Can anybody be so kind to post some writing samples of Lamy 2000 with different nibs? Thank you very much!
  9. Attena

    Lamy 2000: M Vs Ef

    Hello! I've bought a Lamy2000 a few months back with a Medium nib and was really happy with it (and still am!). Lately I've began to realize that I use it mostly only for underlining, signing and for writing main titles in my notebook. It proved to be slightly too wide for regular note taking and made my handwriting look a bit ... chunky. I use Iroshizuku inks and I know they tend to be a bit more on the wet-ish side. So now I ask if there’s some helpful soul out there (I know you’re there!!) or a Lamy pen collector (I know a few of those are here too) that would be prepared to do a favour
  10. Hey guys, Does anyone know where I can pick up a Lamy 2000 (for less than $200) in Canada? I live in the Greater Toronto Area and shipping/customs/exchange rate coming in from the US is expensive. I've seen some retailers charge $200+ for a Lamy 2000 and that is out of my price range right now but I am dying to get my hands on one. Any suggestions?
  11. hari317

    A Lucky Ebay Find

    Listing: 371204399452 The listing said W. Germany, one of the out of focus pictures showed the EF stamp on the section. The rounded ink view windows was another confirmation of an original barrel. The piston knob end showed the L mark very clearly. The only doubt was if the clip was correct with the inserted ball. One of the pictures hinted at the characteristic chamfer that such clips have. The BIN price was reasonable for an early Lamy2000, but anyway I decided to wait 24hrs and if no one had bought it by then, I would buy. The time passed, no one had bought so I bought and the pen arriv
  12. Tojusi

    Lamy2000 Leaking From The "ears"

    I have a Lamy2000, the basic black version. I have now noticed that it is leaking from the metallic tiny "ears" on the pen body. The other "ear" seems to be leaking more than the other one. It is not much as such, but it seems that capillary action is drawing ink to my finger as my grip places fingers on the "ears". I do not recall that the pen would have originally leaked like that, seems to be something that it has developed lately. Is this normal? Any home remedies that a technically inept user might try? Or do I just bite the bullet and ship it off to Lamy for service? (The pen must
  13. cambookpro

    Price For Lamy 2000?

    Hello Recently I've been looking at buying a Lamy 2000 as my first FP over ~£25. I'd like a pen that just writes well, looks nice and is fairly robust. I narrowed it down to a 2000 or a Pelikan M200, however I really like the Lamy design so think I will go for that. Both seem to have good reviews when it comes to writing. I'm not looking to purchase it immediately, this is sort of something for a few months yet, in the Summer. However, what kind of prices do these go for? I don't quite have the budget to buy new (around £150, or $250), but I was looking on eBay and they don't seem to go
  14. caric

    Sending My Lamy 2000 F For Repair

    I've finally realized my Lamy 2000 needs a nib touch-up, or something. It's an F, and sometimes writes like an F, but sometimes like an M. on strokes which go to the right, so much ink is dumped it looks like shading afterwards. I plan to ship it to Lamy for service, and I wrote them a note with sample left-and-right squiggles. the ones going to the left almost skip, but I'm not varying my pressure or angle. In my note to Lamy, you can clearly see the shading effect. this was on a moleskine sticky note, and the strokes are tending to be on the thicker side. on rhodia paper, I mostly get supe
  15. Hi, I am in the market for a new pen but am struggling with my decision. I currently have: -Lamy Safari - 1.1mm - fun daily user -Lamy 2000 - EF - my favourite pen to use, comfortable, only wish a little broader nib -Pilot Custom 74 - SF - ok to ink up and play with every so often, disappointed with size and weight of pen -TWSBI 540 - B - like size and weight but do not pick this up as often as I had hoped -Noodlers Ahab - love the size of the pen and find I use it as a novelty, not a daily writer -Bexley Corona - F - love the size of the pen but have not been happy with the build quality

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