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Found 7 results

  1. I just saw this post on Reddit’s r/fountainpens. Do any of you know anything? I would understand if it was only down for a day or two, but the license has been expired for four days!
  2. Jamerelbe

    The Fpnibs.com Ronda

    I’ve been a customer of the fpnibs.com folks in Spain – Pablo Carrasco and Esther Durán from the south of Spain – for several years now. They’ve been my go-to suppliers of JoWo nibs especially, and offer a variety of custom grinds and finishes that I find hard to resist. It wasn’t until more recently, though, that they began offering their own FPnibs-branded pens – the Ronda (named for Pablo’s home town?) and the Marbella (named for Esther’s home town – I *think*). From the moment I saw the introductory video on their YouTube channel (in October 2018), I wanted a Ronda – which accommodates a JoWo #6 nib unit – but it wasn’t until around my birthday, in the middle of 2019, that I finally felt I could justify the purchase. Not that they’re expensive, mind you! I’ve been really happy with this purchase. The Ronda is an attractive oversized pen, that really feels quite substantial as I write with it… and the nibs are, as always, tuned to perfection. I’m always happy to recommend Pablo’s nib-work – but for the price, the Ronda is also worth a good hard look! ______________________________________________________________________ Appearance & Design The FPnibs Ronda is an oversized pen, manufactured from some kind of cracked-green/black acrylic that has a fair degree of chatoyance. I believe the video says these pens are made in Taiwan, to Pablo and Esther’s specifications – which probably explains the price tag of only €29.90 ex tax for the pen. [Purchasing a plain steel nib will set you back a further €12.20 plus VAT – bringing the price of the pen to a total of €42.10.] The acrylic is very attractive (at least to my eyes!), while the chrome-coloured clip has a good amount of flex to allow it to grip onto fabric. I like the fact that the grip section – which is not overly long – is made from the same acrylic as the pen body, with stainless steel (?) reinforcements and threading, Though the pen is (relatively) inexpensive, everything about it says ‘quality’. It’s a solid, ram-rod straight block of a pen, that reminds me (without being derivative) of a range of premium European-style pens. I’m not a great fan of the branding on the pen – the white screen-printed logo, and the name “fpnibs.com”. Thankfully (I suppose?), it hasn’t proven to be very durable – over time more than half of it has worn away, and the rest of it seems certain to follow over time. I believe you can ask for this to be removed (it didn’t bother me enough to ask). Pablo and Esther would do well, I think, to either ditch the logo or find a means of applying it that’s more permanent. … Construction & Quality The Ronda is very well-made, and quite sturdy. The interior of the pen is reinforced with a metal sleeve that runs the length of the barrel, and the threading of the grip section is likewise made of metal, with an o-ring that ensures the barrel doesn’t unscrew. The grip section is designed to take #6 JoWo screw-in nib assemblies. One design feature that users of the pen need to be aware of is that there is a plastic inner cap, of smaller diameter than the main cap, so that there’s a slight gap between the two. It’s recessed back into the cap – looks to me like it’s designed to sit around the nib and provide a bit of an air seal, but if you’re not careful capping the pen, it’s possible for the tip of the nib to ‘catch’ in the gap between inner and outer caps (I’ll try and find a way to photograph this – and maybe add it in the comments.) My only gripe in terms of construction quality is the standard international converter that comes with the pen: it’s similar to the full-style Kaweco converters (minus the branding) – but I find these a little creaky. Then again, lots of pen manufacturers don’t provide a converter at all, and so far it’s done its job well enough! Oh, and one other thing: the first few weeks I had this pen, it came uncapped while sitting in my jacket pocket a few times (it’s about half-a-turn to open, which I guess makes this more of a risk?). I don’t think this is a flaw though, as such: I just found that I needed to tighten the cap a little more firmly that I do normally. … Weight & Dimensions This is a big pen. Capped, it’s 148mm in length, and 128mm uncapped – posted it’s a honking ~180mm (which I don’t recommend). The diameter of the grip section is 12-13mm (tapering from threads to nib), while the barrel is 15mm in diameter and the cap band is 17mm. The pen is also reasonably weighty – 41g, or ~25g minus the cap. Your mileage may vary (I know some people prefer slim pens!), but I find it very comfortable to hold. Some other pens for comparison: DIplomat Traveller Karas Kustoms Decograph Ronda Ranga Model 5 (now there's a *really* big pen! … Nib & Performance I asked to order two nibs with this pen – both of them branded with the FP nibs logo. The standard 1.1mm stub nib lays down a juicy line, and is wonderfully suited to writing with Diamine shimmer inks (currently Diamine Magic Forest). The second nib (which I used for the first 4 months) was a Fine steel nib, ground to an architect. As always, Pablo did a superb job of this, and it writes supremely well – it was also sufficiently wet to allow me to use Diamine Cobalt Jazz, another “shimmertastic” ink, without clogging. 1.1mm nib with FPnibs imprint F nib ground custom to an architect - fantastic! Not my hands - nor my nail polish! I hope it doesn’t sound like a knock on the pen body for me to say that the nibs are fantastic – but really, they are. It *does* cost extra to get a custom grind on the pen (which is why I only went for one custom grind this time around!), but it’s well worth it. Pablo is world class, and his charges for the service are incredibly reasonable. … Filling System & Maintenance The Ronda, and it smaller stablemate, the Marbella, are both cartridge converter pens. They come with a Kaweco-style converter, ready to install. As I said above, I’m not a great fan of these, but they’re cheap, they’re functional… and they’re easily replaceable if you don’t want to use them. … Cost & Value At ~€42 (ex VAS), the Ronda is a beautiful beast of a pen – too big for my family to want to pinch it, or to be easily lost or stolen, but perfect for me to write with. It *looks* a lot more expensive than it is – and it writes like a dream. I don’t know if the fpnibs folks plan to come out with any other finishes, orif this is it – either way, it’s well worth getting your hands on one. … Conclusion I’m a fan of everything fpnibs.com do – at least as far as fountain pens are concerned! – and the Ronda has been a fantastic addition to my collection of pens. I’d highly recommend anyone who likes larger pens getting their hands on this one – it’s an absolute steal at the price! …
  3. Hi Everyone, I was recently putting together another order of custom nibs from FPNibs.com and noticed that they now offer two of their own pens for sale, a green acrylic pen called Ronda that takes JoWo #6 nibs and an amber acrylic pen called Marbella that takes JoWo #5 nibs. They look gorgeous and are reasonably priced, but I couldn't find any reviews of them anywhere. https://www.fpnibs.com/fpnibs/1894-fpnibs-ronda-fountain-pen.html https://www.fpnibs.com/fpnibs/1893-fpnibs-marbella-fountain-pen.html Has anyone tried either of these pens? What are your thoughts about them? Thanks!
  4. Pen Boutique sent me marketing email nine hours ago telling me it's the last chance to secure the Pelikan Souveran M101N Special Edition fountain pen in 'Vintage Red' (conveniently not calling the colour what Pelikan calls it officially?) at a reduced price for Valentine's Day, for US$455 not including international shipping to Australia – that's another US$48.07 minimum in delivery charges. Let's see. FPnibs.com is offering the same pen – with Bold nib only, probably the last unit(s) in stock – for €271.90, including free international shipping (to Australia, at least, but I think it's for anywhere else too). The choice of nib width is limited, but then Pablo can regrind it for you for a mere €14.90 additionally. The total of €282.33 comes to US$318.56, orA$450 if you're in Australia, at the current exchange rates. That pen is not my cup of tea, but I'm sure there are Pelikan fans and/or collectors Down Under, so hopefully someone can benefit from this. I'm always happy to promote whatever is a good deal for Australians inclusive of delivery (and tax implications); free international shipping is of course appreciated, but so are simply reasonable delivery charges. Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with either Pablo or Esther, and I can't even say I'm a satisfied customer, because the one and only order I ever placed with FPnibs.com (recently) was cancelled. Disappointing in that regard, but I'm grateful that Pablo checked the pen while working on the nib for me, and discovered a crack in the pen such that it was unsaleable.
  5. Hello all, i bought a XXF, steel, black ruthnium coated nib from fpnibs and have some questions. First of all, Pablo of fpnibs helped me alot via email, a very kind person. I dont want to disturb him too much with general nib querstions, thats why i post this here. Are there different mentalities about how to grind XXF nibs? This one seems to be a narrowed XF nib, and tends to make broader horizontal lines when applying a little too much pressure. Kind of like a architect nib (see fotos). If I would grind a XXF, I would try to narrow down the nib not from just 2 sides but 3 dimensional. But what do i know . Is there a XXF grind guide, or other grinding services you can recommend? Its so expensive to try out all the special grindings The second thing is the poor black ruthenium coating, I changed the nib twice carefully and its peeling off already. How is your experience with the fpnibs.com coatings? Any recommendations? thank you
  6. Hello again to all my FP friends! I just wanted to share some writing samples of the 4 nibs I had custom ground by fpnibs.com (no affiliation, just a satisfied customer). Their work is fantastic, reasonably priced, and with excellent service. These nibs all write wonderfully. The 1.1 Oblique Cursive Italic is especially dreamy and now a daily user for me.
  7. TimCasey13

    Ebonite Jowo Nib Units

    I just found these ebonite feed JOWO nibs for sale, does anyone know if they will fit pens that use the plastic units? Does anyone have experience with fpnibs.com?

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