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  1. Many of us saw this inkwell during tonight's Presidential address. I found the following information about it and thought to share it with other curious types: "Before the Speaker calls each session of the House to order, this coin-silver inkstand is placed on the rostrum. The inkstand is considered the oldest surviving artifact of the House and was made between 1810 and 1820. Although its origins are mysterious, it most likely came into the House around 1819. The inkstand is stamped with the mark of J. Leonard, a Washington silversmith and watchmaker. It contains three replacement
  2. Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you my little project. I decided to make for every ink bottle I have an ink reservoir. To make it happen I made 3d model and printed reservoir for Diamine 80ml, Pilot 30 ml, and Pelikan 4001 70ml bottles. Examples you can see in the photo. I'll leave here the models for mentioned bottles, but it is possible to sail the size of the model for the exact ink bottle. Also, I can scale it for exact height and diameter. It is my firs topic, so I am intersted in your opinion diamine_70ml.stl pilot_30ml.stl pelian_4001_70ml.stl
  3. jabberwock11

    Ink Bottles With Reservoirs

    I was looking for a new ink last night and found myself continuously coming back to Sailor Jentle Black. Now, I am sure that this is a fine ink, but I already have four black inks and to be honest four is about two too many. The reason that I kept coming back to Sailor was not because it is a particularly amazing black, but rather because the bottle just happened to have an ink reservoir in it. As much as I would like to try some Sailor inks I have to admit that if they did not have the reservoir in their bottles, then I would not be nearly as interested. Ink reservoirs are great little de
  4. This probably goes with the Eagle Pencil Co. fountain pen I just posted. I cannot identify this item. I'm guessing it's roughly 100 years old, but can't be sure. On the reverse, it has two markings: one says "No 4" one says "RD505078" I'd greatly appreciate any input on its identity and value. Thanks! Doc1.pdf
  5. This probably goes with the Eagle Pencil Co. fountain pen I just posted. I cannot identify this item. I'm guessing it's roughly 100 years old, but can't be sure. On the reverse, it has two markings: one says "No 4" one says "RD505078" I'd greatly appreciate any input on its identity and value. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I was wondering if I was about to commit what some of you might call a "crime against humanity", do you think it is sacrilegious to remove the label from an old Sheaffer Skrip Bottle that has an inkwell? I intend to use the bottle for storing different black inks and I mostly bought it for utilitarian purposes because it is great design and bottles like that just aren't made anymore. But I also know it's place in history and was wondering if I was about to ruin an object that has in some sense, historical significance even if it is still quite common... Here's what it looks
  7. My question is simple--does such a thing exist? I fell down a rabbit hole of looking at ink blotters the other day, shortly after crawling out of a rabbit hole of looking at inks (and their cute little bottles), and it struck me that a lot of the smaller rocker blotters kind of have a profile that could be the shape of a bottle. I tried Googling, and the closest thing I could find to a bottle in that shape is this half moon bottle, and it's definitely not suitable for holding ink with that narrow opening, nor for blotting being that it is so narrow overall. Just about all of what I come ac
  8. Did anyone else notice that? I was trying to figure out if it was possibly something else but kept coming back to a tray with multiple wells. It was really something.. Anyone else catch that? I'm really not into inkwells but that really caught my eye.
  9. Im sorry, haha, you are all probably face palming. However i have seen this word being used here and im not really sure what it is, could someone please explain?
  10. Hello all! Hope I'm at the right place to ask this! If not please mods move this thread where it's supposed to be at! Well my sister is in Argentina for business and she just messaged me on facebook out of her mind with happiness. She found me a gift and could not resist sending me pictures. It's obviously a inkwell that seems to be made of either bronze, brass or copper. My sister said it's quite heavy but all those metals would be heavy at that thickness. She got it in a antique store I have nothing more. I checked ebay and did see a lot of similar inkwells often in pairs and almost
  11. This is my first question on this forum, so I don't know if I'm in the right place. Anyway, I'm a college student that writes exclusively with fountain pens. I prefer piston fillers (my current daily driver is a Reform 1745). Being a student, my budget is very modest, meaning that if I need a portable inkwell, I cannot afford the Visconti Portable Inkwell. Does anybody know of any alternatives, either modern or antique, that could allow me to carry some ink in case I run out? Preferably, it would be reasonably-priced, sturdy enough to keep in a bag, and have a pretty small form factor. I
  12. Over time, I observed that the 580 could not find much use, primarily because my writing preferences have graduated towards softer and larger nibs along with time. So here comes the saviour from TWSBI - The Vac 700, with a bigger nib of #6 size, and a vacuum plunger mechanism. Personally, I prefer the concept of an ink shut off valve. If you are looking for a review of the 580, here it is. If you like the blog view along with pictures, just click below: TWSBI VAC 700 with a VAC 20 Review TWSBI TWSBI (pronounced Twiz-Bee) refers to San Wen Tong, i.e TWS spelled backwards and it means
  13. The review is a part of the larger TWSBI VAC700 review. You can go to the original post here. I thought that this review could be useful for people, who like me are searching for an inkwell, that's okay for travel, holds a fair amount of ink and does not exactly make a hole the wallet. The full review is also live on my personal blog. Click below if you enjoy pics in a tablet/mobile optimized view: TWSBI VAC 700 with a VAC 20 Review I was looking for an inkwell at a decent capacity & price (that's why skipped the Visconti Travel Inkwell), which could fit comfortably inside the visitin
  14. PenChalet

    Ink Miser Inkwells

    Luxury Brands just came out with a couple of ink wells to get every last drop from your ink bottles. Both are now available Ink Miser Intra-bottle Inkwell This inkwell was specifically designed to fit inside a Noodlers bottle of ink but can also work on other bottles such as Monteverde or Platinum. With the inkwell inside the pen you can rotate the bottle and catch the ink inside the inkwell making it easier to fill your pens when the ink get low. https://www.penchalet.com/pen_accessories/inkwells/ink_miser_intra-bottle_inkwell.html Ink Miser Ink-shot Inkwell The ink-shot is designed
  15. Luxury Brands Ink Miser Inkwell videos. The Intra-Bottle Inkwell is good for getting that last drop of Noodler's from bottle to pen. That is assuming you ever empty one of those 3 ounce bottles which is something I have yet to do. Besides the uses shown in the videos, soaking a pen just up to the nib would be a really good use for the Ink-Shot. I might just need a row of these to clean pens after paper tests.
  16. My new favorite inkwell's a baby-formula holder: $3.99, spill-proof, with a lid, three compartments, and a pour-spout that rotates among the compartments: http://www.amazon.com/Nuby-Milk-Powder-Dispenser-Colors/dp/B000MQQR7W
  17. Trying to find an inkwell appropriate for use with an oblique pen holder. Looking for something heavy and wide mouthed, obviously but also not so deep as to require 2-3 bottles of ink on hand to keep it filled to the brim. Right now I am using sake cups, but they have no heft and I always fear I will knock it over. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks!
  18. Here is a link to a drafting inkwell I found on ebay. I have seen these before and I am curious as to how they worked--how one used the device. Can anyone offer an explanation? Thanks http://www.ebay.com/itm/Theo-Alteneder-Sons-drafting-inkwell-patent-Nov-14-1930-vintage-milk-glass-/161735796058?rmvSB=true
  19. moonejon

    Inkwell Recommendations?

    So, as I've been trying to expand my horizons and try some interesting inks, I've stumbled across a few brands that sell their inks in sacs that have to be emptied into something (because I'd spill ink all over my lap trying to fill from one of those). I've also gotten kinda interested in ink mixing and I've found a few mixtures that I just love. Anyway, I've been looking around for inkwells and not finding many of them. Those of you who have had experience with stuff like this: What do you recommend? I've found old inkwells on eBay that are pretty cheap... and I've found empty ink bottle
  20. Hello, Our neighbor gave me this pen tray before she moved out of state. She said they'd thought that it was an ashtray. She was from Sweden, but I think she bought it second-hand. I was hoping maybe someone would recognize the stamp on the back, and share any information they know about it. My internet searches haven't had any results Thanks!
  21. TWSBI "Tweeted" these photos a few days ago which show prototypes of a new inkwell they are developing to replace Inkwell 50. I think they're both very interesting designs. Here's what they said: "R&D drew up some samples of possible bottle looks. What do y'all think?" Moderators...please feel free to move this post if it belongs in a different section. Thanks.
  22. Intellidepth

    Visconti Ink Bottle(S) Dimensions

    Hi, I purchased an antique inkwell in the shape of a knight's helmet (with neck). It has no liner but a 'martini glass' shaped Visconti ink bottle may fit perfectly. Would someone be so kind as to measure their Visconti bottle(s) for me and post up the dimensions please? I know they have a variety of versions in glass and plastic. I'm seeking the base diameter, height to first curve outward, height to maximum curve outward, total height including lid, and maximum diameter of the bottle towards the top. It would be helpful if a pic were able to be posted to show me which edition of the bott
  23. I've tried for 20 years to see if anyone can tell me more about my old inkwell. Patent Date (stamped on the Hinge is Aug 8 88). Photos below:http://images16.fotki.com/v378/photos/8/848245/6026081/Inkwell1-vi.jpg http://images14.fotki.com/v1375/photos/8/848245/6026081/Inkwell2-vi.jpg
  24. i was looking for something, when I came upon this article... I found it to be an interesting read... with points of view from someone knowledgeable... hope everyone enjoys it as well article--- paper trail good day Vikram
  25. I recently purchased 3 inkwells through Ebay. All under $10 which surprised me except for the small one without a lid(which I am seeking if anyone knows the maker of it and may have a spare). I am just wondering if anyone knows anything about these. I will post information directly from the Ebay listings in quotation marks to hopefully give some clues. 1 - The one with missing lid - "It measures about 2 1/2" square and about 2 1/4' high. It glows a light green under a black light which I believe makes it from the early 1900's." 2 - Ornate Inkwell with crystal inkwell container. "Solid bras

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