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  1. So here are some thoughts on my two Kanwrite Heritage pens - One in Green marbled pattern and the other in Blue marbled. One with a Fine nib (currently the blue, but it changes), and one with a medium. I will also talk a bit about writing with the KW Fine Flex nib which had brought separately for another pen (this is I think the same nib as the Noodler's flax pens). TLRD: the pens are great value for a price of under $30; the nibs (and feeds) and ergonomics are the real stars. Filling mechanism is dependable. The body is pleasing to the eye albeit without feeling premium (but acceptable qu
  2. I have been using fountain pens since 1976. That time it was primarily hero pens and mostly locally manufactured moulded pens, the brand names I find hard to remember. Most of these pens were of two filling categories only, sac filler(mostly made in China) and ED. Thereafter I graduated to Parker and continued using a few of them till 2019 on and off. Meanwhile got facsinated by Ballpens, netters, jitters, Gel pens, roller pens etc. Came 2018. I still had three Parker Vectors, one each for using Blue, black/green and red inks respectively. I came across an article on Ratnamsons and
  3. Hi All, Kanwrite Heritage Piston Filler pens are now available at www.kiwipens.com Please see the link below: https://www.kiwipens.com/collections/other-pens Thanks -saji
  4. Hello friends. I always look for value-for-money fountain pens. That’s because my pens go through a lot of rough usage and handling during busy OPD hours at hospital and it’s impossible for me to pamper them in a desirable delicate manner. Reliability of a fountain pen is my greatest concern and by this word “reliability” I mean the ability of a fountain pen to perform each and every time it is put to paper. Leaks, burping, dry start, scratchiness are strictly ‘no-no’ when it comes to the urgency and gravity of the situations that my pens have to go through. Kanwrite Heritage is one suc
  5. Greeting to everyone. This is my first post since taking up the hobby of collecting and using fountain pens. Recently, I acquired a pen at a local pen club meeting from an attendee and am unable to put it into use. Then pen in question is a Pilot 912 Custom Heritage. It has an “SF” nib. I have tried several inks and am getting the same result every time. Upon filling the pen, it works excellent until about 10-15 words are written, then goes dry and dies at the first letters in words sometimes continuing a few letters then back to dry. Using more pressure I get “railroad lines” and more ink low
  6. Just saw the display of the Heritage 1914 in a Hong Kong MB boutique. Both the 333 version (orange) and 1,000 version (black). Staff are so nice to let me take photos on them. They are huge !!! Will try to get another photo with the 149 for comparison. http://www.sampanel.com/Hobby/Writing-Instrument/Montblanc-Heritage-1914/i-x2SCmTQ/0/X2/800_7448-X2.jpg http://www.sampanel.com/Hobby/Writing-Instrument/Montblanc-Heritage-1914/i-LRWSvWs/0/X2/800_7447-X2.jpg http://www.sampanel.com/Hobby/Writing-Instrument/Montblanc-Heritage-1914/i-Z8nLGb6/0/X2/800_7446-X2.jpg http://www.sampanel.co
  7. Hi guys! Im looking forwards to adding easy-to-use and simple-looking non-fountain pen to my daily use. (Jotting, sometimes on not-so-good paper). Ive narrowed down to the list below- 1. Lamy 2000 (with g2 refill) 2. Montblanc Heritage 1912 (black or stainless steel) 3. Montblanc ultra black classique ballpoint I love how montblanc ultra black looks, but am not sure if I like that showy white star. Sort of feel too monogram-ish. Anyone use Monteverde capless gel refill MB ballpoint? How do you find it? Also, would appreciate any experience you have with Montblanc Heritage 1912. Is the st
  8. Hi! Ive been the owner of both pens for quite some time (less than a year still) and I begin to think about re-adjusting the pens in my current collection. So far, Ive sold two 149 as the size doesnt suit my daily use. But I cant decide between platinum trim 146 and 1912. The 1912 is unique and perhaps in its own league. I used 1912 along with pelikan m800 for a while and decided to sell the pelikan. 1912 is, in my hand ymmv, just a better writing instrument (except complex filling system and a bit of what seems like an erosion inside the cap). The 146 feels slightly more reliable. Nib is
  9. Hi, I just noticed that the two rings on one of my Heritage LE1906 ebonite FP were partially eroded, despite the fact that I never used it. So I have two ebonite FPs with different nib sizes. I use one of them regularly and the rings are intact. The other one has been sitting in the original box for half a year and never inked. Today I took it out and found noticeable rust/erosion on the rings. Do any of you encounter the same issue? Left: the one I've never used
  10. After weeks of deliberation, I finally placed an order for a Pilot Custom Heritage 912 with a Posting nib, ordered from Engeika (no affiliation) also with some Iro Take-Sumi ink. This will be my first $100+ fountain pen. Does anyone have a 912 that they like/dislike? What might be your comments on it? I hope this will be a good pen; I'm quite excited!
  11. Hi all, I'm new to pen collection & in need of some advice. Basically, I have decided more or less to get a Mont Blanc rollerball pen. So far I have a Lamy 2000 fountain pen but due to leakage it's being sent away for servicing. Here are my choices, which do you all think is a better choice? 1. The 'M' rollerball (pity this can't accept the fine tip rollerball refill which I prefer & the part where the finger grip portion is with those tiny square patterns not sure if writing long term will be uncomfortable for the fingers?) 2. Heritage Rouge & Noir rollerball (quite like the
  12. We are glad to announce the new collection which homages the Counts Ottilie and Alexander von Faber-Castell is now in stock. These masterpieces are created with excellent craftsmanship and precious materials: all the metallic parts are silver plated and show a bicolor 18K, hand-engraved nib. The letters A,O,F and C - the initials of Ottilie, Alexander and their shared Family's name- are engraved on the cap of the pens, the edition is limited to 1898 pieces. In stock in F and M nib, choose your favourite and enjoy shipping within 24 hours! Discover every detail: https://www.iguanasell.com/
  13. PENaltyPEN

    Pilot Heritage 91 - Tiny O-Ring

    while flushing my pilot heritage 91 with the blue bulb supplied by pilot i found a broken tiny o-ring in the sink (refer to attached). would anyone have encountered same issue? do i need to worry? any recommendations on what to do about it? i have contacted pilot japan, so far my email has been to no avail. all your inputs are highly appreciated many thanx!! marco. switzerland
  14. DBQMary

    Mb Boheme Or Heritage 1912

    I am considering purchasing a new Montblanc. I am torn between Boheme and Heritage 1912 models. My preference is to purchase with XF nib. If you have one or both of these pens, I would appreciate your thoughts. What do you like or what could be better on each? Thank you
  15. Perhaps I've just overlooked it, but I haven't seen any mention of this rare edition in the Heritage Rouge et Noir series: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MONTBLANC-ARTISAN-THE-SERPENT-110-HERITAGE-COLLECTION-ROUGE-ET-NOIR-LIMITED-PEN-/381704042602?hash=item58df55786a:g:XnwAAOSw6WdXij77 Has anyone seen one of these?
  16. Iguana Sell

    Last Waterman Ombres & Lumières

    The successful Special Edition collection that celebrates Waterman's french heritage is becoming discontinued soon! The elegant black and white design of this collection gets inspiration from Parisian mesmerising lights at night and expresses Paris' chicness. The line which was available in Carène, Expert, Perspective and Hémisphère is the perfect accessory to match a sophisticated style. Some of this Special Edition treasures still remain at Iguana Sell: Expert fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/waterman-expert-ombres-lumieres-fountain-pen-lacquer-chrome-trim Carène b
  17. Hello, I'm looking to purchase Pilot Heritage 912 with a FA nib but confused at what the difference is between Pilot Heritage Soft nib? Also, any experiences in purchasing on eBay from sellers in Japan? They all have very great reviews and are much cheaper than websites in US. Thanks for any feedback!
  18. This is a video I made a while back that I thought this community would enjoy. The video is a demonstration on the Pilot Custom Heritage 92 in smoke, with a broad nib. The ink is Noodler's Ottoman Rose which I got as an ink sample. Enjoy! I have more videos like this on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6pAl06Dx2E1WqWof7JnnvA
  19. Good time of day. First of all, sorry for my english. Not so long ago, I began to think about the purchase of the Heritage 1912, and now there is a financial opportunity to purchase. I have no opportunities to hold it in my hands there and a couple of its catalog features confuses me - namely, weight (47 grams) and the reviews in the net about the thickness of nib «F» line wider other Montblanc pens with nib «F». It is also not clear the longevity of the mechanism. Before, I have not used Montblanc pens. Now I use Pelikan M805 «F», its size and weight suits me completely. However, the thick
  20. CitricScorpion

    Odd Heritage 1912

    Good day everyone. First post here Some days ago I purchased a Montblanc Heritage 1912 from a lady in Germany. This is my first Montblanc pen and I love the design. Unfortunately the pen did not come with a box or service booklet, but at the time I didn't think that would be an issue. The pen arrived and looked brand new: no microscratches or any blemishes. Nothing indicates the pen has even been filled or dipped in ink. Not even the infamous capping mark around the barrel was present (However, after capping the pen a few times I can see minor blemishes). But the pen wouldn't write. Aft
  21. I have a uni exam in just over a week and will be trialling my Pilot custom heritage posting nib fp under real exam conditions (yes, I'm practicing with it, it's my favourite uni pen). When I refill, or try to, it the converter hardly fills. When it does, it's full of air bubbles. What am I doing wrong please? Or is there some trick I should know? Seems to be writing fine, but I want maximum ink in that converter for the exam (3 hrs of writing). I've already figured out I can't fill the converter separately without the section/nib unit attached to eliminate bubbles like I can with Lamy con
  22. Kuhataparunks

    Help! Heritage 912. Ef Or Po Nib?

    My search for a good needle-thin line continues. My favorite pen to write with so far is a Penmanship nib(EF by Pilot's standard)on a Metro and Prera. I got an elite 95S with a 14K EF nib once, thinking it'd be like a penmanship, but it was exactly like a Metro's Fine. Very disappointed. Then I found a 1960s vintage elite with 18K Posting nib, and it doesn't write very satisfactorily. Maybe that's because I am using Pilot Cartridges in it? But I just don't like it, it writes thin, hollow lines on sidestrokes and bold ones on downstrokes. And the line isn't what many say a PO line is (fi
  23. So if you know me, I have been iching for a new pen, but instead of getting a cheap pen, I want to save for the higher end pens from Pilot. There are so many from Pilot. Can anyone give me an idea of what pen I should get, and the pros and cons of them. Thanks!!!!!
  24. Dear FPN, though reading the forum for quite some time, it is only my current situation that leads to finally subscribe. But before I go on, please allow me to introduce myself. I started writing with a LAMY when I was a little kid. Over the years I sadly forgot to use my Safari and ended up using roller balls. And then, after finishing my studies and to celebrate my first job I got a Meisterstück Classique with the more or less standard m nib. This pen was used since that time for all important writing. Later I passed it on to my sister. She took it with her to Greece where she wrote
  25. Hi all So I currently write with a superbly adjusted Raden Vanishing Point with a fine nib from Richard Binder. I am always looking at other pens and often drool over many of them. I would like your thoughts on this..... For my second purchase and indeed second fountain pen, do I go for the MB149 which I so like, or the new 1912 Heritage edition? The 149 appeals to me because of its size and indeed 'reputation' and even its Heritage is already established. The new 1912 appeals to me because of the twist mechanism and it does not half look good! lol. However, its means unscrewing the cap AND t

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