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Found 19 results

  1. PuliMorgan

    Kanwrite Legacy Review

    I am saving up for buying a Lamy 2000. But I needed a good work horse pen till I got the Lamy. So I thought of getting a Kanwrite Heritage because I was so impressed with the smooth writing performance of Kanwrite's much cheaper $10 pen called Desire (I use Desire for the Noodler's infamous Baystate Blue ink). Then I came to know about Kanwrite's latest product Legacy, which was launched just a few weeks ago and I changed the decision. I wasn't disappointed. I bought solid blue colour Legacy with a fine nib and ebonite feed. I ordered the pen directly on Kanwrite's website and it w
  2. So here are some thoughts on my two Kanwrite Heritage pens - One in Green marbled pattern and the other in Blue marbled. One with a Fine nib (currently the blue, but it changes), and one with a medium. I will also talk a bit about writing with the KW Fine Flex nib which had brought separately for another pen (this is I think the same nib as the Noodler's flax pens). TLRD: the pens are great value for a price of under $30; the nibs (and feeds) and ergonomics are the real stars. Filling mechanism is dependable. The body is pleasing to the eye albeit without feeling premium (but acceptable qu
  3. I have been using fountain pens since 1976. That time it was primarily hero pens and mostly locally manufactured moulded pens, the brand names I find hard to remember. Most of these pens were of two filling categories only, sac filler(mostly made in China) and ED. Thereafter I graduated to Parker and continued using a few of them till 2019 on and off. Meanwhile got facsinated by Ballpens, netters, jitters, Gel pens, roller pens etc. Came 2018. I still had three Parker Vectors, one each for using Blue, black/green and red inks respectively. I came across an article on Ratnamsons and
  4. BadsCase

    Kanwrite SuperFlex

    I recently got the Kanwrite superflex. I did not expect that smell though! I wonder if I can wash it off. Anyway, it’s my first flex fountain pen. And since it says super flex, I thought it would really be flexible. You need to have a little pressure to flex it unlike dip nibs. I might need to learn the technique to have the variations of thickness cause so far, what I can do is either thin or thick only. I’m a heavy hand so it all looked like medium nib writing.
  5. Good Morning Everyone, I finally decided to join the forum after a long time. I thought I'll start of by posting pics of couple of Indian pens I have acquired in the recent months. L to R: Kanwrite Desire Purple Marble ,Kanwrite Desire Black Marble, Kanwrite Heritage Maroon, Kanwrite Heritage Green, Kanwrite Heritage Demonstrator, Parker Frontier, Shaeffer No-Nonsense Red. L to R: Gama Jumbo Round top, Gama Jumbo Flat top, Gama Supreme Round Top, Gama Supreme Round Top( Green), Gama Supreme Round Top, Gama Supreme Flat Top.
  6. hariharan

    Kanwrite Nibs

    I have two ratnam pens. The pens are lightweight and well balanced, but eats my head out with a scratchy nib. I tried few tricks of paper, some amateur polishing, but in vain. Recently I met Mr,Sandeep of Kanwrite and gave him three pens of mine, both the ratnam 302 and a GAMA. GAMA was a good writer, but i still thought of replacing it. Sandeepji replaced with a B, M and F flex to let me try all the combinations. The nibs are awesome to write with., This is my first experience with B, as i have always used M or ffine. The B nib was just like pouring juice on paper. I am so happy and fin
  7. HartGummi

    Kanwrite Nib-Housings

    My experience with fountainpens ended some time ago. Coincidentally my handwriting also deteriorated around that same time. Having sworn to put my eyedropper pens to paper I started wondering about the nibs. Kanwrite nibs (from the few reviews I have seen) seem to be good especially for their price. Unfortunately I am a student who cannot afford to buy lots of nibs from the people who made my ebonite pens. I want to know if Kanwrite's nib-housings are compatible within "standard" sections. Do "standard" housings even exist? Could I fit one of Kanwrite's nibs into my two Jowo #6 tipped
  8. wacomme

    Flex Nibs And Pen Bodies

    I'm wanting to buy a flex pen, mostly for fun and to try my hand at writing with it. After a lot of searching I'm leaning towards a Ranga 3C ebonite pen with an Kanwrite Ultra Flex nib. I'm in the process of inquiring from Ranga if their pen will fit a Kanwrite nib unit (screw-in nib and feed). Does is fit Bock, or would this be a custom modification? I've read about the virtues of ebonite, so what's why the Ranga intrigues me, plus they offer a nib unit vs. just the nib (I often hear nibs from India, especially the thick Kanwrite nibs, are hard to fit on most feeds). I've also ordered a Frank
  9. So its Sunday morning here and I planned to post it a week ago but got delayed in hopes of adding wality ( which in exchange is running late in transit) so will only focus on these 2 new guys. One is ASA Maya which I went for Jowo fine nib other is kanwrite Heritage. The service was good by both manufactures, never had a issue on contacts with watsapp, email from ASA was well lets just say it was not too good but being contact on watsapp and phone made email redundant so still very nice service. Time take for arrival was 1month 6 days for ASA and 4 days for Kanwrite which is quite on time. I
  10. Hi all, I am looking to find the section and barrel material of Kanwrite Desire and Kanwrite Heritage pens. Are they both plastic? Is there a difference between the Solid black models of these pens vs the translucent model? I remember reading somewhere that the section of Heritage is made of ebonite and that the solid black models are made of Acrylic. Can someone please confirm that? Thanks,
  11. Hi All, Kanwrite Heritage Piston Filler pens are now available at www.kiwipens.com Please see the link below: https://www.kiwipens.com/collections/other-pens Thanks -saji
  12. Hello friends. I always look for value-for-money fountain pens. That’s because my pens go through a lot of rough usage and handling during busy OPD hours at hospital and it’s impossible for me to pamper them in a desirable delicate manner. Reliability of a fountain pen is my greatest concern and by this word “reliability” I mean the ability of a fountain pen to perform each and every time it is put to paper. Leaks, burping, dry start, scratchiness are strictly ‘no-no’ when it comes to the urgency and gravity of the situations that my pens have to go through. Kanwrite Heritage is one suc
  13. Hello everyone, Today I'm going to review another piece of beauty from Kanwrite, the family stationary business house from Kanpur, UP, one of the front runner in furthering the cause for quality Indian fountain pens at affordable prices. Their latest offering is the Kanwrite Desire, a 3-in-1 filling system pen at less than 500 INR (less than $10). My previous review of Kanwrite heritage, an affordable piston filler is here. Mr. Sandip Awasthi, who presently runs the operations, is one business magnet who actually is very friendly towards his customer's opinions and feedback. The CAB ma
  14. Hello Fountain Pen Fellas Happy belated Holi to All from India Its been long since I have been here. And now I am back... this time it's with a new Group Buy for Pens made in India This Group Buy Consists of Kanwrite Desire and Lincoln Beena GROUP BUY ACTIVE TILL 21st April only Models: 01. Kanwrite Desire - Review 01 Moulded Resin Pen in Various Colors 3 in 1 Filling Mechanism (Converter, Cartridge, & Eyedropper)Length: 135 mmLength with Cap Posted: 155 mmLength Cap Un-Posted: 125 mmGrip Section Dia: 10 -11 mm#6 Steel Screw in Nib Unit - EF, F, M, B, BB, S
  15. Hello... I am considering swapping the nib of my Jinhao 159 with a Kanwrite one... either flex or broad. I know the Jinhao requires a size 6 nib, but I'm not sure if Kanwrite has the same numbering. What are your thoughts and advice?
  16. Actually i like the looks of jinhao 156 but i dont prefer medium nibs that it comes with. I am planning to buy pens fron kanwrite. So i was wondering if any of their fine nib or flex nib would fit into it. I think jinhao 156 has #5 nib. Please correct me if i am wrong. Regards.
  17. The two minute guys have posted a review video of yet another Indian flex pen, once again made by Kanwrite, which is called the Kanwrite Standard Flex Fountain Pen. First things first, here is the review: Now, like last time, i don't know if this pen is sold by Noodlers (under its brand name) in USA or not. But it looks like a great flex pen.. I have done some research on the pen - it was manufactured by Kanwrite in 2009 and is the companies most compact fountain pen. And its very cheap for a flex pen, and the guy claims it is as good as Noodlers Ahab. Even if it is not, i think it
  18. Hello... I am considering swapping the nib of my Jinhao 159 with a Kanwrite one... either flex or broad. I know the Jinhao requires a size 6 nib, but I'm not sure if Kanwrite has the same numbering. What are your thoughts and advice?
  19. Looks like the t2mr guys have posted one more review, this time of a very popular pen called Noodlers Ahab. I just received it in my inbox. Didn't know Noodlers Ahab is made in India. Its called Kanwrite Heritage Flex Pen, it seems. I did check the seller's shop on ebay and he has this pen in a range of colors. Btw, here is the review: I don't understand one thing. These guys call themselves 'the two minute reviews', but this review is of 9 minutes . Nonetheless, i love their style of review .

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