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Found 20 results

  1. Hello all, I was left these pens, which are handsome and in excellent condition but for which I have no use. The forums have helped me id them as old lettering pens, which I believe were used by my husband's grandfather, so they are most likely antique. I have one or possibly two sets. To enter, please explain what composer or author would have best used these pens and why. The winner or winners will be randomly picked from eligible entries. If you are outside the U.S. please only enter if you are willing to pick up shipping costs. Good luck to all!
  2. I love everything about the Triple Tail. The largeness. The clearness. The non-smellyness. The plunger filling system. The 308 cartridges I can use. Everything, that is, but the nib itself. It's just too darn much for me. It's finicky, which is bad enough. But even when it does work after heat setting, etc -- and even with an ink as simple as 4001 Royal Blue or Waterman Serenity Blue -- it's like writing with a paint brush. And that's before flexing! Before I return it for a partial refund, I thought I would see if anyone has managed to trade it out for a #6 nib? And it not a basic #6, th
  3. stoen

    Pelikan Music Nibs

    Hi, I regularly use a few vintage Pelikans dated between 1934 and 1959, and keep them in perfect writing condition. I am curious about Pelikan music nibs. I've heard a few stories of those who once have used them. From the appearance (size, engraving style) one might guess they could have been manufactured in smaller quantities during the 100n production era (1937-1954). Does someone in the Forum perhaps have a more educated info on this topic? Are there any manufacturing records? Can those Pelikan music nibs still be occasionally found somewhere? I understand this is a subject of limited in
  4. Cursive Child

    Diamine Vivaldi (Music Collection)

    Very nice ink, that has been reviewed before. Colorful, yet subdued enough to be used at work. I made a mistake in not having enough ink in it to start the review, so the review is a bit two colored. The first part, seems a bit dryish, when the ink was nearly over. When I filled it, it was very wet, and you can see the sudden change to a dark color. Towards the end of the page it evens out to a more realistic shade. I'm using a 0.6 mm JoWo stub, that is not overly wet, I think. Thanks to all the other reviewers before me to make me aware of this ink, so I got a sample. Will likely buy it on
  5. essayfaire

    Nib For Music Composition

    Hi y'all, So my understanding is that music nibs are not actually best suited for writing music. Which relatively inexpensive pen (>$40) would have a nib that would be suitable for a budding composer who likes fountain pens but has small handwriting and does not do calligraphy? Would an italic be the most appropriate one to write notes and pauses? A broad? Before starting to research this I had naively thought that music nibs were for writing music.
  6. I'm a composer, and for well over 30 years I used a trusty Sheaffer to write music on a near-vertical surface (essentially a huge board that sits on the music rest of my upright piano). When the pen finally gave up the ghost I bought a Lamy calligraphy pen, but within a second or two of my starting to write with it on the stand the ink stops flowing. It certainly never did that with the Sheaffer, which, incidentally, had a standard (and, as far as I can tell, fixed) nib. I'm very glad to have come across these forums. Some posts touch on the subject, but my knowledge of fountain pens exten
  7. brimic

    Waterman Music Nibs

    Just wanted to post my music nibs. I have a #4 and a #5, the #4 is fitted in a Waterman's 94 in Persian celluloid, the #5 is in a Waterman's 55. Amazing nibs!!
  8. I have a Chartres blue 3776 with a music nib and love it. I picked up a Bourgogne red Century in a soft fine a while back but the nib is not exactly what I was expecting. Consequently I dont use the pen much. I think I had much different expectations of the nib that its just not meant for. I do love the red though! I really would like to swap the nib for a Platinum music nib on the Bourgogne pen and save the SF nib for a different pen. The SF has its place but I would get much more use out of the red pen with a music nib. Is it possible to get a hold of just a Platinum music nib individ
  9. Chase the nib, not the pen, they say, and I largely agree. One shouldn't forget the paper, though: paper can be less tolerant than we think. Still. on that front I've given up for the moment. Good copy paper is widely available, so I'm content with it. It's not perfect but it works for most of my pens and inks (not all, that's why I'm writing this on Oxford 90g/m2optik paper; the exact reasons will be explained later). I'd almost forgotten the ink, another frequently neglected part of the joy of writing. Let's nog go into the matching of ink to pen, just note that it can be tricky both functio
  10. I currently have a Lamy Safari and the Lamy 1.1, 1.5, and 1.9 mm stub nibs. I am interested in trying out the 1911 large Sailor with music nib and was looking for a photo comparison of writing samples vs that of the Lamy nibs but did not find any searching the web. If anyone has these nibs, could you please post a pic showing the line variation of the Sailor music nib vs the Lamy stubs (all 3 if you have them) - if possible, with the same ink and paper (I know - picky, picky, picky). I am especially interested in seeing how the line widths of the music nibs compare with the line widths of th
  11. Hi All, I'm a long-time reader and first-time contributor inquirer. I am fairly new to the fountain pen world, but since the beginning have been writing almost exclusively with stub/italic nibs. I have purchased several entry-level pens and am ready to take the plunge to the next tier. After countless hours of 'research' I have my selection narrowed down to the Pilot Custom Heritage 912 SU (stub) or the Platinum 3776 MS (music). This may seem like a strange two pens/nibs to be torn between, but please bear with me while I explain. I primarily write with a Pilot Prera fitted with one of the
  12. I'm currently reviewing some of my favourite Diamine inks. This is Bach from the Diamine Music Gift set. I didn't think I would ever be able to afford to buy the Diamine Music Gift Set, so I was really pleased to find that Diamine now sell all of their Gift set inks in 30ml plastic refill bottles. To be honest, the glass bottles in the set are much nicer, but as the ink is exactly that same, it means that at least I can try some of them. The water test on the review form shows this isn't a waterproof ink.Bearing in mind the paper I use is very smooth, and I used a stub nib, this ink takes
  13. http://i59.tinypic.com/30c8why.jpg Usually, the Pilot ballpoint is my go-to for drawings. But I parked that and, instead, used the Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen for inking. Watercolor is Prang Glitter. Flesh tone is J. Herbin "Lie de The" ink. Sailor brush pen for detail on colors. This is a portrait of Lenny Kravitz. http://i59.tinypic.com/2wd2ixt.jpg .
  14. ddustinn

    Music Nib Adjustment

    I got my Neponset during the first wave, but I was towards the end of my last semester of grad school, so until recently, it sat unused. I noticed that I was getting normal (read: wet) down strokes, but my cross strokes were extremely dry. Upon inspecting the nib with a loupe, I noticed that the middle tine was lower than the outer tines. The outer tines are both bent up a little, and the middle tine is pretty straight, if not bent down a little. I've done my fair share of nib adjustment, but I'm a little apprehensive to do anything with this nib. Any suggestions?
  15. s.s.miles

    Greetings From Houston, Texas

    So, I have had a difficult, on again / off again relationship with fountain pens since grade school, mostly due to my Texan-male-football-trained brain that thought the correct way to do (almost) everything was to use more force; I can't even begin to count the number of bent nibs scattered through my past. After escaping high school in a small West Texas town, I became a classical musician, and then a composer, then a teacher of and for classical composition, and finally an ex-teacher composing musician with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, and the pain of writing everyday (I refuse to use a c
  16. Hello all! It's been a while since my last review, but I need to take some time now to review the fruits of a collaboration between my desire for a beautiful work and a FPN member! I have been writing, for over a year, a large scale piece of music dedicated to the life of Leonardo da Vinci. He is a great person hero of mine (and rightly so). It's near completion, and is a good 40 minutes long. I am excited for it's premiere this coming year in New York. I was fascinated with the "Leonardo" by Montblanc, but a hefty $3,600 price tag held me back. HOWEVER, When I emailed a gentleman by the
  17. This is not a fountain pen review. I have been looking for a pen that I can write ‘fast’ (as the main priority) with variation in line width. I have no idea of where to start but end up purchasing a bunch of pens with stock 1.1 italic. Personally I have been using fountain pens with EF or SEF for many years. Sailor profit with music nib – this is more of a stub than italic and there is no problem with the flow. It writes a wet, wide line. Monteverde Intima with 1.1 italic – a beautiful pen but I have a problem with the italic nib from the start. It skips and writes with a dry line. I h
  18. Hi, My first pen and my first (short) review. Enjoy. First Impressions: 6/10 This pen comes in a plastic box. Not really a gift item imho. I guess that's the japanese way. Efficient and understated. If you want a nicer box, buy an Italian pen. Appearance and Design: 8/10 Clean design in Black and silver color. For me the pen needs to be capped for better balanced writing. Solid build quality. Weight and Dimensions: 8/10 I like bigger pens. Size is perfect for everyday use. Comparable with a M800 I guess. Nib and Performance: 8/10 Music Nib. Number 10 Pilot Music nib. Smooth and wet,
  19. Hey guys, I'm a young composer and soon to be college student. I currently write music with regular wood case pencils, but I'm interested in trying a mechanical pencil. I have heard good things about the Alvin draftmatic pencils and will probably buy one unless someone can suggest a better pencil. In music you need to be able to write thin and thick lines, so just one pencil probably wouldn't cut it. My question is what size lead should I be using, and what I should do about making the thicker lines because I don't feel like .9 would be thick enough, although I'm not sure.
  20. Hi, I'm new here but I was reading all the topics in this forum. I just ended up ordering Platinum Music Nib with cursive italic customization and wonder to know if someone else already have this pen to ask about. Best regards

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