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Found 8 results

  1. I love everything about the Triple Tail. The largeness. The clearness. The non-smellyness. The plunger filling system. The 308 cartridges I can use. Everything, that is, but the nib itself. It's just too darn much for me. It's finicky, which is bad enough. But even when it does work after heat setting, etc -- and even with an ink as simple as 4001 Royal Blue or Waterman Serenity Blue -- it's like writing with a paint brush. And that's before flexing! Before I return it for a partial refund, I thought I would see if anyone has managed to trade it out for a #6 nib? And it not a basic #6, then something else? I saw someone asked Goulet, and the answer was: "Maybe". Have you done it? How'd it go?
  2. Just throwing this out there, as I figure there might be some knowledgeable folks who have done this already-- are there are any recommendations for nibs (especially vintage) to swap into pens fit for #6 JoWo nibs? I have a few custom pens made for the #6 Jowo housing and I feel like the standard Jowo nibs don't do these pens justice, so I'd like to change it up and put something unique into those bodies. Any recommendations? I'm particularly fond of flexy nibs, but I'd be happy with a smooth writing nail, too. Interesting breather hole shapes would be a plus (like keyholes, crescents, hearts, etc.). Thanks!
  3. iconoclast

    Identifying An Early Parker

    Hi all, I picked up an old Parker button filler at a flea market recently and I can't figure out what it is. https://parkerpens.net/luckycurve.html#jackknife This makes me think its a Jack Knife, but I really have no idea. Can anyone give me any background info? In case you can't see the (ridiculously huge, sorry) photos, here are a few details: It has a 2 imprinted on the blind cap. Just 2, nothing else.The nib says PARKER PEN MADE IN USA with the number 6.It has a lucky curve imprint on the barrel with a long string of numbers I can't make sense of. It's longer and slimmer than a Duofold Jr. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello all, i wanted to try a flex nib, so i orderd some Zebra-G nibs and modified them to fit on my Jinhao x450. The writing experience was horrible, but the shading was awesome. Until now i thought extreme shading is just possible with M or B nibs, even with JoWo Stubs i was not happy with the shading. But this Zebra-G Nib taught me a better understanding. Now i know that the writing pressure can make a huge difference, and i CAN get shading on my prefered nib size EF! So I tried to dremel a standard Jinhao nib, but the writing experienc was horrible again, though it flexes xD. (looks like a Stealth Bomber or something ) Finally I orderd a standard #6 Flex Steel nib from FPR and was able to fit it perfectly with some bending and grinding. I dremeled again (EMF-Mod) and grinded the M-Nib to something finer. The writing experience is good now, I`m just not totally happy with my EF-Grind- I have to do more research on this. Getting this much shading feels like a new universe to me. I can now test all my old inks with a new experience and the full color spectrum! (Noodlers Apache Sunset) If you have hints, suggestions or questions you are very welcome
  5. kludgyken

    Best #6 Nib Under $30.

    Hi Guys, I'm currently looking for a #6 nib that will go in my Nemosine Fission. At the moment, I'm confused between Goulet nib, Franklin Christoph and Edison nib. I would really love the nib to be buttery smooth although a hint of feedback is not a problem. And also inform me how the Goulet and Franklin - Christoph ships their nibs. The nibs should be safe right ? Ken
  6. I bought this pen in November 2014 for about $36.00 from Ebay. I knew the pen from FPN pen turning and makers’ forum. This is the original post: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/278507-black-is-boring/?hl=jj9ball I said I will do a review of this one, so here it is: In terms of packaging the pen arrived in a faux leather presentation box, noting fancy but enough to protect the pen from bad handling through mail system. I like the appearance of the pen, massive black with a dark titanium clip, no other blings to distract. Minus points on the end of cap and barrel there is a sort of logo...I don’t like. Construction and design is straight forward, straight lines, no tapering and a flat top. There are some visual quality issues with threads, but the pen is opening and closing perfect. The pen is very light compare with the mass and dimensions. When I brought the pen it was 6 inches long, but I manage to cut 3/4of an inch, then send to a jewellery shop to polish the barrel’s end (adding another £8.00). Now the pen looks a bit fat, but somehow like a senior size! Now I can take the pen in my shirt pocket. Also by doing this now the cap is longer than barrel, that because of the long section. A long section means the grip is not affected by the cap’s threads! Some dimensions: Weight (my wife’s cooking scale) +/- 24 grams / 0.85 OZ Pen closed 5 ¼ in / 13.4 cm Cap 0.6 in / 1.5 cm Barrel 0.5 in / 1.3 cm What can be said about JoWo fine nibs #6? Good, reliable and boring nib. The best feature of this pen in my opinion is the threaded converter. I had to add a plastic ball inside to agitate the ink (from a standard small cartridge). I have used exclusively in this pen a mix of Parker Quink blue with black, resulting a darker blue ink, sort of blue-black without fading out like regular BB Quink. As conclusion I think the pen worth the $36.00 spend on it, also I like I can use more the pen now by shortening a bit. It’s a simple design, senior size pen, using standard C/C, where the quality can be improved a little bit! An 8/10 score from me for this one. PS: I didn’t cut at 90 degree angle, so the pen cannot stand upright, but the jeweller have done a great job polishing by rounding a bit the end so the pen it’s looks like it was made like this. Also the end logo disappears now! TWSBI 580 AL, JJ9Ball, Parker 51
  7. For my first fountain pen, I am debating between a lamy vista (F/EF) or a Jinhao X450/X750 with a Goulet #6 (F or EF) nib. I like the looks of both pens, so it is a matter of performance. I will be using this pen mainly for school notes. How do the two pens compare in terms of performance, comfort, etc.? Also, how does the stock jinhao nib compare to the goulet nib? -Thanks
  8. So, here's the deal--I have been using fountain pens for about 4 months now and love everything about the ones I have ....except the EF's I bought for school. Breakdown: Lamy Safari EF (enjoy)TWSBI Mini EF/1.1 (too stiff-don't enjoy/too broad for everyday writing)Noodler's Ahab w/Flex nib & w/Noodler's $2 Fine non-flex nib (Love/ too dry and stiff)I thought I'd love the EF's as a student, but have come to find all but the Lamy EF too uncomfortably thin for my writing style; they give me the sensation of "writing with a nail". However, I LOVE the wet, springy feel and ink saturation of writing with the Noodler's flex and simply not flexing it (see photo.) QUESTION FOR YOU: Is there another #6 nib out there that would meet these needs in my Ahab? A little springy with a nice wet line, not too broad, and with less nib creep than my Noodler's flex? Give me a nib match for my Ahab this Valentines' day If I've missed a thread about this, please give me a link. Understand, I am not bashing any of the other nibs. They performed as they were intended. It wasn't them...it was me. We were never meant to be.

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